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            A True Mayan Calendar...  Showing A Spiritual Singularity in Consciousness 
The real Key to understanding the Mayan Calendar’s ending is to rise above religious dogmas and ignorance of the masses to see a different worldview… this is symbolic of what is really happening on the planet today as it did 5000 years ago and to understand were are approaching  an Omega Point in Time as an evolutionary  Spiritual Singularity in consciousness. In this section, we will learn the importance of the “Creational View of the Mayan Calendar”, why it was created, and by whom and the real difference it can make... in the lives of simple God loving human beings connected to the spirit-within.
      The Truth about the Mayan Calendars Count-down to 0 Ending in an Apocalypse is a red herring... used to confuse ignorant people. The Truth about the 5125 year old Mayan Calendar is that it is timing the Evolution of Consciousness to a Quantum Singularity in Time? to the end of time? An Omega Point... not the end of the world in 2012? but an Awakening of true consciousness connected to Spirit. Look at the above diagram to see the exponential growth of consciousness in all life ending in an Omega Point in Time and an awakening in True Consciousness.

Apocalypse means the "lifting of a veil" or a disclosure to certain privileged [Genius] people of something hidden from mankind. We will be able to see all the hidden aspects of the truth? without fear and control of the Masses. This is where Ian Lungold comes in, a man truly connected to spirit and the creational view of the Mayan Calendar? I learned more from a 3 hour lecture with Ian than I had? studying the other sensationalized views of the Mayan Calendar in 3 years of research. So let?s now get a deeper perspective of the Mayan Calendar from the perspective of Ian Xel Lungold. 
In Oct. 2004, when Ian spoke in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

He talked about how he learned the truth of the Mayan Calendar and his amazing journey of discovery. Ian talked of the work he and Dr. Calleman had done to bring to the true meaning of the Mayan Calendar to the people of the world. He spoke of the month he spent in Guatemala where he waited to meet real Guatemalan Mayan Shaman, one of the true keepers of the knowledge of the evolution of consciousness in the Mayan calendar. He had to be patient to gain their trust. Ian expressed what an honor it was to learn the true meaning of the calendar and how he spent a month in Mexico with Dr. Calleman sharing his knowledge, which he also shared with us that day. He shared his discovery of a simple formula to find any day on the Mayan calendar from the Gregorian calendar and there-by providing access to every man, woman and child on Earth to the Mayan calendar. From that moment on I was hooked, it all had given me hope for the future? that I could feel and see a divine plan in action? and that I could make a difference? that we all could.

 I would like to honor the focus and persistence of Ian Lungold for his dedication in disseminating the information on the importance of the calendar. If not for him, I would not have been inspired to put this knowledge together for myself or understand its extreme importance in the days to come. Within a year of our meeting, Ian he passed away from complications to cancer. The final completion of this book 4 years after meeting Ian is dedicated to his memory for providing me with the missing pieces I needed in understanding my spiritual journey? and the framework that an "Analogical State of Awareness" fits into the creational scheme of things. Mr. Ian Lungold is honored and loved by many for his hard work in bringing to life and uncovering the mystery of the Mayan Calendar and his discovery of a simple formula to find any day on the Mayan calendar from the Gregorian calendar (visit for the Mayan astrological calendar).

 Ian talked about what was special about the Mayan Calendar and made many references to Dr. Calleman?s work. Ian said, ?A person with no previous exposure to the Mayan Calendar will usually be surprised by the fact that some people today should take such an interest in an ancient calendar. After all, human history has seen a number of different calendars? Is not the Mayan calendar just a very specialized subject of interest only to specialists or history buffs? Some may ask, ?Why would the world need another calendar? other than the Gregorian or Muslim calendar that are currently in use? and why should we need to know of the Mayan calendar??
Well, to begin with most people have a far too limited view of the importance of the Mayan civilization? and Native American traditions generally. At the height of their civilizations in the 5th to 9th centuries AD, the Mayan cities were among the largest in the world and developed the most advanced mathematics and astronomy of their day? even if the Native American civilizations hardly survived? the later contact with the Europeans? they were and are the carriers of a significant and irreplaceable part of the global human consciousness.
When we talk about the Mayan Calendar something profoundly different is meant than just a system to mark off the passage of time. The Mayan Calendar is above all a prophetic calendar that may help us understand the past and foresee the future. A calendar of the Ages describes how the progression of Heavens and Underworlds condition the human consciousness and thus provide the frame for our thoughts and actions within a given Age. The Mayan Calendar provides an exact schedule for the Cosmic Plan and the unfolding of all things that come into existence. There is now ample empirical evidence for this, something that shines new light on the age-old questions of humankind. Things do exist for a reason? they fit into the divine cosmic plan. 

