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Investigating the Primary of Consciousness over Matter showing an Acceleration of Human Evolution moving from a Catapillar to a Butterfly  

finding the Spirit-within  in a state of Bioelectrical Wellness using High-Spin Monoatomic Trace Minerals .

Using Milk of the Gods to live 200 years & Become a Spiritual Warrior

  From an Ancient Science of Spirit we learn that Consciousness is the very fabric that all form is made out of & is the ground of all Being of life. 

 And it?s all about Superconductivity!

Milk of the Gods: High Frequency Alkaline Water Supplement

Do you ever feel like you are being fooled by the food industry or the medical establishment. What if you could Think Smarter, Faster, the Right Decision every time. With the help of Neurotech Research, You can, create a new mind and body for the 21 century.  Research from Japan since the 1950s and testimonials from Health Care Practitioners and clients indicate the following conditions have been improved from drinking alkaline ionized water Arthritis, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Heartburn, Diabetes, Common colds, Poor Circulation, Chronic fatigue, Migraines, Psoriasis, Hangovers, Kidney Stones,Indigestion, Nausea, Stress, Infrequent Urination, Body Odor, Osteoporosis, Drug Addiction, Leg cramps, Muscle aches, Water retention.

There are several vital functions which water performs for the human body. Such as:

  • Detoxification of the body.
  • Slows down the aging process through proper hydration.
  • Playing a key role in the metabolic reaction.
  • Formation and excretion of sweat.
  • Lowering the toxin levels.
  • Bringing alertness to the mind.
  • Allowing body fluids to flow effectively.
  • Saliva and gastric secretions help digest food.
  • Adjustment of the body's temperature and reducing body heat
  • Aligning blood pressure of the brain to keep in sync with the blood pressure.
  • Throughout the body, water lubricates joints and cushions organs and tissues.

 Milk of the Gods provides help for

  • Cellular Hydration
  • Emotional overwhelm
  • Promotes focus / grounding
  • Enhances the effects of all nutrients
  • Enhances muscular activity by removing lactic acid and toxic residue
  • Neutralizes low electrical level overload
  • Increases Life Force
  • Reduce Executive stress / burnout
  • Relieve Stress driven body malfunction
  • A Plastics detoxifier
  • Slows the aging process

What the Milk of the Gods water supplement will do for you

  • 84 bio-available Ionic Trace Minerals of Himalayan Crystal Salt
  • Raised alkalinity for balanced pH
  • Added electrolytes for energy
  • Reduced surface tension for rapid cellular absorption
  • Higher antioxidant values to remove toxins and wastes
  • Enhanced vibration / Frequency features
  • with Monoatomic Elements in a High spin state
  • Himalayan Crystal Salt added to the milk of the Gods:
  • Mined by hand from the Himalayan Mountains
  • Over 250-million-year-old deposits 
  • Manifests energy, life force, consciousness
  • Double blind studies confirm bio-energetic qualities

 How it is made:

  The Milk of the Gods, Clustered Water base, is created in the alchemical transformation of the Monatomic elements in a negatively ionized alkaline solution and the only product that has all these previously mentioned abilities.

The Milk of the Gods process starts with a 5-stage filtering process of our water before it is used then it is solar charged by the sun.

The 5-stage water passes over 3 powerful negative ion bio-magnets in 5-gallon containers the water is then transferred to another container with 8 powerful negative bio-magnets to simulate water in nature in a stream.

The water is shown  beautiful scenes in nature and pictures of crystal formations taken by Dr. Masaru Emoto these enhance the crystal cluster formations in the water.

The music of Beethoven and Mozart is played to increase the beautiful crystal and cluster formations.  Everything is done to recreate the experimental crystal formations that reflects the work Masaru Emoto in his important book, "The Hidden Messages in Water".

Inscribed on the side of the of the glass containers which are used to make the Milk of the gods are 3 Ancient Buddhist / Reiki symbols, this also reflects the frequency of these ancient symbols onto the water just like Mr. Emoto's experiments.  These symbols are energy patterns like the symbols in ancient Sanskrit.  This makes them all the more powerful.  The three symbols used are:  

These are all Tibetan Buddhist definitions.

