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Neurotech Research: Publishing Books & Seminars on the Mechanics of Consciousness Accelerating Human Evolution with High-Spin Monoatomic Minerals 

Conscious Consulting:... Neurotech Research... Bioelctrical Wellness. 

Neurotech Research: Science of Bioelectrical Water-based Human Beings 

Neurotech Research Science of Bioelectrical Wellness is a Neuro-technology based Research and Publication Company focusing on a providing cutting-edge research reports... Stem-cell nutrition Technology-enhanced meditations... protecting the bioelectric body, enhancing a clear mind , and creating a strong connection to Spirit. "We analyze Brain-mind interactions in the Mind,  Body and Spirit of business people... Helping them move from a materialistic path to an anti-aging life enhancing Spiritual Path. Evolving Consciousness in society through "Conscious Consulting with Human Beings in the 'Business of Living' ... Analogically".

Neurotech?s Bioelectric Wellness philosophy is a radically different Consulting business? it is the study and understanding of the ?Spiritual Essence of Life? outside of the box of the materialism and the engines of commerce in society? a new awareness of Spirit from a bio-electrical understanding ?

Our radically new approach at Neurotech Research is teaching conscious bioelectrical human beings to become Spiritual Warriors? the alternative to the corporate world?s focus of life moving towards advanced human cyborgs in an evolving technological Singularity in 2045.  Inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil? predicts "human life in the very near future will be irreversibly transformed"[28] and humans will transcend the "limitations of their biological bodies and brain".[29]With an expected  exponential increase in technologies like computers, genetics, nanotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence? people will be Irreversibly transformed, with their minds augment and their bodies genetic altered with nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. Our radical new approach to evolution opposes the corporate world?s focus of life towards technologically advanced human cyborgs? with a more intelligent solution for the future? an evolved spiritual approached to life? Analogical Spiritual Warriors connected to the Spirit-within having divine a human experience.

The corporate sector of society is an extremely well-funded non-spiritual, materialistic approach to the health and evolution of the human being... developing advanced cybernetic technology used to enhance and modify  the I-Phone and the ?Google: I-glass? generations that in the end control the human work-force creating a new social media friendly ?Apple I-Borg generation? within the next 30 years. It is feared that these Apple I-Borgs will not have any connection to the Spirit-with all life on planet Earth.. 

We at Neurotech Research have studied for 10 years and now... Use a variety of Light and Sound and Hemi-Sync Brain Synchronization Technology to enhance other stress Management techniques... To stimulate and or balance the brain and heal the body of pain... Without drugs. We teach our clients to use advanced levels of meditation and visualization techniques to train the body to see "changes within" happening daily... While stimulating the body with "Anti-Aging Nutritional {Natural} supplementation. .

 A New Science of Spirit Wellness Consulting has found the Rosetta Stone to understanding deeper levels of Consciousness... Evolving conscious Human Beings to a new level of awareness... in the daily life of business People.  A New Science of Spirit Wellness Consulting is creating a new level of conscious commerce helping people to change their lives by being conscious of their actions and helping others less fortunate when they can change the great disparity between rich and poor. For A New Science of Spirit Wellness understands that Consciousness is simply the awareness of being aware in the present moment authorizing their own actions and accepting total responsibility for years to come as the cycle of life changes.     

 As Conscious Consultants for our Clients and of our our environment, we take a holistic view of life as an observer looking down from a great mountain peak on material reality... Developing eyes to see life in this Matrix... As an Eagle flying high above... Looking at life as it is being preyed upon... Making changes in Spiritual Beings having human experiences turning Sheeple back into Spiritual Warriors mastering the human Experience.

  No Time in your Busy life... To change... Call Us for Help

A New Science of Bioelectrical Wellness Consulting:

Neurotech Age Reversal Research: Health Risk Appraisals & Stress Management Consulting...

So you say that you do not have time in your day? in your life of 9 to 5 wage slavery to spend years to do all the research. Well fortunately for everyone?. Neurotech Research spent the last 20 years doing independent research and has 10?s of 1000?s of documents that specify the problems? note the reactions? and see the solutions? for you to change...

