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                     Genius, Chemical Sensitivity and Analogical Awareness

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  Nutrition and Evolution.

  “If our species arrived in its present form by ‘millions of years’ response to nutritional forces, then the sudden change in the last century or so to artificial and processed foods, wildly imbalanced nutritionally, is the most widespread experiment ever performed, with most of the human race as both experimenters and illness-ridden guinea pigs.”

Michael Crawford & David Marsh from the Book,“Nutrition and Evolution


In the fast pace world of business in North America very few people have enough time to stop and think about life... their path in it... what they are doing... where they are headed... and why. For most people, circumstances are such that they just need to get a job and make a living so they can pay their mounting bills. Being a philosopher and contemplating life is not in the cards for 90% of society... however for me I seemed to be cut out for this job...

  Bruce Lipton on science and spirituality

Let me share with you what I have learned of life and mental health. In the beginning of this chapter Michael Crawford and David Marsh contend that the food we eat is the driving force of evolution and fundamentally important for the evolution of the human brain... [ without a balance of brain chemicals you are nuts].

They quote Charles Darwin stating that… "the available nutrients actually determine how all living forms are able to develop”. In my case the available nutrients are decreased at regular intervals with exposure to toxic chemicals causing different side-effects… like developmental dyslexia and ADD or ADHD…[studies have shown that these symptoms can occur with toxic chemical exposure in the workplace and at home].

You are what you Eat

This pretty much sums up the early part of my journey through life… up to the early 90's… like a ship adrift at sea… with the inability to lock into fundamental flow of live, people, emotions, the past. Adrift at sea... you are just carried by the current of life... with toxic chemicals that block the focus on the past and people, places things, times and events that occur there... so I lived in the moment always questioning... "what the hell was I doing"...

The answer, get the job I was doing Done... get paid move on... learn what is wrong with this situation and change. This was a slow process of evolution... learning more as I progressed... until I started writing this and many other articles more than twenty years ago. I was always preparing material for this book… ever though i did not know it. I feel that I was one of the Ginny Pigs of life… one of these evolutionary genetic abnormalities that arise when you mix toxic Chemical Sensitivity, with a lack of mineralized water and nutritional supplements to repair the damage. 

 This video shows what a simple product can do for a dehydrated body... the product is called Microhydrin...

 Back to my story... I worked in the family business since I was in high school and always had money to spend... but spent countless hour contemplating life. It was then brought to my attention in the early 1980s that I did not get upset or angry like other people... why?... I was not competitive like others when I should have been... why? I did not chase after or fight for women... whats the matter with you... are you gay... No!!! then Why?... At the time I did not know...[ everybody was into sex of every variety]. It was assumed that I was very spiritual and evolved... then. What I did not realize was that... in reality... I had developed... a Multiple Chemical Sensitivity to toxic chemicals in the workplace over time and it was getting progressively worse... Since a hedonistic lifestyle of "Sex... Drugs... and Rock and Roll" in the 1970's was out of the question...

I was steered in the direction of spirituality... This is my story of how I dealt with my situation. When I became toxic sensitive to chemicals in the home construction field in the early 80’s I was lost for years not having any real direction… a mind fogged over by toxic chemicals but silently guided by Spirit… I pushed on in life looking for answers…

I did not have questions for... when I started looking... so I became a philosopher, a lover of wisdom. My personality program had malfunctioned and there was nobodyaround to steer me in the direction of  "Sex... Drugs... and Rock and Roll" like good Sheeple should go... for the sake of society. Not knowing any better I began to question what was known about life... that I did not know...

I began to look at society and question its truth... like a hungry corporate Lawyer would... over the spoils of the tobacco industry law suits that brought them billions... And I devoured knowledge from every angle. I started my research and studied  thousands of pages of information and product research on the brain, from the field of Neuroscience, Neuro-technology, Nutrition and Medicine in the late 80's.  In the early 90's I started compiling research… looking for answers to questions society could not provide me with about toxic chemical sensitivity.