  • Cho-Ku-Rei Symbolizing God is Here, (counterclockwise)
  • Sei- He- Ki, Man & God becoming one (alchemically transmutes from dross to gold)
  • Dai-Ko-Myo - Enlightenment (freed from incarnation and suffering)

After everything is processed and the Ph is balanced and stabilized at 9.5 the Himalayan Crystal Salt is added to the mixture making the concentrate a 9% saline solution with, Stabilized Negative Ions of Oxygen and Negative ions of Hydrogen.

This concentrate when added to water (15mil. To a liter) creates restructured alkaline water.   Milk of the Gods Restructured alkaline water the best supplement You can put in Your body! It will help you get in touch with your true self? your inner guidance, try it and see, no fooling!!

Only at Neurotech Research! Feel smarter! Think Younger!

To learn more about Neurotech Research and the Milk of the Gods and Restructured Alkaline Water you can contact Robert Tonelli (you get a free info pack for just logging in)at,  705-465-4620?

Best Assimilation of Milk of The Gods: Monoatomic Trace Mineral Supplement.

    The milk of the Gods concentrate, and trace-mineral water supplement is one of the most potent microstructured, re-energized, anti-oxidant waters ever formulated. As the research will prove, water should be a detoxifying, anti-oxidant to clear the "free radicals" from our system, "NOT an oxidized formula which overstressed the Bio-terrain of the body," as Dr. Edward Lauren demonstrates in his book "Never Be Sick Again".

The best assimilation of the sea -8 Mineral Supplement is in a base of filtered water (reverse osmosis with liquid ionic minerals or glacial spring water, bottled at the source, not Distilled water. The distilled water we tested was very acidic and dead. The water should be alive and in a one-gallon brown bottle, and the pH value of the water should be 7ph or over.

Based on all our research over the last 3 years, water is one of the most essential ingredients in the body, the brain is 90% clustered water and ionic minerals. To enhance your first experience with m-3 and for a limited time only, we are giving you a one-ounce bottle of clustered water and ionic minerals enough for one gallon, the water is called Crystal Energy from Dr. Patrick Flanagan, and the ionic minerals are from the Great Salt Lake in the state of Utah.

In the 1-gallon glass bottle, place the 1 oz. Bottle of ionic minerals and clustered water, add the spring water and then the SEA 8. Put some spring water in both 1 oz. Bottles, shake and place in the gallon bottle.

The clustered water will help to alkaline the bottled water and lower the surface tension closer to that of cellular water in the body which is around 58 dynes. The ionic minerals by themselves and in a proper balance to one another have essential biochemical and nutritional functions. Inadequate intake of these essential minerals can affect any of over 200 to 300 enzyme reactions in the body, many of which are related to cardiovascular health.

With the use of clustered water and mineral ions the SEA 8 should make its way directly to the Microtubules within the neurons of the brain. Microtubules are tiny tubular structures within neurons that are made from two forms of tubulin. The two types can be switched by small electric currents for the brains data processing and are made up of highly aligned clustered water that is inside the Microtubules.

If the SEA 8 mixture is taken in the morning, it should be on an empty stomach with 12 oz. of water to hydrate the body before taking 4 oz. of m-3 followed by 8 oz. of water about 35 min. Later. It is essential to keep the body well-hydrated drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water during the day. It will make the most effective use of a tiny quantity of highly aligned clustered water and hold it in the brain. It can be taken twice a day after taking it for a while. If taken at night the process is repeated, waiting 4 hours after eating. It enhances concentration and meditation.

Very dehydrated people feel the effects of 4 oz of this almost immediately, we believe that it goes directly to the brain because the body does not have to cluster the water in the small intestine or colon. It then makes its way to the blood/brain barrier to feed the brain. We believe that the effects are too strong on a dehydrated system and are lost in the long run to free radicals, toxic elements and heavy metals and is not able to enhance consciousness.