Contact us at Neurotech Research for a Free personal consultation...      

Robert Donald Tonelli Researcher / Writer / Nutritional Age - Reversal Consultant  

We can do all the hard work... when it comes to preparing the client for change... they just have to step through the doorway when the time comes... We do Complete Life Coaching in all areas of Age-Reversal Health and Nutritional Research as it relates to your Spiritual Evolution... We are a reasonable alternative to the Billion dollar benevolent Nutraceutical or Pharmaceutical industries... We teach our clients how to become Spiritual Warriors... How to defend or extend their lives as long as they want...This is where we focus our energy on showing them alternatives helping them decide how "...they heal themselves" with specific techno-solutions and Nutritional products that help them eliminate the need for 100's of drugs... Vitamins... And foods sold to make their former drug-pusher... Instructor or healer money.

From the Vision of  New Science of Spirit Wellness and our Analogical mindset of Conscious consulting... We have the technology... The expertise and the research to show our clients the path less traveled in Business and Spiritual Circles... We take a holistic view of life Teaching people to balance reason and faith... religion and politics... Science and spirit in daily life in society, for ourselves... Our families... Our friends and for society at large. We have a multifunction educational service teaching our clients and students a host of possibilities that are generally not available to them in society because of a conflict of interests in business /politics and Religion that bow to the god of money clouding most salient issues. We are the Bridge between the two in a balance reason and faith -  We are not affiliated with any religious or political organization or Corporation... just Conscious intelligent people... holistic human beings... natural-persons... Not Artificial people like Corporations.
Our service is so affordable... We save our clients money every month on products and drugs they will never need to buy again... We teach our clients many truths of life not needed in society and how making some money to teach others the same process of self-consciousness. From this research we have produced a number of reports and books on How to Live 200 years in Perfect Health? How to make and consume ?the Milk of the Gods?? and how to find the ?Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth?? through a Science of Spirit? that shows our clients their place in the universe... Most women will be shocked by the revelations... and how they have been abused.
Solutions entail... learning from extensive research on ancient and new remedies for Life Extension? uncovering the real meaning of immortality...

Using different holistic "stress management techno-solutions" for remembering we are the programmers of the human body... And not it's unfortunate victims...

Using these "Stress Management techniques of the body to correct it's genetic deficiencies and reprogram the body "consciously using experimental techniques" incorporating mind, body and spirit, holistically, like it has never been done before...

Using classes on spiritual evolution with extensive personality [Astrological] profiling, separating the human being from the program... and from the "vantage point of the observer in the moment" as an Analogical awareness... exact change.

Real change requires partners in the co-creation... of the evolution of Sheeple, back into Spiritual beings having a human experience. This is not a school but an alliance of our friends... research associates and Clients... people creating an open society for truth as it was always meant to be. The wealth of knowledge and information complied for over 20 years by Neurotech Research needs to be shared with our Clients who will use it to benefit humanity.  We also provide for our friends... research associates and Clients... enlightened entertainment... So we teach the secrets of how we have been manipulated for 1000's of years... through books.... the scientific research of neuro-science and nutrition... and ancient alchemical or spiritual research... we teach with Videos and current movies to tell the hidden history of the human being enslaved to a false God and master... we do this with the purpose of exploring non-violence in thoughts, speech, and actions and examine society, the environment and consciousness... gaining knowledge and wisdom. We bow to the Spirit within us and all human beings and work for its evolution to the Omega point in time... and we will bow to no other gods before us... as forgotten gods in the universe.

From here? working with the guidance of Neurotech Research it is easy for our Clients to learn to heal themselves of all their own diseases and cancers that they have acquired... as they break away from the ?General processed Food industry? and the benevolent Pharmaceutical industry. 

