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           Beyond the Secret… Beyond the Power of Now… Is a Science of Spirit     

 Beyond the Secret… Beyond the Power of Now… Is a Science of Spirit

New Book Discusses the Connectedness of Life on planet Earth to an Evolution of Consciousness in the Universe...   From author Robert Donald Tonelli comes a book showing that,” Consciousness is the very fabric that all form is made out of and is the ground of all beingness of all life...” Released through Xlibris Publishing, Science of Spirit: Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven… on Earth clarifies the connectedness of all life with Science and to Spirit through deeper understandings of Ancient teachings and new theories of Quantum Physics.

It shows that all life on planet Earth and in the universe is based on an “Evolution of Consciousness” from the beginning of time… the Big Bang. Readers will see that "the consciousness and the energy that makes up matter" are inextricably combined or linked, emerging in a sequence of events called “occasions of experience” that ultimately create our experiences in life and our reality.

The universe is a process—it’s made up of events… Emotional events... Your life experiences handed down to your children and theirs to their children… and so on… and so on… each one having life experiences making known the unknown in all of life. Physical Life is really an electromagnetic experience in the the vast “Electromagnetic Spectrum” of 7 frequencies in the universe with consciousness originating before the beginning in infinite unknown cosmic radiation that created the big bang.

Life is an electrical experience that matters... when you are conscious... it's a Mind over matter thing... if you don't “Mind”... all that’s left is a world of Matter... “the Material World,” ruled by Chaos Theory and entropy [More to the point... Death and taxes].

This book is not just a philosophy of life, it does pay heed to many recent scientific findings, offering an interesting read to anybody interested in exploring the relationship between physics and consciousness. The book is the result of Tonelli’s musings on the nature and meaning of life in the universe, and leads to the startling conclusion that consciousness—not matter or energy—are the foundation of the cosmos. In fact, Tonelli suggests, energy and consciousness are actually inextricably linked.

Additionally, he explains in the book, the cosmos is never static, but always dynamic—it is not a state of being, but actually a continual process or sequence of events and occurrences that have been taking place since the Big Bang. The purpose of this process, the author states, is for consciousness to evolve and realize its full potential. From this perspective, matter and energy would seem to be the output of this process.... recent findings in quantum physics may support his claims. Referring to wave-particle complementarity (the phenomenon that describes how light waves take the form of particles—photons—when measured or observed by the experimenter)...

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Niels Bohr says, “[i]n the great drama of existence we ourselves are both actors and spectators” (van Lommel 235). Mathematician John von Neumann suggests that the act of observation itself creates physical reality when he says, “[t]he world is built not out of bits of matter, but out of bits of knowledge—subjective, conscious knowings” (237). And, referring to the relationship between the mind and the brain, philosopher and neuroscientist Alva Noë flatly contradicts the assumptions of materialist thinkers like Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, and Susan Blackmore:

Consciousness does not happen in the brain…. What determines and controls the character of conscious experience is not the associated neural activity. It is misguided to search for neural correlates of Consciousness: there are no such neural structures. That is why we have been unable to come up with a good explanation of its neural basis…. The idea that we are our brains is not something scientists have learned; it is rather a preconception (185).

Basically, what scientists like Bohr, von Neumann, and Noë suggest is that Consciousness is not an epiphenomenon of matter or energy (not even the brain), but rather that matter and energy are consequent to, or at the very least linked with, consciousness, which is fundamental in the universe. This uncannily corroborates Tonelli’s notion that the experience of an increasingly sophisticated, self-aware consciousness is the fundamental purpose of the universe. This results in the awareness that “Physical Life is really an Electrical Affair”...[ with Spirit].

Science of Spirit, Lost Keys to the Kingdom… on Earth incorporates scientific sensibilities in explaining the spiritual purpose of the universe. Many people will appreciate how the ideas presented in the book seem to be echoed, by progressive theories in quantum physics. Mr. Tonelli invites readers to learn how the human being's accelerating evolution of consciousness over 5000 years can be moving ultimately to a quantum existence of Spirit-in-Mass, God – Man realized, through advancing technological innovations and a focus on Spirit.

