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              Consciousness as a Science of Spirit                   

 Let's look at what the quest to live 200 years is really all about... Consciousness and a Science of Spirit. 

This is an introduction to the book, "Science of Spirit… Creating Genius with an Analogical Mind" and sets the foundation for our quest in life...  in consciousness asking the Question and defining the Answer to… What is Consciousness? What is an Analogical Mind in an evolving Conscious Human Mind? What is this desire for immortality? … A wish to start a grand quest... on a journey that will pierce the veil of illusion in society… and allow us to live “Living 200 years in Perfect Health?” 

Being Analogical means living in this creative moment, Now, outside of time…  past regrets and future fears in unresolved emotions.... Now, able to see all potentials simultaneously while accessing the mind of God… the essence of the Spirit-within. This "Now moment" is your doorway… to the Analogy of Opposites… true Genius and an Analogical Consciousness of mind when you become the observer in your life - connected to the Spirit-within -outside of your program and the human personality, that is Now subservient to it.

Consciousness as a Science of Spirit

"I think. Therefore, I am"… 17th century philosopher René Descartes… philosophical statement became a foundational element of conscious thought of Western philosophy. Self conscious thought is the essence of human evolution as a species… conscious awareness of our actions or reactions and the consequences of those reactions… propel us into higher or lower levels of a stream of consciousness depending on our level of awareness and wisdom gained from our experiences. Taking responsibility for our choices in life is the New Age western philosophy of our time… and deciphering the truth from the mythology and illusions of modern western society is what Science of Spirit is about.

The word "conscious" is derived from Latin, meaning having joint or common knowledge with another, in the literal sense, "conscientiae" means knowledge-with, that is, shared knowledge.  Writer, Astrologer, Robert Hand defines this further by saying, “When we know something together with someone, we experience each other as fully alive and aware.  When we do not, we do not entirely accept each other as conscious, or ultimately, as human, and we create war in our ignorance of "conscientiae". We accomplish shared awareness by language and symbols. Shared languages and the true understanding of the meaning of their symbolism enable us fully to experience someone as aware. Piously interpreting someone's language and symbols according to your theological doctrines are Declarations of War” and a lack of understanding of what consciousness really is. Understanding the consciousness of another human being is the foundation of all communications on this planet… and paramount in our "Evolution of Consciousness" as a sentient species. Understanding higher levels of consciousness of people like Apollonius of Tyana, Lau Tzu and Socrates, Plato, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammad, Christ and Gandhi… is to understand the evolution of our consciousness as an enlightened constantly evolving being. I feel we have lost our way in society and are no longer able to live or communicate our truth as conscious beings or guide our brothers and sisters on the path of life like the spiritual masters of the past. This level of consciousness is the truly the essence of what it means to be an evolving “human being”.

The essence of an Ancient "Science of Spirit" is an evolution of Consciousness… to get people to think with an open mind and question what is being said in society, then question what you know to be true. In between the two "is the truth" that you will find with an open mind "looking within" for the answers and without… in your environment for clues… causing an evolution of awareness of consciousness.  To understand this… what we all need to do is consciously assess all our own ulterior motives for "doing, thinking, or saying, anything" and tell ourselves the truth, in that moment. The key here is learning to trust our heart and soul, and we will find that they are never… ever… wrong. If we follow this path, we will realize that “a consciousness, as an invisible spirit” that animates this electrical body is always with us… and is willing to guide us, once we stop lying to ourselves about everything… and look within for guidance listening for the whispers of spirit. This Ancient Hermetic Philosophy of a Science of Spirit will help you do that… as it is the evolution of Consciousness… the birthing of spirit in-mass… in a human being.