 If you like what you have read get the updated E-book,  Milk of the Gods: Decoding the Philosophers Stone...  Robert Tonelli for Neuro-Tec Research

Learn Alchemy from the Best:

Classes on the "Sea Water Process" start soon... Book Early space is limited.

We provide an abundance of information here for Free so that you may make informed decisions about what you are learning so that you may ask questions and evolve your own answers as evolutionary beings on a greater path... instead of being programed sheeple feed a load of manure from manipulative Sheppards...

  ...These Classes are all about Conscious Evolution of the Species [the 1% mother Nature needs] This process of making Monoatomic Elements is an important part of taking them... because the student, apprentice or even the Alchemist's desires is to be transformed by the process in consciousness... "Alchemically each time she expresses  her creative ability in making them".

 For the Alchemist... the passion to evolve and the product of evolution are one.  These processes were taught to us by Alchemist Larry Blackman and his apprentice John Brown... Once you learn the Sea Water Process for making Real Monoatomic Elements taken from the Great Salt Lake... you can learn the fire process directly from the Source... [remember these are real elements tested by the alchemist himself and David Hudson in high levels that have been tested to cure all disease... and You still do not take these by the drop... you start at 10 mils and go from there as you become a custom to the energy... these are not homeopathic formulations... nor are they measured in parts per millions or billions like most of the products sold on the internet... You will never evolve doing this the whole point of the exercise is conscious evolution to the next stage...  and not to make a buck of of ignorant Sheeple... (you can get more Mono's or Ormes* from drinking "Seneca Concentrated Grape juice"... a Cabernet wine or fresh organic carrot juice than from these other products at a fraction of the price.)]   This formulation is the real deal where 50% of the elements besides magnesium are stabilized in a chemical(sodium) box the rest is high frequency water. Read the Book, Milk of the Gods to learn all the places you can find ORMEs* and evolve naturally [*Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements].  

 If you are interested in learning how to make the Milk of the Gods Mineral supplement{seawater process}:  Email Rob @ Research test samples start at $60.00 for a 4 oz bottle.  If you liked what you read and would like to try a 1oz bottle of Milk of the Gods, Mineral Supplement: buy the  book, Milk of the Gods: Decoding the Philosophers Stone...
It?s all about Superconductivity!

The implications are staggering, particularly in Consciousness research, where by some unknown means, human consciousnesses are interacting and influencing each other. Some of these interactions are effectively coherent interactions such as in a group meditating or praying with the same goal. The really fundamental question is the degree and manner in which the phenomenon of superconductivity is playing a role in consciousness.

Other research has shown that strong emotions can alter our DNA! No kidding. Thus we are faced with our emotions modifying our DNA, which in turn (along with our conscious mental effort and/or focus), influence the external world. And because such effects ? at least according to the implications of The Fifth Element, Zero-Point Energy, and similar research because such effects are not limited by distance of linear time, we might want to rethink or even think about making anyone else emotionally upset. Think of everyone else as having PMS and a loaded 45 caliber pistol aimed at you. The only saving grace is that apparently the real power of emotions and/or mental focus are limited by the degree to which an emotional/mental consciousness can tap into the superconducting state.

In this regard, it is worth noting the research of David Radius Hudson. In one of his lectures (this one in 1995, in Dallas, Texas), he paints a coherent picture of a new reality. Excerpts from this lecture are included below:

Superconductivity is not electricity. Superconductivity is like a world of it's own. A material that is a superconductor contains one vibrational frequency within it, a lot like a laser. The light flows perpetually within the system. No where in the system is there any voltage. You can't hook up a wire here and a wire there to the superconductor and get current to flow in and out of it, because to get current off of the wire, you've got to have a voltage, and yet by definition a superconductor won't allow any voltage. So the material?s a perfect insulator, not just a superconductor. But if you resonant frequency tune the wire so that the electrons vibrate at the same frequency as the superconductor, then the electrons will flow on as light, as electron pairs. They will pair up and flow on, because they're seeking the path of least resistance which is the superconductor.'

