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 ORMEs Research after David Hudson   

A Confidential Report on M-3 & Sea-8 Mineral Formulas. 

Excerpts from, "Decoding the Philosopher's Stone: Milk of the Gods: an Alchemist's Bible of Monoatomic Elements..." a Newly republished book  by Robert Donald Tonelli

This is copy of a confidential report presented before a group of medical researchers and doctors in July of 1997 on the utilization of the M-3 and the Sea-8 mineral formulas. This is an abridged version, all the names have been removed and the location withheld, to protect the names of the researchers and doctors.

Neurotech Research was given this document by the practicing alchemist in an attempt to set the record straight and make the information public in the book ?The Milk of the Gods? by Robert Donald Tonelli, Published by Neurotech Research.

June 1998

The downfall of David Hudson 

Since the downfall of David Hudson?s business and The Science of the Spirit Foundation, research on the mono-atomic elements have pushed forward and is making great headway. The scientist that David Hudson employed in the late 80?s has been working with us from 1996 to the present. One of my colleagues has worked in the past with David Hudson in an effort to bring the healing benefits of the Monoatomic platinum group elements to the open-minded sector of the medical community. As it turned out, the patents that Hudson applied for did not issue because of the prior registration of patent claims that precisely describe a process for generating Monoatomic elements through low-energy chemical methods. The scientist who is now working with us filed those patents. He entered the University of California at Berkeley at age 16, and earned degrees in inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physics, nuclear physics, astronomy, and electronics. He prefers to remain anonymous at this time in my communications with him for reasons of professional and proprietary confidentiality. As you may well understand this confidentiality is of the utmost importance in these times for anyone endeavoring to bring a powerful alternative medical therapy to the general public.

Originally this scientist was recruited by David Hudson to collaborate with his own efforts in this regard, but found they had distinctly different beliefs as to how these materials should be made accessible to the world. It was this difference of opinion that ultimately led to the formation of our current consortium of which I am one of the practicing alchemists. A corporation of which this scientist appropriately holds the controlling interest is now producing the processes and formulations of these materials.

The processes for production of the Monoatomic platinum group elements are unique from those of David Hudson, and allow for large-scale production from readily available resources at a much lower cost. You will notice that most all of our products are liquid preparations rather than powders. This is possible because our process produces the monoatomic elements in an ionic and colloidal suspension form. This enables 90% greater assimilation, which is a critical factor in the administration of any potent, valuable medicine, and especially in the treatment of the elderly and chronically ill. This consideration may be the explanation for the wide and unpredictable inter-patient variability noted in the administration of David Hudson?s dry powder material. This is the view of the doctors who have worked with our formulations up to this time.

The Monoatomic elements in the dry state are neither soluble in acidic or alkaline media, where the colloidal forms are. The dry form apparently is dependent upon enteric lipid emulsification and micelle formation. As this is an aspect of digestion, which is often susceptible to 
mal-absorption syndromes, our aqueous formulations present considerable advantages for both patient and health care provider. It is worth noting, however, that the colloidal forms of the mono-atomic elements are directly assimilable with the lipid phase, thus they are bio-available sublingually as well.

The Sea-8 and M-3 formulations differ in both formulation and application. In general the Sea- 8 has application primarily to general physiologic and immune concerns (e.g. diabetes, mellitus and environmental allergies), where the M-3 is useful for individuals with serious illness of a genetic, autoimmune, or cellular basis (e.g. SLE, various malignancies, and arthritides). The M-3 also has broad application in the realm of nervous system afflictions and disorders, such as herpes Simplex virus infections, Alzheimer?s disease, and Parkinson?s disease.

The effects of the Monoatomic platinum group elements as combined in our Sea-8 and M-3 preparations in liquid, ionic and colloidal form have not been fully characterized to an extent sufficient for journal publication at this time. Yet, some general statements can be asserted based on our clinical observations thus far:

Iridium ?corrects? the DNA strand conformation via removal of detrimental ligands (i.e. carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide,), which in effect repairs the DNA allowing for restoration of the nascent genetic characteristics.

Rhodium ? We refer to it as the ?undertaker of the cell?. It attaches to the DNA of the damaged cell. If the cell is unable to maintain a high spin state that maintains the energy field around the cell upon which healthy function depends, the rhodium reverts to a diatomic form, which has a cytotoxic effect on the immediate host cell only. The body is then free to produce a new cell, which possesses restored DNA of nascent function capacities.

