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Science of Spirit: Finding the Kingdom of Heaven

Science of Spirit, Consciousness, Ancient Keys of life, an Analogical Mind
Science of Spirit Finding the Kingdom of Heaven in an Analogical Mind

Science of Spirit Finding the Kingdom of Heaven in an Analogical Mind

   ULC Minister Authors a Book, Science of Spirit on Life & Consciousness

Earlier this year, one minister in the Universal Life Church released a  book on the nature of life and consciousness  called "Science of Spirit" Lost Keys to the Kingdom on Earth [Click on link to buy this book]. While the book may echo the ideas and sentiments of many New Thought writers, it does pay heed to some recent scientific findings, offering an interesting read for anybody interested in exploring the relationship between physics and consciousness. 

In the book, author and ULC minister Robert Donald Tonelli,  a philosopher and theologian discusses the interconnectedness of life in the cosmos and makes the claim that the universe itself is a process characterized by the evolution of consciousness. The book is the result of Tonelli?s musings on the nature and meaning of life and the universe, and leads to the startling conclusion that consciousness?not matter or energy?are the foundation of the cosmos. In fact, Tonelli suggests, energy and consciousness are actually inextricably linked. Additionally, he explains in the book, the cosmos is never static, but always dynamic?it is not a state of being, but actually a continual process or sequence of events and occurrences that have been taking place since the Big Bang. The purpose of this process, the author claims, is for consciousness to evolve and realize its full potential. From this perspective, matter and energy would seem to be the output of this process.

Many who hold a materialist worldview will have already dismissed Tonelli?s theory as ?junk science? or ?pseudoscience?, but his ideas may not be totally without merit, and recent findings in quantum physics may support his claims. Referring to wave-particle complementarity (the phenomenon that describes how light waves take the form of particles?photons?when measured or observed by the experimenter), Nobel Prizewinning physicist Niels Bohr says, ?[I] in the great drama of existence we ourselves are both actors and spectators? (van Lommel 235). Mathematician John von Neumann suggests that the act of observation itself creates physical reality when he says, ?[t]he world is built not out of bits of matter, but out of bits of knowledge?subjective, conscious knowings? (237). And, referring to the relationship between the mind and the brain, philosopher and neuroscientist Alva Noë flatly contradicts the assumptions of materialist thinkers like Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, and Susan Blackmore:

Consciousness does not happen in the brain?. What determines and controls the character of conscious experience is not the associated neural activity. It is misguided to search for neural correlates of consciousness: there are no such neural structures. That is why we have been unable to come up with a good explanation of its neural basis?. The idea that we are our brains is not something scientists have learned; it is rather a preconception (185).

Basically, what scientists like Bohr, von Neumann, and Noë suggest is that consciousness is not an epiphenomenon of matter or energy (not even the brain), but rather that matter and energy are consequent to, or at the very least linked with, consciousness, which is fundamental in the universe. This uncannily corroborates Tonelli?s notion that the experience of an increasingly sophisticated, self-aware consciousness is the fundamental purpose of the universe.

Tonelli?s view of life and the cosmos raises some profound questions. Is the brain the source of consciousness, or merely a kind of transceiver, and is death the end, or is there something after? Can artificial intelligence attain self-awareness? If the Big Bang marked the beginning of some sort of experiment in the evolution of consciousness, what preceded it?a mysterious state of pure consciousness? What happens when the universe has evolved to such a degree that it returns once again to a state of pure consciousness? Will a new universe have to be created somewhere to undergo the process once again as part of an endless cycle? And what is the relationship between human beings and nature; how do other life-forms fit into the scheme of things? These are ambitious questions, and we may never get satisfactory answers to all of them, but we have to start somewhere. Besides, they do make us think.

Science of Spirit: attempts to incorporate scientific sensibilities in explaining the spiritual purpose of the universe. While some will disregard it as pseudoscience, others will appreciate how the ideas presented in the book seem to be echoed, at least loosely, by progressive theories in quantum physics. At the very least, it is good to know that some people who decide to become ordained in the ULC do so with the desire to encourage self-reflection and cultivate an appreciation for the contributions of science. Maybe one day this daunting search will yield more answers than we could ever have hoped to find.

