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                                          To Know Thyself                                       

 Knowing who You really are in a Balance of Science & Spirit: Part 1

    Note: This is the transcript from this Speech on Analogical Awareness taking the spiritual warrior home to the invisible Spirit that lives within all people, based on the book Science of Spirit: Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth”.

Over a million people have studied, first hand the original teachings and most did not achieve the wisdom and awareness to keep going on this path… This is an analysis of what I learned and my friends had missed on the path of life falling into the ditch of materialism and illusion...

These thoughts and experiences are my “Red Pills of Wisdom” and a greater reality that took 20 years to synthesize a deeper understanding of the science, religion and philosophy of this truth… it is real… it works but it is not for everyone.

One has to rise above the herded Sheeple nature of consumerism and material reality to understand the magic that is missing in life.

You do not become enlightened by reading, or intellectualizing in a material reality as this is the “blue pill of security” in the dream state of your pod… Only by seeing reality as it is and doing something about it… moving outside of the box of materialism in an extended focus… then knowing thyself over time do results manifest. to know thyself is to know the universe. This speech uses the analogies from the classic movie trilogy “The Matrix.  

Introduction to a Science of Spirit: Part 1

To understand the illusions we live under in this fairy tale life in society… we have to see clearly what “this Matrix” really is in our world… We have to die to the illusions of the material world and wake up in the real world, where we really live, where consciousness is king… where Spirit rules and where we become just like our Hero and do for ourselves what Neo has done for us while we are asleep in our pods… watching dis-empowering movies… He is sending us a message to wake up from our slumber and do what he does… like our hero we have to learn to become spiritual warriors and use the forgotten power hidden deep within the recesses of our minds and look within to know we can do this, and change the reality we live in… To change our collective reality to a life that is compatible with all human life and nature… where we are not food and “cannon-fodder” for other beings. We have to learn that we are powerful spiritual warriors on a journey creating a greater reality back to the essence of who we really are… This is our fabled story… we have a long journey ahead of us back home… to break free of the illusions of material reality and become who we really are and live our truth in this analogically now moment. We start here understanding life as a science of spirit and understanding our altered ego [altered god image]… the image of who we think we are… namely our personality program... is not us... and we learn to live our truth as Spiritual beings having a human materialistic experience. Our first step is "to know thyself" is not a program... we can see we are not the program in our Astrological Chart wheel and all the aspects it makes to all the people in our life... these aspects are potentials of our personality program a 12x12 grid program in our minds. The program was meant to assist us on our journey through life teaching us that we are not the program... and how to step out of the program.

To Know Thyself; An Analogical Consciousness verses an Analytical program.

What we are trying to achieve with this analogy is to finally know who we really are in a balance of science and spirit… reason and faith. Understanding the difference between the personal computer in our brain [the analytical personality program] and the being doing the typing on it [an Analogical Consciousness] is the key to knowing thyself and finding the kingdom of heaven within us. We are more akin to Spirit… that invisible energy field that holds our bodies together… than we are the program that is our social personality that we share on twitter and face-book. It takes our Analogical consciousness in the now moment (spirit) to do the typing or the reprogramming of our personality… but we have forgotten who we are and we’ve let the program run on auto-pilot 24/7 to monitor our home (the body). Now is the time to remember that we are the programmer of the personality and not one of the programmed Sheeple in this fairy tale illusion we call life. This is why our hero, Neo in the Matrix is confused as to why people think, “He is the One”. In the Matrix, Neo is running the Program, the social personality; but taken out of his pod into the Real world… he is now the programmer who does not remember yet, how or why he needs to reprogram his mind. It is only when he is faced with the ultimate death of his friends and their cause does he realize he is the One and becomes the analogical spiritual force in the matrix to change the reality that faces him. This is our hero’s message to ourselves in our Matrix… this holographic universe that we live in… we are the One… the spiritual beings having the human experience locked in the virtual reality of our personality programs… a duplicate reality of the real world… before it is destroyed.

