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Selling to the Old Brain 

 Neuromarketing the Personality and Hacking into Everyone’s Program

         The program was meant to assist us on our journey through life teaching us that we are not the program... and how to step out of the program.  Astrological charts were used to teach kings and queens and Heads of State and War Lords how to use the program to its greatest potential and minimize their emotional weaknesses showing them the doorway to step out of the box into a greater reality... it is this reality that all geniuses go to and live in moments of creativity... it is this creativity that provides all the advances in society... However, times have changed and sheeple have no creativity...and it is up to the Sheppard to provide economic stability for the sheeple in their 9 to 5 wage slavery... To put a chicken in every pot...  a car in every garage and a sub-prime mortgage in every home. This is the Age of Neuromarketing the old brain and the sheeple personality for more and better sales in our economy driven society. This really is the end of the world as we know it and the end of times... because time really only exists... if spiritual beings in human bodies evolve from their experiences and they gain wisdom on their path... Well for Sheeple in society today... the end has come in 2012 and they do not need to evolve or think for themselves because their Shepard and the Corporations are doing that for them... People do not change and life is a downward spiral to death and destruction... in Relations of Biblical proportions as this is. what Armageddon is all about.

Note: This is the transcript to a "Speech, Knowing Who You Really Are in a Balance of Science & Spirit"   Part 3.. taking the spiritual warrior home to the invisible Spirit that lives within all people, based on the book, “Science of Spirit: Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth”. This is an analysis of what I learned and my friends had missed on the path of life falling into the ditch of materialism and illusion...

This wisdom is the “Red Pill” of a greater reality and took 20 years to synthesize a deeper understanding of the science, religion and philosophy of this truth.  May these analogies become a ladder for true seekers of a greater reality to climb out of the ditch and resume there path... ”We start here understanding life as a science of spirit knowing our altered ego… the image of who we think we are… is not us... and we learn to live our truth as Spiritual beings having a human materialistic experience. Our first step is is "to know thyself" is not a program... we can see we are not the program buy reading our Astrological Chart and see all the aspects it makes to all the people in our life... in the chart-wheel . 

This "New Age of Neuromarketing the Old Brain" is selling to unconscious Sheeple... and goes all the way from selling pimple cream to dehydrated toxic teenagers to selling Nukes to dangerous foreign powers. So for the few of us spiritual beings still having a human experience... lets blow the lid off of this secret game to sell to the consumer without his conscious knowing... while selling to his unconscious fears... and lets learn from these experiences so that we can still evolve. Now everyone can play the game and we all can destroy society together... or we can change... If you can see both sides of the equation and observe the results without emotion we can own the experience and change... but you need to see yourself as a Spiritual warrior and the battleground is your brain and you are fighting for your ability to evolve Body, Mind and Spirit. 

Now let's look at this new technology that is going to impact the personality of the average Joe and his daily life… incredibly. The average human consumer [Sheeple] has not gotten a clue to what is going on around them in society, they believe in justice, that this government is there to protect them and that god is on their side in Christian America. In the land of the Free and the home of the Brave... business people on Wall Street would not stoop so low as to manipulate them into going into debt without their conscious consent. 

From new  Research in Neuroscience, Multinational Corporations have learned and now know that consumers use the oldest part of the brain, the reptilian brain, to make all their important decisions. 
Therefore, new marketing strategies are learning to bypass the “unconsciousness consumer” and market directly to the old brain. The “old” mind is very slow to become aware of the fast pace of changing technology and a techno-revolution but quick to react to emotional stimulus. Its primitive drives are now easily manipulated by the latest science, and this mind needs to be replaced like our next of Kin… Neanderthal man.

This research will teach us about the old brain, how we really think, and how corporations plan to unlock our “Decision-Making Process’ so that “They” can sell directly to our old brains without telling the unconsciousness consumer that it is being sold to. [something like sub-prime mortgages only better].