For those that seriously engage in a study of the Mayan Calendar? this soon becomes evident and the former materialist worldview loses all relevance. The Mayan Calendar is a gateway to the worlds of consciousness to which the majority of humanity has been blinded using false or delusory calendars. Since everything that exists is an aspect of consciousness, and the Mayan Calendar describes the evolution of consciousness in all of its aspects, no stone is left unturned for the serious student of the Mayan Calendar. All of science is affected, all of religion is affected, and all of life is affected as we are here for a reason. Time is no longer equated with money? but with spirit? Time is inspiration! Galactic Consciousness signifies a shift away from materialism and power into more spiritualistic, esoteric, and cooperative ways of Life.
 What makes this information so vital? Ian says, is many fold? First, in general we have a road map of time and history. A road map is not a crystal ball? you do not know what will happen when you get to a destination. However, knowing where you are going and seeing the landmarks along the way? is very reassuring. If you have been to a place before you can prepare for the circumstances you will find there. He shows in his diagrams how? this Creation pattern has been repeated 7 times before and so we have?or at least consciousness has? been through all of this before. The actual pattern of Creation? described by the Mayan calendar? looks like a pyramid with nine levels. Immensely long periods of time with shorter and shorter periods stacked on top. Alternatively, or even more accurately, as a set of nestled vessels, each of them 20 times smaller than the last. Each of these nine Creation cycles is 20 times shorter than the previous cycle. Each of these cycles is further divided into 13 equal sections of time and each of these sections has a purpose in Creation. There are seven sections of day and six sections of night on each level.
The Sumerian and Mesopotamians wrote this same pattern in clay tablets as their understanding of Creation. The Ancient Vedic texts, which are the basis of Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, and Taoism? have the same understanding of nine levels with 13 sections in each. The Christian Bible, states that there were 7 days to Creation in the book of Genesis.

Mayan Calendar Days and Nights? A 5125 year Countdown to a Spiritual Singularity in Time!
 In the Mayan calendar, a section of day is followed by a section of night on each level and the purpose of each section is defined as follows (the growth or evolution of a plant is used here as an Analogy):
SECTION ONE; First Day: is a period of Light or an opportunity for the growth of consciousness. It is the inception, a planting of seed, a new beginning, or impetus to change or flow in a new direction. New perceptions become available. In day 1 of the planetary cycle from 1755 to 1775, we see the Consolidation of the Thirteen States of America and the Declaration of Independence in 1776. From 1979 to 1999? Ramtha completes his core teachings? "C+E= R"* on how "consciousness and energy creates the nature of reality" in 20 years and it is in the consciousness of the students gaining wisdom. We are now in the Galactic Underworld Cycle of 360 days: Day 1 started Jan.5th 1999 and ends Dec. 29th, 1999 [*copyrighted by RSE].

 SECTION TWO; First Night: is a period of Night or the opportunity to apply the enlightenment just received from Creations flow. This would be the germination of the seed planted in the dark soil or the developments of new points of view. The Galactic Cycle: Day 1 first night started Dec.30th, 1999 and ends Dec.23rd 2000
SECTION THREE; Second Day: is another period of Light when duality is put on display. In nature, a seed sprouts up out of the ground and displays two leaves. The essential duality is always a new viewpoint that is overriding the ?old? consciousness. As it has come down in human history, this has always been a time of civil turmoil. In day, two of the planetary cycle from 1794 to 1814 was the Louisiana Purchase from France by the 13 States. Galactic Cycle: Second Day started on Dec.24th 2000 and ends on Dec.18 2001.

 SECTION FOUR; Second Night: is a period of Dark when polarized factions come to blows over their differences. Indeed these periods in human history are peaks of violence. Galactic Cycle: Day 2 second night starts on Dec.19th 2001 and ends on Dec 13th 2002.

SECTION FIVE; Third Day: is another period of Light. In nature, this is the development of a root system and the second set of leaves that will be a permanent part of the plant. It is the establishment of the new consciousness as viable. In human history during this section, lies or failed systems are disclosed so that progress is not blocked. In day 3 of the planetary cycle from 1834 to 1854 the Electric Telegraph came into being (Morse 1835, Washington- Baltimore line1843) and in the same time period was the Conquest of Texas and Northern Mexico CA, NM, AZ, OK, Etc.) and the Incorporation of the Pacific Northwest states by the United States of America. Galactic Cycle: Day 3 started on Dec.14th 2002 and ends on DEC.8th 2003.

