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My Experiences with "Milk of the Gods"    

A Personal Experience with Milk of the Gods By Helga Brendel For

          Robert Donald Tonelli, the man who founded Neurotech Research in 1992, may appear to most as a man of simple means; uncomplicated and unfettered. But to truly appreciate who Rob is one has to listen carefully to what he says. This is precisely what I have undertaken for more than a year.

Now I say that one needs to listen carefully because there is so much information that comes through Rob all at once that he many speak about more than one thing at a time. My listening skills have vastly improved over the past year by paying attention to the profound knowledge that comes through Rob.

Rob has devoted most of his life to research; spiritual research. The avenues that this research has led Rob along might not, at first glance seem to have any connection and yet when one truly understands spirituality, one understands that everything is connected and woven into the massive tapestry called life.

His passion to uncover the truth lead him to a weekend seminar in 1996 where the speaker was David Hudson, the fore-runner and spokes person for the science of Monoatomic elements. Monoatomic's are a field of the ancient science known as alchemy. The Monoatomic field of alchemy is so old, in fact that it is discussed in the Dead Sea Scrolls and also in the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead (The Egyptian Book of the Dead was discovered in 3500 B.C.)

Through further research, Rob discovered that most of David Hudson?s information came from a ?real? alchemist and metallurgist, Larry Blackman. Rob?s desire to obtain in-depth research led him not only to meet Larry Blackman but to become his apprentice in the alchemy of Monoatomic's as well; Rob also organized all the public talks delivered by Larry and it was here that Rob met Larry's Long time apprentice and the only man to continue Larry's work into the next decade. It was over the next few years that Rob helped John organize classes in how to make real Monoatomic Elements from black sand in a fire process called M-3 for the Monoatomic Elements... Rhodium, Iridium and Gold. John felt that people should now the truth about how to make real Monoatomics for themselves and their loved ones who were sick. Rob told me confidentially that David Hudson and Larry Blackman were the only people to have the funding to conduct clinical trials and testing over the early years to show the effectiveness of the Monoatomic Elements and specifically the M-3 on the health of very sick people. Larry had results that were so good with the private testing that he stopped doing it before he got into trouble again.

Rob is one of those entities who have the ability to remember everything. It had been awhile since he talked about the Monoatomics in public or even hinted to anyone about the information. He has kept silent about this knowledge for years because of what he had read about the perversion of the alchemical process on the internet, he said that there was no alchemy in what people were doing for money. Recently he told me that it is now the time to share the alchemy of the Monoatomics but only under controlled conditions. In July of this year, Rob pulled the information from his memory and began to put his knowledge back to use for a small group of friends.

Making the Monos, Sept. 6, 2005, 10:53 p.m.

In the small kitchen of Rob?s apartment there is a 
large black and white poster of one of Rob?s greatest mentors: Albert Einstein. Directly below this is a glass top kitchen table; on the table there is a tall narrow necked vase; inside the clear glass vase there is a mixture of ?Redmond's Real Salt?  and trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake dissolved in distilled water. Most of the residue (a reddish-pink sand or clay) has settled to the bottom. The liquid itself is absolutely clear.This was my first step... learning about the "Sea Water Process" of making real Monos...

On the backside of the clear glass vase there are pictures of frozen water crystals (these were taken and printed from the New York Times Best Seller ?Hidden Messages in Water? by Dr. Masaru Emoto) Although Rob has many pictures to choose from he specifically chooses two for the essence of what they represent: one of the pictures depicts the crystal formation of water after it had been exposed to the thoughts of ?Love for Humanity?, the other picture depicts the crystal formation of water that had been exposed to the picture of a dolphin (an example of high intelligence).  The pictures have been taped to the vase facing inside so that the water could ?look at? them. The

 light of a small lamp is directed at these pictures which lights them up and basically projects the essence of them into the water. The symbols on the vase are Ancient Buddhist and Reiki Healing symbols used in healing people and raising consciousness. 

On opposite sides of the tall glass vase, small speakers are directed at the vase that contained salt water. The speakers are hooked up to a laptop computer, which sits off to one side. The music program, which Rob selects to play to the water, begins with Beethoven?s ?Ode to Joy? with the sounds of the ocean coming in at the end of the piece. This is repeated four or five times then music with the Mozart Effect, to strengthen the mind, finishes the program. The entire program is repeated three or four times during the process which next takes place.

Rob turns out the light directly above the kitchen table and now the effect of the lamp shining on the water crystal pictures through the clear liquid is amplified. The music program begins. From a plastic squirt bottle, Rob adds ten drops of a clear liquid alchemical solution to the clear water.