Tonelli’s view of life and the cosmos raises some profound questions. Is the brain the source of consciousness, or merely a kind of transceiver, and is death the end, or is there something after? Can artificial intelligence attain self-awareness? see Book @

If the Big Bang marked the beginning of some sort of experiment in the evolution of consciousness, what preceded it—a mysterious state of pure consciousness? What happens when the universe has evolved to such a degree that it returns once again to a state of pure consciousness? Read more about the book at

Will a new universe have to be created somewhere to undergo the process once again as part of an endless cycle? And what is the relationship between human beings and nature; how do other life-forms fit into the scheme of things? These are ambitious questions, and we may never get satisfactory answers to all of them, but we have to start somewhere. Besides, they do make us think. For answers to these questions and others buy the book @

The new business, “Science of Spirit Wellness Consulting” is based on this understanding of an “Electrical body, mind and Spirit” and on life as an evolution of consciousness living in the now moment. New research shows that technologically advanced Health and wellness are also electrically based in consciousness... making “Conscious Consulting and Coaching” the new paradigm of the 21 century. New awareness of our “Electrical Body, Mind and Spirit” will help us “Live well beyond 100 years, healthy & happy to “Be Forever Young...” for Life is an Electrical Affair...

Part 2: So what is Science of Spirit Wellness... the Book and philosophy of life about...

A New Science of Spirit Wellness philosophy is the study and understanding of spiritual essence of life outside of the box of the materialism of business and commerce in society. It is an ancient understanding of a balance of “Science and God”… reason and faith in the Now moment of life... actively looking for answers to immediate problems in our environment, in society and in ourselves as an evolving species. To find solutions to these problems we need to use a greater level of Consciousness and energy to solve the problems of life than it took to create it… The problem that controls our destiny as an evolving species is rooted in our focus on the left-brain analytical function of the “old reptilian brain” analyzing the past.. emotionally, as smart violent animals and ultimately as an ignorant civilization destroying our environment and our children's future.

This solution is in the form of an Analogical function of mind that uses a whole brain awareness in the now moment of experience. Whole Brain consciousness and motivated energy actively looking for solutions… now… not in the history of our past accomplishments but in the present unknown moment… It is from this uncontrolled lawless mind where the extra power comes from for new solutions in our environment and in our society. Learn how to achieve this new electrical mindset at Science of Spirit Wellness in our upcoming Wellness Seminar.

The answer to our health and wellness are Revolutionary at Science of Spirit Wellness and lay in our electrical nature as human beings... not in our “emotional body-mind consciousness” or biochemical nature...the focus is on this new unlimited Analogical mindset of consciousness and energy... healing body, Mind and Spirit through technologically advanced programs and experimental equipment. We have lived too long as ignorant mammals in a Newtonian Universe of stone and metal... with our theories of bacteria and viruses causing cancers and heart disease where our primitive tribal drugs, surgery and radiation... are killing everything in the body that does not fit our primitive tribal understanding of our mechanical world.

We have to end our primitive “Disease Management” view of the world and care more about human bodies than we do about making money off their disease management... before we can evolve as electrical beings. Once we understand quantum physics and realize that we are energy beings... not mechanical beings... we can repair human electrical bodies that have energy problems... electromagnetically... in tune with nature and the Universe [all cancers and biochemical problems are in reality bio-electrical problems of reduced energy input and output].