  To begin with all experience and wisdom in life starts out as a noble Philosophy… the study of fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language… by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on a reasoned argument.  Philosophy comes from the Greek [philosophia], which literally translates to a "Love of Wisdom"… A Science of Spirit Philosophy is an awareness and study of Wisdom gained from life's experiences that are repeated throughout history. This Science of Spirit is a truth now… only for the many people who understand this noble philosophy… for people not familiar with the "Science of Spirit"… it starts out just as a philosophy. Once people learn of this ancient Hermetic philosophy and experience its truths and gain wisdom from its experiences… accept them and take them to heart then these truths can become their truths.  The research gathered in this book will help us understand the balance between Science and Spirit and help us understand what Spirit is at a universal level of "Consciousness and Truth"... "A Key to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth"… a key to spirit in-mass. However, we should address here that it has been postulated that… truth is violently opposed by mediocre minds in power before it is accepted as self-evident…  German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) known for his philosophical clarity… stated that all truth goes through three steps: First, it is ridiculed… Second, it is violently opposed… and finally, it is accepted as self-evident…  In my view Schopenhauer has made one of the most valuable observations on the shifting of human views on Awareness and truth… ignorance and dogma.

    Our focus here starts out as a “Philosophy or Psychology of Mind”… for thousands of years psychology existed under the name of philosophy. The Hindu Vedas contain the oldest record of man's examination of mind and spirit. In India all forms of Yoga are essentially psychology,  described as one of six systems of philosophy.  The word "psychology" is the combination of two terms - study (ology) and soul (psyche), or mind. The derivation of the word from Latin gives it this clear and obvious meaning: The study of the soul or mind.  Our Psychology of Mind will deal with the nature of the mind and its relationship to the body, soul and spirit in essence… a Science of Spirit.  Within these pages, we will also study the philosophy of science concerned with the assumptions and foundations of science all the way back to the late fifth century BC, to Democritus and the atomist doctrine… theorizing that the natural world was composed of two, fundamentally different substances… atoms and void. Atoms and void were creatable, unchangeable and eternal 2500 years ago.  Finally we discuss Metaphysics… a philosophy behind the physics… which investigates the nature of beingness… the hidden essence of Spirit.

This is a Science of Spirit… an evolution of consciousness… from lower levels of the emotional body awareness of the human animal to higher levels of consciousness of the philosophers of nature. The key to the evolution of consciousness of the philosopher and the premise for existence is to make known the unknown in nature by creating more choices. As evolutionary beings… alchemists can conquer the limitations in their minds and bodies… creating a rapid “inner awakening of consciousness” to higher levels… to know that they as individuals and as a collective are one with Nature = Spirit… creating in traditional terms an awareness of an “Invisible Spirit”… Consciousness” within us all.

Understanding the evolution of consciousness of all species on this planet… is the divine understanding of the 5125 year old Mayan Calendar as put forth by Carl Calleman and is also an evolution of and a “Science of Spirit”. As depicted in the Mayan Calendar… we have to realize that we are the only species on this planet in 4 billion years of evolution that has survived and evolved to be Conscious. After billions of years of biological evolution, 99% of all life that previously existed on this planet has been destroyed through natural climatic disasters. We as an evolved species are aware of our actions… with our creative and god-like ability, we can leave this planet and go to the Moon… and set foot on its surface… not in 100 billion years will the biological evolution of a species be ably to do it without Consciousness. There may be a "Divine Purpose" of biological evolution… that "unconscious of its actions and purpose in its environment…" a species may be turned under the soil… as life has been for so many billions of years. We have studied the bones of countless species since Darwin to understand their part in the evolution of finer species. Just like a sensible farmer tilling his field under, of unused soybean… so that its nutrients are used for the greater benefit of the next healthy crop… So will Mother Nature "till the soil" of most of the “unconscious Sheeple” in our materialist society… because they are only consumers of toxic products and not aware of their own actions in their community or in nature. For in the words of one of the greatest scientist of our time… Stephen W. Hawking, “The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but that they reflect a certain underlying order, which may or may not be divinely inspired.”     


                            The Science of Eternity: Do We Live On Even After Death?