 Now, to the many Sheeple in society this probably sounds complicated and technical and seems like a lot to take into our minds even on a good day… when the reality of life is that most of us not being spiritual warriors don’t really have a clue as to who or what we really are or what we need and want out of life. Many Sheeple really lack a greater purpose and meaning to life and unfortunately for them… they do as they are told and take their Nyquil- Blue Pills and go back to sleep. We as minions of a technological society… I have noticed… are deliberately not given a caretakers manual of the human mind or body or any real instructions from our family or teachers to live by. We by our very nature in society are half-human half-animal beings dreaming of a spiritual life… sinners in most religions trying to live up to the expectations and understand an external jealous god.  For many people world wide… it is survival from day one… find the right food, shelter, companionship, make it through the day, the month, the year, and keep going and don’t get sick. Go to school if you are lucky; get a good job… make lots of money and hope for the best. In our last 100 years… in wartime or peace time… your time here on planet earth is short… “Eat, Drink, and be Mary” for tomorrow you may die… is the motto of many people who have lived and now have passed this plain. However, the Prime Directive from the first book printed… the bible, 500 years ago was… above all else in life… to love an external god above self… do not sin and trust in the people in your church… who say they know better… when it is easy to see they do not… For none of us know what love is or “how not to sin” in the illusions of reality that we have created. It is clear that the illusions of life change as we look within to know thyself… then look out to observe our environment… so do the sins change against god and religion… As love is the greatest mystery of life… Herding and the control/fear of women… the violent Sex abuse is the greatest downfall of men in the politics of all religions and the politics of their external gods.

  The idea that humans don’t come with a basis survival manual always stuck me as odd… we should have “a history of the work of art that is the human mind and body” by beings that lived it… as masters sharing our heritage. Without a survival manual, we always seemed to be the blind in society, leading the blind and we always seemed to fall into the ditch… blaming each other for getting hurt and our ignorance… a good war always seemed to satisfy our needs in the moment and justify our behavior. Our Societies seemed to be filled with illusions, of money, fame, and power, just work hard and spend your money with us and you will life happily ever after like all good fairy tales. 

Now, to Know Thyself, inscribed on the ancient Greek temple to the god Apollo at Delphi, was well known to great men like, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and Jesus Christ as a good idea to study and know.  It was Pythagoras, who first stated, “Know thyself, and thou shalt know the Universe and God”.Now, one man who learned to know himself from the age of 12 was, Marcus Aurelius, he was a great philosopher of the “Stoic school of philosophy”… who only wrote meditations to himself and not anyone else… before and after his great many battles… He was known as one of the last great rulers of Rome and the world… his knowledge and love of Spirit rivaled that of the greatest spiritual masters of his time.

He claimed, 1800 years ago, that a man's life should be valued according to the value of the things to which he gave his attention [his focus]. If his whole thought was given to clothing, feeding and housing himself comfortably, he should be valued like all other well-housed and well-fed animals.

Today we, as a civilization, make great Sheeple… the interactive personality program of the body-mind conscious animal has usurped the throne of god/spirit within the human being… and the civilized animal nature is in control.

To Know Thyself… is to know the difference between the spirit-within that guides us and the interactive personality program. The spirit-within is the life-force that makes up the human body… the pilot that guides us through life making known the unknown. And “the personality is the program” that we use to navigate this world in the vehicle that is the human body so that we can fulfill our destiny and become Spiritual warriors. Their quest is to know they are spiritual beings trapped in human/animal bodies only having a human experience on a physical plane of existence. 

The Spiritual warrior’s purpose as evolutionary beings is to free spirit from the trap through knowledge and wisdom… and break the evil spell that has been cast over the forgotten gods in a civilized society. To let spirit take its rightful place as master over the limitations of the human mind and body controlling its animal passions making the human body an eternal vehicle for spirit on the physical plane.  Ancient records show that all masters learned this process… to ascend this plane of existence. The Spiritual warrior’s purpose for existence is to make known the unknown by creating more choices and to show that all life on planet Earth and in the universe is based on an evolution of consciousness from the beginning of time… the Big Bang.

