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Investigating the Primary of Consciousness over Matter showing an Acceleration of Human Evolution moving from a Catapillar to a Butterfly  

finding the Spirit-within  in a state of Bioelectrical Wellness using High-Spin Monoatomic Trace Minerals .

Neurotech Research Consciousness Exploration & Spiritual Development
Great Spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds.The latter cannot understand it when a person does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses their intelligence. - Albert Einstein.

An Introduction To Neurotech Research: Consciousness  Exploration & Spiritual Development: We Write, do Lectures, Seminars, Consulting & Publish a Unique set of Books, on the latest Research of Mind, Meditation & Banking. We Market & distribute our Milk of the Gods Mineral Water? while Evolving life back to Bioelectrical water-based Energy Beings using High-spin Monoatomic Trace Minerals? ?Ormes? & Sungazing at dawn. Teaching the student to want & need only 1 small meal a day, tripling Your lifespan (as seen in monkey trials). Human Evolution is an Electrical Experience with Conscious life with the ability to live over 200 years feeling forever Young. We are in the Information Business: Educating People on Electrical Nutrition & Vibrational Medicine in a Science of Spirit in a Materialistic Society

Our Unified Field Theory states that, Consciousness and matter are inextricably combined or linked, emerging as a sequence of events that science calls logically distinct, occasions of experience. These experiences are progressively connected to a "society" of events where human ?creativity is the absolute principle of existence. ? These events are tuned to a mind of genius an Analogical state of mind connected to source consciousness. 
In this view, the universe is not made of things or particles. In this quantum physical view, the universe is not made of things or particles. It is a process of ?Conscious/energy Evolving life?, that is made up of events that create physical reality. The cosmos is never static, but always dynamic, it is not a state of being, but a continual process or sequence of events and occurrences that have been taking place since the Big Bang. 
This event that gives rise to mind and matter is called the ?quantum space time geometry?. In the Vedic traditions they called it Brahman, the underlying ground of being, in layman?s terms You can call it, the Invisible Spirit.

In Summary, we  reject the idea of separate and unchanging bits of matter as the most basic building blocks of materialist reality of Newtonian Physics, in favor of the idea of reality as interrelated events in a process creating life. We can show for all human beings that Consciousness & Energy create the Nature of Reality from observable results outside the linear foundations of Money. This thesis explores an Electrical Experience with Conscious life using an Analogical state of Mind in a water-based bioelectrical body repairing and enhance life in an advanced technological society.  

Our newest Book, Creating Genius in a Future Society is a new answer to an age old problem of a good life for all human beings  teaching the average open minded human being  to become a Spiritual Warrior helping and protecting each other to be physically and emotionally self-sufficient and financially independent securing their future. Each human being needs to develop their own individual Security manual to suit their own requirements from our many books, educational programs and spiritually healing philosophy.

Our Vision: To show people the underlying current of life in a Science of Spirit as we Investigate the Mechanics of Consciousness outside of our materialistic society based on Money. We realize the existence of a new state of Analogical mind when using High-Spin Mono-Atomic Trace Minerals combined with Sungazing understanding a Unified Field Theory of life. This process is enhanced with an active meditation / contemplation exercise that accelerating an Evolution of Consciousness in People beyond 200 years, Feeling Forever Young in Body, Mind & Spirit.

Neurotech Research & Publishing, Books, Charts & Profiles

 For an in-depth look at the New Mind and a deeper understanding of the paradigm shift, which will peak at the end of the Mayan Calendar, the list of the book titles presented by Neurotech Research, should give an overview of the scope of the knowledge available through a New Science of Spirit. It has taken 100's of minds 20 years each to synthesize this knowledge and turn it into wisdom. We are stringing together the pearls of wisdom from many geniuses in a linear fashion to form a priceless pearl necklace of wisdom with which to open your mind.  

Books & Research Journals

Science of Spirit: Finding Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven  

Book one of nine books in our unique Philosophy of a  Science of Spirit, deals with the age-old questions of life and digs deep for answers on. Why we are here alive on planet earth. What is our purpose in life for being here? Why are we sucked into this Materialistic Paradigm- trapped in life into a life of 9 to 5 wage slavery? When we have unlimited potential as Spiritual Beings. Science knows that Consciousness is the very fabric that all form is made from and is the ground of all beingness of life. In this Digital E-book (with Audio, Video & hyperlinks to other research), readers will see that consciousness & energy that make up matter are inextricably combined or linked, emerging in a sequence of events called occasions of experience. The universe is not made of things or particles it is a process made up of events. Ultimately, we create our experiences in life & our reality. The result of this evolution of consciousness is an Analogical Awareness of life living in the now moment of unlimited potentials for the growth of new super-conscious species of humanity. You will find profound and surprising answers to all these questions to the who, what, when, where, why and the true Secret to life in this unique Philosophy as an Evolution in the Human being where your consciousness and your energy create the nature of your reality.  New E-Book in PDF... updated and revised for Feb 19, 2019.