That Is A Question I'm Sure Everyone Has Asked For Themselves Before. This Video Is Asking The Same Question. Researchers From Organized Groups Such As Have, In My Research, Point To The Great Possibility That We Do. Quantum Physics Has Suggested That The Mind & Personality That We Call This "I" Is Not The Body.   Only Material Things Die, Spirit Lives On. The Fear Of Death Is An Illusion. 

Our Consciousness and our ability through a common language to communicate effectively with ethics, truth and justice for all… is also the basis of our Justice System in Canada that go all the way back to ancient Rome, Greece and Solon’s Republic… where people were united under a higher sentient ideal. The idea of being judged of any wrong doing and have 12 aware members of our society to learn and understand why we did it… is the essence of our ability to think and communicate effectively to determine the guilt or innocents of our peers. Therefore, dynamic consciousness should be of paramount importance to our educational, health and political systems as it is in our Justice System in these trying times. One would think this would be important, to "We the People" and to our servants whom we elect to govern and manage our country.  However, when it comes to understanding, teaching, or applying an evolution of consciousness… to our health, educational or economic problems… in this Country or the world, the Corporate Managers of our economic system says… oh... Ah, we still do not really know “What Consciousness Is” or where it is in the brain [as it is bad for business]. (See Science Illustrated magazine, What is Consciousness? May/June 2009). Well, from the perspective of learning from an ancient Science of Spirit... educating geniuses for 1000’s of years… we should fire them all this minute... until they learn. 

This brings us back to our conscious awareness… our ability to communicate our thoughts effectively and to listen to what is being said, where 75% of the ability to communicate is in “the listening” to what is being said. The key here is clarifying the words that we use because people cannot hear what they do not understand. Can we make our words clear enough so that people can understand them? Words are strange things as it is not until we consciously define our terms do we really know what they mean… so that people can really hear what we are saying. It is profound to realize, that most of what we have come to accept about our world… unconsciously, is "not the real world", but merely a description of the world, which has been pounded into us from the moment we were born. We tend to prejudge most of what we hear… see… and do… with outmoded belief systems… prejudiced attitudes… and Religious Dogmas… without even realizing how we think or know what we know. We tend to be stuck on words that people say and no longer listen to what they are communicating because our meaning of the word conflicts with that of the conscious speaker. When you suspend your judgment… listen to what I am saying… understand my words in the right context of its meaning… it will be easier to comprehend my concepts and my intent…, which is to communicate my point of view with you… so that we will have greater "conscientiae … shared knowledge... a common ground with" for further communications.

 The Science of Eternity: Do We Live On Even After Death? 2

At times, my words may seem a little wild and strange but just be patient and listen for the meaning a little harder… look over this idea a little deeper to what I am saying and read a little further for an understanding. For in the words of British economist John Maynard Keynes:  “Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assaults of thoughts on the unthinking.”   

One of society's greatest thinkers, David Bohm’s argument is that consciousness is more attuned to the “implicate order”… the underlying void… than physical matter… “ Bohm analyzed ways that our language deceives us about the true nature of reality.  We generally consider ordinary language to be a neutral medium for communication that does not restrict our world view in any way.  However, Bohm has shown that language imposes strong, subtle pressures to see the world as fragmented and fixed.  He emphasized that thought tends to create rigid structures in the mind, which can make dynamic entities seem to be static. To illustrate this… we know upon reflection that all manifest objects are in a state of constant flux and change.  So there is seriously, no such thing as a thing… all objects are dynamic processes rather than static forms. So the thoughts coming from our consciousness are, in fact, made up of active packets of "energy-thoughts" that if focused on in contemplation open up into "" of our dynamic reality. We translate these vague images into crude words or ideas of our language to communicate our needs, desires, angers and fears from the past… or for future analysis of our thoughts. Rather than living in the moment… to get a "clear picture" of what it is, we honestly need for survival... in a dynamic reality. When we raise the frequency of our consciousness… our thought-pictures come in clearer, and we see the true nature of reality and what is indeed behind the veil of our fractured society. From the thoughts of Physicist Heinz Pagels...The visible world is the invisible organization of energy.