Consciousness is the very fabric that all form is made of and is the ground of all beingness of life... alive with spirit and the divine spark of all life. It clarifies the connectedness of all life with Science and to Spirit. Spiritual warriors have learned through ancient knowledge and wisdom to know that we as individuals and as a collective consciousness are the forgotten Gods connected to the invisible Spirit that started it all…

"That consciousness and the energy that makes up matter" are inextricably combined or linked, emerging in a sequence of events called “occasions of experience” that ultimately create our reality and our personal experiences in life. The universe is a process—it’s made up of events… the events are critical “Now moments” in your life experiences handed down to your children and theirs to their children… and so on… and so on… making known the unknown on this planet for Spirit.

“Life is Not about You”… your personality, it never was… Life is all about spirit… the evolution of spirit within the human being, not controlled civilized Sheeple. It is about the legacy on this plane of existence of the Spiritual being having a human experience over hundreds of 1000’s of years. Life is about Spirit changing bodies [multiple garments] like you change clothes in an evening… to be seen at your best on a special occasion. In this case the special occasion is a new life and a new body created from the genetic soup that has evolved to the next level… the dream of spirit is to take this next body home with it to meet its father within… like Christ did when he ascended.

The reason for all the chaos and all the problems in your life and the reason god does not love You… is because You are just a personality program… not a real human being aligned with the Spirit within… [ you are more like the story of Pinocchio… a puppet with strings… wanting to be a real human being but are controlled by a program making you do things your conscience feels are wrong… and this is why you lie about your life]. This understanding has no-thing to do with being sinners and repentance or going to church and buying your way into heaven… but just knowing the truth that your experiences are creating your reality even beyond this illusion.

The kingdom of god is not in religious buildings made of stone and wood… the kingdom of god is within you and all around you… “Lift a stone and I Am there … Split a piece of wood and you will find me there”. [ words of the living Christ… From the Nag Hammadi Library, Egypt]

The hidden truth of the Evolution of Spirit in the human being is that you are forgotten gods in human flesh… You are a spiritual being having a human experience in a material world that you collectively created. Life is about you as a Spirit being changing bodies [multiple garments] like you change clothes to be seen at your best on a special occasion. In this case the special occasion is your new life that has evolved to the next level at the end of time… the omega point of life.

At this moment in time at the end of the world… Armageddon and the apocalyptic visions are the end of the dominance of the violent human personality… the end of ignorance… and the darkness of life [Hell]. 

The apocalyptic visions were never about saving the capitalistic walking dead that live on this planet… the materialist personalities that are only concerned with money and power… the very opposite is the truth… it is the end of their Hell on earth and the emergence of the Spiritual beings in human form... a Heaven on earth. This new reality is coming… even if we do not change and evolve in consciousness because Gaia… Mother Nature is alive and changing… and the earth changes will take care of the problem shortly in her own time.

It has only ever been about the evolution of consciousness of the gods… spiritual beings having a human experience… never about you – the Sheeple.

Like this great master said, my kingdom is not of this Earth… the Kingdom of Heaven is within Me [Spirit… not my personality]. Materialist human beings should be afraid of Armageddon… the battle of the Christ verses the Anti-Christ as the battle is within you… your spiritual essence verses your dominant personality… and you can lose you immortal soul over it.

The research in this book is a personal 20 year search for the truth and an objective analysis of our religious/ political life on planet earth based on ancient applied philosophies of experience and wisdom gained from a balance of reason and faith. It is research from one who seeks a deeper truth and does not cease seeking until he finds… and when he finds, he became dismayed and when he was dismayed, he became be astonished… seeking to become king over the illusions of life itself and not taste death .

Reading the book, Science of Spirit, Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will not save you… Understanding and living the applied philosophies is the key to change in oneself… and learning to love all human beings… real love being a frequency and an evolution of consciousness [loving all colors… races and classes of the human form… even the old smelly fat ones]. An Innocent understanding of this increases ones’ ability to love one and other and forgiveness is not just a word but the action of that understanding of real love. True understanding recognizes the journey of another human being… without controlling their personal outcome for your profit… understanding means to stand under and support the conclusions of the personal experience and wisdom gained in that individual experience. If you read this book you will know in your heart in which direction and where you are going… based on your life experience and no-thing in heaven or on earth can change that but you… here and Now. Let this philosophy give you the experience to know the difference of your spirit-within and your personality through a deeper and greater understanding of life. One who understands thyself and life is a light to the world. Let the experience and wisdom begin…