Think of the Brain as an extremely sophisticated computer with no data-incription, no safeguards...with a number of different hard-drives in it… the personality program is in one of the main hard-drives… with the parasite existing in the Ram memory of the operating system when the program is turned on or wakes up... it runs its spyware[it can be seen as a computer virus or a Trojan that has its own program]. The parasite exists in the energy field around the body. Our brains are extremely sophisticated computers that have never had any virus or parasite protection [this includes Spyware, Mal-ware, Trojans]. In the last 2500 years since Socrates... we have never been taught how to protect our minds from attack... to put up a firewall around our brain and mind... to keep out unwanted psychic  attacks... Why should we, psychics don't exist because all that exists is us and God and we a just terrible sinners Right? [Dam... I need to consider jumping ship and join SalesBrain...they have a monopoly here.]

The truth that needs to be understood here is that… we are all subject to this form of manipulation of the old brain, even the people doing the Neuro-Marketing… especially when they are acting unconsciously... running a sales program they have just learned.
 The old brain is not easily manipulated… unless you use cutting edge research and repeatedly apply that research in a focused assault on the old brain of an ignorant consumer. Neuromarketing is one of the latest marketing techniques needed to revive the failing economy based on neuroscience. Neuromarketing aims to map brain patterns and provide a more direct path to human decision-making. Already, there are services and companies that are guiding corporations and smaller businesses in understanding the powerful fundamentals of the brain. For example, Neurosense Ltd. in the UK… offers MRI scanning and psychological testing that profiles brain activity in response to products… ads and packaging. We have little defense against such detailed technology except for recent corporate financial scandals that have drawn greater attention to business practice standards… critics of Neuromarketing say outright… that its techniques are manipulative, “simply a more efficient form of brainwashing”.

Teaching people how to put up a Firewall and get Virus Protection for their minds [psychological techniques... with Spiritual Awareness] would be like Sheeple locking up the feed store [on the Sheppard] and never letting him eat meat again because the Sheeple are well armed with AK.47's...{ automatic weapons}... Human Beings have always been "Prime Rib choice food" to the energy parasites and emotional vampires because Sheeple are the food of the Gods. This outrageous idea should be considered after reading these essays on the personality Vs Spirit... and the book Science of Spirit.

Christopher Morin, the CEO of SalesBrain states, that their approach is simply highlighting key elements of the customer communication process and providing a road map to getting through to the decision-maker. As he puts it, “The assumption... is that the decision-maker is a person, when, in fact, it is an organ!” Once you know that the true decision-maker is the Old Brain you can then apply different communication principles in order to have the maximum impact. Six proven stimuli influence the 'Old Brain'… Six keys to unlocking the language it speaks and understands. If you use these keys to speak to the 'Old Brain' in a language it can understand and relate to, you will succeed with any audience. 

From their book, “Selling to the Old Brain”, SalesBrain founders, Patrick Renvoise and Christopher Morin teach powerful techniques on defining the perfect message and delivering it with maximum impact. SalesBrain's premise is that recent neuroscience research has spelled out the mechanics of the human decision making process. When we understand that the brain can be categorized into three separate parts… that act as independent organs… with different cellular structures and distinctive functions… we can communicate more effectively to it…  without ever informing the client that it is being manipulated without its conscious consent.

These three separate organs, with different cellular structures and functions are:

The New Brain thinks. It processes rational data and shares its deductions with the other two brains. It is the outer shell with the neo-cortex and frontal lobe.

The Middle Brain feels. It processes emotions and gut feelings and also share its findings with the other two brains.

The Old Brain decides. It [the reptilian brain] takes into account the input from the other two brains, but it controls the decision making process. 