Milk of the Gods:  The Alchemist's Bible of Monoatomic Elements

 Next, in the series, In the Milk of the Gods: The Alchemist's Bible of Monoatomic Elements, we study the new science of Superconductivity & Modern Alchemy & how that affects the evolution of consciousness of Bioelectrical Human Beings. This process expresses a New Analogical State of Mind combined with Sungazing & enhanced with High-Spin Mono-Atomic Trace Minerals causing an Evolution of Consciousness that enhances their ability to ascend to the next level of consciousness in Time/Space in Body, Mind and Spirit. This is something that human beings have not done in 1000?s of years. We explore the development & use of Monoatomic Elements in the Milk of the Gods created by Alchemist Larry Blackman.  We explore the effects of taking it on a regular basis & the acceleration of consciousness as detailed in the Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered. We look at the complete history of David Hudson as the recognized founder of Monatomic Elements...ORMES. The research was taken from a transcript of an important Lecture & Workshop given by David Hudson. Updated & revised (2,19,2019). 

Freedom of the Spiritual Warrior: How to Live 200 Years Consciously

Next in this series goes deeper into An Alternative Reality of life-based on Electrical Nutrition and Vibrational Medicine teaching people why they are bioelectrical beings and how to Live well beyond 200 years, healthy, happy feeling Forever Young in mind, body, and spirit. This book shows that we are on the verge of a revolution so great in the bioelectrical health care industry that disease management will never be the same. Nutritional supplements combined in the right order are the leading edge in neuroscience and technology and yet the oldest substances on the planet {stem cell nutrition-Stem-Kine & Microhydrin - Monoatomic elements (Gold, Rhodium & Iridium-rare earth elements) & mineralized clustered water, amino acids, and proteins all in their perfect balance}.  When used correctly and in the proper amounts these nutrients will change the way people interact with their environment bringing the body back to its natural state of being.  

Thoughts of a Philosopher, a Slave, an Emperor  & a Christ. 

Next from Neurotech Research, A Book called, Thoughts of a Philosopher, a Slave, an Emperor & a Christ. Creating a Consciousness of Peace. A research book of Meditation & Contemplation techniques at a deeper level of Consciousness outside of Society?s Materialistic world focused on Money locking in the personality program & real consciousness out. This book of meditations takes a look at the diverse Consciousness of key people in history and how they all share the same mindset. It begins with the thoughts of Socrates? to the thoughts of the Emperor of Rome, Marcus Aurelius (2nd century AD); to the thoughts of one of his mentors, a Greek Slave, the Philosopher Epictetus (who became a Roman nobleman); and finally, the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus of Nazareth (around 30 AD). These great minds were all speaking of ?one mind?, a mindset that comes from the heart, is in tune with Spirit and is ?what is evolving? now on this planet as the new Evolutionary Mind; a Christ Consciousness; an ?Analogical State of  Mind?. In reading about each one of these ?Human Beings? we acquire a sense of ?peace of mind? to reflect on and contemplate.

Creating Genius in a Future Society:

Next in the series from Neurotech Research?Picture a society in which there is no conflict, no jealousy, and no competition to be the person at the top, and no unkind words or actions. That describes the society of the future in which people all express the intent to think, say and do what is right?what is constructive and productive?  Analogically. Here we have an Exit Strategy to Break Free of the Corporate Matrix into a new Decentralized World. Here are answers to the basic problems of life showing the difference between our ability to manifest what we want out of life as free people over being ?under a Corporate System of 9 to 5 Wage?Slavery? heavily in debt. This is a love story, changing masters, studying life beyond Money & Ignorance, to the Spirit-within, finding love & happiness along the way.  This is using the ?Power of right-action Ethics in an ?Analogical State of Mind? as an ?Advanced Form of Meditation? to become your own Teacher, your own Savior, your own Master and your own God. As an "existential" philosophy, it proposes that each individual?not society, politics or religion?is solely responsible for giving meaning to life, living it authentically, passionately, and consciously for you to evolve by looking within finding a greater truth. 