Consciousness and energy are the foundations of human electrical bodies in the 21 century not blood and guts...[Having to institute a program of health based on the dehydrated nature of the human being then institute a program of expensive toxic drugs as your solution when you poisoned the fresh water supply is tantamount to having Shit for Brains running the world Multinational Drug companies... this is really just a primitive old world paradigm belief system]. Simply watching the Movie trilogy, “the Matrix and becoming the One... the young will realize that is how it has always been for them as conscious electrical beings... they lower their energy output and there body's wellness when they eat junk-food and play too many video from all their electronic equipment. games... absorbing too much electromagnetic pollution

 The Science of Spirit Wellness is the “Real power of Now”… “The Real Secret” of manifesting your reality… the real secret of finding your way when you are lost in the maze of society's illusions potentials and possibilities... and are still able to make your way home Analogically. The Science of Spirit is living in an Analogical now moment of time… focusing on the magic of life itself… from the birth and stability of the universe… the birth and diversification of all life on this planet… to the birth of a small child that rises to greatness in a third world country. This magic is the will to survive under extreme odds of constant change on this planet over a 5 billion year period of an evolutionary beings. For Life is an Electrical Affair... with Spirit-in-Mass. 

The answer is Science of Spirit Wellness Consulting: Learn to Live well beyond 100 years, healthy, happy to Be Forever Young. We are here to help you learn to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit Through New Technology Enhanced Stress Management, Ancient Meditation and New Advances in Nutrition... through Events Promotions, Lectures, Books, Seminars and Consulting… on the latest research.

We promote Wellness in the form of Electrical Nutrition and Vibrational Medicine and use Public speaking engagements in Canada and Video pod-casts on YouTube as a means of disseminating our message... reporting on new health and wellness techniques for our clients. Our Coaching and Consulting provides Health Risk Analysis profiles for our clients… Using light & sound brain stimulation, electronic pain reduction and Vibrational body relaxation without the need for drugs as a basis for our anti-aging program.

Teaching our Clients effective stress reduction and drug-free Electrical Wellness Management in our Workshops and Seminars creates a new paradigm in the anti-Aging movement… At our workshops and seminars, we teach cellular water purification, indoor air cleaning and purification and food detoxification and purification... We teach awareness on “electromagnetic [environmental] pollution” purification for home and office and Negative ionic body protection in our increasing intense technological business environments. The main reason being that in a total Mind, body, Spirit healing for greater Consciousness and connection to all life does not happen in the human body until it can mitigate the poisoned air... food and water in our environment and put the human body back into Nature.

Our Vision: An Alternative Reality based on electrical nutrition and vibrational medicine and new unlimited possibilities for all people rich & poor alike to live a drug free, electrifying, passionate life beyond dis-ease and Cancers to express their creative life force at a new level of consciousness and energy creating a life well beyond 120 years in perfect health as conscious beings.

Our Mission: is to help our clients… Live beyond 120 years, healthy, happy and “Be Forever Young.” Our goal is to provide our clients with an independent source of scientific facts… from quantum physics to electrical nutrition showing how all life on earth is based in an evolution of consciousness. A Nutritional S0S... Research Society for Vibrational Medicine with 20 years of work by Neurotech Research based on the internationally published book, Science of Spirit… Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

We are here to help you learn to Healing your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Go to to learn more... sign up or ask questions... I can be contacted at

About the Author:

Robert Donald Tonelli born in Timmins Ontario where he lived the first 33 years of his life is now… Author, Researcher, Life Coach and Consultant for Neurotech Research and has been in business researching health…nutrition and spiritual matters since 1992. From this research and experience, he has produced 10 research reports and has published this book, Science of Spirit, Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. He evolved Neurotech Research from an ongoing investigation of over the past 25 years from studies of longevity…neuroscience… and alchemy. Rob has devoted most of his life to his research; from Science to Spirit from Reason to Faith... finding Truth along the way. His path began with a 10 year study of different world religions starting with Zen Buddhism in Japan in 1978... By 1995, he studied a number of powerful healing techniques and became a third degree Reiki Master.

Robert Donald Tonelli can be reached at : His website is 


Robert Donald Tonelli, Author Science of Spirit


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