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            Control... The Personality Program Vs. Spirit... Hidden in Human Form   

 Knowing who you are in a Balance of Science and Spirit: Part 2

Note: This is the transcript to this Speech...

...taking the spiritual warrior home to the invisible Spirit that lives within all people, based on the book, “Science of Spirit: Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth”. Over a million people have studied, first hand the original teachings and most did not achieve the wisdom and awareness to keep going on this path…

This is an analysis of what I learned and my friends had missed on the path of life... falling into the ditch of materialism and illusion... This wisdom is the “Red Pill” of a greater reality than the Matrix of society we live in and took 20 years to synthesize a deeper understanding of the science, religion and philosophy of this truth… it is real… it works but it is not for everyone. One has to rise above the herded Sheeple nature of consumerism and material reality to understand the magic that is missing in life. You do not become enlightened by reading, or intellectualizing in a material reality as this is the “blue pill of security” in the dream state of your pod… Only by seeing reality as it is and doing something about it… moving outside of the box of materialism in an extended focus… then knowing thyself over time do results manifest. To know thyself is to know the universe. it is hoped here that these analogies may become a ladder for true seekers of a greater reality to climb out of the ditch and resume there path..This speech uses the analogies from the classic movie trilogy “The Matrix.

”We start here understanding life as a science of spirit... understanding our altered ego [altered god image]… the image of who we think we are… namely our personality program... is not us... and we learn to live our truth as Spiritual beings having a human materialistic experience. Our first step is is "to know thyself" is not a program... we can see we are not the program in our Astrological Chart wheel and all the aspects it makes to all the people in our life... these aspects are potentials of our personality program a 12x12 grid program in our minds. 

Control... The Personality is The Program (A Mind parasite) 

 In the beginning of my journey I started out as a personality... to learn that as personalities in society… we live in a world of constant change and uncertainty. Our experience, knowledge and understanding have limits. Our lives blend different and sometimes conflicting relationships… by bringing this understanding into our awareness was a step toward healthier living. When we use our personality to interact with an object, a person, or a situation, we form images and create symbols. Initially, these occur within us and our nervous systems. Our brains form these images and symbols by modeling (mapping) the outside world and in the process our personality filters out most of the information. The selected information, therefore, represents an abstraction of the interaction depending on the intent of the personality. Different people select (or abstract) information differently and draw different maps of their territory. We often confuse our symbols and maps with what they represent… the personality would benefit by remembering that the map is not the territory… the word is not the thing… that we have created these symbols in our minds.


We act self-reflexively… as limited personalities, and we react to our reactions. Understanding the personality in the right context of life gives us opportunities to improve what we believe, see and do. It also helps to know that we have a conscience that provides us with a balance in our personality… and when we jump to conclusions we can always check with our conscience and get a feel as to whether what we are saying or doing is correct… as our conscience is a separate process from our personality and is connected to our heart and soul.  To know ones own ulterior motives hidden in the dark recesses of our minds for doing or saying anything in life was a key to knowing oneself… Once we did… and contemplated our reasons for doing anything and were honest with ourselves, we began to see over-time all the ulterior motives of others that we had dealings with. The knowingness from within… if we listened, was always there and the answer always came from within the heart and soul… a feeling that could not be shaken once felt… when we are true to ourselves… a feeling that seemed to always be right. The more I focused on looking at my own ulterior motives first, before accusing anyone else, the more I became clear with myself, acted from my heart, the more I got to know myself. 


 The Program- A look inside.

German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) known for his philosophical clarity… stated that the brain [specifically the personality] may be regarded as a kind of parasite of the organism. I feel he was referring to the personality program generated by the neo-cortex… the large mostly unused part of the brain… taking its cue for its performance in society from the animalistic old brain.