"Whoever finds the meaning of these words [in a Science of Spirit] will not taste death." "The one who seeks should not cease seeking until he finds… and when he finds, he will be dismayed and when he is dismayed, he will be astonished… and he will be king over the All." These are the hidden words that the living Jesus spoke, (concerning Christ Consciousness) and they are just as important here in a science of spirit. The lost keys to the kingdom of heaven on earth are hidden within these words and within the knowledge of the invisible spirit. All human beings that follow this train of thought to Christ’s level of consciousness become one with the Spirit within. In this process we free our minds and Spirit from the trap of the personality program and learn to command the human body in an “Analogically now moment of time”… as the observer in life connected to Spirit… Mother Nature and all life.

So ultimately what’s in it for You… the Personality… Really?

The underlying Magic of all life! Maybe, if you free your mind, a freedom from all Cancers… from all Drugs, all disease… a freedom from your 9 to five wage slavery in a materialist world at the end of time… to an Omega point in time and the end to death for all that understand and get to know thyself. For life is evolving exponentially… “If major developments continue to occur in shorter and shorter times, there will be a corresponding time limit to our evolutionary progress. This does not mean there will be a limit to how much evolution we can experience: The opposite in fact.

We would find ourselves evolving so fast that we experienced an unimaginable degree of evolution within a finite period of time. The time limit would be the date in the future when our rate of development became infinitely rapid… this is the Omega Point. This is the Analogically Now moment in time… where we get to experience all our wonderful thoughts that we hold sacred… and secret from the world… of what we would do to the world if we had ultimate power. In this moment in time… when spirit grants us our wish and we either ascend to the next level of consciousness with nature or we destroy ourselves and our loved ones in a truly horrific and violent death that only “Revelations in the Bible” can comprehend. This is the “free will of consciousness” given to an ignorant Animal that has locked within it… the invisible spirit… controlled by a personality program…

This research reflects the work of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin… visionary French Jesuit, Priest… paleontologist, biologist, and philosopher, who spent the bulk of his life trying to integrate his religious experience with his understanding of natural science… Christian theology with theories of evolution. Who in the 1940’s, he described the Omega Point as a time when light would blaze across the planet… not physical light but the light of consciousness. As if a mirror polished to give a perfect reflection of the Sun… all those apparently separate rays of consciousness would know themselves to be the same eternal light. While exploring the evolutionary trends, he noticed that humanity was moving towards an “Omega Point” which is the full descent of Spirit into Matter, the fulfillment of our evolution.

In Teilhard’s eyes, the human species constitutes the thrust of cosmic evolution and is the key for understanding the universe. This reasoned logic and the unmistakable faith in the research of a Science of Spirit show our destiny in an evolution of consciousness from the chaos of an animal to the enlightenment of an immortal god… Christ Consciousness.

After 2500 years I think we now have a clue to the difference between the spirit-within and the personality and this will be our focus here to clarify and set the record straight with ancient truths and wisdom in a Science of Spirit. To know ourselves we have to dig deep inside our minds… within our hearts and souls to know ourselves… who we really are… beyond the Matrix in society…. End of part one…

Each of us lives only in the present, 'this moment'. Epictetus”… a Greek slave

 When we study life long enough we understand… the depths of the words of many great masters that have come before us… “We must learn to train our minds, to avoid useless and painful lines of thought. We must learn to focus our minds on thoughts, which bring us joy. Let nothing distract you, for you have wandered many times and have not found peace. It is impossible for the future to escape the motion of the present. Each of us lives only in the present, 'this moment'. All the rest is either past or uncertain. It is never the future or the past that troubles us, but the present moment. Moreover, we can train our minds to see the present in a new and peaceful light. 'You' have power over your mind… not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.  He who sees what exists 'right now' has seen everything… for all things are of one source and one substance”. The Spiritual Warrior considers the past… dead and "Now", lives from this point onward according to his highest principles.  For a man who is content in the present moment, even death… has lost its sting. A person with such a mind is a light to the community, and one who is using his gifts aright. Such a person understands that he is kin to all others. He knows that his role is to care for his neighbors without seeking their good opinion. He is neither shaken by praise nor blame. You can have all the things you want right now, if you observe but one thing: You must give no thoughts to the past, trust the future to the spirit-within, and spend the present Moment in holiness and peace… in peace, that you may be content with the present moment… in holiness, that you may act in line with the harmony of the whole. This bit of wisdom is from the "The Golden Sayings of Epictetus”… a Greek slave who emerged as a respected member of the Stoic school of philosophy in Rome in 135 A.D...