When necessary... we can act like spiritual guardians protecting the innocent client's inalienable rights from the predators in the market place... when their health... wellness or Spiritual salvation are an issue or in danger and alternatives are necessary to protect their life and livelihood.  Our primary function and goal is to tell our clients the truth about the situation at hand... giving them alternatives... options that are not available in "the business of life"... and letting them make the final decisions with our support . As an Independent Spiritual Research Organization... we are here to help our clients to fulfill the Ancient desire of millions of people around the world for a Heaven on Earth... Learning to become again... who we always were... Spiritual Beings having a human experience and not sinning Sheeple needing a strict religion or a Sheppard to control us.

We are not here to change the world... just each other.  As an example... we are working on creating a community of like minded beings who are interested in... "Stimulating an interest in Healing our Toxic bodies Ourselves... Holistically, Nutritionally and Spiritually" creating  a new way of doing business... Our passion for life, our love of life and our business of life are the same... to heal "Body, Mind and Spirit of our family and our friends" starting with ourselves... finding a renewed love of life... a deeper love of family and a wider group of friends.  It all starts with telling ourselves the truth about who and what we really are... how we are all connected... teaching each other not to lie about our problems and learning... Not to do what we Hate doing...  compromising our integrity and our conscience. Our educational process would start with learning how to never be lied to again and learning how to do things we can love... healing each other and still make a living enjoying life with each other.

Spend a couple of days or weeks digesting this information for free or... Call us today for a free consultation @ 403-667-4748403-667-4748... or email us at

Lets look a little deeper...

  Technology - Partners with Neurotech Research:

  Technology can be used to make people lazy and weak minded turning them into couch potatoes with all the toys and a full beer fridge but it also Set them Free accelerating Personal Change and Evolution when applied correctly... The only problem is that it takes real work... from within... People may need to learn and know their  Shadow Side...  their personal demons and unravel their convoluted language to learn the true meaning of things to take their power back...

No simple new age belief system will take people home... Our clients learn and have to Know if their belief system is just conjecture... an unproven theory... or if it is an ancient philosophy proven through a balance of reason on faith... creating a reality fitting a forgotten God... the answers do come from within... only once they are trained to see the difference. We are part of the educational process... teaching the client the difference between belief and knowingness... teaching a deep spiritual understanding of reason and Faith... demystifying Religion and Politics in society.


An overview of Neurotech Research - New Science of Spirit         

Is our Handbook to the Evolution of Consciousness... it is an overview of the basic spiritual Coaching... the tools we use to interpret your personality and the companies we work with...[ the book is 

200 pages to help teach our Clients where we are coming from and where  they are going...]


The companies we work with are the best in their field when it comes to enlightening the mind and pushing the boundaries of the mind and progress.... I have used many to their programs for 20 years... Neurotech Research employs all these products in consulting and coaching people to make change... you can download a program or allow us to help you the choice is yours...

With this Book and our Research Partners you Can Escape from "The Matrix and be the One" connected to Spirit through a Science of Spirit? From here the great Architect?Spirit is in the drivers seat and runs the body? 

1. Matrix Astrology Software:

2. Mind Alive Inc. Light and Sound Hardware:

3. Transparent Corp: NeuroProgrammer 3: Light & Sound Software   

4. Wild Divine?s relaxation training and bio-feedback products.

5.Centerpointe Research Institute's Holosync® audio technology 

This system includes our expertise and skills in these areas 

This introduction is an overview which shows us how our well-being is affected because of the poisons in our air, food and water. The information is intended to help people understand how to achieve Perfect Health through cleansing toxins out of the body and maintaining health through various methods which include diet, supplements and exercise.          