The book, Mind Parasites by Colin Wilson, Si-fi writer and philosopher comes closer to the truth of what German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer has stated than any other philosophy that I have learned on this subject. It is a great book on the wild idea and revolutionary philosophy on mind parasites lurking in the deepest recesses of human consciousness.                                                                                                                                                                                                     This is Dante's version of the Mind  Parasites

Think of the Brain as an extremely sophisticated computer with no data-incription, no safeguards...with a number of different hard-drives in it… the personality program is in one of the main hard-drives… with the parasite existing in the Ram memory of the operating system when the program is turned on or wakes up... it runs its spyware [it can be seen as a computer virus or a Trojan that has its own program]. The parasite exists in the energy field around the body. Our brains are extremely sophisticated computers that have never, ever had any virus or parasite protection [this includes Spyware, Mal-ware, Trojans]. In the last 2500 years since Socrates... we have never been taught how to protect our minds from attack... to put up a firewall around our brain and mind... to keep out unwanted psychic  attacks... Why should we, psychics don't exist because all that exists in the universe is  God and us and we a just terrible sinners... Right? [Dam... I need to consider jumping ship and  get  job by joining SalesBrain...they have a monopoly here... it's like shoots fish in a bucket all 7 billion.]

The problem that exists for the average seeker trying to understand thyself is that the Big Corporations have beaten us to understanding the personality program and have created assembly lines of mindless “Sheeple Ready to Buy”… Consumerism controls Society… “Money is God” and all is well with the world. These personalities are easily manipulated in Society with Sales Neuromarketing programs… mining the unconscious mind and old brain for fun and profit. Digging around in the Emotional Body of an average human being and you will find that they are “as personalities” 90% negative and 10% inspirational… the personality’s positive stance is for survival or today... business oriented… masking a 90% negative, primitive emotions based on fears of a lack of the basic needs of survival, food or sex and shelter. You can easily access the consumers program by getting there birth date, time, year and place of birth from their drivers license… by running an Astrological program… you get personality traits… along with psychological programs you will get there strengths, weaknesses, unconscious desires and their proverbial Achilles heal their emotional weaknesses a program of untold value…… for any company wanting to make a decent living of shearing Sheeple.

The personality follows the animalistic old brain as the physical instrument of the scribe on this plane, it documents all its experiences especially the spiritual ones in the neo-cortex of the brain and your spirit is the silent witness recording everything on the soul. An analogy would be the smart phone or tablet that you take with you everywhere… its camera and microphone are the recording instruments like the personality and you are represented as the spiritual being choosing which experience to have and record… and you would take all the memories and collect them onto your hard-drive which in this case would be the soul in the body.  The parasite is what makes the program an "alive interactive personality" - for it is a mind parasite not of the body’s making [made by the Archons an alien force]. This parasite, in our analogy, is like someone you may or not know that is on the internet hacking into your smart phone or tablet and recording your communication and listening in on your most intimate moments with out your knowing, anytime it wants because you are not there… your tablet or in this case your body is left unattended while the personality is running a program of past emotional events and you are not living in the moment being the observer and watching what is going on as someone is clearly using your Smart-phone saying its you and running up large emotional bills for you to pay. We are more likely to pay closer attention to our toys that our own body.

The biological program in the old brain is tuned into an older frequency that evolved it a million years ago creating a body mind consciousness.   Now, millions of years later the body can handle a higher frequency, but it is not tuning into a higher frequency channel at the 4th seal to evolve because there is no observer at the helm to direct it just a program living in the past… so now it is at the mercy of everything in between the first and the third seals (survival, pain and power). These low levels of consciousness, exists outside the body in the energy field around the body and external forces can feed off the body. Until you know who and what you are… you do not realize… who is doing the thinking, that your thoughts are not always your own and that your mind (old Brain) is not your friend.

Now, here is a  question for You, Do you feel sometimes that you say things or words just spill out of your mouth without your knowledge of them until they come out…? And you realize… oh my God, did I just say that!!! Where the hell did that come from!!! I did not mean that, at all… I didn’t know that terrible thing was in there… it came out because I was angry, upset, scared, happy… 

Well, that is the Personality Program at its worst… Now, if we can remember to, in the moment, “feel what we want to say next” and use our conscience as our base of operations, life will become a whole lot easier and we will have more enlightening experiences.

 We have to become more conscious of what we will accept in our lives and that 'this is what we want to experience' to evolve and grow as spiritual beings. This means we do not have a hive mind… [or face-book mind listening to the collective] follow the pack in society with meaningless humdrum lives going nowhere but to death and destruction; but now we lead the pack of self directing individuals learning how to be guided by spirit.

