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Investigating the Primary of Consciousness over Matter showing an Acceleration of Human Evolution moving from a Catapillar to a Butterfly  

finding the Spirit-within  in a state of Bioelectrical Wellness using High-Spin Monoatomic Trace Minerals .

                         Sungazing: with HRM- Hira Ratan Manek                             
  Sungazing: The HRM Phenomenon

      Consciousness is the very fabric that all form is made out of... the ground of all Being of life...Birthing Spiritual beings in human bodies at the end of time… an Omega Point towards higher levels of material complexity and consciousness. This is the full descent of spirit into matter the fulfillment of our Evolution... The human species forms the thrust of cosmic evolution and is the key for understanding the universe... through an Ancient Science of Spirit.


This research is real... and powerful, done by true pioneers over the centuries... the information here if understood and applied will become the most profound understanding of evolution in the history of mankind and elevate the participants above all other creatures on earth... and take them beyond the Omega Point in time and human evolution. It will have  profound effects on Nutrition and Evolution... and propel the participants deeper in the secrets of immortality... This may not happen for another two or 3 generations but it will produce the right offspring for a new breed on human being... a true spiritual being having a human experience...

We will now learn how to master the ancient art of Sungazing, in this next segment… a process of Sungazing from a master Sungazer, Hira Ratan Manek, (HRM), and his Solar Healing Center… he has been doing this since 1995. Sungazing has been practiced in a number of cultures, including early cultures of/in Egypt, the Aztecs, the Mayans, Indian Yoga, Native American tribes, Tibetan Yoga, and some traditions of Qi Gong (aka Chi Kung), such as Tai Chi., the practice has sometimes been called Suryanamaskar, or Solar Yoga, in Tibet and India. 

Of all the things that I have learned, contemplated, and studied over the last 5 years in researching material for this Book… nothing is more profound in its realizations than the emergence of the HRM Phenomenon and his Sungazing experiments that have been laboratory tested for as many as 411 consecutive days. The uniqueness of HRM… Hira Ratan Manek is that he has surrendered his living body for observation and experiments to scientific scrutiny for several extended periods. Hira Ratan Manek and his Solar Healing Center are focused on helping humanity to develop a better understanding of how the sun can be used to heal the mind, body, and spirit. He has demonstrated the results of Sungazing and has not eaten solid food for over 10 years. Hira Ratan Manek, among others, has proven that a person can live just on solar energy for very long periods without eating any food. After studying this evolutionary process for 4 yearsI have found that I had a much greater focus and usable energy even under difficult working conditions for extended periods with minimal food. This has come to be known as the HRM Phenomenon. 

 The HRM Phenomenon falls in line with the very essence of our understanding of how the timing of the Evolution of Consciousness has worked for all species over the last 16 billion years and now, for Humans. At the right moment in time, a human being evolves to his highest point of understanding and shows others how to do it. Hira Ratan Maneks’ wisdom from Sungazing becomes paramount in exemplifying the essence of Chaos Theory in Action [see pg. 232]. We see in the HRM Phenomenon this process of Chaos and reorganization… an evolution of consciousness… it really is nothing less than the mechanism by which the universe changes and evolves. It is spirit in action connected to an Analogical Evolving Consciousness. I feel that Sungazing and the HRM Phenomenon once it is experienced… is a simple tool to align and open the brain; to put it in sync with an Analogical Mind, creating a 100th monkey effect which causes other people to do the same in a wave of a "higher level of functioning" around the world. This may be our only hope to align millions of people to the Evolution of Consciousness and our 27th attempt at a quantum leap in understanding by 2011. 

The HRM phenomenon is a straightforward yet effective method based on solar energy, which enables one to harmonize and recharge the body with life energy and invoke the unlimited powers of the mind. This method is used for curing all kinds of psychosomatic, mental, and physical illnesses as well as increasing memory power and mental strength by using sunlight. One can get rid of any kind of psychological problems, develop confidence to face any problem in life and can overcome any kind of fear including that of death within 3 months after starting to practice this method. As a result, one will be free from mental disturbances and fear, which will result in a perfect balance of mind. If one continues to apply the proper sun gazing practice for 6 months, they will be free from physical illnesses. Furthermore, after 9 months, one can eventually win a victory over hunger, which disappears by itself thereafter. The answer may lay in the fact that… "All of the nearly 40,000 distinct proteins found in the human body…  are made from only 20 amino acids… and are called the photogenic amino acids"… It is important to note that there are four amino acids in the configuration of DNA… the combinations of those four comprise the genetic code and this code then becomes rearranged as RNA, which processes other proteins using other amino acids… the sun over a period of time may affect these photogenic amino acids in the body causing them to affect the neurons in the brain… opening up unused parts of the brain to control the cells of the body[ controlling hunger] in ways we may not have known for tens of 1000’s of years.

 Shri Hira Ratan Manek, a mechanical engineer from Calcutta, Kerala, says "this is not something new or that I have discovered it." This is a scientific ritual - the "Surya Namaskar" originating from Lord Mahavira's Atapna principle, which is gaining popularity and world acceptance. The HRM phenomenon is in fact a rediscovery of a scientific ritual, which was used to heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual diseases in ancient times. Ancient Indians called this practice Surya Namaskar, where ancient Egyptians and Americans called it Heliotherapy and Europeans called it Apollo therapy. In the Americas, the sun was also known as INTA where there is a practice in getting energy on a temporary basis… to get energy for their body, Native Indians take sunbath by standing in the sun for two hours exposing maximum parts of their body and they don't need to eat food on those days. They sustain on micro food of the sunlight… like when clouds gather we become gloomy… we see the sun and get energetic. The scientific technique practiced by Hira Ratan Manek is how he derives his energy from the solar energy of the sun. The sun being the most powerful source has been used for energy by sages and rishis since ancient times including Lord Mahavir, Tibetan rishis and Lamas.