Back then, in America... there was no such problem as sensitivity to the toxic chemicals in the workforce.. people were just crazy and did anything they could not to work. The reason for my faith that life has some real answers for me began with an understanding of a "Science of Spirit"… an understanding of a balance of life in Reason and Faith... this became my quest.

 Chemical Sensitivity, Genius, and Analogical Awareness

Excerpts from the updated E-Book, Science of Spirit, A philosophical look at my dealing with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, my inability to think after exposure and a greater awareness that developed over time that allowed me to solve my problems and deal with life naturally without medical intervention.   Toxic exposure happened 3 critical times between 1990-1992 which, exposed a long term health problem and the reason for the research on Analogical Awareness, [whole brain consciousness] Health and nutrition that started Neurotech Research in 1992.

I grew up dyslexic and at times, attention deficit, depending on the level of toxic chemicals in my blood stream and my environment. For many years, I would go in and out of toxic episodes never realizing that there may be a problem and it was not until I studied meditation and learned of Analogical Awareness that I was able to contemplate the absence of memories (joy, fun) at times in my life that were toxic.

a Summary of Experience

What I have I learned from this experience of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in the construction industry without any help from society... over 30 years. Left alone... I learned to be in the moment... and that moment could last a long time until spirit took command of the body and an Analogical awareness in life took over... I have learned that my personality, this “altered ego program”, is an essential program to hold us into this 3 dimensional framework  (reality) so that we can utilize the sensory data that it picks up from its environment. We can function normally in your daily life and re-define our truth to align it with spirit and  our heart. I now look back and feel very fortunate to have followed my heart under these conditions and developed the use of an Analogical Awareness even before I went to school to learn about what it really was. It was when I found my teacher that I learned how to use this new mindset to gain the wisdom of my very different circumstances.  

What I have learned from these experiences in an Analogical frame of Mind...

  • Today I have learned how to keep a tile setter alive and working after 30 years of contamination working in the construction industry without the help of society or medical assistance because it was never there... and without killing himself because of the insanity of the problem[ I could see outside the box... but not work inside the box].
  • I learned how naturally to heal my body- specifically my Knees from swelling after the initial problem happened 20 years before.
  •  I learned how naturally to heal my mind from multiple Chemical Sensitivity and the toxins that were contaminating my body causing learning problems and the inability to understand instructions.
  • I learned how to overcome dyslexia and read instructions and directions correctly with I was contaminated. 
  • I learned how to overcome ADD and ADHD... that were induced by toxic exposure over time in the construction workplace... and realize that this is the main cause of "Alcohol and drug abuse" amongst construction workers...
  • I learned to repair an Aging dehydrated  body that was falling apart-
  • Today it is stronger and healthier than workers 20 years younger than I because I would out perform them...
  • I learned the secrets of immortality... and if there ever was any magic in the world... it is in the water... ionically clustered mineral water in the human body... called cellular water... it powers the brain... is responsible for your consciousness and healing all the dis-eases of the body...*  
  •                           The secret to immortality... microtubules in the Brain
  • I learned to become a Spiritual Warrior and focus my mind in the moment... slow it down... and write about what I was learning and what I have learned after 20 years... while still having problems with dyslexia and ADHD... that took a long time to control.

     As a person with a defective program... and from the standpoint of a Spiritual Warrior being Analogical and in the moment... I wrote a book from a Analogical perspective... Called Science of Spirit... Lost keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth... and got it published in February, 2011 in America by Xlibris Publishing.

* Note:... if there ever was any magic in the world... it is in the water... ionically clustered mineral water in the human body... called cellular water... it powers the brain... is responsible for your consciousness and healing all the dis-eases of the body...Nobel Prize winner Dr. Alexis Carroll pronounced, “The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition and as far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever.” What Dr. Alexis Carroll talked about is a hydrated system in the body of water minerals and peptides.

Today I drink 3 to 4 liters of clustered water... take my one liter protein shake with me to work and eat a balance high protein low carb meal once or twice a day [the focus is to eliminate grains, sugars and most carbs found in restaurants or food stores the body just does not need them]. I take nutritional supplements... stem-kine to produce stem cells... M-3 minerals...Microhydrin as a antioxidant, 24/7 vitamin supplement... and Neurobright for a healthier and smarter brain... and I do Sungazing once a day when weather permits..

