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Investigating the Primary of Consciousness over Matter showing an Acceleration of Human Evolution moving from a Catapillar to a Butterfly  

finding the Spirit-within  in a state of Bioelectrical Wellness using High-Spin Monoatomic Trace Minerals .

  Old & Rare EBooks: Fiction to Spirit, Science & Wealth

 Rare Books On This page from Some of the Greatest Spiritual Minds

of the 18th... 19th & 20th Century   are here...  We ask for a $1.99 Donation from people who want to buy the book in PDF format for viewing on smart phones tablets and laptops and for the cost of maintaining this website.. All are Free with any Purchase: [If you do not have a $1.99 you can request a book for FREE].

Also we have FREE Research Books in our Nutritional Documents Section...

The cost is a $1.99 for editing and for transferring Old E-books from basic text on notepad to readable book style in a PDF format to be downloaded to a tablet or Smart-phone... So that everyone can enjoy these literary thinkers of the 18th and 19th centuries... Which are very different from our 21st century "Google Mindset" of skimming text far and wide on the Internet  rarely learning anything of any depth of ancient truth or wisdom... [Search: Is Google making us Stupid - Atlantic Monthly]. 

Today... the essence of Great Philosophy... Truth and wisdom of the past are omitted in new takes and versions of ancient "Secrets" supposedly handed down to the rich and powerful [ in many philosophies key words and ideas are changed destroying the essence of what was really being conveyed]. I do not believe these ancient truths should be prostituted for the sake of money... milked and pasteurized through a limited New Age Consciousness then spoon feed to sheeple who can only digest 1% and fat free versions of the truth for their Consumer Minds and Corporate Spiritual Agendas. So we have made available readable E-books of the masters of Science... Spirituality and fiction here... Many 1000's of hours have gone into preparing these e-books for you in their original text for you to glean the knowledge and wisdom for yourself.


We have a choice of over 150 E-Books that are offered Free with any other purchase... The Some of these e-books have been included in our CD/DVD sets along with research articles and video files to emphasis certain important concepts of life that are not being observed or understood that bring about unfortunate consequence. Once you have gone through the information presented on our site, you will be able to read these books with a new set of eyes (a new mind set). All we require is your  e-mail address to send your choice directly to your e-mail. Here is the   E-mail order form 

Each Book is a Pearl of Wisdom

This site is still under-construction... I am a philosopher not a web designer so things are very basic if you want any of these Books copy the names to...  and fill out the E-mail order form  and I will get them to you.... Email to: 

Most of the E-books are now in MS-Word from notepad, some are in HTML and PDF format... most are edited, some that I found are not... that is why they are $1.99 each. I Can Format and edit ones that are currently not in PDF format... but there is an added $1.99 fee for books that are not edited...or in PDF format.

We have some rare e-books written in the 1800's... some Spiritual... Religious... Alchemical... New Age... and How to get Rich... I love books... so I am a collector of Printed books and e-books ... I love to trade Books also... And would love to meet other traders... Most E-Books are the original text of the Authors and are dated around 1900. Many original e-books are hard to understand unless you possess the keys to understand to philosophy... like we do...[having a foundation to apply the differing philosophies... this is what I tried to do with my book Science of Spirit... is provide a foundation in consciousness so that we can read the the differing philosophies and apply the new thoughts on the subject].

So I have updated some of these books that have the copyright expired... all are updated from word-pad to MS-word... reformatted like a real book and then put in PDF format so that they can be down loaded to many different devices... Because the editing of some of these books were never edited for modern day reading just copied on-line for preservation purposes... there are and have been... many hours of intensive work reformatting these books most are done but there maybe a charge of $ 1.99 for some to still be put into Word and a PDF format to be downloaded to an I-phone or Android if needed now.