  • We offer nontechnical Scientific Research, Consulting and Coaching for those in need? assessing situations and identifying problems they do not see... analyzing information and breaking it down to basic elements... so they do not need a scientific background to understand or learn to change their lifestyle.
  • Seeking different points of view and evaluating the clients emotional needs, based on facts with psychological and astrological analysis.
  • For our clients... we evaluate solutions to make recommendations or decisions  and offer physical fitness assessments and stress management classes to increase their longevity.
  • Recognizing that their are often several aspects to problems we offer and use computerized Light and Sound, Hemi-sync Brain balancing and hypnotherapy programs for Stress management, phobias, smoking and losing weight.
  • The ability to evaluate our clients using scientific, technological ways of thinking to gain and share knowledge with an extensive list health risk appraisals,
  • Investigating or gathering information in an organized way to determine the facts- we have incorporated the latest Age Regression Research and Biological Age Testing in our research.
  • We use all available resources synthesizing-- putting facts and ideas together in new and creative ways to look at problems using the internet to help facilitate change in our clients...  
  • Showing all the diverse ways in which we can grow and change applying knowledge and skills from one or more disciplines... using the latest technology... nutritional products and innovative techniques available?
  • on the Spiritual side we incorporate different proprietary technologies to combine a holistic healing in Mind, Body and Soul using "Life Force Enhancement Technologies" for the Dawning of a New Order to the World [bypassing the new world order for corporations] to evolve faster...
  • We now offer a free coaching session for our customers in any one of these areas?

The Research has been done. The choice is yours. How will you spend the next 20 to 200 years?

The Neurotech Weekend Perfect Health Program Seminars...  covers topics such as:

At Neurotech Research our Clients are not "a customer to be sold a bill of goods" or a "product to be sold to another company". With us they are partners in a healing co-operative of taking research and science to the next level in the form of Spiritual Beings evolving to the next level and they can still share in the profitable business of waking up Sheeple to their divine origins using a balance of Reason and Faith [or faith and wisdom from Gnostic texts i.e. Pistis Sofia].

Learn how to live 200 years in Perfect Health by curing Dis-ease 

This is a very basic sample of what we use and what we do... each conscious experience of co-creation of change brought about by the experimenters and their partners is modified to each experimentee... where the results happen to everyone in the experiment... change is universal... We are not "Frankensteins creating Monsters" with "experimental toxic drugs" like in "Business for profit and control"... More like "Merlin, the Alchemist" exacting our magic for a better Kingdom of Heaven of Earth for individual human beings.

As a Nutritional Consultant at Neurotech Research and an associates of RBC Life Sciences? my partners and I are working on Stimulating an interest in healing our toxic bodies ourselves... nutritionally, and creating a new way of doing business... To live beyond the 75 years that society give us... we have to get rid of the immediate problems and threats to life that we face, be it cancers that everyone carries with them? or any other modern day plague or diseases society may use to balance the global economic system and reduce the population?

The #1 tool in our anti-aging tool-kit is the Monoatomic elements created from black sand in the fire process? specifically for you? taken in 1 once bottles? for a period of 3 months and the problem goes away? Clients then learn the "Dead Sea Water process and make their own Monoatomic elements at home.

#2 Tool is purified water? alkaline? clustered? and with a low surface tension. Drink water every 2 hours 10 times a day minimum 4 oz? they hydrate and oxygenate every cell and clean out all the toxins around the cell?. I have available to me products that create alkaline water? cluster it and reduce the surface tension? they also clear out the chlorine in the water? they are unique but have been available for 15 years?

#3 Take Concentrace- trace mineral drops and add to the water? and take Himalayan mineral salt and add to the water. The minerals, the water, and the Monoatomic elements all have an intimate relationship with each other? each one modifying the other one? allowing the body to heal itself as it expels all the toxic products so generously given by society?

#4 Take designer protein in milk or cream? ?if not lactose intolerant? 4 to 6 times a day? minimum 4 oz every 2 hours? for about 12 hours this will feed the body all that it needs? water, minerals, whey protein, fat and carbs from the milk? and take away most cravings for food? when combined with drinking the clustered water 20 minutes before? and an enzyme supplement.

# 5 Eat only twice a day a balanced diet? eat only after consuming the clustered water? then the protein shake [wait 20 minutes before eating] staying away from all and any toxic processed food, food additives and pesticides? Stay away from all refined sugars and artificial sugar substitutes? stay away from most grains that contain gluten and beans that contain lectins? most are now genetically modified and are linked to a variety of diseases...  What will surface is what we are addicted to most.