Robbing You Blind: How Modern Corporate Banking makes Money out of Nothing

Next in the series from Neurotech Research? A book that is Evolution of Consciousness beyond Money using Consciousness & Energy to create reality eliminating the need for fiat currency in a decentralized society. How Modern Corporate Banking is Robbing You Blind & Making You Poor. Learn how close the Fiat Banking system is to a total collapse leaving billions of people without a currency to trade their goods and services with. Learn about a new digital currency system that is revolutionizing the banking industry & taking it out of the hands of the 1% that control all Fiat Money. Learn to Become your own Banker & Take your Power back using the Blockchain in a Decentralized Society.  This Old Paradigm is now being challenged with a ?Consciousness-based World view?, awake to life?s challenges creating a new reality without ?fiat money?. We are experiencing a major shift away from Corporate Power, seeing a more complete view of life, a Truth beyond the vail of a ?Consumer Society?s inherent ignorance of Money? to a Decentralized Society where you are the Banker. At this present moment, we are a civilization lost in ignorance, bigotry, racism & confusion, with our sole focus on Money and paying our bills. However, the world is changing at an exponential rate with us as consumers, living unconsciously under ?A Corporate Spell of Global Religions & Politics? in ?Society?s Illusions of a Materialistic world? controlled by a corrupt Monetary System. This Book is separated into 4 parts of Banking, starting with ?Corporate Banking ? Money as Debt?, next is ?Public Banking ? Money as wealth?, third is Cryptocurrency online Digital technology? with ?We the People as the Bankers?. Fourth we have ?an Evolution of Consciousness beyond Money presenting a ?Unified Field Theory of Life?, on how Consciousness & Energy create the nature of reality eliminating the need for fiat currency in a decentralized society. This research is our exit strategy to truly break free from the bonds of a ?Society?s Corporate Mind? and from of the virtual reality of the Matrix, {The Military Industrial Complex} that loves Money, hates women, waste?s Genius & feeds on human life force energy? 

The Magic of Living Water and its effects on Consciousness

Next the series from Neurotech Research, A Radical novel approach? An Alternative Reality of life-based on ?Cellular Clustered Water? and on a little known fact that we are ?bioelectrical water beings? made of clustered alkaline water and using Bio-Electrical Nutrition and Vibrational Medicine to sustain our 80% water based bodies? we are bioelectrical water beings able to live well beyond 200 years, healthy, happy feeling Forever Young in mind, body, and spirit. Harmonizing our ?Bio-Electrical Energy? in our physical biochemical bodies back to its base frequency of 528 Hz?By teaching our clients how to consume Bio-Electric nutritional food and clustered alkaline water for physical bodies? and how to tune the ?unresolved emotional/ chemical body? back to the Spirit?

The Cancer Collusion: Germ Theories, Pleomorphism & Cancer

Next in the series from Neurotech Research: The philosophy of the book, Science of Spirit is a "Unified Field Theory of an Evolution of Consciousness? taken from an ancient Science of Spirit? 1000s of years old and is reconstructed by combining the works of many brilliant minds into philosophy from 25 years of applied research and experience. The philosophy of Science of Spirit brings together opposites Science and Spirit Analogically. An Analogical State on Mind ties all these philosophies and theories into A Unified Field Theory" showing an Evolution of Consciousness of human beings from accelerating cycles of human evolution creating a Spiritual Singularity in time moving towards an Omega Point where Human beings become "Evolutions End. This is the full descent of Spirit into Matter, the fulfillment of our evolution. The human species forms the thrust of cosmic evolution? and is a key for understanding the universe.

Neurotech Research Science of Bioelectrical Wellness: Who we are?

 We Write & Publish Unique set of Books, do Lectures, Seminars and Consulting on the latest Research of Monoatomic Elements ? ?Ormes?? selling Milk of the Gods product & Books. We are in the Information Business of Educating People on unknown philosophies in a Science of Spirit? hidden Information from a materialistic Monetary society. Marketing Books on Mind, Meditation and Banking evolving life with ?Consciousness  Exploration & Spiritual Development?.   

Your Spiritual Path: The Book of U and only You... connecting to Spirit:

This book is a Detailed Report on Your

Here you Have a Rare Opportunity? to experience a Deeper Spiritual Awareness in Life from a personal perspective? Your personality program. This Book is the most unique one you will ever read? it uses your Birth-date, time and place of birth for it foundation of consciousness? no two books are alike. This Book expresses all of all the potential thoughts, attitudes and emotions of life that spring up from different opportunities of life?s challenges and joys? Life? using Your Birth-date And Personality Profile as a basis for Your Personal Evolution. You have the potential to develop along psychic, intuitive & spiritual lines into the person that best suits Your natural gifts. When developed along the lines reflected by Your birth chart, the fullest expression of Your natural Spiritual potential is possible.

  How Neurotech Research got started: First, I should tell You how and why I started Neurotech Research and how I was able to write 10 research books and journals without any academic qualifications. My quest started over 30 years ago when I learned I had developed a Multiple Chemical Sensitivity to toxic chemicals in the workplace, & it got progressively worse by 1990. The Industrial Chemical Sensitivity can mimic Dyslexia, ADD and ADHD. It was years later that I was able to see the effects of Dyslexia and attention deficit when I was researching into the chemical sensitivity problem, learning to heal myself and steered in the direction of spirituality.