Gold ? Facilitates and enhances communication centrally and peripherally among nerve cells and to target organs. This effect is also noted in meridian channels and in the endocrine network as well. When these systems fire properly there is an optimization of physiologic efficiency, and as a result, the energy required for general body function is reduced. This energy surplus, if you will, dramatically promotes the reorganization and reconstruction processes involved in healing.

The objectives in our overall program are to trial and develop further the specific application of our mono-atomic preparations directed toward given disease states or illness. In order to accomplish this we seek to engage in collaboration with other doctors and medical researchers in generating and evaluating clinical information in qualified facilities under typical clinical trail settings. Now as in the past, funding for our research in testing has been minimal and totally raised by us so we are also looking for funding. The doctor with whom we have been collaborating with for some months has a background in drug design and development, clinical research and chemistry, and is an adviser to our board. He has shared some of his observations of his medical treatments; among them are the following as a reference.

Administration of Sea-8 formula: 1-2.5 ml p.o. BID x 1 week, to increase gradually to 2.5 ?5 ml p.o. BID x12 weeks.

Administration of M-3 formula: 1ml p.o. QD x1 week, to increase gradually to 2 ml p.o.TID x 12 weeks. For administration by eyedropper, a conversion factor of 12 drops =2 ml may be used. To note: very vivid dreams may occur, as well as a decreased sleep requirement experienced as a mild insomnia. Dosage adjustments may be made to relieve these symptoms should they be contraindicated or intolerable for any particular individual.

M-3 administration should be initiated only after a minimum of two weeks on the Sea-8 except in those cases deemed by a doctor or medical researcher in their clinical judgment to be of a critical or urgent status that necessitates aggressive intervention. As a general rule, the doctors have suggested preferentially that the course of treatment be no more aggressive than the course of the illness. It is best that the patient use a weekend for transition to the M-3 medication to avoid unnecessary disturbance of a patients work responsibilities.

As repairs and new cells are being made by the body, fatigue and food cravings will most likely manifest during the course of treatment. Heightened activity stemming from repairs to the body and nervous system may also produce occasional symptoms of relative hyperactivity or hyper-somnolence lasting several hours.

The ionic and colloidal Sea-8 formula is approximately ten (10) times more potent in the body than a crystalline powder, by virtue of its greater access to assimilation. The colloidal and ionic M-3 is approximately 20 times more potent by virtue of the fact that it contains higher concentrations of the three aforementioned Mono-atomic elements.

Administration of the Sea-8 should continue after remission as a method for maintaining the body?s supply of M-state, or until a suitable end point can be established.

General precautions to be observed during administration and handling of the formulas are as follows:

All formulations should be taken on an empty stomach to aid in assimilation. Ingestion one hour before food intake or two hours afterwards are the standard recommendation.

Shake the preparation well before each use as the M- State materials tend to settle to the bottom.

The formulas should be refrigerated after opening to avoid bacterial contamination.

The formulas should be kept shielded from all light as ultraviolet frequencies destroy the M-State in the formula.

Do not freeze as this will reduce the formula to its crystalline form, and decrease its assimilation in the body by 90%.

Do not take the formula in conjunction with any sulphur drugs or compounds including MSM. Sulphur destroys the M-state.

Avoid irradiation of the formulations since it is destructive to the M-state. Patients undergoing radiation therapy may therefore have limited or no success.

Other courses of chronic medical therapy should be weaned where indicated rather than being suddenly terminated.

Avoid hydrocarbon and other environmental contamination especially the nitrous oxides which also destroy the M-state immediately.

Decreasing the food intake will dramatically affect the benefits of the formula but should not be attempted in severe cases where nutritional support is necessary for reconstruction of the body tissues.

Continued use of the M-3 after remission will result in certain physiological and psychological effects which may provoke extreme anxiety on the part of the patient. We recommend that if the M-3 is used for purposes other that for relief of disease symptoms that any such plan be discussed with us most thoroughly and with the patient before proceeding as there is specific counseling, which will be necessary for both patient and provider.

This topic leaves room for numerous discussions and further trial on your part should your group be so inclined. We do know that physically the body tends to take on a more youthful character and appearance, and certain neural, endocrine, and psychic phenomena have been demonstrated to scientific observers in individuals on sustained and supervised courses of administration. Patients have, for example, also noticed increased clarity of vision and thinking processes as a direct benefit of taking these formulas. 