   Over 30 years of research from medical doctor Dr. F Batmanghelidj, the author of the book “The Bodies Many Cries for Water.” What Dr. B says is, “that we in medicine are trained to use chemicals to treat pain and disease when all the body needs is water … a simple and abundantly available natural element. Doctors are brainwashed into prescribing the use of toxic drugs when they should recommend the safest natural medication of them all… water! This is the reason why we in medicine have made so many deadly mistakes! We are routinely treating symptoms, signs and complications of drought in the body with toxic chemicals that kill more rapidly than the dehydration itself!”-  
                            Drink water every day Alkaline clustered water

It took me a while after reading Dr. B’s book and studying my own dehydration to realize that this was the truth. (If you are not familiar with this truth, please read Dr. B’s book and check out his web site at or go to Youtube for video clips )

 Here is another product called HydraCell

 Back to  Chemical Sensitivity, Genius, and Analogical Awareness

I feel that after many years in the 1980’s of enduring a sensitivity to chemicals that over time… an awareness builds… to open a different part of the brain that allows you to just be in the now moment… with no thoughts for extended periods of time where an "Analogical State of Awareness"… just evolves and you are guided by spirit. However, without a personality connected… and subservient to the spirit-within it is difficult to build experiences… develop wisdom… and evolve your consciousness.

An evolution of consciousness took… in my case more than 20 years to gain real deep wisdom. It is from these kinds of experiences that I was driven to write the first draft of this report on an Analogical mindset and chemical sensitivity that became an evolution of the awareness of consciousness… itself. In addition, that we as consumers are unaware… of most of reality and life around us. This evolving awareness caused me to evaluate my life… for its levels of consciousness pertaining to my personal evolution [from 1970 to 1990]… so that all the pieces of my puzzle could come together to write this book. 

Now, Chemical Sensitivity, Genius, and Analogical Awareness … how are these three diverse subjects related… to the life of the average construction worker?… What would possess the average Joe like me to learn and write about such things as Consciousness, Spirit, and Alchemy, Quantum Physics, alkaline water… minerals… protein and Sungazing?... where does the average Joe get the intelligence and mindset to think about such things…

For years, there was no specific reason for studying such diverse subjects. Such as studying about Genius and how geniuses force relationships… creative genius is the ability to make juxtapositions between dissimilar subjects. Call it a facility to connect the unconnected that enables them to see things to which others are blind. Leonardo da Vinci forced a relationship between the sound of a bell and a stone hitting water.

This enabled him to make the connection that sound travels in “waves”. I thought this idea was fascinating… but my friends looked at me with a blank stare when I related such ideas… asking but what does that have to do with hockey or any sports… Even though I have been working with Stone and Tile my whole life… I never saw that relationship between dissimilar subjects as alchemical or the "observation of opposites" as important until twenty years later.

It was not until I read about Physicist and philosopher David Bohme, who believed that geniuses were able to think different thoughts because they could tolerate ambivalence between opposites or two incompatible subjects. The key here is disengaging the self-absorbed personality from the body to find genius. I had no problem with this idea… seeing that I did not have my mind filled with work… sports or women… An evolutionary trigger in life may inadvertently do this… “allow different thoughts and tolerate the ambivalence between two incompatible subjects”… this trigger is chemical toxicity in the work place… that blocks the personality from running it program… This sends the body-mind consciousness adrift from the personality for short periods.

This causes the spirit-within to stir in a small evolutionary group of Sheeple... mammals that slowly wake to allow spirit to protect and guide the body in times of toxic exposure… when the body may be in danger. 

Now that I am beginning to understand Spirit a little better… I have come to realize that my awareness to being sensitive to toxic chemicals, electromagnetic fields, and positive ionization at work… caused a crack in the program… allowing profound early experiences of lucid dreaming… a knowingness of things before they happened… awakened my mind and formed my unique consciousness.

With the crack in the program, at times I felt blessed... the illusions of society dissipated at times… allowed the light to shine in from spirit showing me that the program did not make sense... But that time pasted and I forgot so I had to continually focus on every day aspects of life looking for meaning and what I was suppose to get out of it.