Hira Ratan Manek on Sungazing

Mankind is also using solar energy for running solar cookers, solar heaters, solar cars etc. he says. Similarly Manek has converted himself into a solar cooker. The brain and the mind are the most powerful recipients in the human body. The retina and the pineal gland (the third eye) are equipped with photoreceptor cells and may be considered photosensitive organs he says. As the plant kingdom thrives on chlorophyll and photosynthesis, which is directly dependent on the sun, similarly some kind of photosynthesis or photo analysis must be taking place when we assimilate the sun's energy.

There is a pathway from the retina to the hypothalamus called the retinohypothalamic tract. The method adopted by Manek is to initially look at the early morning sun for a few seconds and every week to increase by a few seconds which should ultimately reach several minutes. After about 3 months he says the brain gets charged and mental strength increases that heal fears and many psychosomatic diseases. At the end of 6 months all physical disease goes away he says. And gradually after 8 to 9 months there is a decline in hunger, which ultimately disappears.

This is the utilization of energy mathematics and is different from food or calorie mathematics he said. He calls this micro or mind utilization food. Manek says most people utilize only 3 to 10% of their brains, but he has utilizes 25% of his brainpower. Manek says he is the only person to come forward and has attracted medical attention. CT scans and MRI scan reports say that his 66-year-old pineal gland is comparable to a man in his 20s. He also says one should walk barefoot on mother earth for 45 minutes every day to recharge the energy in the body. He has 25,000 people around the world that have started to practice his technique. According to him food is a secondary source of solar energy. He is also planning to write a book. At present he is in the US where a team of medical doctors are going to conduct tests. In the mean time he gives several discourses to explain on a scientific level how he has sustained himself for seven years and says will continue.

Since June 18th, 1995, HRM has and continues to live only on sun energy and water. Occasionally, for hospitality and social purposes, he drinks tea, coffee, and buttermilk. Until now, he had three strict fastings, during which he had just sun energy and water. He was under the control and observation of various scientific and medical teams. Hira Ratan Manek's first fast lasted for 211 days and was directed by Dr. C.K. Ramachandran, a medical expert on allopathy and ayurvedic medicine during 1995-96 in Calicut, India. This was followed by a 411 day fast from 2000-2001 in Ahmedabad, India directed by an International team of 21 medical doctors and scientists led by Dr. Sudhir Shah and Dr. K. K. Shah, the acting President of Indian Medical Association at that time. Dr. Maurie D. Pressman, MD also describes his experience with HRM in an article he wrote and later joined the team for the next observation on HRM.

After the excitement of the findings at Ahmadabad, HRM was invited to Thomas Jefferson University and University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia where he underwent a 130-day observation period. This Science/Medical Team wanted to observe and examine his retina, pineal gland and brain, therefore this observation team was led by Dr. Andrew B. Newberg, a leading authority on the brain and also featured in the recent movie "What the Bleep Do We Know", and by Dr. George C. Brenard, the leading authority on the pineal gland.  Initial results found that the gray cells in HRM's brain are regenerating where the neurons were reported to be active and not dying, seven hundred photographs have been taken. Furthermore, the pineal gland was expanding and not shrinking which is typically, what happens after mid fifties and its maximum average size is about 6 x 6 mm, however for HRM, it has been measured to be at 8 x 11 mm.

In 2003, HRM gave over 147 lectures in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, and the UK. Nearly 400 newspapers all around the world have published articles on him. Additionally, many television channels have broadcast stories about him and he was most recently interviewed by BBC World Services. 

At this point, I can understand that most people reading this would find it amazing and unbelievable based on everything society has taught them and the level of suffering they have gone through trying to comply with society’s wishes. However, the truth is that based on an understanding of Chaos Theory and the Evolution of Consciousness it is this easy with an Open Mind. I would not know this if I had not experienced this for myself over the last four years the need emotional for food really does disappear and the body is fed all that it needs but the addictions don’t leave us… unless we have conscious control and understanding of what is happening.. The most incredible thing is that when you apply conscious intent to know the truth and these simple techniques, the body responds easily. The desire for most foods and drink drop away naturally and the unconscious need to constantly “buy stuff” drops away. The only problem in accepting this truth in the beginning is that we are addicted to different types of foods, drink, and have addictive personalities. The love of food and the joy of coming together with love ones at the dinner table… particularly on special occasions when there is an abundance of food… is a powerful motivation to want to eat more than your belly can handle. All that it takes is to be conscious and aware of what we are doing being in the moment; enjoy every second of these special occasions and we will loose the need to consume… too much of everything and a superior consciousness does take over.


In Sungazing... like in all things in life, Consciousness and Energy create the nature of all
Reality. It is a simple task to observe what your needs and cravings are and partake of them in small doses… the addictive personality wanes and the cravings slowly disappear. Therefore, from an observation of the personality, the needs of the body do fall away naturally… when we are conscious of what we are doing… conscious intent is the most important idea to remember. In learning something new we are not in competition with anyone, we are not trying to prove anything, and it is amazing what can happen with an open mind and a closed mouth.  I am still on my journey and not racing to get anywhere or scare or to impress anyone. From the view point of an addictive personality, seeking acceptance outside of themselves, in the eyes of society and being a good consumer.. this very idea is "nuts" because “image is everything” and the illusions of society are supreme. The truth is… It is more important what think about what you eat than what you eat.     


 The HRM phenomenon is truly a paradigm shift in consciousness in the right place and at the right time. The uniqueness of HRM is that he has surrendered his living body for observation and experiments. Although scientists and doctors have agreed that hunger is definitely being eliminated, it is because the brain functions are still very complex that they have not been able to explain how Sungazing is doing wonders or why food is not required, however more research is underway. Research into how the sun and lack of food affects the human cells of the body and how it affects and kills the invaders… bacteria and virus that constantly need to be feed toxic processed food to survive… grow and outnumber the host… 10 and in some cases 100 to one. 

Sungazing requires no equipment, and no money. Because of its tremendous benefits, it also has the greatest potential to revolutionize humanity, like nothing else we have seen. Sun energy is the source that powers the brain, which can enter and leave the human body or the brain only through one organ, which is the human eye. Eyes are the Sun Energy’s entry door to the human brain. If we can activate the human brain and awaken these infinite powers inherent in ourselves, we can then raise ourselves to higher levels. We can achieve any results we want. The brain is more powerful than the most advanced super computer and every human being is gifted with innumerable talents and infinite inherent powers by nature. Individuals should never underestimate themselves. Everyone is gifted. If we make use of these powers, we can take ourselves to great levels. In order to operate the brain effectively, it needs to be activated.