 SECTION SIX; Third Night: is another period of Dark The seedling or original set of leaves are dropped from the plant as another set of leaves spring from the top. These are at 90 degrees from the last set. In human history failed systems have been jettisoned, usually by force, during this section. Galactic Cycle: Day 3 third night started on Dec.9th 2003 and ends on Dec.2nd 2004. George W. Bush steals his Second Presidential Election from the people in America.

 SECTION SEVEN; Fourth Day: another period of Light In a plants life, the tap root grows deep to firmly attach the plant while the stock thickens and branches form. It is a period of expansion of the foundations laid. In human history the ?New? point of view and way of doing things takes dominance. For instance, the empire of Greece was built during this section. In day 4 of the planetary cycle from 1873 to 1893, the telephone was invented (Bell's patent application in 1876, the first telephone station in the US. was in 1878) in the same time we see the Expansion of the railway system and massive development of industry and agriculture. Galactic Cycle: Day 4 started on Dec.3rd 2004 and ends on Nov.27th 2005.

 SECTION EIGHT; Fourth Night: is a period of Dark once again or the application of new procedures. During this time a plant is multiplying its leaves and root system like mad. In human history it has usually been a period of rebuilding and a time of healing. Galactic Cycle: Day 4 fourth night started on Nov.28th 2005 and ends on Nov.22 2006.

 SECTION NINE; Fifth Day: here is a period of Light. In fact, it is the brightest period of ?light in the entire cycle. In a plants life this is when new chemicals are produced that carry the message to form buds. In human history, it was this section when Art was invented; the message of Jesus moved over the earth. In day 5 of the planetary cycle from 1913 to 1932, Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity and America's victory in WWI raised it to a world power in the same period we see the First Radio Broadcasts in the US in 1910. Galactic Cycle: Day 5 started on Nov. 23rd 2006 and ends on Nov.17th 2007.

 SECTION TEN; Fifth Night: another period of Dark, in fact, the darkest period of each cycle. In a plants life, this is the growth of the bud. In your life, it was puberty. In human history, this has been a time of great physical hardship or major conflicts. The Illonian Ice Age, the extinction of the Neanderthals, the fall of Roman civilization, The Great Depression, Hitler-ism (1933) WWII and Atomic Weapons are glaring examples. Galactic Cycle: Day 5 fifth night starts on Nov.18th 2007 and ends on Nov.11th 2008 with the end of the corrupt Bush government, the start of the second great economic depression he created and the historic election of the First black president of the people, for the people and by the people in America.
SECTION ELEVEN; Sixth Day: again we are in a period of Enlightenment. This is the time of flowers for the plant. For you it was adolescence. In human history, this was the creation of first tools, the 1st attempts at agriculture and constructed shelter, the renaissance. In day 6 of the planetary cycle from 1952 to 1972 America is the Leader of the Western Bloc, the mass production of televisions with Color TV in the US in 1953 and most recently, the flower child movement of the sixties. Galactic Cycle: Day 6 starts on Nov.13th 2008 and ends on Nov.6th 2009? The inauguration of the first Black President January 20, 2009.

 SECTION TWELVE; Sixth Night: one last period of Dark in the cycle happens now. In the plant?s life, the flowers wilt and die setting the stage for fruit development or of seedpods that will dry. This is what happened to the Maya civilization right on queue. Throughout human history there have been conflicts and revolts during this period, most recent of these having been the Viet-Nam war. An escalation of the war against Islamic belief systems in the Middle East, we may see a second wave of Islamic fundamentalism? with the battle over the rights of women?. and a prophesied biblical war over religious beliefs. Galactic Cycle: Day 6, sixth night starts on Nov.8th 2009 and ends on Nov.2nd 2010 with the start of first of many Solar Storms that affect the Whole Planet and puts it into darkness. At the end of this, the first experience of a galactic pulse of cosmic consciousness. Now is the time for an "Analogical State of Awareness" connecting all people? in tune with Gaia? to come together.