The great philosophers… Epictetus and his student, Marcus Aurelius, would be dismayed that a man's life is still valued according to the value of the things to which he gives his attention [his focus]. Today, we have a planet with almost 2 billion well-housed and well-fed animals… Sheeple living the illusions of their own delusions consuming toxic products running damaged personality programs. The personality… the program” that we use to navigate this world is running/ruining this world without a conscious pilot in the brain because it acts as it is the pilot [but it is no more than a broken record… only a looped subroutine within the program.]  On a planet of close to 7 billion people it is only us, the top 10% of the people that have the time to… and can contemplate… who and what we are in life beyond [the Matrix] the program.

The truth is many people in society… have a hard time dealing with “who and what”, everyone says they are… and have gotten lost. We are known by what we have accumulated in life as toys and what we do… what we labor at in life… our menial jobs… like our favorite merchants and service people, “Bob the Butcher” or “Tonelli the Tile Guy”. We can then feel good about our selves by gauging our monetary self-worth by looking down on others that do not measure up to our monetary barometer. We have set ourselves up for a great fall… living in a material universe that will give us anything we want because we are good and well connected… and look down on bad people of different countries, colors, sects and religions because they have less… we know our material God is on our side and they are going to Hell. A total lack of morals and consciousness have no baring on how “good we feel in the programmed personality” of material reality and many unconscious beings are totally lost. However, the label given to us… is not us, not who we really are… and we know this deep in our heart and soul.  Society, friends and family project on to us who they want us to be… and what they think we are, and make demands on us… even when they do not know who they are… and in reality… no one really has a clue to their core nature of “who they are” and “why they are here” and “why here, at this point in time”, and at this location. What are we here to learn…?

There had to be more to life than we were told … I had realized and the answers were inside of us in our minds all along. I have seen so many people work very hard in their lives, get old and die and they say before they go… they had no idea what life was all about or where the time went… they had so many dreams yet to fulfill… asking an invisible god… what was it all about… 

I have often wondered when I was young as I looked out at life into my environment… from my warm, cozy, loving, home… when we are old enough to leave the nest and fly away… should we not have our basic instincts turned on… to guide us through life, like the birds in the sky or the bears in the woods to fulfill our basic nature as human beings. My father did not know when I repeatedly asked about life… but I had a feeling there was more to life… a constant feeling there was something hidden… something guiding my life… whispers in my lucid dreams and it was not my personality. Today, with life moving at a faster and faster pace and technology moving exponentially … I thought we need a basic manual on consciousness on how to deal with all the change happening at this point in time… on what to expect in an evolution of awareness of life… that is based on 5000 years of research of an understanding of the overall “Is-ness” of consciousness [the ground of all being in the universe].    

The funny thing about life is… if you question what is happening to you in the moment and ask what “it” is all about, by going within, your mind connected to your heart and soul… will start to provide you with answers that you can follow. By following your heart… with a little knowledge, some experience over time… turned to wisdom… deeper study and research to confirm your philosophy and you learn that the universe… this world and everything in it… is made up of consciousness and energy inextricably combined… creating the atoms and empty space that is our universe. Levels of consciousness make up our reality from several different streams… ascending and descending the electromagnetic spectrum of out universe. This universe and many others exist as a hologram of consciousness created by conscious beings that exist on all levels of consciousness… and life exists on “all levels”.