“In each incarnation your image or altered ego [personality program] usurps to throne of god [the invisible spirit] within you and your spirit as the silent witness records this on your soul… in each and every incarnation. Hence, endless reincarnations  until we surrender our logic, our primitive old brain desires of power and control to a nameless silent witness that guides us in times of trouble and weakness, taking control and healing the body and mind. All genius, creativity, loves and true miracles comes from this being and not from the personality”. The personality does not create anything… it has a monkey see monkey do program of steal and perfect products and programs… no thing original… only duplication.

From the Noetic Science of the Mystery Schools, {mind parasite not of the body’s making} Archons... an alien force that intrudes subliminally upon the human mind and deviates our intelligence away from its proper and sane applications… Hence, Archons are psycho-spiritual parasites. As inorganic entities of two types, embryonic and reptilian, Working through telepathy and suggestion, the Archons attempt to deviate us from our proper course of evolution. Our capacity to discern alien forces working in our minds is crucial to survival and co-evolution with Gaia. By recognizing and repelling the Archons, we claim our power, define our boundaries in the cosmic framework, and establish our purpose relative to Gaia, the indwelling intelligence of the planet. In Gnostic psychology, The Term Archon: From Greek archai, "origins, beginning things, prior in time." the plural, Archons, is often translated in Gnostic texts as "the Authorities." See The Elohim…  the Nephilim… {Annunaki… the gods who came down from above} Zacharia Sitchin… the 12th planet…

The program that your personality come comes with and builds upon has a limited set of instructions of behavior patterns and ideals to live by. These are based on the understanding of right and wrong of ancient gods that have judged us since antiquity.  Our genetic lineage from our ancestors bears witness to the pain, suffering and guilt of our emotional body and lack of self worth.  It is easy to see it[ the program] jump out and attack our very beingness every time we have a moment in the Now of creativity, inspiration, pure selfless love and joy for others with no personal gain, this little devil criticizes every aspect  of our innate beingness, this light that shines behind our eyes, this essence that everyone falls in love with, “this little devil of a program” condemns us until the light  dims once more and we are put in our place, for who do we think we are, trying to strive beyond our station in life as worthless sinners in the eyes of the Lord.

Have you ever wondered who this god is from antiquity that all religions talk about the “Elohim”, the gods? (Referred to in the Bible…the name is plural meaning gods). From myth and legend, we hear of the gods, and are given wonderful ideals (idols) to live by in our personality program seem in any astrological chart… attributes of the gods, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus Neptune, Pluto and many others. [The Elohim, the Nephilim, the gods by many different names].

 These beings make up the very foundation of the personality program we possess… telling us who and what we are and how we should behave to please the ancient gods. Most people have lost the reason why they are the way they are. They just run the program without any actual forethought or consciousness and play the game they think they have to without any awareness. It takes a being of self-worth and consciousness from within to brake this cycle of unconscious behavior, to be real and make different choices based on its own understanding of the world, its own experience and its own wisdom gained. Rare beings have done these things… spiritual warriors throughout history. We can see the truth in their sayings, and yet, we repeat these sayings after 2500 years without creating anything new. However, most of the society still lives by religious belief systems conjecture, theories, and ideas that cannot be proven beyond the original thesis. No one has the courage to stand up and give another plausible answer without being ridiculed by his peers and losing his self-worth that comes from outside of himself.