Being a holistic entity, it needs a holistic power supply, the sun the giver of a life on this planet. From this perspective, it can be seen as the Sun of God… forgiving all of the sins committed by society and allowing us to make this quantum leap in consciousness. [the sins of society.. eating grains… glutens… lectins and soy… and toxic refined carbohydrates[ sugars and sugar substitutes] that feed the human super-organism… we have not been free of this in15,000 years. [Homo-Sapien…the 1st ]

 Ancient Alchemists, Monoatomic elements, and Sun-Gods

What never becomes known to the public… is that these beings were all initiates in a higher order in “Secret Schools” teaching the physical art of Ascension… but is hidden in the Gnostic texts and unearthed by open-minded researchers with independent thought. 

The first Secret School was called the Brotherhood of the Snake… which opposed the Custodial Gods and the enslavement of Spiritual Beings and according to Egyptian writings, it sought to liberate the human race from the Custodial Bondage… which to this day we are still under. [Research the book, The Gods of Eden by William Bramley… page 57] Moreover, they were alchemists, as reported by best selling historian and genealogist Laurence Gardener author of "Genesis of the Gail Kings"(drawing on cuneiform texts, cylinder seals, and long-suppressed archives). This exceptional work by Gardener reveals the truth behind the alchemical Bloodline of the Holy Gail, and it is controversial, authoritative, and enlightening and is essential reading for everyone interested in the untold history of the civilized world. Much of the information here is based on this understanding… but from other sources that state that the initiates also studied Sungazers… as one of the main keys to their ascension as part of their sun worship to open their minds. These books should all be read and referenced before you make any judgments… to give you some information to base your judgments on. There is a vast amount of information being revealed today about these Ancient texts from libraries around the world and much of it is on the internet… if you have the time to sift through all the garbage… a good place to start is the movie Zeitgeist and all about his interviews and seminars of 48 years of research on the occult and secret and sacred symbolism. 

Now let's look at the connection all these Sungods had to Monoatomic elements and where it came from in ancient Egypt. The goal of the Ancient alchemists was to make a white powder of gold (Monoatomic elements), that would serve as the container of the light of life (only for the Nephilim, The Anunnaki, the Gods in the beginning). If you stand in its presence, you don't age, if you partake of it, you live forever. [The original ingredients were from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (only in the Garden of… the Anunnaki space port)  that allowed you greater consciousness to evolve from your experiences… the tree probably grew the original Grapes on this planet… that allowed the beings to drop the Veil of the personality… and see what is truly happening in their environment.

  All of this knowledge of Monoatomic elements and ascension, states  David Hudson… goes all the way back to a man the Hebrews called Enoch, the Egyptians called Thoth, in Greece, they call him Hermes Trismegistus, and theses are all the same man. It is claimed he[Enoch] ascended by partaking of the white drops, the man who never died… he ascended because he was so perfect. It is recorded in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Papyrus of Ani, by Budge and provides insight into this white powder… the oldest book of the Dead, found about 3500 BC in the tomb of Pepi the 2nd. It says, [this white powder] I am purified of all imperfections, what is it? I sing like the golden hawk of Horus, what is it? I pass by the immortals without dying, what is it?  I come before my father in heaven, what is it?   Basically, these elements are naturally in your body, primarily rhodium and iridium, gold, it refers to gold or the highest light. [frequency] My father in heaven is referring to the God Enki genetically … one of the Elohim or Nephilim from the Bible… he is the missing link in human genetics- mixing Homo Erectus with his Nephilim genetics creating Homo Erectus/ Nephilimus…  creating eventually Homo Sapien-sapien modern man. Research on the internet the works of Zecharia Sitchin and the 12th planet trilogy.

David Hudson states, “In ancient Egypt, they said you have a physical body you must feed so it can grow and become what you are meant to be. If you don't feed that child, he never grows, but you also have to feed your spirit body, you have to feed the KA, so it can grow and become what it's meant to be and most of you are not feeding your KA… your spirit body. The texts say you must feed the KA with the semen of the father in heaven[this white powder or Monoatomic elements]. And the KA grows and grows, becoming ever more enlightened, until you reach a point where the light body exceeds the material body, you literally light up the room when you walk in. The gifts that go with this are perfect telepathy, you can know good and evil when it is in the room with you, you can project your thoughts into someone else's mind, you can levitate, you can walk on water, because it is flowing so much light in you, you literally repel gravity. When you understand that your body can now exclude all magnetic and other fields, including gravity, you are no longer of this space time; you become a fifth dimensional being… and that every cell in your body will be taken back to the state it is supposed to be, when you were a teenager or a child. It perfects the DNA, and closes the light within the body until you literally reach a point where the light body exceeds the physical body.”

 These ancient texts specify the appearance of other attributes such as healing with the laying on of hands, they claim you can resurrect the dead within two or three days after they die. This knowledge was not completely lost, the high priests who left the temple when it was destroyed went out on the desert and organized the community known as Qumran, and they were the Essenes. This [this white powder] in ancient Egypt was known as the GOLDEN TEAR from the EYE OF HORUS. It was the white powder of gold mixed in water.   It says the high priest SWALLOWED the Teacher of Righteousness which was the Holy Spirit… it is the light, the zero point light that is not measurable. But it is in fact, the light or god force within us. It is the teacher that shows us how to know all things, we don't have to read or study, we just know. It was called that which issues from the mouth of the creator… the spittle… not the word of God… but the spittle, or the semen of the father in Heaven.  You have to understand the symbolism… and be as an initiate in the secret school… prepare yourself like a bride in the bridal chamber, purify and cleanse yourself, prepare yourself for the coming of the father in Heaven. To be inseminated by this father in Heaven in the bridal chamber, to totally be regenerated, to be purified, to be cleansed.  Supposedly, when your light body exceeds your material body, you don't have to eat food. Giving birth to this new mind is giving birth to the spirit-within. The third key is to understand the ancient art of Sungazing to physically open the brain and give the body access to the 90% unused portion that now can be utilized by only an Analogical State of Awareness.

