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Science of Bioelectrical Wellness finds an Ancient philosophy of Life in a Science of Spirit, a thesis on a "Unified Field Theory on an Evolution of Consciousness" from the Investigations into the Mechanics of Consciousness. This is showing an acceleration of Human Evolution, evolving the Spiritual Development of “Open minded People to become an Observer at the moment."

This process expresses a New Analogical Mind enhanced with High-Spin Mono-Atomic Trace Minerals combined with Sungazing causing an Evolution of Consciousness moving to a Spiritual Singularity in Time/Space in Body, Mind and Spirit. We are in the Information Business of Educating People on unknown philosophies and hidden Information in a materialistic Monetary society.

Publishing and Marketing a line of diverse Books on Mind, Meditation and Banking getting to the bottom line within evolving life Consciousness Development & Spiritual Exploration. This is a radically different Consulting Business as we do Lectures Seminars & Consulting on the latest Research of Monoatomic Elements Ormes selling Milk of the Golds product & Research Books our philosophy is indispensable outside of the illusions of fake news, alternative facts or conspiracy theories as we are evolving conscious lives creating intelligent people. Hand Printed Books at Neurotech Research are $85.00 each...shipped $15.00 per item

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