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Investigating the Primary of Consciousness over Matter showing an Acceleration of Human Evolution moving from a Catapillar to a Butterfly  

finding the Spirit-within  in a state of Bioelectrical Wellness using High-Spin Monoatomic Trace Minerals .

Creating Genius In a Future Society

An Introduction to Creating Genius in a Future Society  
Creating Genius In A Future Society

Introduction To Creating Genius in a Future Society-Excerpts from book.

Creating Genius in a Future Society, teaches one to learn and understand the Secrets of Life evolving your Spiritual Development in new ways not seen in 1000s of years. The basic premise comes from the Ancient Alchemist Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus  [1500 AD] who stated: When a man undertakes to create something [new], he establishes a new heaven, as it were, and from it the work that he desires to create, flows into him. For such is the immensity of man that he is greater than heaven and earth. Not since then have human beings had such power to re-create their lives.

We learn to Understand Nature & Evolving Life by connecting to the Spirit-within and following our heart. This evolving Philosophy is separate from Society's culturally limited programming using Consumers and Sheeple in the Religious/Political Marketplace {$$$ - clouding intuition} by doing this we establish a new Heaven on Earth for Human Beings.

This is a direct approach to understanding life because the Competitive, Patriarchal Way of life is seriously flawed and now broken. Here with this new perspective, we deal with alternative truths - head on - by Looking Within using it as our guide for the Real Answers, focusing on a more profound truth in life {using our gut feelings & Feminine intuition} as our connection to real heart and soul finding our way on the path of life.

We learn an Existential Philosophy of life to confirm or deny the facts we get from society learning to Creating Genius from within verifying everything with our conscience as our guide. We do this by applying the philosophies we take in {using a balance of reason and faith} & use the knowledge if it works, we gain life experience, when it does not we learn from this experience, & move on. When alternative facts diverge from our path, we learn their context and their intent to move us to their path and do not accept that proposal {buyer beware} and move on developing wisdom & Genius from within.

This is using the Power of right-action Ethics in an Analogical State of Mind as an ?Advanced Form of Meditation to become your own Teacher, your own Savior, your own Master and your own God. As an "existential" philosophy, it proposes that each individual not society, politics or religion is solely responsible for giving meaning to life, living it authentically, passionately, and consciously for you to evolve by looking within finding a greater truth. As change happens, we explore the acceleration of Human Evolution, as an Electrical experience with conscious life making known the unknown. Thus, human beings, using genius mind create their own values & decide meaning to their lives understanding that their consciousness & their energy create the nature of their specific Reality.

Understanding the Mechanics of Consciousness helps people evolve into conscious intelligent Spiritual Beings. Learning to follow their hearts as Observers, controlling their personality, evolving their Spiritual development & accessing the Spirit-within, in an Evolution of Consciousness to an Omega Point in time. People are breaking free of the distortions in their Reactive Mind from Corporate programing, Becoming the Programmer, the mind behind the Program, an Observer. Evolving to See the Personality as just an Astrological Program needing a Security upgrade. 

We are focusing on a fresh new perspective of life in this Investigative Report, we have transformed ?the Money Game? & break from tradition that has respected corporate institutions telling us their truth, from their perspective based on their monetary gain. Life is not about monetary gain; it is about creating our own reality with real consciousness and life-force energy because we are sheeple NO more. We no longer just accept anyone?s Fake-News voiced by ?Society?s Social Media? without verifying it first. ?Well,  the puppet show is over, <u>the program is broken</u>, conscious beings are rising</i>? and <i style="mso-bidi-font-style:normal"><u>the world changes by 2028 this Book is there story.

Our new journey is long, and our time is short, it?s Time to Wake Up, live Free and be our own Banker, our own Lawyers, our own doctors and our own Gods for anything is possible because the Corporate Gods are killing Us on this materialistic planet. This is Heretical and Groundbreaking at the same time, using Science and faith to guide you, meaning your religion, tradition, culture, or rituals do not rule your mind any more, destroying ?The World?s Greatest Conspiracy Theory? hiding the Invisible Spirit from Human Beings. 

 This is an excerpt from 425-page book, Creating Genius in a Future Society ? ?A Unified Field Theory Thesis? on How the Mind & ?Conscious Energy? Create Reality. Investigating the Mechanics of Consciousness in Human Evolution finding the Spirit-within. You can Find in in the Research Bookstore.

 Synopsis: Creating A Genius Mind using a Unified Field Theory to show a Primacy of Consciousness?