 A reference to ascension and the white powder is when… Christ said to his disciples, don't touch me, I don't have on my earthly garments. They said when will we see you again. Christ replied, when you have prepared the proper food and when you have on your proper garments. What is the proper food? It is the food of the angels, the food of the gods, the manna… the "what is it?" The proper garment, is your garment of glory, your rainbow garment, your Meisner field [light body] is what science calls it, and literally its about 1000 times what you have now (the field strength). "Your proper garment is your garment of glory"; this refers to the two bands around the body that rotate in opposite direction in an Analogical State of Awareness…the Meisner electrical energy field; this is now a superconducting energy field.  Everything is known, Hudson says, this is called the opening of the book of life. In Revelations, it says blessed be the man who will overcome, for he shall be given the hidden manna, the white stone of purest kind upon which will be written a new name, you will not be the same person. It's encoded in your DNA, waiting to be activated. 

Ancient Secrets


These are direct references to how the Ancient Egyptians understood the Evolution of Consciousness from the state of evolution to the mind and its evolution to that of the Spirit body, the Ka, where the spirit body exceeds that of the physical body mind consciousness. The Ancient Secret that the Egyptians don’t tell you is that the missing link in this story is the importance they put on Sungazing in the first hour in the morning and the last hour in the evening while they were taking the semen of the father in heaven (the Monoatomic elements.. the Milk of the Gods). All the Sungods were Alchemists and did Sungazing, Krishna, Horus, Buddha, and Mithras, Adonis, Hercules, Dionysus and Jesus Christ. They called it sun worshiping, all symbolically reborn on the 25th of December when the sun is reborn in its cycle around the earth and “All ascended this plane in the Spring”.


The Sun, over a period of time, nine months, helps to prepare the body for transmutation with the proper focus, intent and Consciousness that caused a synergistic effect to take place allowing the consciousness to build within the present vehicle the KA (spirit) to where the light body exceeds the material body but also allowed taking the material body with it on its evolutionary path creating a new reality. This way the human body can live forever and not just the spiritual body but within the spiritual body. From this research and years of experience, I now know that this is the ultimate goal of the Conscious Evolution of human beings and of the Spirit through the understanding and use of the vehicle of an Analogical State of Awareness, not in the image of the Gods.

The  Custodial Gods who controlled the fates of mankind through continuous genetic manipulation… toxic foods… toxic water…and toxic air wanted to stop our evolution and re-make us in their Image of a lesser god.. vegetarians consuming Grain and Soybeans… Sheeple...The Elohim… [quote from the Bible …from the biblical god Jehovah to mankind...] cursed is the ground for you, in toil will you eat its yield for all the days of your life… By the sweat of your face will you eat bread, until you return to the ground… for out of it were you taken… of dust you are… and to dust will you return... Because you are Sheeple without a mind of your own and not Spiritual beings in human garments...

This missing key to the Kingdom Heaven on Earth… this truth connecting  humanity with Nature… is that we are evolutions End... what She was after… her summation after 16 billion years. We are spiritual beings… one with all life in nature… creating a the kingdom of heaven on a New Earth. We become like nature… not as her image but as her consciousness… and a Global Brain for the New Earth…   

How to Sun-Gaze correctly

I have been Sungazing for over 4 years now have reached 44 minutes (about 9 months of practice), and have stop Sungazing daily and began walking barefoot on soil and or sand where available for up to 45 minutes a day. I still Sungaze when I cannot find soil or sand, (it is usually buried under two feet of snow three months of the year).

To Sungaze, there are some simple rules that must not be broken. They are:

Sungaze only during the first hour after sunrise, or the last hour before sunset.

Never, ever, attempt to Sungaze outside of these times. Doing so can cause eye damage due to the increased UV radiation absorbed by your eyes. You only have one set of eyes, so be careful with them! Begin to Sungaze for ONLY 10 SECONDS. Increase the amount by no more than 10 additional seconds per day.

Everyone who experiences Sungazing and has a positive experience will want to go longer it is a natural human tendency. However, Sungazing causes some major transformations to occur, and Sungazing longer than recommended can have serious implications. Be patient, as the rewards of Sungazing unfold over many months of dedication.

Sungazing can be done anywhere, but there is one way that is far, far better than any other. It is when you Sungaze, standing straight, with your bare feet on sand. Ideally, use a beach, with water flowing on the sand (but stay on the dry sand). The reasons for this are complicated, but here is one attempt to explain:


Beach sand is a great conductor of Earth energy, and when you Sungaze, the energy from the Earth will be drawn up through your feet, into your body. Your body will also absorb the powerful rays from the sun, through your eyes and skin (the left hand is a good receptor for this energy). Sungazing barefoot on beach sand is like connecting the “electrical” circuit. This circuit produces the quick results.


To Sungaze, begin with 10 seconds at sunrise. Just relax, look at the sun, and focus your eyesight on the sun. Breathe slowly and deeply, and mentally give thanks to the sun. Wear loose clothes, or go nude if you live in seclusion (the more skin that is exposed to the sun, the better the results). Sungaze once per day, and increase the length of time by 10 seconds each day. Do this until you have reached a total of 44 minutes of Sungazing. Once you have reached 44 minutes (about 9 months of practice), stop Sungazing, and begin walking barefoot on soil or sand for 45 minutes each day. Continue to walk barefoot each day… it is a very, very healthy practice!

Sungazing has so many benefits, and so much variation between people, that it is not practical to describe all the benefits. However, generally, if Sungazing is done as described above, a few things will happen to you:

You will gain a greater sense of tranquility. “Peace be with you”.

Increased energy… after 3 months of Sungazing, greater levels of physical and mental energy will be realized.

Decreased need for food…. Somehow, Sungazing nourishes the body. Most serious Sungazers report less need for food. Hira Manek, the Sungazing trailblazer, reportedly has not eaten food for the last 10 years.