So the really funny thing about life is after years of study I began to realize… if everything exists on and within differing levels of consciousness… why don’t human beings “live consciously”… connected to any one of a 1000 different streams and tap into greater levels of consciousness and download a basic how-two manual for the empty human brain. Living consciously as opposed to running programs of the past in our minds of… our heritage… our culture… our tradition… Then I learned from resent research from neuroscience on “Neuromarketing the old Brain” that the problem resided in a very old part of our brain… the reptilian part of the brain… the part that loves tradition and its heritage, simply stated… The personality program is a sophisticated play-back device… The subconscious mind in the deep recesses of the brain is connected to and uses the personality and it is "an interactive programmable autopilot program" that can navigate the vehicle without the observation or awareness of the pilot… the conscious mind… it [the subconscious mind] is not the seat of reasoning or creative consciousness. It is strictly a 3 million year old stimulus-response device. When an environmental signal is perceived… the subconscious mind reflexively activates a previously stored behavioral response… no thinking required and the personality plays it backward or forward. We record all our experiences this way in life and after only 3 times an experience becomes a habit and the 3 million year old stimulus-response device adds this new habit to its program “no thinking required”. This is part of our tradition… [the lights are on but there is nobody home…. Nobody in the pilot’s seat].

Also… in today’s fast pace world human beings don’t “live consciously” because… we seemed to be motivated by Hidden forces moving in different and in some cases opposite directions. These forces motivate and program us through the use in fear, violence, superstition and religious and political programming. Society has hooked our attention by telling us what to focus on… and what to believe… how to behave… where to go and when to think, all through repetition. We are trained to behave in society, the same way you would train a dog to behave, through a system of punishment and reward. When we are good and follow society’s rules and regulations we are rewarded, and we feel special and all the attention is focused on us and away from everyone else. This is how society hooks our attention: we feel a great need for everyone to focus their attention on us all the time, to stand out in the crowd and become a hero in society. These actions focus our attention outside of ourselves on our agreements with people, places, things, times and events to create what we would like and not what we can have. We seemed to me molded by our mythologies and our superstitions of an ancient history without the ability to question anything… in a  balance of reason or faith. 

We still only use 10% of our brain and the autonomic nervous system uses 7 of that 10% for extremely complex functions that keep the body alive… what has happened to the human mind of an evolving species. The Ancient Toltec Spiritual Warriors called this the Domestication of the Human Being. Constructing the perfect personality program for civilized humans- “Sheeple in society” solidifying the material world with a total focus on money and power excluding everything else… is the essence of the domesticated human being questioning nothing. We can not seriously believe that what we have been doing for the last 6000 years can be considered conscious or humane and it is definitely not a natural evolution. In the greater scheme of things there seems to be a missing link in our minds that turns on the switch for an “Analogical mind living in the now moment” and a new level of consciousness over that of a behavioral animalistic program.

  I knew deep inside me when I was young that there was a great secret to mankind’s evolution, not needed in society, hidden away in the world, and only talked about by great philosophers. A great secret, that buried… was an ancient science of spirit, more than 10,000 years old… that lead to the evolution of consciousness and ascension of great ancient beings like… Thoth, Hermes, Horus, Ack-Men-Rah and Yeshua Ben Joseph- known as Jesus the Christ… all ascended masters… all ascended to the highest level of consciousness… This was my research to detail the path to greatness in a balance of science and spirit- “reason and faith” and make sense out of this mundane boring existence which, if I really looked around at all the billions of people on the planet… to most, it was a hell on earth. We had achieved our greatest fear as Christians after 2000 year… going to hell. We were here… for at least 5 billion people that I researched… we were here… and it was only one direction straight up the biblical… “Jacob's ladder” to greater levels of consciousness and the invisible spirit.

 A Science of Spirit  

So after many years of searching, surveying my surroundings and 

analyzing my cultural problems… I began to construct “an operations manual for my mind”, from my applied philosophy, from my many experiences of life, the people in it that I had relationships with. From my research of my environment and from ancient masters that past on there wisdom to students in secret schools... I created a manual to show me the way home out of this materialist realm… back to a spiritual being having a human experience… connected to spirit. This manual needs to be studied, believed, and then made known within oneself to manifest. I learned in this process that we have a soul that we associate with our heart, we have a personality that is dualistic, bouncing from good to bad and that we really are spiritual beings having a human experience in a wave of consciousness that seems to be the ground of all being in the universe. I learned that we have a mind that can comprehend “a Newtonian physical reality of concrete and steel”… then our minds can move in the next moment to a “Quantum physical reality of atoms and empty space”… where everything is but an opinion in the mind of the observer. [The observer can switch back and forth from particle to wave function of reality… concrete reality to the invisible in a hearth beat].