We can see with open minds now, looking beyond Western Society’s “Limited Materialist Paradigm" to the science of Quantum Physics… that all matter in this universe originates and exists by virtue of a force, energy in motion. All that really exists in this material world of "dollars and non-cents" are atoms and empty space and everything else is but an illusion… a theory of philosophy of life. For a clear definition of life on planet earth, we go to… Nobel Prize-winning Father of Quantum Theory, Max Planck, as he states,   “All matter originates and exists by virtue of a force… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”  His Theory redefines our materialist paradigm into one with its foundation in Universal Consciousness. The spiritual philosophy of Transcendental Meditation is… “All speech, action, and behavior are fluctuations of consciousness. All life emerges from, and is sustained in, consciousness. The whole universe is the expression of consciousness. The reality of the universe as one unbounded ocean of consciousness in motion”. 

 The Science of Eternity: Do We Live On Even After Death? 3


The one unifying factor to everything in existence in the Universe is Consciousness, all electromagnetic energy fields in the EMF spectrum of the physics textbooks are fields and levels of Consciousness emanating down from "the zero-point energy field of quantum physics" becoming the ground of all beingness. This is exemplified in the writings of a physicist... Amit Goswami in his book, “The Self-Aware Universe, How consciousness creates the material world”, and from Author Lynne McTaggart, in her book “The Field” on the zero-point energy field. This philosophy is also a cornerstone of the Ancient Gnostic School, in Yelm Washington, RSE… that, “Consciousness is a higher frequency of thought from the quantum field acting upon the brain… creating an energy field around the body giving it a mind. The Mind does not exist in the brain but in this etheric energy field around the body”.

So in reality, the brain does not create thoughts any more than a radio creates the music it plays, but is a receiver of thought, like the radio tuning into your favorite station.  We can see from the perspective of a universal foundation in consciousness that the human brain is like… an automated Scanner of radio frequencies continuously picking up chatter on the bands that it tunes to in the moment… it was designed to tune into higher not ‘lowerrrr’ levels of consciousness for the sake of evolution.  Was that moment in time, those thoughts, focused "on your path in life and your dreams"… was it happy or sad, victorious or painful, righteous or evil, these are the frequencies that the mind of man tunes into and "picks up chatter on", when he is fluctuating through different levels of emotion?

Every thought that was ever issued by a human being, lives “Now… and forever” in a stream of consciousness in one of the bands of the electromagnetic spectrum of universal frequencies. In each moment of conflict or pain… we have "a choice to make"… to give in to one of our many attitudes of, fear, need or animal passion, and live in an emotional hell on earth or rise above that frequency to higher levels of consciousness… to a greater dream… like that of Gandhi, Socrates or Christ and other enlightened beings. As conscious beings having a human experience… we tune into not just our partner in emotional pain and sorrow or ecstasy and joy but a whole host of beings on that frequency or wave of consciousness… as we are all connected to one and other and we interact in consciousness by resonating our frequency to theirs… either higher or lower. It is like when we have an emotional outburst… we are hitting a tuning fork and resonating with other tuning forks of the same emotional outburst… digging us in deeper into emotional turmoil with each episodes. If our partner in the emotional crime is not tuned to the same frequency as us at that moment but to the ball game on Television… he may not have a clue to what is going on with us or why we are so depressed. Attitude is everything.