 From the Universal Life Church [ULC] website...

Sources: PRWeb... van Lommel, Pim. Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience. New York: HarperCollins, 2010. Print. 

      What is our link to the Invisible Spirit :
Spirit?  is our divine link to our internal concept of God... (however you define that "Divine Consciousness" to be). It is our connection to the Source of All Life in the Universe. It is not our soul; Our Soul is the recorder for spirit of every experience we?ve ever had in all of our lifetimes. It is who we really are? we are the soul expression of spirit colored with experiences in each lifetime ? making known the unknown in each new life. When we align ourselves with Spirit... as the observer... with the personality subservient... through trust and knowingness, the invisible Spirit guides us through the ultimate journey... an Evolution of Consciousness back to the Source of all life? the ground of all beingness ... a Divine consciousness. [to clarify... From an ancient philosophy and a modern one...  called Neural Monism? there is one common underling ?entity? that gives rise to matter, on the one hand, and mind on the other? Science calls ?quantum space time geometry?? Vedic traditions called it Brahman, the underlying ground of all beingness...  You can call it? as Christ did? the invisible Spiritfrom page 16]
If you like what you have read get the updated E-book, Science of Spirit: expanded to 500 pages. 


 Consciousness as a  Science of Spirit

 Consciousness as a Science of Spirit

"I think. Therefore, I am"? 17th century philosopher René Descartes philosophical statement became a foundational element of conscious thought of Western philosophy.

Self conscious thought is the essence of human evolution as a species? conscious awareness of our actions or reactions and the consequences of those reactions? propel us into higher or lower levels of a stream of consciousness [in the moment] depending on our level of awareness and wisdom gained from our experiences. Taking responsibility for our choices in life is the New Age western philosophy of our time? and deciphering the truth from the mythology and illusions of modern western society is what  Science of Spirit is about. But a science of spirit is much deeper than we have ever collectively realized? forcing us to break free of our bonds?

Brilliant Physicist and philosopher? David Bohm saw language as a device which tends more to imprison us than to set us free.  Language both manipulates and attempts to excuse the thinker ? ?In his penchant for precision, Bohm analyzed the ways that our language deceives us about the true nature of reality.  We generally consider ordinary language to be a neutral medium for communication that does not restrict our world view in any way.  Yet Bohm showed that language imposes strong, subtle pressures to see the world as fragmented and static.  He emphasized that? thought tends to create fixed structures in the mind, which can make dynamic entities seem to be static.  To illustrate with an example, we know upon reflection that all manifest objects are in a state of constant flux and change.  So there is really no such thing as a thing; all objects are dynamic processes rather than static forms.  To put it crudely, one could say that nouns do not really exist, only verbs exist.  A noun is just a "slow" verb; that is, it refers to a process that is progressing so slowly so as to appear static.

If we go back to our roots of our language to understand conscious thoughts we learn that the word "consciousness" is derived from Latin, meaning having joint or common knowledge with another, in the literal sense, "conscientiae" means knowledge-with, that is, shared knowledge.  Writer, Robert Hand defines this further by saying, ?When we know something together with someone, we experience each other as fully alive and aware.  When we do not, we do not entirely accept each other as conscious, or, ultimately, as human, and we create war in our ignorance of "conscientiae". We accomplish shared awareness of language and symbols. Shared languages and the true understanding of the meaning of their symbolism enable us fully to experience someone as aware. Piously interpreting someone's language and symbols according to your theological political doctrines are Declarations of War? and a lack of understanding of what consciousness really is. Understanding the consciousness of another human being is the foundation of all communications on this planet? and paramount in our "Evolution of Consciousness" as a sentient species. Our ultimate goal in life is to make known the unknown and we can do this by understanding the philosophies that lead to higher levels of consciousness of people like Apollonius of Tyana, Lau Tzu and Socrates, Plato, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammad, Christ and Gandhi. This ultimate goal of understanding different philosophies is the evolution of our consciousness as an enlightened constantly evolving being born of the spirit within? not the personality. I feel we have lost our way in society and are no longer able to live or communicate our truth as conscious beings or guide our brothers and sisters on the path of life like the spiritual masters of the past. Attaining this level of consciousness is the truly the essence of what it means to be an evolving conscious ?human being? connected to nature.