The true secret of Sun-Gazing has to do with understanding that your Consciousness and your Actions create the nature of your evolution… in an Electric Universe with our Electric Sun [ electromagnetic radiation is a lower form of Consciousness] providing you with the greater sense of Tranquility… greater levels of physical and mental energy and a decreased need for toxic food to get you to a point of evolution… back in harmony with “Gaia”… her summation… evolutions end. The key here is the Rising “SUN or SON”  the emphasis is the Son of the Goddess Gaia… = Spirit… and not the sun of the gods… lesser beings… Extra-terrestrials.

Living on Light Research

 The following research was done on Hira Ratan Manek, a Jain man who spent 411 under constant medical supervision while he 'fasted' on only water and solar energy. Below is the leading Dr's synopsis for which he received an award from his colleagues in India. Dr Shah can be contacted via email: 

The Hypothesis: on Prolonged Fasting. With Dr Sudhir Shah… This is unique. You will agree that such a prolonged continuous Jain fasting for religious (the spreading of Ahimsa and other high mottos) and scientific purposes (to create awareness about Sun-energy) and also aimed at a solution of four-way human crisis (Physical, Mental, food and neurological) under scrupulous daily medical supervision is unheard of. It’s just fantastic, and absolutely amazing, but this is not a myth. It's not happening in Himalayas or distant jungles. It is happening in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India) in the continuous presence of public and under strict medical check and supervision by expert doctor team. There is no reason to be skeptical. One may personally come and check and scrutinize.


                                                 Sunrise and Sunset at the North Pole


We doctors have done all these months and fellow men have been staying with him all throughout. And also several visitors see him throughout the day and night. Mr. Hira Ratan Manek has completed 411 fasts successfully on 14th Feb 2001. It started from 1.1.2000. He was on total fasting as per Jainism. He was consuming boiled water daily only between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. no other liquids and just no other food, No I\V or I\M injections. He was completely kept isolated while under strict observation. Medical checkup commenced a few days before fasting program and continued till today. It consists of daily written record of pulse, blood pressure, respiration, temperature, water intake, urine output, weight etc. and relevant Hematological and biochemical (basic and few advanced) tests periodically i.e. monthly or fortnightly. ECGs are taken regularly, Ultra Sonography, EEG, CT.Scan and M.R.I. Brain have been taken at the end of one year and a team consisting of general practitioner doctors, physicians, surgeons, cardiologists, endocrinologist and a neurologist have been examining regularly and periodically from first day of fasting. Except for loss of 19 kgs weight, (which is now stable with no further weight loss for 3 months) a slight reduction of pulse rate and B.P. and definite reduction of respiratory rate (from 18 it is now 10/minute) amazingly, there is no medical abnormality.

Even the brain and mental capacities are absolutely normal. There are hardly any findings. He has stopped passing stool after 16th day of fasting and urine output is maintained at around 600 to 800 c.c. His blood sugar is 60 to 90. There is no acetone. Rest all parameters are normal. It is just amazing. Isn't it? But how do we hypothesize it? How does science look at it? As per science, under normal circumstances of prolonging starvation, (under accidental situation or extraordinary situation,) human being loses weight fast. First fat is utilized. Ketones appear in urine in first week.

Then proteins are burnt. Before that, the person becomes dull, lethargic and irritable, his logic reasoning fails and vital parameters fall and within 8 to 10 weeks, as per science the physical existence will be challenged. Here there is no such ill effect. How do we explain this? How does his energy mathematics works? How he is still so intact with normal intellect, normal mental, function? Though so far there is no solid thesis (as this is the first event in the world under medical supervision), there has to be some logical, scientific hypothesis. It explains quite a bit, but also leaves few questions unanswered, for all of us to further analyze. It also opens, at the same time, several new avenues for the coming time to work upon it. (e.g. issue of obesity).

This hypothesis has four basic steps to explain energy-metabolic mathematics. i.e.

(1) Reducing calorie requirement by chronic adaptation.

(2) Deriving basic energy from cosmic source-chiefly, `sun energy'.

(3) Utilizing the energy in the efficient way and recycling the same in his body.

(4) Genetically or phenotypically a different body disposition.

(1) Chronic Adaptation Syndrome: As the body and the mind adapts to chronic stress in a healthier way, as compared to acute stress, similarly body's adaptation must be different to chronic fasting (beyond 30 days) as compared to acute fasting (e.g. 3 to 15 days). No body knows which is the exact point, where body adapts chronically, but 30 days sound reasonable time though it may vary individually. This is some kind of hibernation, so to say. The routine calorie mathematics sounds logical and quite applicable to acute fasting where fats break up first, ketones appear in urine and weight loss starts; muscle mass reduces and vital functions and mental capacity may start slowing down. Thus in acute fasting, energy dissipated must come from stored sources of body to match 1:1 ratio of calorie consumption against utilization. In chronic adaptation; the metabolism of body must slow down. The body needs are reduced to the minimum. This is possible by down regulation of cellular and receptor function. There is thus altering the energy metabolism to the lowest possible. Oxygen and water are supplied to cells as basic things. At this stage, the hunger center will become depressed satiety center will be activated. So there will not be any feeling of hunger or food craving. It may be possible for such an individual to do routine activity with very low amount of energy or calories as 500-600 calories, to sustain cellular metabolism.

(2) Deriving Energy from Cosmic source - Solar Energy: Whatever low amount of energy, that is required, must come from some source. He is only on boiled water-which as per science is having hardly any caloric value. or does it really supply some energy? Most likely, he is drawing energy from cosmic energy - Cosmic Sources. Hence more correctly it is energy mathematics rather than calorie mathematics; a concept worth understanding. Out of all cosmic sources, the SUN is the most powerful and readily available source and has been used for energy, by sages and Rishis since ancient time, including lord Mahavir, Tibetan lamas and other Rishes. Again, how the SUN energy is received. The Brain and the mind are the most powerful recipients in human body.