 The Science of Eternity: Do We Live On Even After Death? 4


Therefore, consciousness… "I think, therefore, I am…" is simply the awareness of being aware in the present moment and of the environment in which we live... and do not exist in the past or the future. All problems that arise are created and solved in the present moment… with the materials available with the innate potential consciousness of an "Analogical Awareness" using the knowingness of a life experience that is turned into wisdom. A great example of this knowingness of Analogical Awareness is demonstrated in the television series of the 1980s call MacGyver, where our Hero would solve all his problems in the moment with the materials accessible to get out of a confined space he was trapped in without ever resorting or descending down to violence… he exhibited the focus, control and a higher consciousness to deal with all his problems. The character… MacGyver represented an evolution of consciousness of a potential human being in the 1980’s.  Violence and anger today are only masks for the fear of death… a lack of consciousness… a lack of sentience and is the greatest weakness of a conscious animal that still solves its problems by killing… this attitude is what will destroy the whole species if allowed to continue.   We are not taught the importance of dealing with our social, physical, or technical problems with Consciousness in our schools, how to be a genius, how to focus our minds in the moment on an abstract ideal and then manifest that ideal for a greater reality in consciousness. Now does seem like is a good time to start... teaching about Consciousness… with the children, not drumming it out of them… There is only one thing more powerful than all the armies of the world, that is an idea whose time has come… Victor Hugo…

  Here on Planet earth as a product of society… the body is programmed, packaged and labeled, good or evil, black or white, Christian or Muslim. The mind is molded to fit in, dualistically filled with positive or negative ideals, right and wrong, emotionally based… always living in the past and afraid of the future. We are not conscious in this state as consumers of products and members of a materialistic corporate society. Now, it is our "lack of consciousness in society", and our attitudes, that manifest the "Nature of our Materialistic Corporate Reality"… as we react to their thoughts, wishes and dream to create automated fuel efficient vehicles.  One day… if we focus all of our energy…our thoughts… on their dreams… long enough we may become that specific product… the absolute first fuel efficient hybrid of the 21 century… a Cyborg worker/warrior with all the right, good, positive collective ideals… plugged into the corporate hive mind… doing its bidding.


The Science of Eternity: Do We Live On Even After Death? 5


          You see, from my observation of life and of society I have learned that without the "Awareness of being Aware in the present moment" of the environment in which we live… we maintain exclusively a personality mindset of bodily needs. This is the "instinctive mind" that belongs to the human body (the cells and the DNA) and not the spiritual being that animates it… We are overworked emotionally and taxed heavily as consumers of toxic products in our nine to five jobs of wage slavery in our modern day Society. Our pain and suffering, fears and sadness, needs and desires are aggravated by our consumption of processed toxic food in a 90% carbohydrate diet… causing fluctuations in the hormonal and mineral balance in our dehydrated bodies.  As "merely body-mind responsive Sheeple living in the past, we use the personality program in an analytical state, to categorize our emotional conditions, learning the rules and regulations of society. As just a personality… we run our program… used to live up to social norms and cultural dogmas to be a good consumer...  monkey see monkey do… 90% negative and 10% inspirational,  numbered programs [S.I.N.#] !!  We as social personalities and think… we are conscious of who we are… but we identify ourselves with what we do (I am that…the past), what we have (I have all that…the past), Society, money and power… thinking in limited terms of people, places, things, times and events… all things that require us to reflect in the past to those empty hard drives in our Brain (neocortex) to access the information… limiting our potential of spirit.  This is not "true consciousness" but a body emotionally programmed with the awareness of a "primitive human instinctive animal" in his habitat to be observed like a rat in a maze by all sentient transcendent beings on all levels and on all planes. When we do become conscious of a moment of transcendent awareness and have a few brief moments throughout the day that we cherish… The personality is quick to jump in... to records these moments when the moment ends… to analyze… categorize, and quantify the experience for the preservation of a human animal on a small planet… in the middle of nowhere in the Milky Way… in one of a trillion, galaxy in one of a multitude of parallel universes.  As a human animal do we not we feel small and insignificant as one of an infinite variety of creatures and we do not even like your own kind.

The Science of Eternity: Do We Live On Even After Death? 6

 You see… One day… along long time ago in a galaxy far… far away… we as conscious energy beings decided to play a little game called life. We liked the game so much… we decided to play many more games… but this time… to make thing a little more interesting… someone decided we should forget who and what we really are… “conscious energy beings” and that we make all the rules and that we cannot die. So “Now”… we live on planet called Earth within a program called "the personality" and think we are a fictional character called… a human being (a Homer Simpson)… lost within that "virtual reality program" not really knowing who we are or what is real ("shades of the Matrix trilogy"… maybe eh!!).