#6 Do a wellness meditation with affirmations twice a day? morning and night.

Learn to use self-hypnosis with hemi-sync or binaural beat computer system process? to change deep subconscious patterns? the system we use is from 3 different companies? ?Positive Changes Hypnosis?? ?Mind Alive Light and Sound? and the ?Neuro-Programmer 3 from Transparent Corp?? is a next generation mind tool for self-improvement.

It combines brainwave entrainment with hypnosis and many other fields to produce the most effective software for healing and self-help available today? the computerized sessions have been done with Reiki healing to deepen the process? 

# 7 In some cases where The Client needs or wants greater control over their health that is diminishing because of illness... Neurotech Research uses experimental testing using the Robert C. Beck Protocol... blood electrification/ immunity restoration system with Micro-currents? with great results. The research equipment we have used since 1996 was originally designed by Robert C. Beck, * D.Sc. in the early- 1990?s? research papers and videos can still be found on You-tube... Subjects are tested every 3 days? and the subject records any changes?over time... testing time varies with people... this is used to increase longevity of the body by purifying the blood? research partners studying longevity buy their own equipment after we teach them how to use it effectively... as all disease starts in the blood then moves to the intestines and colon and then the lymph glands?

 Robert C. Beck Protocol

# 8 Study research from many different area?s that show how well life extension works? audio? video and text? and from the book, How to live 200 years in perfect health? this convinces the personality that there is a direct connection with lifestyle? foods? additives from the environment? and a greater level of intelligence from scientific research producing the right effect in the body?

Extensive Research shows that? If the desire is to make obscene amounts of money over the course of ten years?. the consumer create Dis-ease over time in the body? because of and...with their fears of loss of... then enslavement of the money they acquired... and shorten the life of the consumer of money. The Spiritual Being is fooled in to believing money and material reality is his salvation and when he finally gets his dream he is left with an empty container that is sick and dieing before it's time. It is the proverbial selling the soul to the devil for ten years of wealth and happiness... When our Client desire to live 200 years in perfect health she learns to reverse the process? and train the body and mind to become a Spiritual Warrior? a being just having an extended human experience outside of the box of materialism and the control of money. The key here is an Analogical Awareness of life outside of the box and beyond the Matrix?

#9 For our Busy, but healthy Clients that have a excessive amount of fat on the body are trained to do some Muscle Building... and Anaerobic exercise for 10 to 15 minutes a day then moving if desired to 3x a week for about 40 minutes max, and cardio no more than 20 minutes a day? the anaerobic exercise puts the body in an anabolic state where the body in muscle building and fat burning for up to 8 hours a day?

Bio-Shape Nutrition

#10 Our Busy, but healthy Clients have the body tested to determine the amount of fat, water, and muscle tissue in the body? using our HMS 1000 body analyzer where you learn to reduce fat and increase muscle? testing helps to determine the biological health and age of the body? and finding the biological age as opposed to the chronological age? the biological age can be 10 to 20 years older or younger than the chronological age? the body can get younger with conscious effort to change the program?

#11 The last step is to learn about our Spiritual body hidden inside the physical and it?s superiority over the physical body... here the Client learns of the program that controls it? namely the personality. The key here is to learn that we are not our personality as it is just a program modified by society? but a spiritual being having a human experience? the importance here is to learn about the program using computer software to study our personality profile? We teach the Client about his True Colors  comparing compatible systems of Hippocrates... Carl Jung... Myers/Briggs...Keirsey and Lowry... and in a way that the Client can understand... this is put in the foundation and matrix of an Astrological Analysis with far reaching effects... this is all part of understanding a Science of Spirit?

  • a direct connection to spirit would be learning to make Monoatomic elements and consuming them on a daily basis starting with learning the water process for making them? learning about water? alkaline, acid, clustered, and dead high and low surface tension of bio-water in the human body and in our environment.
  • High frequency water is the very essence of spirit as we know it? see video below...
  • Through it we learn about the electromagnetic energy around the body and how to increase it? Analogically with an active meditation.
  • This is the process to learn about the ascension process in the human body and it?s abilities? this may take 200 years of processing the program we have been under for the last 2000 years? this knowledge would destroy all aspects of the materialistic monetary system as we know it to be?
  • The truth of this has been hidden for 10,000 years in secret schools and it is reason enough to destroy 90% of the world?s population if the people learn to free themselves from the ignorance that controls them as Sheeple.