Everyone else seemed to be fine totally engrossed in the illusions of life… fitting in with all of life's ups and downs. But to me nothing made sense… the people did not make sense… so early on I realized that it had to be me I was the problem… learning to try to make sense of it all.

I have learned that we pass on to our children predispositions to environment pollution depending on where we live and work and that there is a growing awareness in the world to this problem. It is only now after researching mental health, meditation/ healing and nutrition for chemical sensitivity for so many years and questioning everything I did… that I began to understand what spirit and consciousness was… and that I did not have… nor did anyone else…  a lot of it at times.

However, I became aware that when the program was off-line something else was guiding me and the body.  I slowly became aware of an Analogical mindset… when the toxic chemicals and food additives had blocked the receptor sites in by brain and limited my ability to think rationally… caused a vague awareness of observing my actions and doing things without thinking… things that would normally require rational thought.

I had done many repetitive things before, basic tile installations were installed with "no mind," just an Analogical knowingness of what had to be accomplished, doing things (installations) a little different each time. The answers to rational problems that require past memory and the ability to logically figure out the problem were not available when I my mind would cloud over from toxic chemicals. The general need for patience to finish the project and not get upset at… not being able think straight, "allows the answer to just be there" and you move into a "just doing" mode and a not thinking mode. There is no memory of a problem… if the program cannot think of the problem and questions only arise from people around you as to why you are installing it that way… when we always do it this way… but there was a problem with their way… at that time and I sidestepped the problem without ever realizing it… until some else wanted to fight for their imitations (problems) and be right.

Not getting lost in drugs or alcohol… and the poor me attitude… for not fitting it   allowed an Analogical Awareness to awaken… and a silent witness deep inside me to observe and ponder life around me. I realized… Spirit stopped the "the poor me attitudes" of the "emotional body program"… and they did not kick-in when they were suppose to… allowing me to turn to sex… drugs and rock and roll for my salvation and my enjoyment in the Money Game. The key here is that I had many Now moments of pure awareness in my life… "to just be".

To become aware of people, places, things, times and events in my environment that I never paid attention to before. I would go from a person doing stuff you are supposed to do… to having the analytical part of the brain being stalled or shut down and another part of the brain open up… "to get us fresh air", food, and or water and away from the toxic chemicals. It is only in these moments of fresh air when spirit was awake… that I had an “awareness of being aware” of a different situation where I did not behave normally… guided by spirit. I spent 15 years of my early life going to bars looking for someone or something to connect to… to fit-in with and make my journey enjoyable… meaningful… then looking for someone to settle down with and have a family. The problem was I was consciously looking for meaning in a meaningless situations that most people around me were in… and I did not realize that I was suppose to get stupid drunk and intoxicated to enjoy meaningless situations with other unhappy ignorant people.

I learned so many new things from a more diverse perspective than most of the people I knew because I would question the process of how things are done… when my mind should have been just … doing what it was taught. Fortunately, I was self-employed and could not fire myself for being exposed to toxic chemicals and not working. However, the awareness of many of these experiences and the ingenious solutions would lay dormant for many years waiting to gain pearls wisdom. I was unaware of the significance of what was happening, gaining wisdom, and trusting in myself to develop new experiences unimpeded by the personality.

All I ever wanted was to be normal like everyone else… raise a family and be happy… getting old like everyone else I saw. However, the more I focused my awareness on what I thought it was to be normal… "the more unique" the Analogical experiences became. I realized that being normal was getting into the grove set up for me in, "in society" living a "happy program" and being satisfied with it. Every time I asked a question about my life, in society, spirit would give me, new answers and experiences to contemplate… never allowing me to fit-in [a round pig in a square hole]. 

