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ROBBING YOU BLIND: How Fractional Reserve Banking makes Money out of Nothing?


Learn How Fractional Reserve Banking is Making Money out of Nothing & Making You Poor... Learn to Become your own Banker & Take your Monetary Power back using the Blockchain in a Decentralized Society.

This Book is separated into separate 4 parts detailing the major aspects of “Corporate Banking”, “Public Banking”, “Digital technology and Cryptocurrency” and “the Evolution of Consciousness beyond Money to understand how locked in we are to a Materialistic corporate monetary system that controls all life on planet earth”. These first 3 sections focus on the specifics of three different levels of Banking: “Money as Debt” “Money as wealth”, and “We the People as Bankers”… showing the enormous differences in banking and our unbelievable potentials for a new life. We are presenting a “Unified Field Theory of Life”, on how Consciousness & Energy create the nature of reality… eliminating the need for fiat currency in a decentralized society.

The world is changing at an exponential rate but as consumers, we unconsciously live under “A Corporate Spell of Global Religions & Politics” in “Society’s Illusions of a Materialistic world” with a corrupt Monetary System. This is now being challenged with a “Consciousness based World view”, awake to life’s challenges creating a new reality without “fiat money”.

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