As one clear liquid falls into the other it is evident that these liquids are much denser than just water. I can see the translucent shadow of the added solution as it moves through the salt water. Within a second or two the added solution drops turn into what looks like gelatinous white globules of sperm. The larger gelatinous particles quickly float down and gently settle on the bottom of the vase. The other various sized droplets float down at different rates and some even take the time to do a slow spin (left) or dance up and down in very graceful manner.

Rob adds ten more drops of the clear solution in a thoughtful manner and only after a majority of the droplets have settled to the bottom of the vase. As the layer of gelatinous particles, which have settled to the bottom increases, subsequent droplets, even the smaller ones cause the settled particles to bounce up gently and then slowly settle back down.

As the cloud like layer of globules on the bottom of the vase increases the activity in the upper portions of the vase also increases. The droplets that are now formed are not as large as the first ones, most of these are now much smaller and spend more time dancing in the upper level of the vase before they finally settle down. In turn these mix with the particles which have been bounced up from the landing of other droplets. With the lamp light shining through the pictures of the frozen water crystals, there is a distinct surrealistic feeling about the events in the glass vase. From his place in the poster, which hangs on the wall beside the kitchen table, Albert studies the experiment with his usual thoughtful persona.

Several hours after adding the last drops of the clear liquid alchemical solution, Rob and I return to the kitchen table to check on the results. The particles of solution have all settled to the bottom of the vase and the remaining liquid is crystal clear. The droplets that settled to the bottom of the vase have transmuted in to a smooth creamy white liquid and there is no evidence of the individual droplets that they were just a few hours before. This smooth creamy white liquid is indeed the "Milk of the Gods".

The Monoatomic Experience

It was last fall when Rob began to talk to me about Monoatomic Elements. He told me stories of people who out of greed and the idea of making a fast buck didn't take the time or energy to fully study the effects of the Monoatomics, what materials should be used or avoided and how to make them correctly. The results of the frenzy, where sharks who recklessly dove at the money making opportunity and the people who desperately wanted to evolve and become ?enlightened?, were many... People became very sick from lead poisoning and other toxic poisonings because of the wrong materials used, incorrect procedures, and probably the biggest reason of all, the wrong intent at the outset.

Larry had taught Rob not only how to make the Monoatomics, but went into depth about why certain materials of a particular quality were needed and why specific procedures were necessary. Rob learned about intent as he watched Larry cure some of those who had been poisoned by heavy metals and powdered cinnabar (mercury) produced and sold by the ?sharks?, With the very real and highly effective Monoatomics produced by him... Larry had excellent results with his subjects.

It is my understanding from everything that Rob has told me, the books and articles that I have read, and videos that I have watched that the Milk of the Gods is just that. When one consumes the Monoatomics... changes take place in the body at a cellular level as well as on a spiritual level. My curiosity was peaked, so when Rob asked me if I would try the Monoatomics produced by him, I willingly agreed.

On July 29, 2005, Rob poured 15ml (1 tbsp.) of the Monoatomic concentrate out of a brown glass bottle and told me to drink down. At first, it tasted rather salty; then it quickly changed into a chalky taste. When I told him what I tasted he nodded his head and told me that he would alter that with the next batch. He then instructed me to take 15ml of the concentrate once in the morning and once at night and that I should also add the same amount into my drinking water (at least 3 - 750ml bottles per day) He poured another tbsp. and I consumed it.  Shortly after I took the second tablespoon full of the concentrate I distinctly felt a tingling sensation inside my scull.  Rob explained that the since my frequency was going to increase the Monoatomics were creating a new neural net in my brain to facilitate that process. It was named Milk of the Gods in ancient times because those who consumed it for long periods vibrated at such a high frequency they literally disappeared from the sight of those who vibrated at a much slower rate. As the magnitude of the adventure that I had just embarked upon began to truly sink in... I silently vowed to myself (Spirit) that I would listen to Rob and follow his instruction more closely now... than I ever had before.

This day is now Sept. 9, 2005, and I have ?religiously? taken the Monoatomics according to Rob?s instruction for the last 6 weeks. I have been through a lot in that time; we both have. Here and now, I will attempt to describe some of the things that I have noticed and some of the changes that I have been through.

Along with flushing toxic contaminants out of my body, it seemed to flush old toxic cellular memories out as well. By this I mean, especially for myself, the addiction to cigarettes, the desire for alcohol, and most other subtle addictions including non-evolutionary thoughts fall away.  Some of these fall away easier than others and I?ve noticed that non-evolutionary thoughts patterns and perspectives cause the greatest grief.  There were times in the middle of a bout of tears that the question, ?Is this worth it?? would enter my mind. However, another thought so soft and subtle that it would calm my turmoil, came to mind. ?Is Christ-consciousness, ascension and life immortal worth a few bruises to your ego?? When I silently answered in the affirmative the turmoil would ease to be replaced by clarity and a new perspective on that ?issue? and it was no longer an ?issue?.