  People would always say to me… you can’t do that, (society does it this way) “what the hell is the matter with you, are you crazy”… “Oh, that is stupid, what are you a moron or something”… why don’t you go with the flow… don’t rock the boat… everything with work out… society knows better… who are you anyway to question the way things are… God, get real… I did, broke the program, and yes, Spirit is in Me…

Nevertheless, in each case, I did have the right answer from the most improbable sources and it worked even thought it seemed dumb… from the people who we experts in dumb… the success was negated… society did not Approve. People never new where I was coming from or ever gave any credibility to what I would do until months or years later… they would see the same idea proclaimed by someone "In society" that was deemed very credible and would come and tell me about it and how wonderful it is and how did I know that. I would get most of my feedback from disgruntled friends wanting to know where I got that idea to do that.

 Nevertheless, Evolution is all about “Miss-Takes” in life, that is the way we learn on the evolutionary scale… with limitless potentials in every now moment. Life is not pre-destined in any direction and we were never fated to do anything but make known the unknown in our lives gaining wisdom from our experiences… passing that wisdom on to our children… gaining wisdom from them… as they teach us new things about life. It is up to us to find a path with heart and create our reality as Spiritual Beings… then sharing that with our children.

This is the purpose of life to make known the unknown with miss-takes… shooting the scene over and over in a new un-experienced ways for greater awareness on the situation at hand until it felt right. Consciousness is periods of “Now” moments of awareness of the connectedness of all life… and the uniqueness of each experience strung one after another. These “Now” moments may start off slow, but pick up speed and accelerate as they are focused on, “creating an evolution of consciousness”, at least that is what I have learned from my experiences and how it has been for me the last 30 years.

 I may just be part of an evolutionary experiment on the adaptive ability of the human species to different environmental conditions that causes nature to open an unused part of my mind and modify my responses to sensitivity to diverse chemicals. Today there are studies that show the relationship between ADD and ADHD and the level of toxic chemicals in the immediate environment of children. The National Research Council of America in 1990 filed a report on the 25 neurotoxic chemicals in the average home across America, so my experiences may not be very abnormal. I now realize it was my response to neurotoxic chemicals that allowed a different awareness to emerge.

 This is my story on how I gained an understanding of the relationship between "chemical sensitivity, analogical awareness, and creative genius" where the result is the evolutionary emergence of the observer in life and the experience of enlightenment when we become consciously aware of the experience. The awareness started with an article that I read called “A Theory About Genius”, how geniuses were able to think different thoughts because they could tolerate ambivalence between opposites or two incompatible subjects...

This made me contemplate a series of experiences in my life, which stemmed from the exposure to the toxic chemicals while working in the construction industry… how I dealt with it and was able to keep working. Dr. Albert Rothenberg, a noted researcher on the creative process, identified this ability in a wide variety of geniuses including Einstein, Mozart, Edison, Pasteur, Joseph Conrad, and Picasso.  

In many instances while I was working as a self employed Tile Contractor I had to force relationships between dissimilar problems in my work environment because of the accumulative effect of the toxic chemicals that impeded my ability to think of (remember) what I was supposed to do based on past experiences. Most people would not even address the technical problem on the job site because it was not in their job description and they would let someone else deal with it. I would contemplate and become aware of a solution I could not see… but after a few moments of “just being with it”…

I became aware of a solution that was not common. In many instances I solved problems that did not have a solution based on a past experiences and would say to myself… why didn't I think of that before… it is so simple. They were not easy to solve because they required a completely new way of looking at the problem. I did not realize that other companies would get paid 3 or 4 times as much to come up with comparable solutions… however, I didn’t care because I could not remember how I was suppose to do it and I needed to get paid for that job so I could rest, decontaminate and clear my mind.

I realized that creativity and genius may be more common in industry than anyone ever realized and that common people exposed to toxic chemicals may exhibit these qualities and never be acknowledged for it. Exposure to toxic chemicals in any industry tends to block many of the receptor sites in the brain that are needed for normal analytical brain function. They slow down the reaction time and short-term memory recall making people appear slower than normal over time… but this also makes them come up with a new solution no one else has thought about. It takes 5 to 10 years to see the symptoms of toxic sensitivity in a moderately toxic environment and only 20 years to die of one of a dozen known cancers all brought on by environmental pollution and heavy metal poisoning. Now, how can average people experience creativity, genius and appear slower than normal.  