 This is just a brief overview of many facets of the research? the technology we use consists of:

  1.Mind Alive Inc: The DAVID Paradise Device XLTM  

 We incorporate Light & Sound Software and Hardware ? for a System of Stress Management through to use of Hypnosis?   Those who want to recreate relaxation and meditation like the "masters", may experience that same peace and tranquility with only a half hour of use with any of the DAVIDs (Digital Audio/Visual Integration Devices). 

Professionals prefer the Paradise XLTM because of its easy programmability, wide variety of sessions and vast number of functions. .... is the first high-quality brainwave entrainment device using flashes of light and pulses of tones to effectively guide the user into specific selected brainwave patterns. This product is the one most chosen by psychologists, medical doctors and clinicians of all types. Presently, several clinicians are using the recently developed ADD, fibromyalgia, brain injury and depression sessions (some applications require a confidentiality agreement). 

 Light & Sound Software and Hardware

The DAVID can also be used to speed brainwaves up, making the DAVID an ideal tool to treat slow brainwave disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder, closed-head brain injury, fibromyalgia, PMS, chronic fatigue. Also used to reduce depression, anxiety, insomnia and hypertension and for non-clinical applications such as for enhancing mental performance and boosting creativity.   


 2. High Tech Hypnosis Is The Answer For Stress Release :

The Industry Authority, Positive  Comparable to meditation or yoga, the hypnotic state is restful to the mind and body.   ?Stress can wreak havoc on the body and mind. Ultimately, your health will suffer. Hypnosis can re Changes Hypnosis, Uses Light & Sound Technology To Revolutionize Stress Release and refresh your mind, center your thoughts and relieve anxiety, in a half-hour session,? comments Dr. Patrick Porter, founder of Positive Changes. ?We?ve had clients describe our hypnosis programs as a ?mental massage.??  Hypnosis--the successful alternative - The use of hypnosis is sweeping the nation.  Valid, clinically tested, proven effective, hypnosis is a fresh approach to eliminating problems and modifying behavior.  

3. The Neuro-Programmer 3 (NP3):

Using focused psychological techniques, combined with the methods of hypnosis and other fields,  computer software program can help you change nearly anything about yourself? Rid yourself of limiting beliefs destructive thought patterns? Emotional reactions, bad habits, and behaviors.  One aspect of the Neuro-Programmer that makes it unique is that it targets specific brainwave patterns which have been shown to make the mind more receptive to psychological change. Everybody has internal problems. The vast majority of people live their entire lives in a

constant battle with their own mind and their own behaviors. NP3 implements the methods of Psychologists, EEG Researchers, Neuro-Regulation Experts, Meditators, Buddhists and Hypnotists.  Using NP3, you no longer have to accept your limitations.  

4. Wild Divine?s relaxation bio-feedback products: 

Wild Divine?s relaxation training products artfully combine state of the art technology with beautiful visuals, soothing sounds and effective meditation and breathing techniques to help you uncover your body?s natural ability to counter the effects of stressful situations and live a happier, more balanced life. Their ?inner-active? Bio-Feedback programs allow you to witness and transform the rhythms of your thoughts, emotions and states of mind as they play together on the screen. Using meditation along with guided relaxation and breathing exercises, their ?inner-active? programs integrate the best training available within an enlightening and entertaining multi-media experience. 

 This video will stimulate lucid dreaming... { awake up when you are dreaming}.  

The binaural sounds at the beginning will get you into the Alpha brainwave (observing state) fast... it will also stimulate Melatonin.


After a few minutes the music sound comes in long waves low tone and high provoking light stress, in Alpha this will provoke lots of brain discharge resulting in very vivid dreaming... + binaural beats will also help get you asleep at the end the binaural beats will suddenly change... psychical waking you up in the dream, with practice you can control your dream very easy...

