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Key benefits:

• Supports the body’s stem cell production

• Nutritionally supports bone marrow to produce more adult stem cells

What is it?

Stem-Kine is a unique supplement made with all natural ingredients and vitamin D through a proprietary fermentation process. This product nourishes the bone marrow to enable your body to produce an increased level of circulating stem cells.

What is it formulated to do?

Stem-Kine has been formulated by an expert in the field of stem cell research to nutritionally support the metabolism of bone marrow enabling it to produce more stem cells. By doing so, your body will have a greater ability to restore and rejuvenate itself.

Who may benefit?

Anyone can benefit from an increased number of circulating stem cells, particularly those over the age of 25.

How is it used?

Stem-Kine is taken as a serving of 2 capsules once or twice a day.

What happens as we age

As we grow older, our body’s production of stem cells declines steadily, at the very time in life when we are experiencing deteriorating mental acuity and strength, wrinkling skin, fading eye site, and other signs and symptoms of aging – a time in life when we have greater need for tissue repair than ever before.

When you are young you produce a large amount of stem cells, but after age 25 the amount you produce continuously drops. Studies have shown that the more stem cells you have, the more effective is your ability to renew, repair, and slow down the signs and symptoms of aging

What are Stem Cells?

Circulating daily through the body of every person of every age, are millions of new cells, produced and released primarily from bone marrow, known as stem cells. Unlike other cells in the body, such as liver, heart, or brain cells, stem cells are early-stage undifferentiated cells that have not yet grown into a specific cell type. Stem cells constitute the body’s natural repair and rejuvenation system.  

Stem cells have a very important function. They identify tissues that need to be replaced, such as the heart muscle after a heart attack. They infiltrate the damaged tissue, actually transform themselves into that particular tissue cells, and generate new healthy tissue cells. For example, stem cells can create new liver cells, brain cells, bone or muscle cells. Stem cells are a vital part of the body’s effort to naturally achieve optimal health.

People with higher stem cell levels show:

• Increased mobility

• Faster hair and nail growth

• A healthy complexion

• An increase in energy

• A general sense of well-being

The Development of Stem-Kine

A stem cell research scientist studies the nutritional needs of bone marrow. He developed Stem-Kine, a proprietary blend of natural extracts and fermented products including Lactobacillus fermentum, Beta 1,3glucan, Ellagic acid, and vitamin D in a vegetable capsule. Stem-Kine supplies nutrition to bone marrow, supporting its natural production of healthy new adult stem cells.

Years of scientific research world wide has shown that a higher number of circulating stem cells is associated with a higher level of good health.

Clinical Evaluation of Stem-Kine

In collaboration with a group of other stem cell scientists at major universities and research organizations, a 14 day human clinical pilot study was conducted with six subjects taking two capsules in the morning and two at night. Stem cell levels rose to a 100% increase over a period of two weeks! The study was reported in the peer reviewed publication:

1. The Journal of Translational Medicine, December 2009

–       RBC Life has exclusive marketing rights to promote and sell this remarkable product, Stem-Kine.


Press Releases Stem-Kine

RBC Life Sciences: For immediate Release May 18, 2011

RBC Life Sciences Granted Marketing Rights to Stem-Kine Supplement

Irving, Texas (RBC Life Sciences: OTCBB: RBCL) - RBC Life Sciences, Inc. announced that it has been granted a license to market Stem-Kine in North America and 36 other countries. Stem-Kine is a dietary supplement that nourishes a person’s bone marrow enabling it to increase the production of circulating adult stem cells.  

Stem-Kine was developed by Dr. Neil Riordan based on a study of bone marrow metabolism and the production of adult stem cells. It is a combination of well-known made with a proprietary fermentation process.   Natural nutrients…

In collaboration with a group of scientists in major universities and research organizations, a human clinical pilot study was conducted that showed a 100% increase in stem cell levels over a two-week period, as reported in a peer-reviewed medical journal.  

Subsequently an 18-patient study was conducted that showed a 53% increase in CD34 type stem cells, and a 90% increase in CD133 type stem cells, both over a two-week period. This second study was also reported in a peer-reviewed medical journal, with the comment by the authors… To our knowledge this is the first study demonstrating profound mobilization effect with possible clinical significance by a food supplement-based approach.   

RBC Life Sciences, Inc. is a 20-year-old public company based in Irving, Texas that markets a broad line of high quality nutritional products through its dietary supplement division, RBC Life.


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