 I have observed that it must take another part of the brain to access this information over time. I understand this to be part of an evolutionary function of the mind in having to deal with more and more complex systems in technologically toxic environments, which gives rise to an Analogical mindset. I have observed that when I am in a toxic environment my ability to function normally begins to diminish where I showed symptoms of dyslexia, ADD (attention deficit disorder) or I would “space out” (there were no thoughts… no mind). I also noticed that when I was pressed for time and needed to get work done I "entered the zone" and had the ability to just “know” what to do, to be creative, to do new things, to make different choices with out thinking in the normal way with the left-brain analytical mind. Now to clarify… A habit is a program that runs in the analytical brain that allows the person to just run the program and complete the job… many people are very fast at what they do at work or play that is just a good program. In many cases, I did not have access to my program [the altered ego…personality] but still got the job done efficiently. The question would always come from the program… when it came back online is… who did that… I am gone for a moment, someone hacked into my program, and changed how we do things… we have no history on this way to do things… what am I suppose to do now.

One of the sentences that struck me while reading the article on Genius was “Creative geniuses are geniuses because they know ‘how’ to think, instead of ‘what’ to think”. Typically, we think with a normal analytical faculty, (the left-brain), "the Personality or the Altered Ego"… we think “reproductively” based on similar problems encountered in the past. When confronted with problems, we fixate on something in our past that has worked before. We ask, “What have I been taught in life… education or work… on how to solve the problem?” Then we analytically select the most promising approach based on past experiences, excluding all other approaches, and work within a clearly defined direction towards the solution of the problem. Because of the soundness of the steps based on past experiences, we become arrogantly certain of the correctness of our conclusion. We become habituated to passively organize similar items together in our minds. Geniuses, on the other hand, according to Michalko, subvert habituation by actively looking for alternative ways to look at things and alternative ways to think about them.

On my journey through life, I was able to naturally develop the talent to subvert habituation by actively looking for alternative ways to look at things and alternative ways to think about them. I didn’t do this because I thought I was a genius, just the opposite. I had been accused of being a fool… not that the alternatives do not work, it was just the opposite because other people thought that it was not the way it was supposed to be done. I realized that in toxic environments in the cities where people like me had to work, we had to learn how to think on our feet because… at any moment, my mind could go blank and my personality could not remember what to do based on past experiences or “reproductive thinking” and the job depended on it. In doing creative designs in stone and tile in a toxic environments I had to become Analogical in my thinking to complete certain tasks [accessing and using a different hard drive in the right brain] because the chemicals blocked my body’s ability to analytically think clearly and remember… how things were done in the past. Creativity excelled at certain times and left “reproductive thinking” in the dust when it was most needed to be paid for the job… necessity truly is the mother of invention.  

 I have learned to “feel” my way around like a blind man". I could see - but not articulate, analyze or understand the situation like the average human, instead, I could intuitively “feel” the problem and become the solution. [I would know without reasons why] I saw with new eyes, another way… a better solution by “feeling” my way through and coming from the heart. This always took time, minutes, hours, even days. For other people “thinking reproductively” took mere seconds and their answer always satisfied their altered egos and their pocket books. Through my path, I saw many possibilities in the problem from an idealists' perspective.

We are going to take Michael’s theory about genius a step further here and say that creative genius is the first step to an "Analogical State of Awareness", which I believe, is the next evolutionary step in consciousness. An Analogical mindset uses the whole brain and allows the creative genius of the right brain to open up and become whole brain dominant and live in the now moment. This means that it overrides the "left-brain personality" to create “one mind” with the ability to look at all possibilities from an Analogical perspective of nature. All the geniuses of history have had to rise about the mundane of society to reach this place in consciousness. It is a natural state of “being”, everything in society is nothing more than recycled ignorance until the genius rises above this cloud of ignorance in society  and brings back a new thought. The rest of us in society twist and turn these new thoughts into recycled ignorance. Real evolutionary “human beings” in society are the creative geniuses because they have the ability to suspend their judgmental personality by just “being in a focused state of mind” at this point… Analogical Awareness flows in aligning the Observer and the personality to bring back… to the world a greater truth.