The Old Brain is a primitive organ. It is the heart center of our personality program or more appropriately the battle bridge of the brain… our “fight or flight” brain, our survival brain… and is also called the reptilian brain because it is still present in reptiles today. It exists as a direct result of the basic evolutionary process and is still concerned only with our survival as it has been for millions of years. “Much evidence now indicates that the Old Reptilian Brain is the main switch in determining what sensory inputs will go to the new brain… and what decisions will be accepted.” The Old Reptilian Brain ultimately controls what you think. It makes split-second decisions reacting to danger for self-preservation. As a result, our Old Brain, by design… is extremely selfish because its own survival is paramount to all else. When we really understand this science it really calls into question how conscious we think we are… is it the old Brain feeding us pre-programmed emotions letting us believe we are conscious to justify its selfishness.

  In an article called “Mind over Genes: The New Biology” by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., he states some very important points that need to be examined here. He said that, “the subconscious mind is not a seat of reasoning or creative consciousness… it is strictly a stimulus-response device. When an environmental signal is perceived… the subconscious mind reflexively activates a previously stored behavioral response …no thinking required.

The subconscious mind is "an interactive programmable autopilot program" that can navigate the vehicle without the observation or awareness of the pilot… the conscious mind. When the subconscious autopilot is controlling behavior, social conscious program is free to worry about future threats or review the past mistakes... running reactive rationalization programs…  

The moment you lapse in your "Now moment of Consciousness", the subconscious mind will automatically engage and play its previously recorded experience-based programs. An appropriate analogy would be that the subconscious mind at our present state of evolution is really akin to an old cassette tape player, one that never breaks down. There is no “observing” entity in the subconscious mind reviewing the behavioral tapes as… it is strictly a stimulus-response device.  The subconscious is strictly a playback machine, perceived stimuli engaged in preprogrammed behaviors. It has every experience ever recorded for a life form to evolve to the next level of life from single cells to reptiles and mammals to homo-sapiens. As primitive early humans… manipulated by the scribes of the gods… the first priests…the subconscious mind has recorded all the medieval superstitious responses of 1000's of years to natural events… attributing them to "A jealous God" of antiquity… conditioning us to respond as primitive animals. 

In contrast to the power of the conscious mind, today… the subconscious mind is a million times more powerful… information processor. Furthermore, as neuroscientists emphasize… the conscious mind provides 5% or less of the cognitive activity during the day. Ninety-five to ninety-nine percent of our behavior is directly derived from the subconscious.  Hence we need to be conscious of this fact in the now moment and learn how to reprogram our brains… by being an observer recording of life… from an Analogical State of Awareness.

In the article “Mind over Genes"…Bruce Lipton makes a very important point in that the problem with trying to reprogram the subconscious is that we fail to realize it is playing ‘behavioral tapes.’ To understand why conscious awareness does not readily change subconscious programs… he says you have to consider this instructive Analogy…  “I provide you with a cassette tape, and you put it into your player and push the play button. As the tape plays the program, you realize that you do not like it. So, you yell at the tape player to change the program… you ask it to play something different. After awhile of not getting a response… you yell louder and get angrier at the tape player because of the lack of a response to your request. Then when it seems hopeless… You beseech (an imaginary external) God to help you change the program.” This response in itself … is a reactive aberration of reality a New Age behavioral response program… 

 “Mind over Genes"…Bruce Lipton

The point is simple, no matter how much you yell at that tape player. It will not change the program. To change a tape, you have to rewind that segment push the record button and then rerecord the program incorporating the desired changes. This old brain is a stimulus response device… you have to be the "now conscious" stimulus… the programmer of change. All change comes from the Spirit-within… your true beingness… the observer, your conscious state of awareness… not your personality or the programmable old Brain that controls it. 

 Six Keys to unlocking the Language of the Old Brain:

So lets look at the six keys to unlocking the language of the old brain so that we can learn how to control its stimuli from being manipulated and gain access to what it controls. These stimuli are limited in number and very fundamental because this is how the Old Brain operates. With survival as its basic function, there is no time or energy to sift through multiple layers of complex information. The Old Brain perceives only the stimuli that make it through the filter that relates to instinct. That way… it can act or react quickly.