Since these formulas are mineral products and not an organic product we would hope that there will be little resistance in the beginning to any use of the formulas since it is a generally accepted medical theory that minerals are not directly involved in the metabolic processes but work in conjunction with other food supplements. Though we have proven this theory to be erroneous, based upon our own results, the misinformation associated with this theory will give us ample lead time to establish clinical results regarding safety and effectiveness of the formulas. We hope that once the truth of this matter is discovered in general by the medical profession it will be too late to prevent its continued use.

 M-3 Gold Mineral Supplement is made from magnetic black sand in a sodium burn which alchemically releases mono-atomic elements in the process, and is unique in form and function. The elongated nuclei (2:1 height/weight ratio) of mono-atomic elements allowing for a high spin state, along with internal paired electrons, makes them bio-superconductors. Monoatomic gold (allows a flow of energy thru the body with little or no resistance and that light continues to flow, even without any additional external potential) is a solution containing Rhodium, Iridium, and Gold in their mono-atomic state. The concentrate is dispensed in 1 oz. brown bottles.                                                                                     

Sea-8 Mineral Supplement is made from the Great Salt Lake Sea Water alchemically releasing mono-atomic elements using a sodium hydroxide solution. The magnesium allows for a great healing in the body as most people are deficient in magnesium and can be used as a precursor to M-3, but it is not as potent as M-3.  It comes in 8 oz. brown bottles consisting of Magnesium hydroxide, clustered water, Rhodium, Iridium, Gold, Copper, palladium, Silver, Cobalt, Ruthenium in a trace mineral drop base.                   

Dead Sea M-1 Gold Mineral Supplement -  Salt crystals acquired from the Dead Sea are re-hydrated then processed alchemically to stabilize, separate and finally precipitate out organically derived M-1 gold on a heavy magnesium laden solution. This solution is then reworked again to isolate the substance known as M-1 Gold. This is termed ?a beginners? M-1 material.                                                     

Dead Sea Mud M-1 Gold  Actual mud acquired from the Dead Sea floor is hydrated, washed, dried to a hard cake, ground to a powder and then fired alchemically to unlock the bound M-1 Gold present. It is then soluted, stabilized and precipitated thus isolating the organically derived material known as M-1 gold. This material is an intermediate material and should be used with care.

M-1 Metallic Gold - made from Bullion. This material is never to be sold. We will, however teach one to craft this substance, and all the substances listed here. Crafting of silver and copper from bullion also covered in these multiple part learning sessions. If this is of interest? contact us for further information.

Bi-Crystaline Powdered Red Wine is painstakingly crafted from Red Wine utilizing an old Alchemical process described in the 17th century by John French. This process allows stabilization, separation and finally precipitation of organically derived minerals in a unique bi-crystalline mass. (4 sided pyramid + 4 rayed star pattern) The masses are then ground so as to be consumed either by itself or added to a glass of red wine and allowed to set. Wine is then drunk in a toast fashion. This material, if used with consciousness, is truly amazing.  It can turn a $10.00 bottle of wine into a $100.00 bottle of wine.   

  If you are interested in learning how to make the Milk of the Gods Mineral supplement:  Email Rob @ Research test samples start at $60.00 for a 4 oz bottle.

Classes on the "Sea Water Process" start soon... 

 ...The process of making Monoatomic Elements is an important part of taking them because
the student, apprentice or even the Alchemist's desires is to be transformed by the process in consciousness... alchemically each time she expresses  her creative ability in making them. For the Alchemist... the passion to evolve and the product of evolution are one.  These processes were taught to him by alchemist Larry Blackman and his apprentice John Brown... Once you learn the water process for making real monoatomic elements taken from the Great Salt Lake... you can learn the fire process directly from the source... [remember these are real elements tested  by the alchemist himself in high levels that have been known to cure all disease... and You still do not take these by the drop... you start at 10mils and go from there as you become a custom to the energy... these are not homeopathic formulations... nor are they measured in parts per millions or billions like most of the products sold on the internet... You would never evolve at that point...  (you can get more monos or Ormus from drinking "Seneca Concentrated Grape juice"... a Cabernet wine or fresh organic carrot juice than from these other products at a fraction of the price.)]   This formulation is the real deal where 30% of the elements besides magnesium are stabilized in a chemical(sodium) box. Read the Book, Milk of the Gods to learn all the places you can find ORMES [ orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements]. 

If you liked what you saw and would like a   1oz bottle of Milk of the Gods, Mineral Supplement: buy the  Book, Milk of the Gods: Decoding the Philosophers Stone...

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