To fully understand this we learn that all experience and wisdom in life start out as a noble Philosophy? studying fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language

e? by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on a reasoned argument.  Philosophy comes from the Greek [Philosophia], which literally translates to a "Love of Wisdom"? A Science of Spirit Philosophy is an awareness and study of Wisdom gained from life's experiences that are repeated throughout history.

We need to look no further than the 2500 year old philosophy or Socrates for the keys to wisdom? For Socrates, philosophizing consisted of talking with others about the issues that matter most in our lives and our communities. Only in the actual moments of interaction, he firmly believed, did real understanding occur. In his wisdom gained from his experiences as an observer? Socrates describes the rapport and mutual understanding which emerges only when friends pursue their spiritual quest together: "When a group of friends have enjoyed fine conversation together, you will find that suddenly something extraordinary happens. As they are speaking, it?s as if a spark ignites, passing from one speaker to another, and as it travels, it gathers strength, building into a warm and illuminating flame of mutual understanding which none of them could have achieved alone. [this spark is the essence of spirit? a consciousness that is the life-force of the individuals that are in the moment communicating their truth as they see it in that moment evolving] Speak the Truth? Socrates exemplified the independent spirit who is willing to speak truth to power. All his life he challenged his fellow citizens, as individuals and collectively, to examine their principles and their behavior. Socrates describes his lifelong practice of listening to his inner voice in the Apology ? his defense of himself at his famous Trial? towards the end of his Apology, Socrates explains that he has come to his trial without fear because he knows it is the right thing to do? he defended himself with a brilliant ?Apology? to the court for there lack of consciousness, but was judged guilty and sentenced to death by hemlock.

This adherence to the truth of his inner voice shows the focus of spirit is not on the physical life but on the eternal nature of consciousness and who we really are? and it does not come without it?s hazards in life? In the immortal word of Morpheus in the movie the matrix? the people you are trying to free in society may be you mortal enemy? [In a lack of consciousness].

The essence of this Ancient "Science of Spirit" is an Evolution of this [Spirit] Consciousness  to get people to think collectively with an open mind and question what is being said in society and in life, then question what you know to be true. In between the two "is the truth" that you will find with an open mind "looking within" for the answers and without? in your environment for clues? causing an evolution of awareness? of your consciousness.  This Ancient Hermetic Philosophy will help you do that? as it is the evolution of Consciousness? the birthing of spirit in-mass? in a human being.

If you like what you have read get the updated E-book, Science of Spirit: expanded 

     We are at the Transformational Phase of Human Consciousness Now...

We have studied the bones of countless species since Darwin to understand their part in the evolution of finer species. Just like a sensible farmer tilling his field under, of unused soybean? so that its nutrients are used for the greater benefit of the next healthy crop? So will Mother Nature "till the soil" of most of the ?unconscious Sheeple? in our materialist society? because they are only consumers of toxic products and not aware of their own actions in their community or in nature. For in the words of one of the greatest scientist of our time? Stephen W. Hawking, ?The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but that they reflect a certain underlying order, which may or may not be divinely inspired.?     

We can see with open minds now, looking beyond Western Society's Limited Materialist Paradigm to the Science of Quantum Physics that all matter in this universe originates and exists by virtue of a force, energy in motion. All that really exists in this material world of "dollars and non-cents" are atoms and empty space and everything else is but an illusion a theory of philosophy of life. For a clear definition of life on planet earth, we go to Nobel Prize-winning Father of Quantum Theory, Max Planck, as he states, All matter originates and exists by virtue of a force? We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.?  His Theory redefines our materialist paradigm into one with its foundation in Universal Consciousness. The spiritual philosophy of Transcendental Meditation is, All speech, action, and behavior are fluctuations of consciousness. All life emerges from, and is sustained in, consciousness. The whole universe is the expression of consciousness. The reality of the universe as one unbounded ocean of consciousness in motion?. 

The one unifying factor to everything in existence in the Universe is Consciousness

All electromagnetic energy fields in the EMF spectrum of the physics textbooks are fields and levels of Consciousness emanating down from "the zero-point energy field of quantum physics" becoming the ground of all beingness.