5. Centerpointe Research Institute... Holosync® audio technology.

From one of the largest personal growth companies in the world, with program participants in 172 countries...Centerpointe Had its modest beginnings in the fall of 1989 because of a long-term interest in meditation and personal growth by Bill Harris and Wes Wait. Centerpointe Research? have created a very powerful audio technology called Holosync®, which they place inaudibly beneath peaceful music and environmental sounds. Many people call it "instant meditation"?but it's much more than that. Experiencing these deep meditative states each day provides a super-enriched environment for your nervous system, causing enormous (and very beneficial) changes in the brain. One of the unique things about Holosync is its ability to create synchronization between the two hemispheres of the brain over time making this kind of cross-hemispheric communication permanent.

 6. BIO|ANALOGICS: Body Composition Analyzer & the Health Management System  

Complete Body Composition Testing, Biological Age Testing, and the management of Long Term Weight Loss an Oregon based biomedical corporation. Bio/Analogics- Preventive Medicine Technology  is used and evaluated in medical centers, clinical research studies, physician's offices, hospitals, preventive medicine clinics, government facilities and corporate wellness programs. In addition, major pharmaceutical companies have done rigorous due diligence on The Health Management System and ELG body composition technology with uniformly positive results. 

7.Personality Profiling- Spiritual Path, Past Lives, Compatibility:Matrix Astrological software

With the help of Matrix software?. and the original Matrix Oracle designed in the early 1980?s we will be able to help people with their personality programs? helping them chart there spiritual path over come Past Life problems they still carry with them and Show them where they are on there timeline and where they are going? we can tell the best places to live? find love? and the type of employment is best suited for them? all at the click of a button? then we can show them how to download 100?s of pages collected about there lives and there new life path directly to there subconscious mind with an open doorway to there frontal lobe? so they can understand and utilize there new path consciously? Integration of the whole process requires at least two people? the integrator and the mentor? In some cases 3 or more people can help each other in small groups integrating bigger problems? in each other?

They pioneered astrology software on microcomputers (32nd year).  There is only one other software company on the Internet older than Matrix, and that is Microsoft. I have used this software and programs since 1986 and highly recommend them to anyone interested in personal growth and evolution... the key here is to look at your personality as a program there to help you make changes in your life... seeing all the emotional difficulties as blessings... allowing us at that moment to disconnect from the program... be in the moment... observe our path... make changes as the programmer and re-enter the program to enjoy these physical moments.
Our Research Programs expressing Conscious Consulting in a  Science of Spirit:         

 We now offer a introductory free coaching session for our customers in any one of these areas? showing all the diverse ways in which we can grow and change using the latest technology nutritional products and innovative techniques available? We offer nontechnical Consulting and Coaching for those in need?

Education is the most important process we offer allowing people to change the programs they get stuck in learning new habits? about new cutting edge nutritional products and how to develop Lean Body Mass for nutritional and innovative exercise prescriptions reducing your Biological age and masking your Chronological age. The program of education? Consulting and coaching at Neurotech is based on the research collected over the past 20 years and is detailed in 3 research books? the 1st, Science of Spirit: Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth internationally published in 2010 and the next two research journals soon to be published? available now as autographed pre-published manuscripts on this website the help fund more research? 2nd Decoding the philosophers Stone? Milk of the Gods? An alchemist?s bible of Monoatomic Elements? and the 3rd is Freedom of the Spiritual Warrior from Human Domestication? How to live 200 years in perfect Health.

Each level of education is based on previous research and the chapters in each book? there are about 60 chapters and at least 60 levels of understanding a person can go through. These books will take you on an unusual holistic journey to health and longevity addressing aspects of the mind, body, and spirit in the desire to live 200 years, for no-thing can be left out of the equation of our mortality, and how we can beat it. 

Email Rob @ if you are interested in learning...

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Robert Donald Tonelli, Author Science of Spirit


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