 As a free thinker… “Stopping the Rat Race” for just a moment and Being… knowing “there is more” to this moment and consciousness than we have ever really believed. Understanding... this is what our most contemporary Conscious Spiritual Being… that has transcended time and space talked about… when he said… "Follow me and all the things I can do… you can do… and greater things can you do". He was speaking about levels of Consciousness, the Now moment of “Analogical Genius Mind” that knows no boundaries.  The reality of this ideal is that it should apply to every facet of our lives… specifically our health and well-being…The fact is we are Conscious beings creating reality… the fact is we have the magic within us to do anything imaginable… with a Spirit given talent for Analogical Genius. But in society, the fact are we have chosen to play the "Stupid Game where Ignorance is Bliss"… we pray to an “Imaginary External God” outside of our reality (Our Spirit)… to do our bidding for us so that we can blame another entity for our violence, stupidity and laziness… all by the name of Fun… for Money and Power. 


The Science of Eternity: Do We Live On Even After Death? 7


Understanding what consciousness really is… is learning how to sustain this “Now Moment”… while being aware of the environment we live in and taking responsibility for being there at that moment in time. Learning how to sustain this mindset for hours … is the Science of Consciousness… Like stepping into a moving river… conscious awareness of this "Now Moment" is stepping into a stream of consciousness and selecting the frequency of thought that we can focus on and connect to with intent… contemplating our life…! This level of Consciousness… is a specific state in tune with Gaia… called Analogical awareness. If we can recognize and utilize "this moment"… through experience and wisdom, in an Analogical mindset… expands our ability with knowingness… to an unlimited number of channels or frequencies… and connects us to the source of all life… Nature… with no satellite or cable fees… This is the Science of Spirit…

In summation...  to enter the realm of the Kingdom of heaven… a higher state of consciousness… you must be like a child, you must live in the moment in an Analogical state of being and speak your truth like a child… uncensored and fearless… Like Bobby age 7… when asked by a panel of judges… "What does love mean?"… he says… "Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen"… And Tommy - age 6… "Love is like a little old woman and a little old man who are still friends even after they know each other so well"... Or Nikka - age 6… "If you want to learn to love better, you should start with a friend who you hate… Now that is consciousness…   an Analogical knowingness of Spirit…

Now that is consciousness!

  … Our Mission here is:

To raise the level of consciousness on Mother Earth.  Awakening people to the unlimited potentials of the Spirit-within... through a balanced inquiry into the new science of Quantum Physics and ancient spiritual belief systems of the worlds old Religions using an ancient philosophy of reason and faith together to form the foundation of our experiences and wisdom gained. Consciousness is the very fabric that all form is made out of and is the ground of all Being of life... along with the energy that makes up matter ultimately create our experiences in life and our reality... Birthing Spiritual beings in human bodies at the end of time… an Omega Point towards higher levels of material complexity and consciousness. This is the full descent of spirit into matter the fulfillment of our Evolution... The human species forms the thrust of cosmic evolution and is the key for understanding the universe. From The philosophy of  Pierre Teillard de Charden.



 The Science of Eternity: Do We Live On Even After Death? 8


Neurotech Research A New Science of Spirit


Our first step on our path to enlightenment is "to know thyself" is not a program... we can see we are not the program in our Astrological Chart wheel and all the aspects it makes to all the people in our life...


The Good News is You can learn to secure your Brain…debug… defrag… and get rid of the spyware… that has plagued you and society for a millennium… with worn-out programs, belief systems, religious dogma and political agendas. 

By installing a Spiritual program... one that is subservient to Spirit... with you at the command center... You take control of your life in the now moment as an observer...

 If you like what you have read get the updated E-book, Science of Spirit: expanded to 675 pages.

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