 A new look at Chaos Theory shows the essence of a Science of Spirit:

Open systems that maintain? and even increase? their complexity by exporting entropy to their environment? the moment when the chaos reaches the point where the system can no longer sustain itself? At this point, an infinite number of possibilities (literally) present themselves? One of these infinite number of options is total breakdown, the death of the system. However, other possibilities infinite in number all involve the system reorganizing itself in a new way? at a higher level of functioning? The resulting new system is now more complex? and more resilient. Revelations from this awakening in consciousness from the affects of Chaos Theory cause? consciousness to accelerate to greater complexity? as it is the thrust of cosmic evolution and the beginning of an Analogical Awareness of Spiritual Beings in human bodies. [ pg.90]

 Being Analogical means living in this creative moment, Now, outside of time?  past regrets and future fears in unresolved emotions.... Now, able to see all potentials simultaneously while accessing the mind of God? the essence of the Spirit-within. This "Now moment" is your doorway? to the Analogy of Opposites? true Genius and an Analogical Consciousness of mind when you become the observer in your life - connected to the Spirit-within -outside of your program and the human personality, that is Now subservient to it.

If you like what you have read get the updated E-book, Science of Spirit: expanded  

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  Consciousness as a  Science of Spirit

  Consciousness as a  Science of Spirit

 Living in a Science of Spirit... Life is an Evolution of Consciousness = Spirit in-Mass

A World of Analogy: Understanding Nature with an Analogical Mind

Analogy is the final word of science and the first word of faith.

"Reason and Faith", by their very nature, mutually exclude one another, But they unite by Analogy.

Analogy is the sole possible mediator between the finite and infinite.  

Contemplation? is a doorway? to an Analogical State of Awareness

Contemplation? not thinking or analyzing,

Letting thoughts roll through your mind?

Contemplating the opposites? in Mother Nature

 Contemplating the Paradox of Modern Life,

Allowing opposites to just be here in your mind,

No rationalizing, thinking, or analyzing,

Just allowing the paradox to be here in the stillness of the moment?

An Analogical State of Awareness

Can hold a paradox in its midst and just be here "Now"?

 Waiting for answers to show up as if by? Magic of the Goddess

Letting the Wisdom of Nature and Analogies ?

Seep into your mind through Your Imagination and your Dreams.

This "Now moment" is your doorway to Analogies and True Genius

in an  Analogical State of Consciousness? 

For Analogy is the key to all of the Secrets of Nature

 And the sole fundamental reason of all revelations.

  Analogy yields all forces of Nature to the Alchemist?

And is A Key to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth?

 A Science of Spirit? Hermetic philosophy? By Robert Donald Tonelli

  Defining an Analogical Awareness of life...

Analogy is the key to all secrets of Nature and the sole fundamental reason of all revelations. The "Analogy of Contraries" is the relation of light and shade, of height and hollow, of plenum [matter filled space] and void. Analogy yields all forces of Nature to the Magi. Analogy is the secret of perpetual motion, the root of the Tree of Life and the science of good and evil.  Analogy is the final word of Science and the first word of Faith. Harmony has its essence in equilibrium, and equilibrium subsists by the Analogy of contraries. Absolute unity is the supreme and final reason of all things? To create equilibrium we must separate and unite, separate by the poles, unite by the center. Analogy is the sole possible mediator between the finite and infinite.  An Analogical State of Awareness is required to hold a paradox in its midst and just be in the "Now" moment... waiting for answers to show up? as if divined by Spirit herself. An Analogical Mind can hold these opposites in it midst and know the answer. The Goal of the Philosopher is to hold the Analogy of Contraries in his mind and contemplate them "in the moment?? in an Analogical State of Awareness to open the door and access the "Mind of Spirit" that created all life. All things are derived from one and indivisible Nature. An ancient concise definition is, she is not visible, though she operates visibly... for she is simply a volatile Spirit, fulfilling her office in bodies and is animated by the Universal Spirit? The Divine Breath? that gives life to all things that exist.

   Research From Eliphas Levi-

If you like what you have read get the updated E-book, Science of Spirit: expanded to 675 pages.

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Robert Donald Tonelli, Author Science of Spirit


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