 It's different than an ordinary conductor and shouldn't be thought of as electricity, because it's light. An amazing thing is, if you resonant frequency tune a conductor to the frequency of the superconductor, the energy starts flowing, but it's flowing as light. Any amount of light can exist in the same space-time. There's only so much electricity can flow on the conductor, but light can flow on forever.?

'Around the superconductor a Meisner field is formed. The Meisner field has no north or south pole; it's just a field, but it's unique in magnetism in that it has no north or south pole. The size of the magnetic field is proportional to the amount of light that is flowing within the superconductor.'

'In the Ark of the Covenant was a pot of the Manna, and the stone through which God spoke to Moses. When Moses was up on Mount Sinai, he was smelting the Manna to the gold glass. Why do I say that' When you understand that in Old Kingdom Egypt these [hairy things over the eyes] were called bushes not eyelashes. These were bushes; check you?re Egyptian literature. The burning bush was the enlightened Third Eye.?

So, Moses on Mount Sinai, when he looked upon the burning bush. That was just a mistranslation. It was the third eye opening and God communicated to him through this stone. God didn't write on the stone. If he wrote on the stone, why would he put it in a box, seal it up and then let no one look at it' If God wrote on it, He would put it up on the wall where everybody could read it. When you realize that in Old Kingdom Egypt, on the holiest day in Old Kingdom of Egypt, in the Sign of the Seal [by Graham Hancock] you read this, they carried around an Ark on two poles, and in the Ark was a stone. Coincidentally what was in the Ark of the Covenant? A stone. The pot of Manna and the stone. The gold glass.?

?Around the Ark of the Covenant was the Meisner field. The strange thing about the Meisner field is that other Meisner fields that oscillate at the same frequency, can enter that field and not perturb it. So if you are a high priest, a Melchizedek priest, and you eat this Bread of the Presence of God every week, you are a light being, and you can enter into that field and approach the Ark of the Covenant and not perturb it because you're in resonance with it. But if you're an ordinary soldier or a person who thinks bad things, they have to tie a rope around your legs because as you approach it, it may have a flux collapse. Now if you can imagine several hundred thousand amps, and now you have voltage, it's like a bolt of lightning. It literally is energy of an unbelievable magnitude. 

 As long as there is no voltage, you could touch it, you could feel it, it's hundreds of thousands of amps, but no tickle, no tingle, because there's no voltage. As long as you're in resonance with it, you can approach it, you can touch it, you can hold it, you can feel it; Nothing! But if you're not in resonance with it, and enter the field, and perturb the resonance, and there's a flux collapse, and now you've got voltage  It'll kill you. 

 Remember in the Bible that the Ark of the Covenant actually levitated and floated along, and actually carried some of the people who were carrying it. The only thing to do that's a superconductor. 

At this point, it should have become readily obvious that Superconductivity is no passing fad (as in encouraging electrons to go with the flow ? in pairs and/or at the same time to lighten up). Seriously, superconductivity, instead of being a phenomenon of great interest to scientists, is fundamental to life, to Consciousness, to the very ascent of our species into the realms of Keither, the Crown of the Tree of Life. It is apparently the basis for the ORME, Star Fire, and the White Powder of Gold. The fact that it explains the structure of the electron and its properties, clarifies different aspects of the Casimir Effect, The Fifth Element, Zero-Point Energy, and Hyperdimensional Physics, and provides the connection link of Mach?s Principle, the EPR Experiment, and the universe? Well, that?s just the icing on the cake! (But really tasty icing!)

For true aficionados <> is an excellent, nicely presented (albeit brief) guide into the superconducting world  what might be called light reading (pardon the pun) . Note in particular the material on the Meisner Effect.

Adding a bit more mathematics, another website ? one basically designed for high school teachers ? is <>. . In his introduction, Dull writes, ?The theoretical understanding of superconductivity is extremely complicated and involved. It is far beyond the scope of this video booklet to attempt to discuss the quantum mechanics of superconductors. However, in this section fundamental terms and phenomena of superconductors will be discussed.?

 If you like what you have read get the updated E-book,  Milk of the Gods: Decoding the Philosophers Stone... 