To be Conscious- knowledge-with

To rise above our program we have to be conscious… aware and in the moment assessing our world and the people in it. “When we know something together with someone, we experience each other as fully alive and aware and when we do not, we do not entirely accept each other as conscious, or ultimately, as human. The word "conscious" is derived from Latin, meaning having joint or common knowledge with another, in the literal sense, "conscientiae" means, that is, shared knowledge. It is my understanding that when we do not entirely accept each other as conscious, we create war in our minds in "our ignorance of conscientiae" running political/ religious programs of control. We accomplish shared awareness by language and symbols. Shared languages and the true understanding of the meaning of their symbolism enable us fully to experience someone else as fully aware and conscious of our meaning… we have knowledge-with another person… common knowledge to build a great foundation of trust on. Understanding the consciousness of another human being is the foundation of all communications on this planet… and paramount in our "Evolution of Consciousness" as a sentient species. Piously interpreting someone's language and symbols according to our own theological doctrines of the past are “Declarations of War” and a lack of understanding of what the true nature of consciousness really is and a signal to conscious beings that we are just running a program and part of the “Machine that is controlling the world”. If there is not common knowledge among different groups or races of people then there is no consciousness among these people and they must be deemed as ignorant and animal like… no sentience just mammals ready for shearing. Consciousness is an ascending and descending scale of frequencies like the electromagnetic spectrum… from Hertzian-radiation [our physical plane of dense matter] at the bottom to Gamma-radiation and infinite unknown radiation at the top that all sentient species of all galaxies use to travel on… a consciousness highway of communication making known the unknown in the universe.


Now, this is the main root of the age old battle in society, however this battle is not fought on an ancient battle field. This is the battle of programmed ignorance of superstitious mammals over the awakening consciousness of an evolving sentient being. In the beginning… it is one that starts out in the mind of an evolving being, a new sentient species… this is the battle of Good and Evil… and is fought in mind of one who is rising above his animal instincts and is now becoming a conscious human being… wrestling with his many attitudes… his many needs as an animal and his many greed’s as a semi-conscious being fighting for an uncertain future. The battle between good and evil is the battle between two conflicting systems or programs in one body.


In 5 billion years of life since life began we are the 1st species to be created with two alive opposing processes… an animal instinct and a conscious mind like a god at the same time… both battling for survival.[imagine a hungry big bad wolf with a conscious reasoning mind looking at it’s new prey… the chase and capture would be 10 times more satisfying… it give a whole new meaning to the story of little Red-Riding-hood” and probably the reason for so many more psychopaths now in society and in business]. Mother Nature did not do this… not in the billions of creatures that have been created since the beginning did any evolve with extreme differences only to destroy itself over and over [this is the Reason and essence of the modern day psychopath or serial killer].

This battle is fought between the Personality, the program that runs the primitive animal and his Conscience which is connected to his heart and soul, the spiritual being hidden inside the body and new conscious mind. His conscience originates from the energy field of the spirit-within… the cosmic glue that holds your cells and all the atoms of all those cells together.

In the photo... Is the Nephilim king Anu holding the symbolic Holy grail of a bloodline he created.

Although spirit inhabits all creatures on all planets in all dimensions and evolves them all to a point of evolution, it naturally takes control over the body and the animal nature is subdued to a point where it surrenders naturally… however, here with our evolution… spirit is trapped. This was not natural and happened when Homo erectus was matted with the missing link in our evolution… a.k.a the Nephilim… the Gods who came down from above. The unique problem that exists is that Spirit is trapped in an aggressive animal body… with an active conscious mind but it is locked out of the command center of the brain, the bridge between the to halves and the frontal lobe… it needs to reprogram this being from millions of years of biological programs in its evolution.  The problem exists in the Old Brain of Homo Erectus [3million years old]… this is a primitive organ and is the heart center of our personality program and more importantly… it is the battle bridge of the brain… our “fight or flight” brain, our survival brain… and is also called the reptilian brain because it is still present in reptiles today. It exists as a direct result of the basic evolutionary process and is still concerned only with our survival as it has been for millions of years.


“Much evidence now indicates that the Old Reptilian Brain is the main switch in determining what sensory inputs will go to the new brain… and what decisions will be accepted.” The Old Reptilian Brain ultimately controls what you think… it runs the personality program 24/7 if it can. It makes split-second decisions Old Brain, by design… is extremely selfish because its own survival is paramount to all else. The personality program is a sophisticated play-back device… The subconscious mind in the deep recesses of the brain is connected to and uses the personality and it is "an interactive programmable autopilot program" that can navigate the vehicle without the observation or awareness of the pilot… the conscious mind… it[the subconscious mind] is not a seat of reasoning or creative consciousness… it is strictly a stimulus-response device. When an environmental signal is perceived… the subconscious mind reflexively activates a previously stored behavioral response… no thinking required and the personality plays it backward or forward. The moment you lapse in your "Now moment of Consciousness", as the observer, the subconscious mind will automatically engage and play its previously recorded experience-based programs. We record all our experiences this way in life and after only 3 times… an experience becomes a habit and the 3 million year old stimulus-response device adds this new habit to its program “no thinking required”.[ the lights are on but there is nobody home…. Nobody in the pilot’s seat].