  E-mail Order Form

 Wisdom of the Ages: Spiritual and Religious E-Books Only $1.99 each

1. The Secret Doctrine Vol_1 H. P. Blavatsky. PDF... Year 1888.

2. The Secret Doctrine Vol_2 H. P. Blavatsky. PDF.

3. The Secret Doctrine Vol_3 H. P. Blavatsky. PDF.

4. The Secret Doctrine_Study_Course_H. P. Blavatsky. PDF.

5. Isis_Unveiled Vol_1 H. P. Blavatsky. PDF. 1871.

6. Isis_Unveiled Vol_2 H. P. Blavatsky. PDF.

7. Isis_Unveiled_ A Perspective H. P. Blavatsky. PDF.

8. The Veil of Isis: Or Mysteries of the Druids by W. Winwood Reade 1861.

9. The Veil of Isis: The Evolution of an Archetype Hidden in Plain Sight by Steven Armstrong

10. The Doctrine Of Transcendental Magic by Eliphas Levi. PDF

11.Morals and Dogmas of Freemasonry by Albert Pike 33rd degree Mason 1871.

12.The Kybalion by the Three Initiates...

13.Tertium Organum:  A Key the Enigmas to the World- The Third Canon of Thought P.D. Ouspensky [1922]

14.In Search of the Miraculous P.D. Ouspensky..

15.On love and Happiness... Pierre Teilhard de Chardin [1967]

16The Corpus Hermeticum: Ancient Wisdom by G.R.S Mead

 17.Pistis Sophia by G.R.S Mead

18.Thrice Greatest Hermes Vol_1 by G.R.S Mead

19.Thrice Greatest Hermes Vol_2 by G.R.S Mead

20.Thrice Greatest Hermes Vol_3 by G.R.S Mead

21.The Book of the Damned { the Excluded} by Charles Fort

22.Clairvoyance by C.W. Leadbeater..

23.The Lost Books of the Bible by Dr. Frank Crane

24.The Forbidden Gospels and Epistles, Complete By Archbishop Wake

25.Siddhartha by Herman Hesse [1922]

26. Socrates by Voltaire

27.HouseHold Gods by Aleister Crowley

28. the Evolution of Love [not sex] by Emil Lucka [1922]

29.Spirit Intercourse [interaction] by J. Heat Mckenzie [1917]

30.Cosmic Consciousness By Ali Nomad [1915].

31.The King James Bible... Project Gutenberg

32.The Kingdom of God is Within You: Christianity Not as a Mystic Religion but as a New Theory of Life - Translated from Russian of count Leo Tolstoi by Constance garnet. [1894]

33.The Koran... Project Gutenberg Translated from Arabic The Rev.J.M Rodwell, M.A.
The Science of Wealth & Food for Thought 
1)   The New Atlantis by Sir Francis Bacon
2)   An Antarctic Mystery by Jules Verne
3)   The Yoga Of The Christ by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne
4)   Utopia, by Thomas More
5)   Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
6)   A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Tube by James DeMille
7)   The Art Of War by Sun Tzu
8)    Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
9)    How To Be A Genius Or the Science Of Being Great by Wallace D. Wattles
10)  At the Earth’s Core by Edgar Rice Burroughs
11)  Beyond Good And Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche
12)   Imitation of Christ By Thomas A Kempis
13)   Apology Crito And Phaedo Of Socrates by Plato
14)   As A Man Thinketh by James Allen
15)   Beyond The Himalayas by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne
16)   Clairvoyance & Occult Powers by Swami Panchadasi
17)   Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell
18)   Lifestyle Without Food By Joachim M Werdin
19)   The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles
20)   The Flying Saucers Are Real by Donald Keyhoe
21)   Fairy Tales By the Grimm Brothers
22)   The Ozymandias Principles by Harold D. Foster

23)   The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats by T. Henry Moray

