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Nutritional Forces Create an "Evolution of Consciousness" 

"We now know that the purpose of evolution is to produce Consciousness of Higher and Higher Order. The universe is a teaching and machine learning. Its purpose is to know itself?- Itzhak Bentov, "Stalking the Wild Pendulum ".

   Nutrition & Evolution

From the New Science of Spirit Wellness Seminars and workshops we learn... why Nutrition and Evolution, is so important and look at how we have responded to nutritional forces over the last 200,000 years on an evolutionary scale? and how the available nutrients in a body actually determine how all living forms are able to develop genetically and evolve physically.  Even more so Now? as an "Evolution of Consciousness reaches an Omega Point in Time" in just a few years and dictates where? and in which direction evolution should take? based on all the available data ? at the time of the climax of the Omega Point. The consciousness of Gaia in relationship to all species? even Sheeple will determine which species will develop further and evolve and, which will be terminated..

The world's population is ignorant of the "Art of Transmutation of the Flesh into Spirit"?true Alchemy. They buy whatever the Media? the Politicians? and their Religious dogmas tell them to buy? think? or do as good Sheeple should in a grain based society. Today, "Consumers" are sold artificial and processed foods by General Foods? medical opinions by actors on television working for pharmaceutical companies? political viewpoints and religious philosophies? all to sell a product at a profit. It is up to the consumer to do his own research? and studies to get all the pertinent information and truth to save himself from the corporate salesman.   It is the "Salesman's duty in our corporate society to use Neuromarketing" to sell to the old brain without the knowledge of the Ignorant Consumer. The salesmen are seen as the Corporate Dogs of the sheep herder? [Corporations] molding consumer attitudes and reactions. The sheep herder would never consult with the sheep on what to do with them. It is important for the consumer to awake up and be conscious? by removing his sheep's clothing? and accepting responsibility for his own evolution and creating his own reality.

Any real evolution of the human being has to come from within, from his spiritual awareness, an aspect of the spirit within? and not its personality. This is the true nature of evolution, to produce consciousness of a higher order? it is also an aspect of true spiritual evolution, as consciousness and energy are inextricably combined? the evolution of consciousness is the evolution of a spiritual force or awareness. This can also be seen in nature and all life? as all matter is made of a spiritual force of consciousness created by Gaia over 16 billion years.

Most people in society are a product of their political/religious environment and are seen in a good and bad duality of life for specific reasons. They are manufactured Sheeple? consumers of artificially processed foods? goods and services for religious/political marketing ideas? in a profit oriented global society. They are also easily taken advantage of for specific religious/political marketing ideas? to mold specific society's to specific ends? that have little benefit to the people of that society and nothing to do with any real Gods. These Sheeple exist in a "body-mind conscious state" of manufactured ignorance by their overseers "a think-tank marketing faction of the Military-Industrial-Complex" that sets the stage to manipulate different? religious/political factions and government in our global society. This is done for our benefit to stimulate growth for the engines of commerce? so that we competitive Sheeple can get rich playing the "Money Game" in a "free market society for corporations".

It is for this reason that I feel? of all the problems we face as a collective species in the context of the timing of the evolution of consciousness? in how far we have come and which direction we are heading? a quote from the book, ?Nutrition and Evolution? is the most revealing about life on earth. Authors Michael Crawford and David Marsh in researching the truth in nutritional health as it pertains to millions of years of the evolution of human beings, state:

?If our species arrived in its present form by ?millions of years? response to nutritional forces, then the sudden change in the last century or so to artificial and processed foods, wildly imbalanced nutritionally, is the most widespread experiment ever performed, with most of the human race as both experimenters and illness-ridden guinea pigs.?

Michael Crawford, PhD, is the Director of the Institute of Brain Development and Human Nutrition in London, England and is the lead author of Nutrition and Evolution. He contends that the food we eat is the driving force of evolution. When life began, there was no question of scarcity:

?When water finally condensed, the beginning of life was in hot pools with an unbelievable richness of chemicals ? not a struggle for survival. Two-thirds of the planet is covered with water?.

Michael Crawford believes that Human evolution developed on the seashores of all the oceans and inland seas through out the ages and that development could not have occurred in a nutritional environment that was depleted or even poor in trace elements such as iodine. He believes there is something wrong about the conventional wisdom of human evolution having occurred in central Africa. He states:

?Rhinoceros at age four weigh a ton and that they have an incredible rate of physical growth. However, the brain for this huge animal is only the size of a human fist. In contrast human development and more importantly brain development had an unbelievable richness of chemicals and nutrients for the brain.?