 SECTION THIRTEEN; Seventh Day: a period of Light once again, a time of readiness for something new and different. This is a time of ascension, going from one level to the next higher level. The plant spreads the seeds or drops the fruit to begin again a thousand times. In human history, it was during these repeating sections that consciousness developed Homo sapiens, agriculture and domesticated herds. In day 7 of the planetary cycle from 1992 to 2011, we see the United States rise and fall as the worlds only superpower, signed treaties to establish the sovereignty of nations and their people. The wide spread use of computer networks and the creation of the World Wide Web in 1992 with the Internet creating a planetary consciousness?. the explosion of global Cell-phone technology and use with instant messaging worldwide. Galactic Cycle: Day 7 starts on Nov. 3rd 2010 and ends on October 28th 2011?we see Balance attained between East and West and the end of control by one soul over another soul? within this cycle is the last Universal cycle of the Mayan Calendar.
The Universal Cycle that starts on Feb 11, 2011? with each day only lasting 20 days with the 7th day of the Universal Cycle starting on Oct. 8th and ending on Oct. 28, 2011.
 The Quantum Singularity in Time: October 28 2011is the projected date where consciousness rises to it apex and is no longer linear? time stands still? in a Quantum Singularity in time. This pattern does have acceleration built into it. Each cycle or level of Creation contains the same amount of advancement and change but each cycle runs 20 times faster. The same amount of change that happened in 1.26 billion years of the Cellular cycle now occurs in 360 days as can be seen in the following information and in the news on TV. Humankind is at the threshold of an Epoch. 

A singularity in time,? states Ray Kurzweil [from chapter 1]? the theoretical limitlessness of exponential expansion, based on the evolution of biological life and the evolution of technology which have both followed the same pattern in that they take a long time to get going, but advances build on one another and progress erupts at an increasingly furious pace. He calls this "The Law of Accelerating Returns". ?As order exponentially increases, the time between salient events grows shorter? advancement speeds up? the returns, "the greater awakening of awareness amongst groups of people"? consciousness accelerates at a nonlinear rate. 
The resources it needs to continue exponential growth are its own increasing order and the chaos in the environment in which the evolutionary process takes place? which provides the options for further diversity. These two resources are essentially without limit. We may expect to see the decent of Heaven to Earth, the return of the Source, and the meeting with the Gods beyond all dualities? 

However Society has its? Sheeple asleep in their pods, going to work, buying necessities, eating, watching TV and going back to sleep? Sheeple in the city may see no change at all in evolution? in their world. This pattern of Creation, an action plan, can be seen happening everywhere in the universe from sub-atomic particles to galaxies over and over. ?As above, so below.?
The information in the chart below needs to be studied and contemplated to really understand the extent of the transformation that we may-be undergoing as a species on this planet. It is not our genetics but our consciousness, that will be changing? our ability to be self-aware? the desire to change with the times and evolve?
This information is generated from the Mayan Tun (tune) calendar that runs in 360 day long cycles? not the 365.25 day cycles of the Mayan Haab? or Gregorian calendar?. this is a very important point. This chart does? in no way conflict with either the Creationist or the Evolutionist points of view. This schedule marries the two beliefs in fact. No matter how uncomfortable that concept may be at the outset, the fact that Creation has evolved is indisputable because evolution and a schedule of creation continues today. 

The evolution of all consciousness has accelerated to such a degree that we can watch it unfold systematically as in time-lapse photography in the current News paper headlines. If we take the News of just one day in the New York Times Newspaper? it contain more information and News of World Events? than was contain in the whole Life of any person who could read living before 1755? where one day in the National cycle of Consciousness lasted 396 years. 

It took 396 years to incorporate wisdom gain in a life from ?One main experience? like eating off of lead plates in Rome and wondering why people around you are going mad? Ah...ha lead poisoning..I see said the Rich Blind Man]. 

Now in our present Galactic cycle of Consciousness someone reading the New York Times Newspaper has 360 day to digest one day of News of World Events? understand what is happening? like the bush administration knowing before hand of the taking down of the Twin Towers in New York] and turn it into wisdom. 

This is a simple illustration of the primary importance of the Evolution of Consciousness in all people alive today. Again?It is hoped that each person will investigate these facts on the Mayan calendar for themselves and not take any of this on ?Faith? alone without reason? as that is what got us into this problem.
Ian Lungold states that, "Belief in this thesis is actually counter-productive for two basic reasons? those without adequate knowledge can not effectively pass the information to others. A formula that he developed states? ?Peace of Mind? comes when a person is ?Centered.? Centeredness comes from Certainty. 

Certainty comes from the recognition of patterns and is based in reason. So the stability of your ?Peace of Mind? is directly related to your degree of certainty and reason. Blind faith, in Ian?s opinion, is not certainty but an obstruction of any facts that might undercut the faith. Thus creating a limit to one?s true Peace of Mind. 

This in turn is the generator of all types of defensive measures including wars, to protect one?s personal faith in how things are? or ought to be without reason or certainty. We have gone down that road far enough don't you think.
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