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              Milk of the Gods: ORMEs Clustered Water Supplement

 Milk of the Gods Clustered Water Supplement-

What it will do for you:

By Neurotech Research

Excerpts from, "Decoding the Philosophers Stone: Milk of the Gods: an Alchemists Bible of Monoatomic Elements..." a Newly republished book  by Robert Donald Tonell


 Milk of the Gods provides:

Cellular Hydration

Calm from Emotional overwhelm

Promotes focus / grounding

Enhances the effects of all nutrients

Enhances muscular activity by removing lactic acid and toxic residue

Neutralizes low electrical level overload

Life Force

Executive stress / burnout

Stress driven body malfunction

Plastic detoxifier

Slows the aging process

Drinking alkaline ionized water:

Research in Japan since the 1950s and testimonials from Health Care Practitioners and clients

indicate the following conditions have been improved from drinking alkaline ionized water:
• Arthritis • Obesity • High Blood Pressure • Heartburn • Diabetes • Common colds • Poor Circulation • Chronic fatigue • Migraines • Psoriasis • Hangovers • Kidney Stones • Indigestion • Nausea • Stress • Infrequent Urination • Body

 There are a number of vital functions which water performs for the human body. Such as:

Detoxification of the body.

Slows down the aging process through proper hydration.

Playing a key role in the metabolic reaction.

Formation and excretion of sweat.

Lowering the toxin levels.

Bringing alertness to the mind.

Allowing body fluids to flow effectively.

Saliva and gastric secretions help digest food.

Adjustment of the body's temperature and reducing body heat

Aligning blood pressure of the brain to keep in sync with the blood pressure.

Throughout the body, water lubricates joints and cushions organs and tissues.

Odor • Osteoporosis • Drug Addiction • Leg cramps • Muscle aches • Water retention

What it will do for you:

84 bio-available Ionic Trace Minerals of Himalayan Crystal Salt

Raised alkalinity for balanced pH

Added electrolytes for energy

Reduced surface tension for rapid cellular absorption

Higher antioxidant values to remove toxins and wastes

Enhanced vibration / Frequency features

with Monoatomic Elements in a High spin state

 Himalayan Crystal Salt added to the milk :

Mined by hand from the Himalayan Mountains

Over 250 million year old deposits

84 macro/micro minerals

Manifests energy, life force, consciousness

Double blind studies confirm bio-energetic qualities

 Clustered Water is the base

Clustered Water is a base for Milk of the Gods and is created in the alchemical transformation of the Mono-atomic elements in a negatively ionized alkaline solution. I start with a 5 stage filtering process of our water before it is used then it is solar charged by the sun.

I put amethyst crystals in the glass jugs that are solar charged and enhance the frequency of the crystal by focusing on the ultraviolet blue of the crystal.  The crystal holds the thought form just like the silicon chip in a computer. 

Water imprints the memory of all things it comes in contact to from the mountains to the ocean... from the municipal water supply through the old piping to your tap... So I “show pictures to” our alive water... beautiful scenes in nature and pictures of crystal formations taken by Dr. Masaru Emoto that enhance the crystal cluster formations in the water.

I have played the music of Beethoven and Mozart to increase the beautiful crystaline and cluster formations.  This is all done to recreate the experimental crystal formations that reflects the work Masaru Emoto, has published in his important book, "The Hidden Messages in Water".

I also inscribed 3 Ancient Buddhist / Reiki symbols on the side of the of the glass container which is used to make the Milk of the gods, this also reflects the frequency of these ancient symbols onto the water just like Mr. Emoto’s experiments.  These symbols are more akin to energy patterns like in ancient Sanskrit.  This makes then all the more powerful.  The three symbols used are:

Cho-Ku-Rei Symbolizing God is Here, (counterclockwise)

Sei- He- Ki, Man & God becoming one (alchemically transmutes from dross to gold)

Dai-Ko-Myo - Enlightenment (freed from incarnation and suffering)

These are all Tibetan Buddhist definitions.

After everything is processed and the PH is balanced and stabilized at 9.5 the Himalayan Crystal Salt is added to the mixture making the concentrate a 9% saline solution with, Stabilized Negative Ions of Oxygen and Negative ions of Hydrogen.

This concentrate when added to water (10mil. To a liter in the beginning) creates restructured alkaline water. It is slightly higher pH than the blood thereby relieving the stress on the body to keep your blood pH balanced where it is supposed to be Restructured alkaline water may well be the best element or supplement you can put in Your body!

Classes on the "Sea Water Process" start soon... Book Early space is limited.

 We provide an abundance of information... here for Free so that you may make informed decisions about what you are learning. So that you may ask questions and evolve your own answers as evolutionary beings on agreater path...  

If you are interested in learning how to make the Milk of the Gods Mineral supplements{seawater process}:  Email Rob @

Research test samples start at $60.00 for a 4 oz $100 for an 8oz bottle.


If you are interested in learning how to make the Milk of the Gods Mineral supplement{seawater process}:  Email Rob @ Research test samples start at $60.00 for a 4 oz bottle.


 ...These Classes are all about Conscious Evolution of the Species [the 1% mother Nature needs] This process of making Monoatomic Elements is an important part of taking them... because the student, apprentice or even the Alchemist's desires is to be transformed by the process in consciousness... "Alchemically each time she expresses  her creative ability in making them". For the Alchemist... the passion to evolve and the product of evolution are one.  These processes were taught to us by Alchemist Larry Blackman and his apprentice John Brown... Once you learn the Sea Water Process for making Real Monoatomic Elements taken from the Great Salt Lake... you can learn the fire process directly from the Source... [remember these are real elements tested by the alchemist himself and David Hudson in high levels that have been tested to cure all disease... and You still do not take these by the drop... you start at 10mils and go from there as you become a custom to the energy... these are not homeopathic formulations... nor are they measured in parts per millions or billions like most of the products sold on the internet... You will never evolve doing this the whole point of the exercise is conscious evolution to the next stage...  and not to make a buck of of ignorant Sheeple... (you can get more Mono's or Ormes* from drinking "Seneca Concentrated Grape juice"... a Cabernet wine or fresh organic carrot juice than from these other products at a fraction of the price.)]   This formulation is the real deal where 50% of the elements besides magnesium are stabilized in a chemical(sodium) box the rest is high frequency water. Read the Book, Milk of the Gods to learn all the places you can find ORMEs* and evolve naturally [*Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements]. 

  If you liked what you read and would like to try a  1oz bottle of Milk of the Gods, Mineral Supplement: buy the E-book, Milk of the Gods: Decoding the Philosophers Stone...

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