 This is my story of how I dealt with a very serious situation. When I became toxic sensitive to chemicals in the home construction field in the early 80's I was lost for years not having any real direction in life following society's lead, a mind fogged over by toxic chemicals but silently guided by Spirit. I pushed on in life looking for answers I did not have questions for  so, I became a philosopher, a lover of wisdom following my heart and soul. My personality program had malfunctioned, and my habitual attitudes were broken by The Fog.  So, there was nobody around to steer me in the (right) direction of  "Sex... Drugs... and Rock and Roll" like good Sheeple do in society.

As the fog lifted for a time, I began to realize that I was missing out on a good time but Not knowing any better I began to question everything about life from a philosophical point of view especially after smoking a joint with my brother and reading Zen and the Art of motorcycle maintenance it seemed to have the opposite affect and awakened my mind like a kid with ADHD. (to this day I know nothing about motorcycles or mechanics but still loved the story). I now realize that questioning reality and thinking about life diminishes the unconscious joy of "Sex... Drugs... & Rock & Roll" when you remember everything you did? then contemplated your options (toxic chemicals & smoking a joint & the mind is a runaway train). This was the spark that set me off, lifted the fog and set me on a path to researching consciousness and recognizing enlightenment in the long moments that it happened.

I began to look at society and question its truth and I devoured knowledge from every angle like a kid with ADD (attention deficit disorder, not knowing I was supposed to settle down with only topic or ideal) so I started my research and studied  thousands of pages of information and product research on the brain, from the field of Neuroscience, Neuro-technology, Nutrition and Medicine. In the early 90's I started compiling research looking for answers to questions society could not provide me with about toxic chemical sensitivity.

Back then, in America... there was no such problem as sensitivity to the toxic chemicals in the workforce and people were just crazy and did anything, they could to find work no matter how hazardous it was, and I was no exception. When I made enough money that I did not have to work for a while I studied, philosophy because it calmed the savage beast in my heart, Science and nutrition allowed my mind to heal and think straight.  Spiritual ideals allowed me to have faith, that life has some real answers for me even though I did not know who was asking the questions or directing the answers. I began to develop a deep understanding of a "Science of Spirit" recognizing a balance in life of Reason and Faith so, this became my quest.

I started Neurotech Research in back in 1992, and began to refined my research & study over the next 20 years, creating a unique Philosophy of life on the Primacy of consciousness woven into a Science of Spirit, Finding Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven within an Analogical Mind by studying the philosophy of quantum physics & ancient Alchemy as it applies to an open Mind & deep Spiritual experiences.

By the year 1994, I grew more dyslexic and at times, more attention deficit, with a lot of memory problems associated with the level of toxic chemicals in my bloodstream and my environment. I was forced to document everything so that I could read it over and over using increased focus all the time blocking out everything. For many years, I would go in and out of toxic episodes never realizing that there may be a problem, until mid 1994 that my body could not handle the stress and both my knees went out on me; first the left and then a few months later the right knee swelled up and would not bend.

Here and now I am no longer self employed and cannot earn a living or do my research. This was a pivotal moment for me to do or literally die. In my research and study, I learned a number of healing techniques that seemed to help a lot of people I studied an active meditation and was able to enter its Analogical state of mind. This is where it all came together with a healing technique called reiki taught to me by a gifted friend; she commanded in a very loving way that I now use all that I know to heal my body; And within minutes I began to feel the energy moving through my hands and into my knees. However, it did take 3 days for my knees to heal (from a Friday Afternoon to a Monday morning).

Over time and with practice I noticed a great difference in my body and my mind that I was able to contemplate the absence of thoughts and absence of creating memories (of happiness, joy, or fun) these were the times in my life that were very toxic. With a broken personality program not connected to society I was able to forge a new path in life guided by the Spirit-within  the silent witness to a life not lived  it activated the observer in me not controlled by my program.

I learned to meditate and contemplate in an Analogical state of Mind? then learned to use that mind to write what I had learned with a malfunctioning program. My Analogical mind found the research of geniuses of science, mathematics, theology and ancient philosophy and the observer with a broken program filled in the pieces? not an easy job that is why it took so long. The good news is at the pieces were there to find but there was no academic mind with the accepted qualifications there to put them together and make them understandable to the open conscious mind. It was only then many years later that I learned about the Science Delusion and that there will never be anyone to destroy the Newtonian materialistic world of Matter and Money.

This Science of Spirit thesis is on a Unified Field Theory in an Evolution of Consciousness & is the last frontier of Science. It is the study of The primacy of Consciousness and the Human Mind with the possibility of formulating a new understanding outside of the Newtonian world of material reality connecting life with nature and the Spiritual essence of life using an Analogical state of mind. This reality is where Consciousness and energy create the nature of our world.

What I have I learned from my Multiple Chemical Sensitivity experience?.