The retina and the pineal gland (the third eye or the seat of soul as per Rene Descartes) are equipped with photoreceptor cells and may be considered photosensitive organs. As plant kingdom thrives on chlorophyll and photosynthesis, directly dependant on the Sun, similarly some photosynthesis must be taking place when we hypothesize Sun energy. Through complex ways and distinct pathways this energy must enter the body. There is a pathway from the retinas, to the hypothalamus, called the retinohypothalamic tract. This brings information about the dark and light cycles to suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the hypothalamus. From the SCN, impulses along the nerve travel via the pineal nerve (Sympathetic nerves system) to the pineal gland. These impulses, inhibit the production of Melatonin. When these impulses stop (at night or in dark, when the light no longer stimulates the hypothalamus) pineal inhibition ceases, and Melatonin is released. The pineal gland (or the third eye) is therefore a photosensitive organ and an important timekeeper for the human body.

The unexplored process of energy synthesis and transformation from the sun energy perhaps partly occurs here. While going through the details of recent scientific literature and also comparing it with ancient Indian spiritual texts, as well as western occult and new age, following things are apparent. The activation of pineal gland is the key step in psychic, spiritual and energy transformation processes. Here in this gland, energy processing and re-distribution occurs. Pineal gland is the commander of all endocrine glands, therefore controlling the humeral system. It also regulates the circadian rhythm, sleep wake cycle and it also slows down ageing process. It has psychic properties and is the seat of soul or mind - so called the third eye. It is the Agna (Ajna) chakra of tantric system.

Its activation can be done with prolonged yoga & meditation techniques or through practice of solar energy. The later does not use classic yoga steps. Pineal also inhibits growth & metastasis of some tumors. It has a stimulatory effect on the immune system. In birds and other animals, it has a magnetic material and is therefore the navigation center in birds. Scientists are looking at magnetic, navigatory properties of pineal gland in humans. So pineal activation and charging through solar energy is the vital step and that is the doorway of energy highway. This may be Kundalini Shakti activation, in other words. Normal Pineal gland measures 6 x 8 mm in human body. As per C.T.Scan & MRI Scan reports of Mr. Hira Ratan Manek. it is 8 x 11 mm (enlarged !).

This may indirectly support the important role of pineal gland in energy transformation. However it may be mentioned, that anatomically enlarged gland does not necessarily always mean hyper function. Ever since mankind has started ignoring the psychically and Spiritually equipped pineal gland it has fallen on merely physical-material plane and endless pains have fallen on mankind. Mankind must now relearn to activate pineal and the other psycho-spiritual bodies either through cosmic energy dynamics or through practice of Rajyoga or the Tantric ways or other such practices. Kundalini Shakti is said to be activated through these and happiness and bliss with peace are bound to follow. This light energy may be transformed into electrical, magnetic or chemical energies in body. Once processed, this energy must be transported and must be stored somewhere.

Actually the ultimate form of all energy is light. Energy and light can be transformed in to matter and back again to energy. Hypothalamus is the commander of autonomic nervous system and Pineal gland is in proximity to autonomic nervous system, so it is logical that new energy transportation may either activate this system or it may use this system as vehicle. Parasympathetic nerves & its hormones & chemicals may be more useful than sympathetic system. As sympathetic system increases body needs ( e.g. thinking, fighting stress, excitement etc.), parasympathetic system is known to reduce the energy needs. It keeps the person serene and at mental peace and alters the metabolic requirements to a lower state and puts it to sleep. There may be other hormones or chemicals too.

The role of temporal lobe and limbic system also may be important. It may work as a regulator if not receptor and may be psychically involved in directing the energy in proper pathways. Deep into the limbic systems or in the parts of medulla oblongata, this energy may ultimately be stored and from time to time, may be recalled, charged or recycled. Medulla oblongata has all vital centers and therefore can be proposed as store of vital energy. Thus there are energy receivers or receptors, processors analyzers, transformers, storers etc. to explain the energy logistics. As this form of energy mathematics is different from what we conventionally are used to in form of food and calorie mathematics; we will call this micro-food or mind utilization food (Manobhakshi Aahar. 


Here, we have talked about the Sun energy, but one may use any source from the cosmos, i.e. air, water, 
plants, earth etc. This may be called Surya vigyan, but equally there is Chandra vigyan and Vanaspati vigyan as mentioned in our ancient texts. Also apart from retina & pineal gland, skin and other senses may be responsible for receiving the energy. In short, this opens up tremendous possibilities. This micro-food can solve, food crisis on earth and in fact is the only possible food in present context for somebody who wants to be a long-term space traveler or planet traveler. Amazing! It is time to note, that our routine food is not the only source to sustain the body. The role of mind: What ever said, in this step, (i.e. the step II of deriving the energy from the sun and transforming it in body.) the mind may play the crucial role. It is well known that the mind has enormous capacity, (the soul has even further or infinite capabilities).


Through Sun Tratak & Meditation, tremendous capacities are born which will bring tranquility to mind and also slow down metabolism, as mentioned in step I. Mind can do every thing including so-called miracles. It can revitalize body, it can heal diseases, it can know things in advance and it can manipulate laws of physics. Its unclear till this date whether mind is a separate entity or the pineal gland it self. The faith and blessings from Yogis and Gurus have their own roles sustaining ones self in adverse situations. On religious days, under high spirits and a cultivated atmosphere, a few people surprisingly do unusual things like walking on fire or piercing pointed swords, through their bodies without damaging themselves. If similarly, some does fasting, these phenomena may help to pull him/her through the period of physiological problems till one enters chronic adaptation phase.

(3) Energy Economy in efficient ways and re-cycling the energy in his own body: Those, who are chronically deprived of energy learn to utilize the available energy in more efficient ways - so that even at the low energy state body metabolism and vital functions including nervous system do not suffer. This is quite logical and one can imagine this happening in the individuals caught in natural calamities, or those left alone in the sea or survivors of high altitudes after plane crash etc. managing to live for several days or weeks, without food. Also, one can hypothesize that these people may be recycling the energy in their own bodies. This may be done, through complex mechanisms, involving neural & humeral organs. Solar energy, dissipated through body may get absorbed into the earth and while walking bare footed on the soil, standing in the sun, may help absorbing this energy through skin of toes, sole of feet as Shri Hira Ratan Manek does regularly and always preaches to do so to recycle the energy. This may be related to the principals of acupressure or reflexology.