My research and study of life became my book, Science of Spirit, lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and this is the basic outline of my operations manual for the civilized human being looking for a way over the ditch by becoming Spiritual Warriors and battling our only true enemy, our personality, and the illusions of society by taking the red pill of reality and finding our true nature. This is a true paradigm shift in life, in society and in consciousness.  

Millions of People Knowing the Truth

I learned that “as Spiritual beings we create our own reality” in this world… with our minds as the observer… by tuning into a frequency of consciousness and energy making known the unknown in the “now moments” of life. The observer exists in an Analogical state of mind that disconnects the personality program making it subservient to spirit.

With millions of people knowing the truth at some point in their lives over the last 30 years… why did we still focus all of our attention on a finite point of existence… in an infinite world… on something as ridiculous as a single mode of communication… of the transfer of physical energy from one person to another- Money… when we can collectively create infinite realities to explore and learn, and profit from. The really sad thing is we do this globally with 7 billion people... forcing everyone to focus on one finite point of existence… Money… to buy food, water and shelter... When this mode of communication is controlled by no more that ten families dictating who wins and who loses in the world… who is right who is wrong and when we should all go to war and kill our brothers and sisters because they told us to... through the media who should win and who should die... all because of Money and Power. We as good Sheeple do as we are told and kill people we know when they violate our religious/political belief systems based on money. Why do we not just give these special people [these 10 families] all their federal reserve notes back… they are only good for debts public and private… they can have all the invisible money on all the computers in all of the banks because the money only exists in cyberspace anyway… and they control it… so let them have it. This way we can work together as a collective and create our own reality based on the consciousness of the collective focusing our divine energy of spirit on unlimited abundance for all natures loved one… food, shelter, water and real love for all women and children on this planet in the universe.

 What was the real problem… a perfectly manipulated interactive personality program… that is programmed to forget who and what is “really inside” the human body… its prime directive is to focus all the spiritual energy of the body outside of itself on an illusion made real… by the focus of the program on a physical reality of money and power. The real currency in this world is not money… it is life force energy from forgotten gods… spiritual beings having a human experience. In this process the life force is depleted in the physical body and it dies… the spiritual being is put into another body to continue the program until the energy is depleted and a cycle of reincarnation is continued for another millennium until a real Neo wakes up in his pod to see what is really going on in his very own Matrix. Like in the movie the real Neo is shocked to see who is really sucking his life-force energy…beings hiding in plain site. The key to waking up is “Going within”…  Knowing thyself and making known the unknown in life by re-energizing the body with spiritual energy in a process of active meditation… opening an Analogical mind… whole brain consciousness that bypasses the old brain and draws energy from the universe and the void repairing the human body so that it can “live 200 years more” that the 60 years it is allowed in this society.

Forgotten words from ancient masters to forgotten gods in Sheeple bodies… “Know thyself, and thou shalt know the Universe and God”… great words from the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras. "Whoever finds the meaning of these words will not taste death." "The one who seeks should not cease seeking until he finds… and when he finds, he will be dismayed and when he is dismayed, he will be astonished… and he will be king over the All." These are the hidden words that the living Jesus spoke in the Nag Hammadi scrolls. They are just as important here in Science of Spirit as they were 2000 years ago… now we can understand them… learning about our Analogical minds in an evolution of consciousness. We are now becoming a sentient species that has overcome its active animal body and limited personality program. 

To Know Thyself, Jesus said when questioned by his disciples:, "Do not lie, and do not do what you hate… For everything is disclosed in view of the truth. Come to know what is in front of you, and that which is hidden from you will become clear to you. “For there is nothing hidden that will not become manifest." "Become passers-by… [by Living in the moment… become the observer… and do not let the emotional problems of others you meet leak out all over you as they may infect you with their attitudes]… "If those who lead you say to you: ‘Look, the kingdom is in the sky!’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you: ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fishes will precede you.  Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and outside of you."  "When you come to know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will realize that you are the children of the living Father. But if you do not come to know yourselves, then you exist in poverty, and you are [that] poverty.” And he says: "Whoever will drink from my mouth will become like me. I myself [my consciousness] will become he, and what is hidden will be revealed to him. The heavens will roll up before you, and the earth. And whoever is living from the living one will not see death." [This means Living in the same stream of consciousness [tuning into] as he is… in the actual frequency of love]. 