Left alone...  for over 30 years. I learned to be in the moment... until spirit took command of the body and an Analogical awareness in life took over. I have learned that my personality, society's altered ego program, is an essential program to hold us into this 3-dimensional framework  (reality) so that we can utilize the sensory data that it picks up from its environment. We can function normally in your daily life and re-define our truth to align it with Spirit and  our heart. I now look back and feel very fortunate to have followed my heart under these conditions and developed the use of an Analogical Awareness  

What I have learned from these experiences in an Analogical frame of Mind...

  • Today I have learned how to keep my body alive and working after 30 years of contamination working in the construction industry without the help of society or medical assistance.
  • I learned how naturally to heal my body- specifically my Knees from swelling after the initial problem happened 20 years before.
  •  I learned how naturally to heal my mind from multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  • I learned how to overcome dyslexia and read instructions and directions correctly
  • I learned how to overcome ADD and ADHD... that were induced by toxic exposure over time in the construction workplace...
  • I learned to repair an Aging dehydrated body that was falling apart-
  • Today it is stronger and healthier than workers 20 years younger than I because I out perform them...
  • I learned some of the secrets of immortality... if there ever was any magic in the world... it is in the water... ionically clustered mineral water in the human body... called cellular water... it powers the brain... is responsible for your consciousness and healing.
  • I learned to become a Spiritual Warrior and focus my mind in the moment... slow it down... and write about what I have learned after 20 years...

In Healing my Knees: besides meditation and Reiki: I detoxified my body, I personally use ( for the past 20 years) ionic trace minerals for my bones and muscles, "low surface tension" alkaline clustered water for my cells, magnesium hydroxide for my heart and a great "whey peptide protein supplement" that passed easily through my poor digestive system. I drank up to a gallon of water a day with the high-spin Monoatomic mineral salts to remove the toxins and get back to a higher functioning well-hydrated state of being. 

Neurotechs Prime Directives:  In realizing and understanding the source of all the flaws in our illusions of reality, we created a series of Prime Directive Protocols in a balance of reason and faith describing an evolutionary path to a conscious life of peace connected to all life in nature and the Spirit-with. We are teaching Sheeple how to become conscious human beings again, without the emotional turmoil in life constantly surrounding them, disrupting their daily lives. These prime directives convey a Unified Field Theory on an Evolution of Consciousness  a new level of Analogical mind designed to heal a broken connection to Spirit. Showing how you can connect your Bioelectrical Water-based body back to "The Source" by using an Analogical based consciousness where you learn that your consciousness and your energy create the nature of your reality.  

The  Prime Directives Are: Our Philosophy (1) we are redefining human beings from the 20th century, Corporate branded, genetically modified, Sheeple back to Bioelectrical Water-based Human Beings with unlimited potential for experiencing health and wellness connected to nature. (2) A Unified Field Theory on an Evolution of Consciousness and Energy creating Reality on its  path within the essence of the Spirit-within. (3) All feminine life in her many forms are having an electrical experience with the Spirit-within- the cosmic glue and creator, that holds all life together in the universe, connected to everything. Awakening new minds (4) are creating a strong independent Spiritual Identity within themselves and their changing physical environments, becoming Spiritual Warriors in life. (5) Conscious People Incorporating contemplation, concentration and meditation, exercises in daily life increasing the strength of a new level of Analogical mind  healing a broken connection to Spirit. (6) The Evolution of the Invisible Spirit within the Female Essence growing in the universe. (7) We are the forgotten gods of a lost civilization finding "Lost Keys to a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth" and (8) Spiritual Beings having human experiences on a New Earth reconnecting the human body back to the Spirit-within. (9)   Human Beings making known the unknown in a greater unseen reality.

Our Prime Directives are to teach: To educate People on how to integrate this Unified Field Theory philosophy, accelerating conscious Life outside the monetary realm learning to extend their lives with Consciousness & Energy creating the nature of their Reality so that they can teach this philosophy to others helping friends and family earn a living with a Science of Spirit Alliance. To Teach Real human beings connected to evolving streams of consciousness how to reconnect their bioelectrical body back to its heart and soul - the Spirit-within becoming Spiritual Warriors in life? learning to consume Bio-Electrical nutritional food and clustered alkaline water for physical bodies and how to tune the unresolved emotional/ chemical body back to the Spirit. 

Our Prime Directives are Health Solution oriented not Disease Management for a profit wellness in the form of Bio-Electrical Nutrition and Vibrational Medicine providing human beings with excellent Bioelectrical solutions to heal their biochemical bodies. We are Changing the Paradigm of our Healthcare System to Bioelectrical Wellness from Disease Management  for our Fix or Repair Daily Mechanical bodies  with a monetary focus on our mechanical lives. These Prime Directives move away from The Germ Theory of Disease (Pasteur) to natures Cellular [Wellness] Theory of Life [the Somatid] described by Bechamp. Away from the procedure of toxic chemical medicine treating dehydrated mechanical bodies in a materialist paradigm toward Bioelectrical Wellness  in an all-natural a self-healing process for water-based bioelectrical Spiritual beings in an electric universe paradigm. 