(4) Genetypically or phenotypically a different body predisposition: We should also examine this aspect carefully, as this leaves scope for an important discussion - whether each and every individual can use sun energy and if so, so efficiently? Only time can answer this. But it is possible that each individual has a different genetic code and also each body has different physical capabilities. Hence, one may be able to receive this Solar energy more readily, can transform & store it in a better way and also can utilize more efficiently and even recycle it - while other person may not be able to do it to the same extent. Hence, experiments, must be taken up, if possible on a randomized base upon volunteers with control population. However, leaving this component aside for the time being, is possible that many people can do this experiment very successfully under supervision.

Prior body checkup and particularly retinal-ophthalmic checkup is mandatory and under strict medical guidance, a graded time bound experiment upon volunteers may be taken up. If this theory can be generalized, then it can change the destiny of mankind. First of all, the food crisis will be solved. Through activation of this supreme energy in body the transforming it in electrical, chemical the magnetic forms, person can not only become free of diseases but can gain positive health with a vibrant aura. His luster can impress even enemies the enemity may dissolve. With improvement of mental & intellectual capacities one may be able to use brain power up to 90 to 100 %, as against to 3 - 10% as we normally do.

There will be reign of peace and prosperity. As there is no food, the bad thoughts and ill feelings will be stopped, so eternal peace is bound to follow. This will also question the routine common calorie mathematics. By this, there is a challenge to the routine calorie based science. Its limitations are highlighted, at the same time the complex issues of obesity and malnutrition can be readily explained through the concept of solar energy. It is possible that obese people, though not eating excess food, still receive energy from cosmic sources explaining their obesity.

The concept of cosmic energy can be used thus for total uplift of mankind at physical mental, intellectual, supramental and Spiritual levels. Extensive scientific research work therefore should be immediately taken up, by appropriate authorities, including bio-scientists & medical personnel, to answer all these issues.   


              The Healing Sun and the Essence of Consciousness             

 The Healing Sun 

Some years ago, the vicar of a parish in Devon in the British isles, who was not in favor of a nearby nudist beach, wrote in his parish magazine: “If God had meant us to walk around without clothes, we’d have been born naked”! Well… of course He did… and we are… perhaps it was for a very good reason.


         One of the lost keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is the knowledge of the importance of the Sun. The Sun, over a period of nine months, help prepare the body for transmutation with the proper intent and Consciousness that caused a the synergistic effect to take place allowing the consciousness to build within the present vehicle the KA (spirit) to where the light body exceeds the material body… but also allowed taking the material body with it on its evolutionary path… this is what this chapter is about. 

The Sun has the biggest mass in our planetary system and its circumference is 109 times bigger than that of the earth and it can accommodate 1.3 million earths in it. Its distance from our earth is 150 million km and it weighs 333,000 times the weight of the earth. Also, 99.8% of the weight of our planetary system is the sun's weight. Sun continuously sends out fireballs, which are 50,000 km long, 9,000 km wide and whose each jump towards the earth is 200,000 km.  Due to all these magnificent powers of the sun, it is no wonder that it has inspired the mankind throughout the history. It has been worshipped from the earliest of times by many societies living in different parts of the world. Each civilization had a different story about it.  Many ancient cultures for 1000s of years worshipped the Sun, which is understandable given the healing power it contains and the essence of life that it gives to the planet. 

For years, sunlight has been put down as unhealthy by the mainline medical establishment for reasons known only to them and the Multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry. In a well-researched and written book, "The Healing Sun", Richard Hobday not only gives us the history of sunlight therapy, but also the facts concerning the health benefits of sunlight.   He shows how the sun is central to human health and well-being;

  1. explains that sunlit houses can help prevent disease,
  2. make us feel happier, and save energy and
  3. sunlight can help prevent and heal many common (and often fatal) disease like breast cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and osteoporosis;
  4. sunlight was used successfully to speed up the healing of wounds before the invention of antibiotics;
  5. tanning moderately throughout the year is better than avoiding the sun altogether;
  6. sudden bursts of strong solar radiation are unnatural and dangerous, protection needs to be built up slowly,
  7. early morning sunlight in cool temperatures is particular beneficial to the body;
  8. sunlight hospital rooms provide a better environment for the treatment of clinically depressed people;
  9. prolonged exposure to artificial light puts the body under great stress;

The Healing Sun is a unique and invaluable contribution to personal and professional alternative health and medical reference collections.  

Before antibiotics, sunlight was used successfully to speed up healing of wounds. 
 Read this well written, informative book for the details concerning all these facts and much more.

Fritz-Albert Popp’s work proved that the cells of the body emit Light, at the least, at the same 380nm wavelength as Sunlight, and he showed that specific range is responsible for a certain type of healing within the body, which he called 'photo-repair'. He actually backed into his discovery by finding that, that particular (380nm) wavelength Light was blocked and scrambled by carcinogens, and cancer cells.

The chlorophyll molecule bears a striking resemblance to hemoglobin, the red pigment in human blood. The red blood pigment is a web of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen atoms grouped around a single atom of iron. Nature's green pigment is a similar web of the same atoms, except that its centerpiece is a single atom of magnesium. 

Science has proved the need for sunlight for growth, agriculture, health and numerous other aspects of human life.  Let's look at a few reports on the need and benefits of proper sunlight exposure and the affect it has on the human body.

 Sunlight, Skin cancers and Vitamin D:

 What other health impact does proper sunlight exposure have? 

         Optimizing your vitamin D levels could also help you to prevent as many as 16 different types of cancer including pancreatic, lung, breast, ovarian, prostate, and colon cancers. Its protective effect against cancer works in several ways, including: 

  1. Increasing the self-destruction of mutated cells (which, if allowed to replicate, could lead to cancer)
  2. Reducing the spread and reproduction of cancer cells
  3. Causing cells to become differentiated (cancer cells often lack differentiation)
  4. Reducing the growth of new blood vessels from pre-existing ones, which is a step in the transition of dormant tumours turning cancerous 

         Previous studies have found that more than one million people die every year from lack of sun exposure and subsequent vitamin D deficiency, so fear of the sun is really something that needs to be overcome. 