To Know Thyself

If you have not already noticed? everything in this life is an illusion not what you thought it would be? before you knew it life changed before you eyes and now you are living a lie ?. Not what you wanted out of life. You let life play you? instead of playing life with your focus on your dreams you had when you were young. Where did you go wrong? what did you do wrong that lead you here on this path. Maybe you do not even know you are not on your higher path in life that will bring out your best that you have to offer? Well this is the bridge that will take you there, you are standing on it today? this bridge will lead you to dreams that you never thought possible? all you have to do today is believe in yourself and your ability to become a remarkable person in society. To understand the illusions we live under in this fairy tale life in society? we have to see clearly what ?this Matrix? really is in our world? We have to die to the illusions of the material world and wake up in the real world, where we really live, where consciousness is king? where Spirit rules and where we become just like our Hero and do for ourselves what Neo has done for us while we are asleep in our pods? watching dis-empowering movies? He is sending us a message to wake up from our slumber and do what he does? like our hero we have to learn to become Spiritual Warriors and use the forgotten power hidden deep within the recesses of our minds and look within to know we can do this, and change the reality we live in? To change our collective reality to a life that is compatible with all human life and nature? where we are not food and ?cannon-fodder? for other beings. We have to learn that we are powerful Spiritual Warriors on a journey creating a greater reality back to the essence of who we really are? This is our fabled story? we have a long journey ahead of us back home? to break free of the illusions of material reality and become who we really are and live our truth in this ?Analogically Now Moment?.

We are Bio-electrical beings? living the illusion of physical bodies? actively looking for answers to immediate problems in our environment, in society and in ourselves as an evolving species. To find solutions to these problems we need to use a greater level of Consciousness to solve these problems than it took to create them? these problems that control our destiny as an evolving species are rooted in our monetary focus [Caveat emptor "Let the buyer beware] on our mechanical lives and our ?Fix Or Repair Daily? Mechanical bodies? this eventually create Poverty, Pollution and Disease [ending in Cancers and an early death by shutting down the electrical field around the body. A new view of Spirit from an electrical understanding can show Human Beings how to heal the cancerous plague that controls society.

Once we understand the significance of the science of quantum mechanics, we can realize that we really are bio-electrical energy beings, not mechanical beings, in physical bodies. We can repair human electrical bodies that have energy problems, Electromagnetically, in tune with nature and the Universe. This means that all cancers? all biochemical diseases and all problems are in reality bio-electrical problems of reduced energy input and output in the human body? that in reality we are always connected to all life and Mother Nature in the universe through the Science of Quantum Physics.

For everything in the Universe is electrical and just vibrating energy? right down to the atoms that make up our biochemical bodies. We start here understanding life as a Science of Spirit and understanding our altered ego [altered god image]? the image of who we think we are? namely our personality program is not us and we live our truth as Spiritual beings having a human materialistic experience? where everything in society is based on a Magic trick or Magic Act? but now we can see the slight of hand? and we are not fooled by the trick but enjoy the Act? for all the world is a stage? be it in Religion, politics or business and we are all actors playing our part?but now our part is that of a Spiritual Warrior and we can now enjoy the performances where ever they may be. This book is your proverbial ?Red Pill? of life? allowing you to see with new eyes and hear with new ears?the voice of the Spirit-within? and the Olympic size games that are being played in the world for material gain over the welfare of our brothers and sisters. You will not believe what you are about to read until you check out the links [in blue] for yourself? you will be shocked?

 Deeper into the illusions of society...

 As our awareness rises to what is going on in our environment, the more questions it raises.... it evolves our consciousness and plays a very important role in creating our reality.  However, the average person does not have the time to research and recognize these problems on his own? in his life of 9 to 5  wage slavery?  

  The questions hidden in the dark recesses of the mind, Rise up to ask, is Society and the Engines of Commerce deceiving us about reality? Do we ?really know? the truth about our Planet,  our Country,  our Government,  our Religion,  ourselves, besides what the Media tells us? And who owns the media? anyway... 5 major Media Corporations at most?