Who Are We: As the C.E.O., Robert Donald Tonelli is Systems Philosopher & a designer theorizer, for the Science of Bioelectrical Wellness. He is also the Writer/Researcher/Publisher of Neurotech Research. He notices inconsistencies in the many systems of organization of a western monetary Society and looks to define precisely the correct path bringing coherence back to these systems based on the natural patterns of organization and evolution that are naturally there like building a decentralized digital currency system of business dispelling the illusions of society focused solely on Fiat Money being built by Young Geniuses of the society. I look at an objective Reality and the Facts of Life presented to me, study the stories that are promoted to consumers in society then write about what is missing in a full life of a Conscious Intelligent Human Being. I clarify in my writing a deeper philosophy of life in a balance of Science and Spirit for others to question and understand, that is what I do as a researcher and writer on an Evolution of Consciousness. I describe a non-religious Spiritual development connected to nature and all life.  This Theory is a non-linear, non-monetary look at life outside of the materialistic views of the engines of commerce that power a monetary society to create a system of 9 to 5 wage slavery. 

Hand-Printed Books or Pre-published Manuscripts are $85.00 each...

  Published, Science of Spirit, hardcover autographed?    $34.95??

  E-book, Science of Spirit           $29.95

  E-Book, Milk of the  Gods         $29.95

  E-Book, Freedom of the Spiritual Warrior  $29.95

 Neurotech Research: Unique Astro-Personality Profiles

      As a Philosopher of the Mind & Consciousness Researcher of a Science of Spirit?   I have learned in 25 years that "the understanding of the personality program" as it is promoted and manipulated in western society... is the key to understanding our success in our accelerated evolution in these intense times in 2012.  Life is progressing at an accelerated pace with more information coming in? "in one day" than we have been used to? processing in a year.

This Section is on the serious ongoing Research that Neurotech has been gathering on Separating the Personality from the Spirit-within that holds the body together and guides its destiny. We have learned that the two are independent of each other and You Cannot access Spirit while in the personality program in the brain. You have to Disengage the program in the perfect moment as an observer to learn to connect and develop over time the Spirit-within.

As a Professional Astrological Consultant? and Independent Associate with Matrix Software.. I have "since 1986" researched and used the best Professional Psychological and Astrological software on the market and this is the best we have to offer...

Our first step is "to know thyself" is not a program... this is a revolutionary look at our personality...  to learn about our Spiritual body hidden inside the physical... and it?s superiority over the physical body...the ancient Magic Formula for salvation is a simple one... too simple for modern society... "Do not Lie" and "Do not do things you Hate doing"... this Magic Formula connects you to Spirit and a long and healthy life getting to know your true self.

Here the Client learns of the program that controls it? namely the personality. The key here is to learn that in reality we are not our personality as it is just a program modified by our life in society? but in a Science of Spirit we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The importance here is to learn about the program using computer software to study our personality profile? Over the years, philosophers and behavioral scientists have been trying to find ways to understand what they call personality. Personality has many meanings.

We teach the Client about his True Colors comparing it to compatible Personality evaluation systems like Hippocrates... Carl Jung... Myers/Briggs... Keirsey and Lowry... and in a way that the Client can understand their complexities... in a balanced system. We use the simplicity of True Colors analysis to clarify characteristics in simple English and associate them with their astrological connotations. All this is put in the foundation and matrix of an Astrological Analysis with far reaching effects... it is more fun to read than the Myers-Briggs Type indicator instrument as an INTP That translates to Green or key elements of a Leo/Capricorn/Aquarius chart. This is all part of understanding the Science of Spirit.

 We also use simple programs to show that we are not the program by having the Client do a number of questionnaires that give a different point of view of the personality... one is called the Mind Prober and the Luscher Color test... We also use complex programs like the... Professional Analyst: Psychological Management - With the Professional Analyst we can uncover People?s Real Personality with the skill of a professional! Puts the depth & power of a Ph.D. or M.D. caliber personality evaluator on our PC? We learn all we need to know about any other person...   Professional Analyst gives us a total picture of another person's psyche without generalizing, glossing over details or sounding like a newspaper horoscope. Professional Analyst helps us discover people's real personality on 19 separate scales, including narcissism, depression, mania,   stress, childhood neurosis, marital problems, delinquency, anxiety, conscientiousness, paranoia and many others.  This in-depth analysis is not sold to the public but only used with discretion and complete confidentiality for our Best Clients that need the depth of a Professional Personality Profiler.