However, still in society today, we as a civilization still focus all our energy in this world… out of infinite choices… on one finite point of reality… making money and plundering all our natural resources in the world and we are now in deep do-do facing a dark future or total destruction of the planet. 

To understanding the depth of this Ancient “Science of Spirit… I looked far and dug deep into the mystery of life in my research and found the foundation of absolute philosophy... Keys to the Kingdom Of Heaven on Earth.

From the disciples of Hermes, and his “Emerald Tablets”, from a philosophy that goes back more than 10,000 years, he counseled them to seek first… for the Philosophical Stone… the true Salt of the Philosophers.  This Stone… is the foundation of absolute philosophy, it is supreme immovable Reason, we must be fixed forever upon the absolute principles of wisdom… we must possess “that Reason” which is the touchstone of truth. Never will a man of prejudices become the king of Nature and the master of transmutations. The “Philosophical Stone” is therefore, before all things… necessary, that we must separate the subtle from the fixed with great care and diligent attention. Thus, we must separate our certitudes from our beliefs, and distinguish sharply the respective domains of science and faith, realizing that we do not know things which we believe, and that we cease immediately… to believe anything which we actually come to know. It follows that the essence of the things of faith… is the unknown and the indefinite… while it is quite the reverse with the things of science. It must be inferred from this that science rests on reason and experience… whilst the basis of faith is sentiment and reason. In other words, the Philosophical Stone is the true certitude [or conviction] which human prudence assures to conscientious research and modest doubt… whilst religious enthusiasm ascribes it exclusively to faith. Now, it [the Philosophical Stone] belongs to neither reason without aspirations nor to aspirations without reason. The permanent alliance of reason and faith will result not from their absolute distinction and separation, but from their mutual control arid their fraternal concurrence or harmony.  I thought, now would be a good time to take the middle path, one with reason and faith in my life as it seemed to be to only path in life with a heart. 

 According to this ancient Hermetic art… a general key for understanding Science and Spirit… is an Analogical Awareness of Nature. Analogy is the final word of science and the first word of faith. Harmony consists or has its essence in equilibrium, and equilibrium subsists by the analogy of contraries [opposites]. Absolute unity is the supreme and final reason of all things… it is reason and reason at the highest. To create equilibrium we must separate and unite… separate by the poles… unite by the center. To reason upon faith is to destroy faith… to create mysticism in philosophy is to assail reason. Reason and faith… by their very nature… mutually exclude one another, but they unite by analogy. Analogy is the sole possible mediator between finite and infinite.  To understand the world of Analogy is to have a holistic understanding of Nature and an Analogical Awareness of life. This is the balance of science and god… reason and faith in the analogical now moment of life, actively looking for answers to immediate problems in our environment… in our society and in ourselves as a conscious evolving species.   This solution is provided for us in the dormant recesses of our brain in the form of an “Analogical function of mind” that uses a whole-brain awareness in the now moment of experience. The science of spirit became the study of this mind connected to Spirit while understanding and neutralizing the control the interactive personality program has over the body making it subservient to spirit. The Spiritual warriors battle for control over the body has begun- Armageddon [the ancient battle of good over evil takes place in the mind of the Spiritual Warrior and not the programmed belief systems of the Sheeple in society… they get to see this battle acted out externally to themselves in the virtual world of their Matrix]….  

Part 2: The Personality Vs. Spirit

 Our first step is is "to know thyself" is not a program... 

we can see we are not the program in ourAstrological Chart wheel and all the aspects it makes to all the people in our life...

The Good News is You can learn to secure your Brain…debug… defrag… and get rid of the spyware… that has plagued you and society for a millennium… with worn-out programs, belief systems, religious dogma and political agendas. 

By installing a Spiritual program... one that is subservient to Spirit... with you at the command center... You take control of your life in the now moment as an observer...

 If you like what you have read get the updated E-book, Science of Spirit: expanded to 675 pages.

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Robert Donald Tonelli, Author Science of Spirit


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