Haven?t you ever wondered if Society was not just lying to you, about the history of the world around you, about Science, Global Warming, and Alien life for the sake of Business and Commerce? Religious belief systems? By forcing you, ?A Spiritual Being having a human Experience? to conform to a Material Existence... where the only thing that really matters in life is whether you can pay your taxes, medical bills and  life "insurance" for you or your family; Well, I think it is? ?Time for You to Know?, to become Analogical, to study these new theories and find out the truth for yourself.

This is where the Science of Spirit comes in to help sift through the illusions of life and set you on the right path. An Analogical Awareness of life will allow us to maintain our present calmness at the heights of social Chaos to know what potentials are right for us in the moment. In times of great change, this mind set ? is the only real insurance policy we have in life, and it will not take advantage of us when we are down.  Evolution is about change in a steep curve upward? are you ready?... gaining knowledge of the different potentials for unexpected change has been a part of human evolution since the dawning of man? we have access to a part of the evolutionary mind that we have never consciously used before as a collective. The quest here is to align the mind with the heart and soul and ask spirit to give us the right answer to all these alternatives. This focus requires developing the mindset of a Spiritual Warrior and battle our own worst enemy, ourselves? our shadow side that is kept hidden while our personality program runs the show.

  To learn why we need to become Spiritual warriors in life we turn to world renowned Physicist Peter Russell, author of the now famous book, ?The Global Brain? (published in 1983). He foresaw the entire pace of human existence accelerating as we approached the new millennium, bringing us to a point of unity, and providing a panoramic perspective on the relationship between the state of the planet and our state of mind.  Peter Russell wrote that humanity has reached a crossroads in its evolutionary path. ?Computers, satellites, fiber optics, video recorders and other technology are the catalysts linking our planet into one, worldwide community - a ?global brain?. This technology, combined with a rapidly growing human potential movement, is helping to create a collective consciousness that is humanity's only hope of saving it from itself?. However, Russell warns if we continue on our current path of greed and destruction, humanity will serve only as a planetary cancer. Russell has emphasized that all our crises, at their root, are a crisis of consciousness.

 ?We have viewed ourselves as separate beings, living disconnected lives in the face of unrelated challenges. The illusion that happiness could be found in the world outside us has led us to tear up the landscape in a mad search for paradise. The result has been that our social structures bear an undeniable resemblance not only to the human brain but also to a cancerous growth in the way that they have devastated the body of the planet. The writing is on the wall. If we are to navigate our way safely through these critical times we have to mature inwardly. Why do we feel so insecure? Why do we want to feel we are in control of things? We must discover how to move beyond this egocentric phase in our development. And fast. The essence of spirituality is the search to know our true selves, to discover the real nature of consciousness. This quest has been the foundation of all the great spiritual teachings, and the goal of all the great mystics.?

  All our crises, at their root, are crises of consciousness, this is the reason for our  desire and need today to become Peaceful Warriors to learn how to get in-touch with our deeper selves, our true selves- ?the spirit within?. The only way to get in touch with the spirit within is to be in the present moment the ?Now?, a higher level of consciousness that brings us out of body-mind consciousness that we use to tend to the needs of the body i.e. feeding cleaning, propagation and protection. We spend 90% of our time in body-mind consciousness just paying the bills for our basic survival needs of the body. To get in-touch with spirit we have to be in the Now moment of Analogical Mind, a level and frequency of consciousness that develops over time the more it is used and expanded. You build your mind like you would build muscle in the body over time. What you put in your mind to build it is just as important as what you put in your body to build it into a world class body builder but the muscles of the mind are more like that of an electrical current in a battery. If you increase the voltage in your mind you can power your watch and tell the time, if you further increase the voltage you can power your laptop computer and surf the internet for the time anywhere in the world. The great thing about the mind is that it can create a virtual computer in its analogical mind and surf its own internet and find answers to things that are not even thought of or invented yet today and bring them into existence. Analogical Mind creates a resonant energy field around the body, a Pure Consciousness, a higher frequency of thought acting upon the brain creating mind. Your brain does not create thoughts any more than a radio creates the music it plays but is a receiver of thought like the radio tuning into your favorite station. Analogical Mind is a powerful enough frequency of thought acting upon the brain to cause it to levitate, become invisible and move to the next dimension and level of consciousness....