      A Second Opinion:  

       For the past several decades the numbers of skin cancers, and particularly the deadly one, malignant melanoma, have risen dramatically among Caucasian populations throughout the world as reported by Barry Groves in his Second Opinions articles on the net in England. He states that: In the USA melanoma is the seventh most commonly diagnosed cancer with a rate of 14.2 cases per 100,000 population,(1) while in 1987 Queensland, Australia, had 55.8 cases per 100,000, the world's highest rate.(2) The incidence of the various types of skin cancer in the general British population has been increasing at an annual rate of two to eight percent over the past 2 decades.(3) The contributory factors seem to be a light-skinned, northern European population living in areas of high ambient sunlight, and the incidence of the disease is seasonal, with more cases reported in summer than winter. Yet several clinical and epidemiological aspects of cutaneous melanoma seem anomalous because they contrast with other sunlight-associated skin cancers. For example:

The persons with the greatest risk of melanoma are not those with the greatest cumulative solar exposure;

The anatomic areas that receive the most solar exposure are not preferentially affected;

Not all light-skinned people suffer the same 

Albino Africans, who have no pigmentation, are more likely to get sunburn and a number of other skin complaints as a result of exposure to the sun, but they don't get melanomas.(4)

How strong is the evidence linking exposure to sunlight with melanoma? Groves  states that, "during the 1980s and early '90s more than a dozen studies compared histories of sunburn in patients with melanoma and controls. But differences in design and definition of sunburn make it difficult to quantify a single estimate of risk. The most complete data on melanoma and sunburn come from six studies from Australia, Europe and North America. These studies suggest an association but say that the effect is modest. They emphasize the point that episodic exposure seems to be more risky than constant exposure.(14)

British doctors R Marks and D Whiteman are unconvinced of the sunlight/melanoma link." They point out that:

  1. Melanoma can be found on ovaries
  2. Melanoma occurs less frequently on sun-exposed areas
  3. In Japan forty percent of pedal melanomas are on the soles of the feet
  4. There is 5-times more melanoma in Scotland on the feet than on the hands
  5. In addition, melanoma in Orkney and Shetland is ten times that of the Mediterranean islands.

          Barry Groves' points out that many other clinicians agree. Karnauchow says: "The simplistic idea of a sun/melanoma relationship is based more on a belief than science.". . . "As with other neoplasms, the cause of melanoma remains an enigma and most probably the sun has little, if anything, to do with it."(15) And Shuster states that the main reason for the supposed increase in melanomas was a change in diagnostic beliefs: lesions previously regarded as benign became classified first as dubious then as malignant. "Melanomas are being invented, not found," he says," . . . exposure to screening and pigmented lesion clinics is a greater cause of melanoma than sun exposure."(16) Dr Anne Kricker and colleagues, looking at studies into skin cancer other than malignant melanoma and exposure to sunlight, also say that the evidence linking skin cancers with sun exposure is weak. They note that most studies have not found statistically significant positive associations, while the few that have lacked empirical evidence that sun exposure was the cause. "Many questions remain about the relationship between sun exposure and skin cancer," they say.(17)

The most amazing connection that Barry Groves brings to light is the sunscreen connection as a greater cause of melanoma. The Australian experience might provide the 
first clue he states, and that the medical establishment in Queensland has vigorously promoted the use of sunscreens for many years… and today, Queensland has more cases of melanoma per capita than any other place in the world. This is a trend seen worldwide. Incidence rates of melanoma have risen especially steeply since the mid-1970s. The two principal strategies for reduction of risk of melanoma and other skin cancers during this period were sun avoidance and use of chemical sunscreens. Rising trends in the incidence of and mortality from melanoma have continued since the 1970s and 1980s, when sunscreens with high sun protection factors became widely used. Sunscreens are designed to protect against sunburn which is caused by UVB; they generally provide little protection against UVA rays. There are two types of sunscreen:

Physical sunscreens contain inert minerals such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or talc and work by reflecting the ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) rays away from the skin. This is the type seen as white or coloured bands on the lips and faces of sportsmen.

Chemical sunscreens contain chemicals such as benzophenone or psoralen as the active ingredient. They prevent sunburn by absorbing the (mainly UVB) ultraviolet rays. These are the sunscreens used by those on the beaches wishing to tan. A sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 filters out approximately ninety-four percent of the UVB rays. Using one with a SPF of 30 does not double to protection - filtering out ninety-seven percent means that it only increases protection by about three percent. Moreover, this quoted SPF applies to UVB rays only. The protection provided against UVA rays in chemical sunscreens is much less at about ten percent of the UVB rating.(19)

Drs Cedric and Frank Garland of the University of California are the foremost opponents of the use of chemical sunscreens. They point out that the greatest rises in melanoma are in countries where chemical sunscreens have been heavily promoted.(20) They say that, while sunscreens do protect against sunburn, there is no scientific proof that they protect against melanoma or basal cell carcinoma in humans.

From the BBC News: A vitamin made when sunlight hits the skin could help slow down the ageing of cells and tissues, say researchers

        A King's College London study of more than 2,000 women found those with higher vitamin D levels showed fewer ageing-related changes in their DNA. However, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study stops short of proving cause and effect. Professor Tim Spector of King's College London says that, "A lack of vitamin D, also found in some foods, has also been linked to multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. It's possible that the same sunshine which may increase our risk of skin cancer may also have a healthy effect on the aging process in general. The genetic material inside every cell has an inbuilt "clock", which counts down every time the cell reproduces itself. The shortening of these strands of DNA called telomeres is one way of examining the ageing process at a cellular level. The King's team looked at white blood cells, which tend to experience faster rates of turnover… and faster shortening of telomeres… when the body's tissues are suffering more inflammation. They looked at 2,160 women aged between 18 and 79, and took a snapshot measurement of the levels of vitamin D in their bloodstream, comparing this to the length of the telomeres in their white blood cells. They found that, after adjusting the results for the age of the volunteer, women with higher levels of vitamin D were more likely to have longer telomeres in these cells, and vice versa.


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