Hence, we are caught in a primitive battle of good and evil between Animal and Spirit on this planet but we, by our very nature are spiritual beings having a human experience, trapped in animal bodies… becoming domesticated Sheeple living a materialist reality. There is a process to unlocking to old brain and rewiring the new brain to access the command center at the bridge of the brain using… the conscious mind and the Analogical function connected to the heart and soul and the feeling nature of the body. We will learn more about this later as a spiritual warrior.

If we compare the brain mass of other mammals to that of the first homo-sapiens... Homo-Erectus Nephilimus...[missing-link]  we see that our brain mass is 3x the size of other mammals at the same stage of development… this occurred 300,000 years ago. We as a species were mixed with the missing link in our evolution and propelled us at an  evolution level… “3 million years into our future”… of our natural evolution where we would have unwound our two incompatible natures and evolved naturally. This analysis of our species is the conclusion of Zacharia Sitchin author of the 12th planet and many other… one of only 5 people on the planet able to read the ancient Sumerian scrolls where this wisdom comes from. The overall analysis of our problem is mine in my research of a science of spirit. This personality program was set in place to control both the animal and the conscious “god like being” inside and limit both. The dream of those that manipulated our DNA was to create a domesticated, conscious, yet animal like Sheeple, to live in a civilized society controlled by external forces outside of the hands of modern day Sheeple. This sounds like modern day society in all its wonders. However, from the standpoint of the conscious Spiritual being trapped inside an aggressive animal… looking at his options… he becomes a Spiritual Warrior.

Our Personality Program, getting to “know thyself”

The great spiritual warrior in consciousness… James Allen, author, got to know himself, in writing “As A Man Thinketh”, here he says it best, Man is made or unmade by himself… in the armory of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself… he also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace. By the right choice and true application of thought, man ascends to the Divine Perfection… by the abuse and wrong application of thought; he descends below the level of the beast. Between these two extremes are all the grades of character… and man is their maker and master.

All these grades of character exist in each human being… the basic personality program issued to all beings on planet earth is dualistic… positive-negative, right-wrong, male-female, and  it always takes sides in any issue… one half of the mind is on the side of spirit, the other half is on the side of it’s animal instincts and bodily pleasures. The unobserved personality program decides which one is good and which one is bad. The average human being has never been in control of his mind or his body or has ever realized that he needed to be. So it is difficult to communicate with the average person about their thought processes, their personal habits or their personality program. The greater problem we face at this point in time is that everyone’s personality program is running 24/7 on auto-pilot… with no conscious being in the driver’s seat, as spirit is locked out by the program in society because there is no time for inner reflection. Learning who the person behind the mask really is for the average person has always been a stretching of their minds because they are always caught in a 9 to 5 wage slavery program of society that maintains conflicting belief systems that we are taught not to question for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. Few issues in there lives matter more than sex, food and shelter or Monday night football.

 From the perspective of a Science of Spirit in its analysis of our personality program… Man and woman are made by themselves … in the armory of their thoughts… in the present moment and in their focus of past emotions… do they forge the weapons by which to destroy themselves… It is by following the Spirit-within… being the observer that they can fashions the tools with which they build heavenly mansions of joy, strength and peace. It is in their lack of direction in life… living for the body running the personality program 24/7… and living in the past that they descend below the level of the beast. Between these two extremes of an “unconscious personality programmed” and one who is in the now and awake to greater potentials following spirit, are all the grades of character… and man and woman are their maker and master because asleep or awake spirit is there like cosmic glue holding it all together. 