The Old Brain is a very self-centered entity and general considerations about others do not reach it. Think of the Old Brain as the center of ME. Do not assume that it has any patience or empathy for anything that does not immediately concern its survival and well-being. 

The Old Brain seeks Contrast… which allows the Old Brain to make quick and safe decisions. Before/after… with/without… slow/fast all allow the Old Brain to decide. Without contrast… the Old Brain enters a state of confusion… which ultimately results in delayed decisions. … 

The Old Brain is Concrete and is constantly scanning for what is familiar and friendly… what can be recognized quickly, what is tangible and immutable. 

The Old Brain remembers first and last and forgets most everything in the middle… his short attention span has huge implications on how to construct and deliver powerful messages. 

The Old Brain is visual. Neuroscience demonstrates that when you see something that looks like a snake… your Old Brain warns you instantly of danger so that you react even before the New Brain physically recognizes it is a snake. This implies that visual processing enters the Old Brain first which can lead to very fast and effective connection to the true decision-maker

The Old Brain is strongly triggered by emotions. Neuroscience has clearly demonstrated that 'emotional cocktails'… create chemical reactions that directly impact the way information is memorized and processed by the Old Brain.  

In the book, “Emotional Brain”, Dr. Joseph LeDoux points out... the amygdala ( part of the OLD BRAIN and part of the limbic system... used in emotion) “has a greater influence on the cortex than the neo-cortex has on the amygdala… allowing for emotional arousal to dominate and control thinking.” The fear system’s command center is the amygdala, a small, almond-shaped structure that rests near the center of the brain and is elaborately tied to other regions through nerve fibers. Even a split-second glance at a hostile face activates the amygdala in a normal brain. An activated amygdala does not wait around for instructions from the conscious mind. Once it perceives a threat, it can trigger a body-wide emergency response within milliseconds. Jolted by impulses from the amygdala, the nearby hypothalamus produces a hormone called corticotrophin releasing factor, or CRF, which signals the pituitary and adrenal glands to flood the bloodstream with epinephrine (adrenaline), nor-epinephrine and cortisol. Those stress hormones then shut down non-emergency services such as digestion and immunity… and directs the body’s resources to fighting or fleeing. The heart pounds, the lungs pump, and the muscles get an energizing blast of glucose. The stress hormones also act on the brain, creating a state of heightened alertness and supercharging the circuitry involved in memory formation.” 

The Brave New World, See how simple it is to use the old Brain and market to consumers anything you want to sell them. Without a really good understanding of who we are and how we react to the world… how are we ever going to recognize when society is pushing our buttons and pulling our strings… only to milk our addictions and our emotional weaknesses… all without our awareness? Alternatively, maybe the universe is just showing me away to invest in the latest pharmaceuticals and "Get Rich Quick"… make a whole lot of money… build a safe haven in the mountains… and let every personality take care of itself… at lest that is what my old brain is thinking right now, after learning all this stuff… it needs back-up plans… gee maybe we should not tell anyone of our discovery.

“The Brave New World of Neuromarketing(shadows of 1984) is an article, which appeared in the Globe and Mail September 10, 2005. “For several months, Mr. Quartz and his project manager, Annette Asp, watched intently as volunteers' brains were scanned for thoughts they didn't know they had about a parade of photographs ranging from shoes and sunglasses to coffee makers and vacuums. Some products were cool, others definitely not.  It is a boundary-busting frontier that… at its heart… seeks to find and trigger the brain’s fabled “buy” button.” Sales Brain teaches companies around the world how to communicate strongly and instantly to that part of the brain where the purchase decision takes place. The companies are too busy and the sale is too important to bother the unconscious consumer… so they deal with the part of the brain where they can make an automatic withdrawal from your bank account and have a satisfied old brain. To show how enthusiastic the business of marketing to the old brain is… one of the authors of SalesBrain states… “It’s a wonderful experience to see just how well it works as we continue to hear exciting stories of sales and executive teams closing deals using these very techniques that we all have access to!” Therefore, the principle is that if you can reach the old brain and get your point across clearly, you have a strong likelihood of winning your case. As Morin put it, “Reaching the primitive part of the brain is actually a straightforward exercise as long as you know the path to do it.” 