What sets Neurotech Research far beyond the competitors, if there were any? in understanding ourselves is... we are studying to become a Licensed Delivery Center (LDC) for Paul Eckman international [PEI] facial micro-expressions?  face reading and personology? in the near future. Like the TV show, ?Lie to Me?? And we educate the ignorant consumers in society and make them educated conscious associates and clients.

Even though much of this research is discredited in scientific circles as pseudoscience? in the media? the fact is it is still being used as by professional security organizations and corporations worldwide against criminals and terrorists? the bio-metric facial recognition industry is booming and the technology is advancing exponentially. When software combines all these profiles? together the picture is more than 90% accurate and justifies more security scanners at more checkpoints and less freedom in the name of terrorism.

The average uneducated, ethnic, religious, consumer in society has absolutely no idea what they are capable of when someone else presses their emotional buttons? and primitive motivations... But the ?International Private Security Companies? working for opposing governments and corporations do? when you pass through their bio-metric facial recognition scanners. In business today, in the 21 century, the sad truth is... the criminal and terrorist is not the main target? the consumer is? in what can be milked from their sub-conscious mind and sold to corporations so that consumers will buy better products? they do not need nor can afford? see the article on, ?Selling to the Old Brain?. There is a great need to educate the unconscious consumers to the threat to there basic freedoms... as there is a growing business in America in Disaster Capitalism targeting ignorant uneducated people as terrorists to justify greater budgets for security purposes...all the money goes to independent Private Security Corporations.
We can easily see as Spiritual Beings having a human experience that we are not the program in our Astrological Chart wheel and all the aspects it makes to all the people in our life...These aspects are potentials of our personality program a 12x12 grid program in our minds. The program was meant to assist us on our journey through life teaching us that we are not the program... and how to step out of the program... but today very sophisticated programs are used to control us.
We sell these Astrological charts to the public to show the depth of information that is really in the Chart wheel and in the interpretation at birth... Some of the individual programs are 20 to 30 pages long and when you combine a number of other programs with explanations and background on the client you have a personal book of their lives... called, " Your Spiritual Path: The Book Of You... Unlocking your Personality".
We translate the info into a compatible systems of psychological analysis like the first... analysis of Hippocrates... then Carl Jung... Myers/Briggs...Keirsey and Lowry... and in a way that the Client can understand their complexities... so that in the end they can get an in-depth analysis in the framework of an Astrological computerized program analysis. This ultimately forces the spiritual being into the drivers-seat in the brain and then opening an "Analogical whole brain frame of Mind" allowing the being to step out of the program of the Matrix of society like our mythical Hero does in the movie the Matrix. The variations of analysis are endless ad now in the hands of our clients so they can see what the governments and corporations of the world already know about Sheeple and how to program their personalities... for greater marketing and profit...

Our partners at Matrix Software used the best Professional Astrologers to program our professional Astrological software to see all the potentials in mind and body of our "personality program". It is a very good business practice to study your program... when one does not know thyself? and wonders if he is being played by "Society and its focus on  sex and violence" giving human animals a spiritual experience through sex. We are easily played when our focus in life is on our economic security and our 9 to 5 wage slavery living an illusion.

All economic progress is based on treating God loving people like "God fearing Sheeple" and herding them into past emotional traumas dealing with all their perceived deficiencies... getting them to buy hundreds of products deemed to make them look and feel better... when they were already perfectly fine... if they had only looked inside themselves.  Having a Professional Astrologer do just one of the many charts in our "personality program" is the best way to? Discover the truth about ourselves? through unique personality reports, from many of the finest astrological programs ever written by the best astrologers.

 All E-books are $ 19.95 unless otherwise noted in the Store...

1. Your Spiritual Personality Profile :Each of us has the potential to develop along psychic, intuitive and spiritual lines into the person who best suits our natural gifts. We develop according to our own character IN SPITE of everything. The voice within us will not be denied. It continues to drive us, inspiring us to change and grow. It cannot be eradicated and it never gives up.? Our spiritual character and needs are well defined from the instant of our births.

2. Your Past Life Profile :

For centuries astrology has used symbols to represent past lives and karma. For some astrologers these are literal concepts and for others they are psychological, but for all they represent the experiences we inherit and the struggles we confront across the duration of many lives. Bernie Ashman has discovered a technique for creating a past life chart that shows life as a continual evolution

3. Child Star Personality Profile:

Wouldn't it be nice if at every new birth the parents were given a manual on exactly how to raise their new child to be a healthy, happy, fulfilled human being? Child*Star may not produce a manual, but it is certainly the next best thing. This software gives you unique natal reports that help a parent instantly recognize and attune to a child's strengths, aptitudes, potential and even recognizes challenges the child and parent may face as they grow and develop.    

4. Astro-Talk Natal Chart: 

Astro*Talk is one of the most advanced astrological interpretations ever produced. This is "smart software" combines the best of two worlds: the interpretive skills of leading astrologers and the power of today's personal computers to accurately calculate, weigh and assemble the correct text based on the elements of a specific natal chart. The result is a report of unmatched precision and insight.  