They believe we can see the difference in human development in third world countries today ? in inland areas of India and China and Indonesia, Iodine is deficient? where there are one and a half million children mentally retarded due to iodine deficiency.

Crawford and Marsh state, "The food we eat is fundamentally important for the evolution of the human brain. In fact, without food that supplies adequate amounts of certain long-chain fatty acids, our brains could not possibly develop. Since food is so common? as well as being universal?we often forget that the available nutrients actually determine how all living forms are able to develop. In this regard, Charles Darwin wrote in The Origin of Species about essential ?conditions?: . .  The available nutrients actually determine how all living forms are able to develop?.

To support this argument Michael Crawford states that we have evidence that ?Five written languages all developed beside water?, where there is the greatest abundance of nutrients necessary for the nervous system, the brain and the heart to develop. In his book, he states that we have manipulated and destroyed many of the nutrients that are necessary for the brain, the nervous system, and the heart. The brain needs lipid (fat), not protein, nor minerals. The brain is 60 percent fats. Its very special kinds of fat are predominantly docasahexanoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid, which are the longest-chain essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids respectively. In summary, ?without DHA and associated trace elements that are protective, cerebral expansion in Homo sapiens was impossible?.

He goes on to say, ?Evolution is not stopping. Recent increases in protein consumption have resulted in remarkable increases in height in just one or two generations.? For those that think that evolution has stopped 50,000 years ago for the human being guess again.

In human development? no part of the body evolves without a use?the unused part of the brain has been sitting dormant until someone learns how to turn it on [ the other 90%] possibly through the understanding, development, and use of concentrated nutritional products developed for the brain. We know very little about the brain, how it works, how gifted people can do what they do, yet the brain has continued to evolve and is now the last frontier in neuroscience research.  

Paleolithic Nutrition and Evolution:

Let us go back over 200,000 years to see how far off course we are? for a "Paleolithic Nutritional History" lesson and look a little deeper into our past for a greater understanding of nutritional forces and what we need to do to change it. In an article by Ashton Embry called ?Paleolithic Nutrition?, he says that, ?The Paleolithic period lasted from about 200,000 years ago to about 12,000 years ago and was characterized by a hunter and gatherer lifestyle for humans. During this time, the food supply consisted almost exclusively of lean wild meats, fish, vegetables, and fruits. These provided all the nutrients necessary for a very active lifestyle, which involved far more exercise than our current way of living. Most importantly, because humans slowly adapted to this food supply over 2,000,000 years, the human genome was very compatible with all the various types of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and micro-nutrients found in these foods as well as various anti-nutrients that the plants and animals evolved to discourage their consumption. Thus it is very unlikely that the normal constituents of the food supply (excluding bacteria, etc.) would have caused any common biochemical malfunctions (ie., disease) because those not compatible with such foods would have been naturally selected from the gene pool over the hundreds of thousands of years this food supply was consumed. Thus, a diet of lean meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables is now considered to represent a Paleolithic Diet, and such a diet is basically that? to which humans are genetically adapted.

With the rapid increase of the human population and a consequent dwindling of the standard foods, humans added new foods to their diet and these included grains (cultivated grass seed) and milk and meat products from domesticated animals. This change to a ?grow your own? food supply of the agricultural revolution began about 12,000 years ago in the Middle East and slowly spread westward, reaching Scandinavia and the British Isles about 6,000 years ago.?

From another article by William R. Leonard called, ?Dietary change was a driving force in human evolution?, he wrote, ?Scientific interest in the evolution of human nutritional requirements has a long history. However, relevant investigations started gaining momentum after 1985, when S. Boyd Eaton and Melvin J. Konner of Emory University published a seminal paper in the New England Journal of Medicine entitled...

?Paleolithic Nutrition?. They argued that the prevalence in modern societies of many chronic diseases?  obesity, hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes, among them? is the consequence of a mismatch between modern dietary patterns and the type of diet that our species evolved to eat as prehistoric hunter-gatherers. Since then, however, understanding of the evolution of human nutritional needs has advanced considerably? thanks in large part to new comparative analyses of traditionally living human populations and other primates? and a more nuanced picture has emerged. We now know that humans have evolved not to subsist on a single, Paleolithic diet but to be flexible eaters, an insight that has important implications for the current debate over what people today should eat in order to be healthy. We must remember that to appreciate the role of diet in human evolution, the search for food, and its consumption? and, ultimately, how it is used for biological processes are all critical aspects of an organism's ecology. The energy dynamic between organisms and their environments? that is, energy expended in relation to energy acquired? has important adaptive consequences for survival and reproduction. These two components of Darwinian fitness are reflected in the way we divide an animal's energy budget. Maintenance energy is what keeps an animal alive on a day-to-day basis. Productive energy, on the other hand, is associated with producing and raising offspring for the next generation.? Michael Crawford?s states, in the book ?Nutrition and Evolution?.