This is the state of mind that has been written about by Sages, Poets, Emperors, and Slaves, about something that is beyond words. Analogical Awareness is a mind without words, judgments or further analysis… the mind of the “Power of Now”, this timeless moment that is the only… moment that ever really exists. The past and the future are constructs of the analytical mind of the "Old Brain" that thinks incessantly to keep you busy always fighting for its limitations and justifying it rationalization. Analogical Awareness is the "Power of Now", what every spiritual seeker is looking for… every mystical experience is talking about… and every Buddhist is trying to achieve… a state of no-mind where there is no thinking… and where the analytical mind is asleep. This is the very essence of all meditations where the Analogical Awareness is awake and the body [personality] is asleep.  

 In the work I was doing, I was being forced down this path of the analogically creative thinker like an alternative to societies dream back to Gaia's dream of Nature and all life in it..

 Nature creates many possibilities through blind “trial and error” and then lets the process of natural selection decide which species survive. In nature, 95% of new species fail and die within a short period of time. In 1880, the great American philosopher, William James, wrote his essay “Great Men, Great Thoughts, and the Environment”, where he made the connection between Darwinian ideas and genius. This theory of blind variation implies a departure from reproductive thinking, is being verified by many scholars, and suggests that creative genius operates according to Darwin’s theory of biological evolution. Nature is extraordinarily productive. I consider myself fortunate to be part of the 5% of the new species of human beings that evolved through chemical contamination and survived to naturally use a new evolutionary Analogical frame of mind as an alternative to the primitive Neanderthal persona with its 24 frames per second processing power.

During the days and weeks of heavy toxic contamination, I would wander around my hometown with my personality blind… unable to think straight... with “no-thing” in mind in a holding pattern until it was rebooted. My personality would wake up or comeback online in the strangest places, and I would meet the oddest people and talk about the weirdest of subjects that made complete sense in that moment under the present conditions. I would invariably be led to a place that had books… where I would walk a  round until I picked up a book, opened it... and it would have an answer to a problem I faced in that moment. My personality was always fascinated by how I got there and how this book had the answer to my problems. The answer could be as short as a one paragraph or as long as the whole book... Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. My personality new nothing about Zen… or motorcycle maintenance but the answers to my questions and thoughts were as clear as day. I did not realize that the “altered ego” of the personality did not always understand... "in that moment the depth of what it reading" or its implications… but I had a sense of a greater knowingness of who I was beyond the mini-me personality... because the program was malfunctioning and could not edit anything out… it just asked more questions looking for the flaw  in the program… so it could correct it... but it was not the programmer... so everything went into the brain, the subconscious mind and greater knowingness. 

So what is the relationship here... Genius is a function of the 'Gaia's biological evolution of Analogical Awareness ' that develops in the whole Brain… in that, it allows the unpredictable generation of a rich diversity of alternatives and conjectures. The species that takes Natures lead and follows an invisible guide generating an Analogical State of Awareness... survives to evolve even more. It is very slow in the beginning but evolves exponentially ... faster and faster. Society's help  on the other hand is much faster in the beginning and provides a stable environment to heal and integrate back into society's fold with great drugs and a good Sheepherder to guide you...

Gaia is harsh in her upbringing of here evolutionary children... they must be able to stand on there own two feet and move to the next level of consciousness.This allows for a rich variety of alternatives in an unpredictable way... the intellect retains the best ideas for further development and communication.  An important aspect of this theory is that you need some means of producing variation in your ideas and for  it to be truly effective it must be “blind”... for Gaia this is no problem. Blind variation implies a departure from reproductive (retained) knowledge of the program. A growing number of scholars wonder how creative geniuses generate so many alternatives and conjectures. Why are so many of their ideas are so rich and varied? How do they produce the “blind” variations that lead to the original and novel? What these growing number of scholars lack is the understanding of an Analogical State of Awareness of Gaia… with her ability to create in “no time”… the Now moment… she has no past to rely on… while an infinite number of possibilities are generated. Nor do they understand how to suspend the program (the personality).