    5. Friends & Lovers Profile:

Friends & Lovers profiles are written just for the two of you: these reports are a counseling astrologer's guided tour of a relationship. Friends & Lovers calculates two personal horoscopes, compares them in detail, and prints an in-depth profile of what's happening between you astrologically. Each Friends & Lovers report is written in four parts which look at the relationship from your perspective as well as the other person's.  

 6.Astro*Carto*Graphy® Explained:

may be the most powerful tool available to help you maximize your opportunities and use all of the astrological influences around you to your advantage. Your luck, experiences, and the options available to you can vary radically from one geographic location to another.  Before you decide to take that job in another City look at all your options... Submit all number of places you may want to move to and we will see how it affects your birth chart... Our lives are an open book to probabilities we just have to make a choice that best suits our Spiritual Path...

  7. Time Line Forecasting Report:  Is designed to produce a variety of forecasting reports that let you move back and forth through time effortlessly (looking back on special events can be as enlightening as looking forward). You can get transit reports, progressed reports, solar arc direction reports . . alone or in combination.  


8 Life Progression Profile: 

The physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual changes we experience throughout the course of our lives can be predicted and plotted by carefully observing the progression of our natal chart through time. Accurately calculating these progressions by hand is a complex task that presents a significant challenge to even the most experienced and mathematically gifted astrologers.   

9. Matrix Horizons: is the first new Astromapping/Relocation astrology program of the new century. Horizons will take your relocation work to an entirely new, and better, place. You will appreciate the range of tools the program offers, giving you incredible flexibility and the ability to efficiently evaluate a location or group of locations.  Before you decide to take that job in another City look at all your options... Submit all number of places you may want to move to and we will see how it affects your birth chart... Our lives are an open book to probabilities we just have to make a choice that best suits our Spiritual Path...
  10. Bio-Writer - Biorhythm Program:

Forecasting the ebb and flow of your physical, emotional, intellectual, and intuitive energies can give you an advantage in everything you do. Business, athletics, your studies, finances, even your love life can benefit from knowing your own personal cycles . . . or someone else?s. With a single click, Bio-writer displays an interactive, full-color onscreen chart of your month. 


  Discover the truth about you through unique personality reports,from many of the finest astrological programs ever written. Giving you a no-nonsense and easy-to-understand interpretation of your hard wired personality program, this report will guide you on an inward tour that will uncover the personal talents, skills, and potentials that are uniquely yours. It will also bring you face-to-face with your challenges and struggles, and even reveal some surprising discoveries that you may not readily acknowledge or even share with those closest to you. The revelations and confirmations that a personality program report will bring you can change your life ? for the better? authored by the best astrologers in the industry all in one place here. It can build confidence in who you are or who you can become. That confidence is the first step to achievement, its impact on your life can be transforming.

Matrix Astrology Software:  They pioneered astrology software on microcomputers (32nd year). There is only one other software company on the Internet older than Matrix, and that is Microsoft. With the help of Matrix software?. And the original Matrix Oracle designed in the early 1980?s we will be able to help people with their personality programs? The key here is to look at your personality as a program? We are here to help you make changes in your life... seeing all the emotional difficulties as blessings... allowing you at that moment to disconnect from the program... be in the moment... observe our path... make changes as the programmer of your reality and re-enter the program to enjoy these physical moments?

Our software can help you chart your spiritual path? over come Past Life problems you still carry with you and show you where you are on your time-line and where you are going? we can tell you with our software? the best places to live? find love? and the type of employment is best suited for you? all at the click of a button? Learn How to get an MS?Dos Upgrade of your Brain and your Emotional Personality Program? to an evolutionary Spiritual program? [A New You] learn how to Down Load it to your Subconscious Mind and Frontal lobe? We can then show you how to download 100?s of pages collected about your life and your new life path directly to your subconscious mind with an open doorway to your frontal lobe? so you can understand and utilize your new path consciously? learn how to turn it Off & On? so that you may live in the Now Moment of Analogical Awareness connected to Spirit? I have used this software and programs since 1986 and highly recommend these programs to anyone interested in personal growth and evolution...

Integration of the whole process requires at least two people? the integrator and the mentor? In some cases 3 or more people are needed help each other in small groups integrating solutions to bigger problems into each other? when we still have blockages? Much of this research is still highly experimental and has not been explored anywhere to its fullest extent because many teachings and experiments are highly compartmentalized and are not explored or combined with each other. Here we open the doors to our compartments utilizing a holistic experience in life and gaining wisdom from different experiments.

If you like what you have read get the updated E-book, Science of Spirit: expanded to 675 pages.

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Robert Donald Tonelli, Author Science of Spirit


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