?From a nutritional perspective, what is extraordinary about our large brain is how much energy it consumes? roughly 16 times as much as muscle tissue per unit weight. Yet although humans have much bigger brains relative to body weight than do other primates (three times larger than expected), the total resting energy requirements of the human body are no greater than those of any other mammal of the same size. We therefore use a much greater share of our daily energy budget to feed our voracious brains. In fact, at rest brain metabolism accounts for a whopping 20 to 25 percent of an adult human's energy needs.?

In an article that appeared in the European journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2002, called, ?The paradoxical nature of hunter-gatherer diets: Meat based, yet non-atherogenic? from ?Field studies of 20th century hunter-gatherers (HG)?, by L Cordain, SB Eaton, J Brand Miller, N Mann, K Hill, showed them to be generally free of the signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Consequently, the characterization of HG diets may have important implications in designing therapeutic diets that reduce the risk for CVD in westernized societies. Based upon limited ethnographic data (n = 58 HG societies) and a single quantitative dietary study, it has been commonly inferred that gathered plant foods provided the dominant energy source in HG diets. In this review the authors have analyzed the 13 known quantitative dietary studies of HG and demonstrate that animal food actually provided the dominant (65%) energy source, while gathered plant foods comprised the remainder (35%). This data is consistent with a more recent, comprehensive review of the entire ethnographic data (n = 229 HG societies) that showed the mean subsistence dependence upon gathered plant foods was 32%, whereas it was 68% for animal foods. Other evidence including: isotopic analyses of Paleolithic hominid collagen tissue, reductions in hominid gut size, low activity levels of certain enzymes, and optimal foraging data all point toward a long history of meat based diets in our species. Because increasing meat consumption in western diets is frequently associated with increased risk for CVD mortality,it is seemingly paradoxical that HG societies, who consume the majority of their energy from animal food, have been shown to be relatively free of the signs and symptoms of CVD.

We can see that if we began to look at ourselves in the mirror closely and began to shed our sheep?s clothing that we genetically are more digestively? like wolves in the beginning of our Hunter Gatherer lifestyle (HG) consuming (65%) animal food? [ dietary studies of HG and demonstrate that animal food actually provided the dominant (65%) energy source, while gathered plant foods comprised the remainder (35%).]?

This idea brings a new ring to being a wolf in sheep?s clothing? the real nature of one of Gaia?s children is surfacing as to who we really are and where we came from? and why the so called powers that be have kept our true nature a secret? as they would not have been able to control us so easily. In our ancient history the wolf was probably mans best friend? eventually transformed into the modern dog? and look how we treat him? is it any wonder that we feed him a 65% grain diet, from the multi-billion dollar animal food industry? similar to our own food industry in society?s 90% carbohydrate diet. A carnivore? a meat eater eating grain? No wander it cost so much to raise a pet these days in society.

Stone Agers: Living in the Fast Lane

Chronic Degenerative Diseases in an Evolutionary Perspective from Pub, Med: From a genetic standpoint, humans living today are Stone Age hunter-gatherers displaced through time to a world that differs from that for which our genetic constitution was selected. Unlike evolutionary mal-adaptation, our current discordance has little effect on reproductive success; rather it acts as a potent promoter of chronic illnesses: atherosclerosis, essential hypertension, many cancers, diabetes mellitus, and obesity among others. These diseases are the results of interaction between genetically controlled biochemical processes and a myriad of bio-cultural influences - lifestyle factors - that include nutrition, exercise, and exposure to noxious substances. Although our genes have hardly changed, our culture has been transformed almost beyond recognition during the past 10,000 years, especially since the Industrial Revolution. There is increasing evidence that the resulting mismatch fosters ?diseases of civilization? that together cause 75 percent of all deaths in Western nations, but that are rare among persons whose life?  reflect those of our pre-agricultural ancestors.

We may be on the brink of an evolutionary disaster equal to that of Neanderthal man when we realize how far off-course we are physical? emotionally and nutritionally. If we understand Charles Darwin?s theory correctly about ?essential conditions?? that the available nutrients actually determine how all living forms are able to develop?? we need to change what we eat to feed the brain, or we are doomed? to an animal's life as Sheeple. Darwin also stated that it is not the most intelligent that survives or the fittest but the one most responsive to change. The Imperial College, London's research demonstrates what many -- from X Files stalwarts to UFO fanatics -- have long claimed: We are not alone. Specifically, the human genome does not carry enough information on its own to determine key elements of our own biology

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