In my case, toxicity and a creative artistic [Analogical] endeavor… in the construction field produced the variations in ideas and creativity to foster creative genius similar to biological evolution by retarding the program through chemical contamination. Renovating existing construction projects generally required the generation of a rich diversity of alternatives because of the poor quality of existing work... cutting corners in construction for more profit. I learned construction techniques as a teenager in the family business in the easily 1970's.

What I have I learned from this experience... is when I look back in time to the early years, it seemed like I was guided by spirit on my journey, beyond the damaged altered ego. Spirit was able to flow freely and direct my body from an Analogical state of Awareness on an evolutionary path. With the chemical contamination of my brain blocking the program… nature’s biological evolution kicked in, guiding me…   teaching and aligning my body and mind to an Analogical state of nature which was slow and arduous in the beginning but accelerates over time providing a genius like capacity for awareness as long as you do not get sidetracked by society and go mad because of its influence.

I would move from a contaminated state to one of an Analogical Awareness and creativity to a healing state of mind and then back to a normal consciousness. Looking back... I can now see a pattern of working with highly toxic products, the brain unable to function normally... this allowed a knowingness to kick in... an Analogical Awareness… and creative expression got the job done… Analogical mind sent me in the direction of healing my body and mind... cleansing of my body with mineral salts…  clustered water… Amino acids and whey peptides in a protein shake to repair and feed my body producing greater change... and greater awareness in the moment.

Getting help from society and medical treatment was never an option... in my research in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome and  chemical contamination...  did not exist in the Medical community and the problem was a psychiatric one solved with lots of toxic drugs in a dehydrated body... In no way could 100's of toxic chemicals combine in the human body to create multiple problems and create any liability to the trillion dollar Oil and chemical industry since the 1950's because there was no proof... the were no toxicology reports on chemicals combining in the body of brain. These reports would take years and cost millions of dollars just to start the ball rolling and industry was not going to allow that... not with there money. If lawyers only knew, that this will be the greatest pay day they ever got dwarfing the multi-million dollar paydays for the tobacco industry... 20 years later the research is in.

 The next step in my body's cleansing program was Monoatomic elements... in 1997 when my partner John Brown and the genius of Larry Blackman, developed the Sea 8 Mineral products…  Monoatomic elements M-3… and M-3 GOLD supplements. These supplements utilized magnetic black sand, Dead Sea water, and salt. The process put 3 rare earth minerals… Rhodium… Iridium and Gold in a high spin State helping to detoxify the body… at an accelerated rate and cleansing years of toxicity in fraction of time.  Gold… Facilitates and enhances communication centrally and peripherally among nerve cells and to target organs.  Iridium… “corrects” the DNA strand conformation via removal of detrimental ligands which in effect repairs the DNA allowing for restoration of the embryonic genetic characteristics. Rhodium… referred to as the “undertaker of the cell”. It attaches to the DNA of the damaged cell which has a cyto-toxic effect on the immediate host cell only. The body is then free to produce a new cell, which possesses restored DNA of embryonic function capacities. It is important to note that there are four amino acids in the configuration of DNA… the combinations of those four comprise the genetic code and this code then becomes rearranged as RNA, which processes other proteins using other amino acids…  what is changed in the new cell is the damaged amino acid… as "proteins are chains of amino acids linked together by what are called peptide bonds,"… "Each individual type of proteins is composed of a specific group of amino acids in a specific chemical arrangement. It is the particular amino acids present and the way in which they are linked together in sequence that gives the proteins... that make up the various tissues their unique functions and characters. Each protein in the body is tailored for a specific need… proteins are not interchangeable." It is important to have an abundance of Amino Acids on hand in the body at all times to help heal the body.

To detoxify my body, I personally used ionic trace minerals for my bones and muscles, "low surface tension" alkaline clustered water for my cells, magnesium hydroxide for my heart and a great "whey peptide protein supplement" that passed easily through my poor digestive system. I drank up to a gallon of water a day with the Monoatomic salts to remove the toxins and get back to a higher functioning… well-hydrated state of being. 

  • Here is a revolutionary Nutrient called Stem-kine it helps the body produce
  • Stem cell in quantities that you had when you were young...

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Robert Donald Tonelli, Author Science of Spirit


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