As the Spiritual Warrior starts to lose his domesticated human program, he begins to see through his illusions by mastering his own emotions by being ?present? in the ?Now? moment, not the illusions of the past or the dreams of the future, this way he conquers himself. He battles his own inconsistencies by making known the unknown and learns the way of the Ancient Spiritual Warrior that teaches the keys to re-creating his own reality contrary to having society create his reality for him as in his domestication program.    

 To do this the beginning Ancient Warrior must reawaken the instincts he had when he was a wild hunter gatherer and let go of his consumer consciousness as a domesticated human. ...

 A civilized domesticated person is a human doing not a human being [9 to five wage slavery]. Native people understood this and have followed the path of the human being for thousands of years in perfect harmony with nature and other native cultures. The Cheyenne Indians, as we call them were never Indians, their name for themselves in their language meant Human Being in the true sense of the word, and they could sustain peace with other native cultures for a thousand years before the age of white man with all of his sophistication, technology and religion came along. These native Human Beings connected to Mother Nature were becoming one with her and maintained a natural State of Analogical Awareness, which helped create the 1000 years of peace. Heaven only knows what would have happened if they were allowed to maintain this Awareness and a Consciousness of Peace for a long enough time without the appearance of the dreaded White Man. One can only hope that the Disappearance of the Anasazi as a race of human beings is because they evolved beyond our violent ability to see them and to a new dimension that facilitates a new level of mind. The domestication program is society?s dream, a game for children to play to satisfy their physical desires of competition, manipulation and control before they wake up and the cream of society?s young rise to the top and evolve out of society to become conscious Peaceful Warriors....  

 In letting go of his illusions? where society is his master and money is his dream? the seasoned Spiritual warrior recognizes and applies his inalienable rights under god by choosing Spirit as his salvation. The right to freedom is the gift of God under the Magna-Carta? the Charter in England in 1213. The Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms insures all ?natural persons? are free and do not pay taxes (see the Canadian law dictionary) only artificial people. Their allegiance is to spirit and truth, to know themselves? they have let go of the grip of society, and they will know the truth, and the truth will set them free. Artificial people are corporations created under the law and given the rights of real people. All human ?doings? (referring to the CAPITALIZED name, which is given a number for easier reference on birth certificates, driver?s licenses, and other ?official? documents) are also artificial, compensated by the governing body of society for those who are too weak to take care of themselves, and are unconscious of who they really are.

Two thousand years ago Jesus? disciples showed him a gold coin and said, ?Caesar?s men demand taxes from us.? He said to them, ?Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar, give God what belongs to God, and gives me. What is mine"?  Your unconscious or ungodly acts (your artificial person, your drivers license) belong to Caesar, your body belongs to God, (the creation of life is given by god) and your Consciousness divinely inspired belongs to Christ. All things created with consciousness of spirit, all these acts, and doings, are given the highest level of compensation and are in the realm of Christ Consciousness. 

The Spiritual Warrior finally realizes that he is free of society?s covenants and dreams and creates his own heaven on earth. When he was young, he thought everything he was told was real? he did not have the ability to question the validity of the illusions people live by in society. He did not have the ability to make an independent choice because he was too young to understand that he was not given the truth? so he now rescinds all promises and contracts as not legally binding. He was never given all the facts and was coerced into buying society?s dream. Now in an Analogical State of Awareness he sees clearly all the potentials available to him, speaks his truth, and lives by his Spirit.

The Spiritual Warrior honors his path each day by creating his day at sunrise and greeting the first rays of the morning sun? Sungazing and does his morning contemplation with his Analogical state of Awareness by enacting this new law of freedom from slavery ?this day? and every day so that he will never forget his heart and soul, ?his Spirit?. In his morning focus the Spiritual Warrior creates, his day by focusing on what he needs to accomplish or has desired to experience each day and to make known the unknown in his life by allowing spirit to create....

 If you like what you have read get the updated E-book, Science of Spirit: expanded to 600 pages.

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