This personality program that we grow into from birth and learn to use as we model our parents in a monkey see, monkey do way… is the totality of our attitudes, interests, behavioral patterns, emotional responses, social roles, and other individual traits that endure over long periods of time… Some of these responses are inherited most are learned responses to experiences in life. Hidden responses  come from our soul experiences and lessons needed to be experienced by the spiritual being in this incarnation… Are we not more than the sum of our parts… the mask we would wear in public to show our best side? The personality is so effective in playing the role of the human being everybody forgets that it is just a mask… a program of previously stored behavioral responses… and that there is a real being behind the mask… We have to continuously remember that we are conscious beings in an evolution of consciousness on this planet and not animals… technological monkeys.  We can see easily that the personality really is a program because all we need to download the program to our smart phones is get “a person of interest’s” time, place and date of birth and we have their basic program… many 100’s of page of data that we can use against them because they do not even know their basic program. And why would we help them anyway… this is a dog eat dog competitive world out there and that is what we are supposed to do… right… Wrong… as that is the beginning of Armageddon… the ending of the world. Right where we are today because we do not know ourselves or our neighbors or more specifically, who is pushing the buttons in our program, when we are not consciousness and aware.  We can easily see the inner workings of the program that gives us our external self-worth; it is called the astrological chart. This give a very good approximation of the internal workings of the analytical mind [of the left brain]… as a framework for interpreting and understanding a… limited linear materialist paradigm… so that we could live a civilized life in society. 


A look inside this limited program is a 12x12 grid-work of personality characteristics… in an unlimited part of the New brain the “Neo-cortex”… defining 12 signs and 12 planets[including the sun and moon]… These are all just attributes of the gods… defining a life of a Demi-god… a lesser god… limiting the potential of a spiritual being having a human experience to a narrow band of body/mind consciousness on planet earth. Our program is limited to a 12 x12 grid  of 144 basic personality characteristics … multiplied by itself gives roughly 20,736 basic aspects of the personality's very finite potential, and we do not even use all of these potentials as the majority of the population stick to the very basic program of looking for food and water… shelter… and sexual reproduction of the species.  These charts have been done since antiquity only for Kings, Queens, and heads of state showing them their gifts… their deficiencies… problems on their path of life and how to govern millions of people by being an example of one of the Demi-gods so that the people can govern their families appropriately. This personality program is instilled in our collective unconscious and in the seeds from our forefathers… it is seen in the night sky as the 12 constellations’ of Aries… Taurus… Gemini… etc. and is the essence of all our pre-historic Mythologies going back to 10’s of 1000’s of years… these are the attitudes that make up our personality program.  


If you just followed your chart and lived the program you could avoid certain things in life that would cause the program to brake down. I see the program as a great way to look at myself and see the emotional body, the specific attitudes that I have to deal with in the moment and the program tells you how to do that. You, the real YOU, the observer, can look at the program that we all take for granted to realize that it is not us. We are greater than the sum of our parts that we are from and the divine spark that animates this body and all others that came before us. We have assumed that these behavior patterns are from divine origins and accept them as our lot in life but nature is not like that, it gives all of its creatures the ability to transcend its environmental obstacles and evolve to a new state of beingness. This ability is contained within an evolutionary Analogical Mind that has been available to all species that have ever lived even the superior one that has killed everything else and is now feeding on its own kind, bringing about its own ultimate end. When we can see the program for itself and its limitations and use its qualities to extricate ourselves from these limited aspects of the program, we can enter an Analogical state of Mind that is not a program but a fluid state of beingness that is forever and has unlimited abilities that can be learned and utilized. It is like your new born son of the god within you, you would nurture your son by giving it all that you know and you would feed it so that it can become mighty and strong  from within to be more powerful than the mighty Hercules of old. This is what the gods of antiquity have been trying to keep us from, this “Analogical unlimited Mind” that even they are envious of.  

 Over the last 6000 years, against the law of evolution (nature) human beings have not evolved with the exception of a very few spiritual warriors. These spiritual warriors came to know themselves, their program and they set themselves free from within without the help support or approval of any external god; heaven help us and it does when called forth from the lord God of my being.

As I grew and learn to master my limitations, my addictions, my physical passions and gained wisdom from the things I learned each and every day I realized that my spiritual image was growing also. It was only in the moments of now, that my awareness of being the observer, that I was aware that there were two separate entities in me, “a body mind consciousness” of fear, hate, anger, sadness, greed and physical passions “that were milked by the program” and an inquisitive Analogical Mind that had no boundaries, no limitations to the experiences I could have, if I let go of my preconceived ideas of how I thought the world was supposed to be i.e. “The Program”.  