1.    From the Introduction Clearly, our world is in trouble, With all the selfishness & greed, graft & corruption? with innumerable examples of senseless killings with Automatic Weapons {$$$}. We can hardly call ourselves a collectively stable or sane species? despite our spectacular advances in industrial & technological progress, we are ?a civilization lost in ignorance & confusion over our limited focus on Money, Religion & Politics? as our salvation. Manifesting our reality in a fantasy world, unconscious of the real world, our minds are infested with emotional aberrations, delusions & mind-parasites created by a manipulation of society by powerful hidden figures wielding corporate mind-control. ?The Corporate Mind? is evolving analytically using ?Cyber-technology, not allowing consumers to evolve Spiritually. Now, life & evolution ?are calling for? a series of conscious psychological upgrades to the ?Software?in our Brains: Our Minds,? conscious beings can now unlock the unused power in the brain in an ?Evolution of Consciousness? to the next level of Christ-like Spiritual Awareness overcoming technology?s threat to conscious evolution.

2.    Chapter 3. Exploring a New Analogical Mind? We are redefining Consumers from the 20th century of Corporate branded, genetically modified, Sheeple back to ?Bioelectrical Water-based Human Beings? becoming Spiritual Warriors, defending their right to live well beyond 200 years, Feeling Forever Young in Mind, Body, & Spirit?. This is ?Life?s electrical nature? showing ?a Primacy of Consciousness & Energy?s evolutionary system of life, creating reality.? We are moving from ?Disease Management? toward Bioelectrical Wellness changing the foundation of life? to ?Energy Medicine? in an Analogical based Spiritual Awareness System connected to Spirit-within. We are harmonizing our bioelectrical energy in biochemical water-based bodies, back to its base frequency in Nature using alkaline-clustered mineral water, sound frequency, and electricity. All life in the cosmos originates from a Conscious Intelligent Mind: it creates life & energy at the atomic level, without it there is no ?Electric Universe.

3.    From Chapter 7: Analogical Mind and the Mechanics of Consciousness: This mind comprises the mind & wisdom of every life form that ever lived, in any dimension or in any time. Analogical Awareness means one mind in the present moment, outside of time, the past & the emotions & is a Genius mind able to see all potentials simultaneously. Understanding Analogy: it is the final word of Science & the first word of Faith encompassing them both in an ?Analogical state of Harmony.? Ultimately, he who possesses Analogical Mind possesses Ram, the highest expression of cosmic knowingness? a testament of a lost civilization, evidence of an Ancient form of Christ Consciousness that belonged to a compassionate lost civilization. It is ?a testament of all that humankind had ever known & all that would ever be known with this lost level of Analogical Mind? 1,000s of years old.

 4.    Chapter 8. Creating Genius in a Future Society? Picture a society in which there is no conflict, no jealousy, and no unkind words or actions, no addiction to illegal drugs, no poverty, no crime of any description, and no competition to be the person at the top. That describes the society of the future in which people all-express the intent to think, say and do what is right?what is constructive and productive, ?Analogically?. As we are no longer ignorant Sheeple following our Corporate Shepherds. Creating Genius is, a philosophy of Right-action Ethics, an Ancient form of Christ Consciousness with an Analogical Mind giving you access to the subconscious to reprogram & heal the old reactive mind, turning on & reconnecting the new brain to connect to Source Consciousness. Applying these principles implicit in Nature creates the often dreamed of utopian society. 

 5.    From Chapter 12: Ancient Tantric Philosophy? the Human body is visualized holographically as a microcosm of the universe. It is believed that the complete drama of the universe is repeated in the {female} human body. The whole body with its biological and psychological processes becomes an instrument through which the {?life-creating?} cosmic power reveals itself. According to these principles, all that exists in the {consciousness of the} universe must also exist in the individual body. If we can analyze one {?life-creating?, ?birth-giving?} human being? we shall be able to analyze the entire {conscious} universe. To know oneself [in consciousness] is to know the universe & the source of all consciousness - the Invisible Spirit.

6.    From Chapter 13: Sacred Sexuality: All life begins with the Female Essence: Through her all real magic happens with the movement of the Kundalini, & unconditional love, creating Life. The sacredness of female sexuality was known many 1000?s of years ago but has been debased & destroyed in the last 6000?s of years. Without love, Sex Sells in a Misogynistic world is all we need to know. The Secret to Immortality & the ?keys to unlocking the magic of life with the Kundalini? are in connecting with the Human Female, as all life on planet earth came through the female essence created by Mother Nature. Human life is a process of evolution where one must evolve ?from the love of life given to us? by our Mothers making know the unknown in life finding Love from within, knowing the direction to head in for our own Evolution of Consciousness. 

  This is an excerpt from 425-page book, Creating Genius in a Future Society ? ?A Unified Field Theory Thesis? on How the Mind & ?Conscious Energy? Create Reality. Investigating the Mechanics of Consciousness in Human Evolution finding the Spirit-within. You can Find in in the Research Bookstore.



Robert Donald Tonelli, Author Science of Spirit


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