SalesBrain asserts that successfully reaching the decision-maker boils down to a formula… Selling Probability = Pain x claim x Gain x (Old Brain)³  

As things accelerate, living in the fast lane of corporate marketing and sub-prime mortgages… it is easier to market to the old brain instead of human beings with thoughts, feelings, and opinions when they [bankers] can get to what the Old Brain really wants [consumers] and sell to it immediately [security from terrorism, a home, food, work]. Of course that may not be… what the conscious caring consumer wants, but it cannot make up its mind until the corporate wall street banker tells him that “Greed is Good” and sell... sell... sell those sub-prime mortgages that are the best thing for him… As we can obviously see… it is more cost effective to sell to the old brain. The ultimate goal corporate society is seeking... is to find and develop young consumers who cannot evolve beyond the old brain. This revelation of what we are up against becomes an excellent reason for becoming aware and conscious of a new mind developing in consciously aware human beings.

Watch this great flash Video from your Future Gods at Sales brain.

This analysis of the old brain really brings to light how we as a species have been left in the dark, so to speak… thinking that we are in control of our own minds by using our new brain and our cognitive faculties… to live a conscious life with reason and morality. When, in reality, we are being manipulated by the mid-brain… (Our emotions) and the old brain… (our survival mechanisms) with the old brain influencing and making decisions for the new brain without its own knowledge. This goes on all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week… the million year old program is still running. Research is funded by corporations to keep consumers in the dark… the educated corporate sales representatives trained by SalesBrain to get an easy sale… The corporations will one day soon become the new religion and the new corporate SalesBrain salesman will be the new high priests preaching the word of God to the Sheeple. When we look at the past accomplishments of our previous high priests... these Guys will seem much more kind and gentle Shepherds as they take their sheep to the slaughter.

It is time is to stop focusing on our Multinational corporate control of society for profit and our monetary welfare over that of the life of our fellow human beings. The first is an illusion, a lie of monumental proportions and a sacrifice to the Gods of Money… the real life blood of conscious spiritual beings… their pain and suffering feeding those vampires that control life on planet earth. The second is the life-force of Mother Earth- Gaia and the evolution of consciousness that is happening on this planet… Gaia being the divine spark that started all life and all evolution. To promote a lifestyle of competition, manipulation and control over our fellow human beings is leading to the ultimate destruction of the human race as predicted for 1000’s of years.

We are, as personality programs, conditioned to believe western society and our capitalistic, materialist reality is the only one we can create as technological animals with alien programs, [not designed by nature] living a purely material existence… but in realty this is only a continuous program that we are feed as our spirit sleeps… no more real than the simulated reality of the movie the Matrix that our hero Neo experienced in the trilogy.

We need to make an evolutionary leap of faith and learn about Analogical Awareness and change our "fate of human destruction"… to one of a destiny with Spirit. The key here is learning about what consciousness is and is not… and understanding that 95% of the time we are unconscious living in lack… fear…  or survival… running  rationalization programs… from aberrations that come from one of a 1000 engrams that we have. The reactive mind is possessed by everyone.   

To see how this all ends Go To Part 4 to  A love of Wisdom

Our first step is is "to know thyself" is not a program... we can see we are not the program in our Astrological Chart wheel and all the aspects it makes to all the people in our life...

The Good News is You can learn to secure your Brain…debug… defrag… and get rid of the spyware… that has plagued you and society for a millennium… with worn-out programs, belief systems, religious dogma and political agendas. 

By installing a Spiritual program... one that is subservient to Spirit... with you at the command center... You take control of your life in the now moment as an observer...

 If you like what you have read get the updated E-book, Science of Spirit: expanded to 675 pages.

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Robert Donald Tonelli, Author Science of Spirit


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