Continuous consumption results in the raising of one?s frequency. From my perspective, I have experienced lightheadedness (almost to the point of dizziness and loosing my balance even though I stood on a large flat surface). There have been times  when I have gone to undertake a project only to find that I have already completed it, although I do not remember doing it. There have been many, many times (on my way to work in the morning) where in a rushed state of mind I cannot see what I am looking for even though it is right in front of me (my car keys on the kitchen table in clear view). When I stop, take a deep breath, slow my rushed mind, and purposely let go of the thought that I needed to rush, my head clears and now I can see what I have been looking for. The message in that: nothing is so important that I have to step out of the here and now to rush off into the future; missing the moment is missing the ?key? to life.

Other things that I have noticed include: greater focus and clarity when I meditate; an increased, more sustained capacity to be the observer (it?s easier to remove myself from and stay out of the dualist swing of life than it ever was before); a greater ability to allow Spirit to bring forth what I need when I need it; absolute faith in Spirit to guide me to where I need to be, to have what I need to have, to learn and go through what I need to go through so that I might be all that I can be.


The experiment is not over yet. There is still so much for me to learn not only about the Monoatomics but about life and myself as well. I am of the opinion the Monoatomics made by Robert Tonelli and taken as directed by him provides an incredible overall benefit to one?s physical body. The process, which the body goes through, is much like that of any physical cleansing (except this goes right down to the DNA); there may be moments of discomfort. However, the sense of well-being and the amount of vital energy obtained through the process is worth it. 

I am also convinced that the consumption of the  Monoatomics made by Rob, taken as per his instruction, enhance, and contribute greatly to one?s mental well-being. In the process of becoming ?One with Spirit? a person must release, flush out and purge one?s mind and neural net of old, limited dualistic thoughts and perceptions. This is not an easy process whether you do it with the Monoatomics or not. As the frequency of one?s body begins to rise so will the amount and intensity of the issues that one has to become complete with. For every tear drop there is a drop of sunlight; for every drop of sunlight there is a teardrop; this is the world of duality. As such and having been given the choice, I would prefer that I move through whatever it is that I need to move through at a steady sustainable pace. As I finish up this article for Rob's latest edition of the Book, Milk of the Gods... I realize that I?m not in a hurry, but I?ve been in duality for thousands of years, with all that I have learned I feel like I have the world in the palm of my hand... it?s time to move on. 

Helga Brendel, at Neurotech Research... Sept. 11, 2005. [edited for the website Feb, 2018.]

 Excerpts from, "Decoding the Philosophers  Stone: Milk of the Gods: an Alchemists Bible of Monoatomic Elements..." A Newly updated and Republished Book  by Robert Donald Tonelli
 If you are interested in learning how to make the Milk of the Gods Mineral supplement:  Email Rob @ Research test samples start at $60.00 for a 4 oz bottle.
Classes on the "Sea Water Process" Start Soon... Book Early- space is limited.

 ...The process of making Monoatomic Elements is an important part of taking them because the student, apprentice or even the Alchemist's desires is to be transformed by the process in consciousness... alchemically each time she expresses  her creative ability in making them. For the Alchemist... the passion to evolve and the product of evolution are one.  These processes were taught to him by alchemist Larry Blackman and his apprentice John Brown... Once you learn the water process for making real monoatomic elements taken from the Great Salt Lake... you can learn the fire process directly from the source... [remember these are real elements tested  by the alchemist himself in high levels that have been known to cure all disease... and You still do not take these by the drop... you start at 10 mils and go from there as you become a custom to the energy... these are not homeopathic formulations... nor are they measured in parts per millions or billions like most of the products sold on the internet... You would never evolve at that point...  (you can get more monos or Ormus from drinking "Seneca Concentrated Grape juice"... a Cabernet wine or fresh organic carrot juice than from these other products at a fraction of the price.)]   This formulation is the real deal where 30% of the elements besides magnesium are stabilized in a chemical(sodium) box. Read the Book, Milk of the Gods to learn all the places you can find ORMES [ orbitally rearranged Monoatomic elements]. 

  If you liked what you read and would like to try a 1oz bottle of Milk of the Gods, Mineral Supplement: buy the  book, Milk of the Gods: Decoding the Philosophers Stone...

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