      24)  The Notebooks Of Leonardo Da Vinci
25)    Paradise Lost By Milton
26)    The Republic by Plato
27)    The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
28)    The Smoky God by Willis George Emerson
29)    The Underground City by Jules Verne
30)    Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms
31)    Ulysses by James Joyce
32)    The Communist Manifesto
33)    The Critique of Pure Reason By Immanuel Kant
34)     The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
35)     The Elephant God By Gordon Casserly
36)     The God Idea of the Ancients (or Sex in Religion) By Eliza Burt Gamble
37)     The Metaphysical Elements of Ethics by Immanuel Kant
38)     The Kingdom of God is within you, by Leo Tolstoy
39)     The Meaning of Truth By William James
40)          The Money Master By Gilbert Parker
41)          The Smoky God by Willis George Emerson
42)         The Key To Peace, by A. Marie Miles
43)        The War of the Worlds  by H. G. Wells
44)         The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli
45)         The Evolution of Love  by Emil Lucka
46)         Thus Spake Zarathustra  by Friedrich Nietzsche
47)          Resurrection, by Leo Tolstoy
48)         The Life of Abraham Lincoln By Henry Ketcham
49)         Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
50)         The Pleasures of Life By Sir John Lubbock
51)          The Research Magnificent by H. G. Wells
52)          The Story of Mankind  by Hendrik van Loon
53)          The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ By Anna Catherine Emmerich
54)           Essays on Life, Art and Science by Samuel Butler
55)           Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom By Cory Doctorow
56)           At the Earth s Core By Edgar Rice Burroughs
57)           Clairvoyance and Occult Powers by Swami Panchadasi
58)            Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen
59)            The King James Bible E Book
60)            Metamorphosis  by Franz Kafka
61)            The Forbidden Gospels and Epistles, Complete  by Archbishop Wake
62)            The Alchemist Secret by Isabel Cecilia Williams
63)            The Truth About Jesus Is He a Myth? by Mangasar Magurditch Mangasarian
64)            The Koran  Project Gutenberg E-Book
65)           The Best American Humorous Short Stories  by Various
66)            Complete Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain                           
67)             E-text of Hamlet by Shakespeare
68)            The Complete Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain
69)            A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
70)             Frankenstein  or the Modern Prometheus, by Mary Shelley
71)             Relativity: The Special and General Theory by Albert Einstein
72)             Billions for the Bankers Debts for the People
73)             How to Choose good people
74)             Life Style Without Food By Joachim M Werdin
75)              E.F.T. Manual
76)             Foster Ozymandias
77)            Transcendental Magic by Eliphis Levi.
78)              Producer Gas
79)              Alchemy Key  by Stuart Nettleton
80)                Alliance to rescue Civilization Lunar Base
81)                Amazing curative powers of Magnets
82)                Illustrated Key to the Tarot by
83)                Lunar Base NASA Burrows.PDF
84)                Magneto-therapy PR Durville
85)                Motion Mountain The Adventures of Physics
86)                Nuclear Survival Guide pdf
87)                Remote Viewing Stargate .pdf
88)                On Love and Happiness pdf
89)                Replicating Milgram- Would people still obey today. PDF
90)                The Kybalion.pdf
91)                United Nations Agenda 21 1992.pdf
92)                Velikovsky affair. pdf
93)                Women's Enslavement. PDF
94)                Crime and Servitude.doc
95)                The Forbidden Gospels and Epistles. E-Book
96)   Adapa and the Food of life
97)   Clairvoyance and Occult Powers e-Book  by Swami Panchadasi.doc
98)    E-Book of The Koran 700 The Project Gutenberg.doc
99)    Wild Talents Charles fort .doc
100)  The Planet Mars and its Inhabitants.doc
101)  The Psychical Correlation of Religious Emotion and Sexual Desire.doc
102)   The Clavicle of Solomon revealed by Ptolemy the Grecian.doc
103)    The Psychical Researcher.doc
105)    The Seven Tablets of Creation.doc
106)    The Society for Psychical Research.doc
107)    The Wisdom of the Egyptians
108)    The Book of Aquarius [Alchemy- Philosophers Stone] by Anonymous
109)    Heidi by Johanna Spyri..  a children's classic... 
110)     Celtic Fairy tales by Joseph Jacobs

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