This is a symbiotic relationship of a very young evolving species that does not know itself because if it did it would know that the “I am” – “the spiritual being” has all the power of creation… And the other half is “the mini- Me”, the interactive program that carries out all the instructions necessary for life to continue… creating the reality for both I and “mini-Me”. The real problem is that the personality is a duplicate copy of the spiritual being’s characteristics plus all the added unresolved emotional problems and habits that the program uses. Now, by milking these problems out of the body’s energy field… it feeds the astral beings in infra-red and above. This energy is your spiritual life–force… once it is drained out of your body… the body dies… the mini-Me dies… and the Spiritual being having the pathetic human experience goes on to another life in another physical body…  

This energy is spiritual energy that exists on all 7 levels of consciousness.  All spiritual beings use spiritual energy to evolve… all spiritual beings coming from the 1st level evolve to the 7th level of consciousness and oneness with the “ALL-in-all” – the IS. [Because it just is… and always was… no beginning… no ending, just IS].  


  With the knowledge of this spiritual energy I have manifested many great experiences in life and many material possessions that I wanted over the many years and was possessed by them… All the shit that I accumulated began to own me but spirit was in control and my life changed drastically. Many of my friends stayed put and manifested all the money and all the toys they wanted and their toys killed them… their power killed them… their focus on manipulation and control of other people but cancer in their bodies killed them… their greed [they’re god they can have as much as they want] Killed them. What I did not realize was that once I cracked the cosmic egg and was exposed to the Power of Spirit… Spirit was not limited to material reality… the illusion we live under in society… It was not limited to death of a human body because it composed the very atoms that made up the cells in that body and was the life-force of the body. However it gave the body-mind conscious human “free will” to be ignorant and stupid focusing on the past emotional problems that… “sucked up the life-force energy” rather than “just being in the moment” living it’s evolutionary path with Spirit. Human free-will manifested in listening to other blind self-proclaimed gods that told it that it was an animal, a sinner in their eyes and a slave to its own vises that the gods lavished on to the sinner.  I realized that my only sin was focusing on  money… an illusion, a single mode of communication of purely material beings that limited their consciousness to extremely finite and ignorant ideals that Spirit had No need for
Spirits job was to teach the body of a greater reality with it and purify it in the crucible of life, like an alchemist would purify lead and turn it into Gold… this is the real alchemy of life… purifying the toxic lead of an ignorant superstitious animal into a pure energy of a conscious spiritual being having a human experience with spirit at the Helm and the personality subservient observing Nature in all her glory. This I learned was the ultimate goal of the human animal programmed with a personality that living in the moment it learned to evolve day by day to the next level of experience all the way home to the invisible spirit… and a new beginning. From the standpoint of the growing consciousness of Spiritual being trapped inside an aggressive human animal… looking at his options… and counting his pearls of wisdom he becomes a Spiritual Warrior in body mind and spirit... discovering the hidden truths of all the Spiritual Warriors and Ascended Masters that came before him and he remembers, … Thoth, Hermes, Horus, Ack-Men-Rah studying their process. The Spiritual Warrior learns all he can about the animal body… the personality program and the spirit-within that is trapped. 

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 Find your Spiritual Path within… through a Science of Spirit… you are not your personality but a forgotten god: spirit-within...

Learn How to get an MS–Dos Upgrade of your Brain and your Emotional Personality Program… to an evolutionary Spiritual program… [A New You] learn how to Down Load it to your Subconscious Mind and Frontal lobe…  learn how to turn it Off & On… so that you may live in the Now Moment of Analogical Awareness connected to Spirit…  

The Good News is You can learn to secure your Brain…debug… defrag… and get rid of the spyware… that has plagued you and society for a millennium… with worn-out programs, belief systems, religious dogma and political agendas. 

By installing a Spiritual program... one that is subservient to Spirit... with you at the command center... You take control of your life in the now moment as an observer...

If you like what you have read get the updated E-book, Science of Spirit: expanded to 675 pages.

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Robert Donald Tonelli, Author Science of Spirit


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