Science of Bioelectrical Wellness

Neurotech Research: Investigating the Mechanics of Consciousness in Human Evolution with a “Unified Field Theory of Life," Publishing Books & Reports on health, security & protection - Creating a Reality to live Beyond 200 years, Feeling Forever Young.

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9. Neurotech Research: Science of Bio-Electrical Wellness


The E- Book an overview of our research… Our Vision of life is “an alternative to society’s brutal nature… ours is an alchemical reality” … humans as “Bioelectrical Water Beings”… A Radical new approach to understanding and living in society… as Spiritual Warriors able to live well beyond 200 years… healthy… happy, “Feeling Forever Young in Mind, Body, and Spirit”… We are learning to harmonize our Bioelectrical energy in our biochemical water-based bodies back to its base frequency of 528 Hz [listen]… with alkaline clustered mineral-water, sound frequency and bioelectricity...

Our Mission at Neurotech Research: is to teach conscious human beings how to take a giant leap forward in life in the 21st century… paradigm shifting… as Bioelectrical Water-based Human Beings… “Changing the Paradigm of our Health Care System” from “Disease Management” medicine… with its monetary focus on our mechanical lives creating an assembly line of symptoms repair for our “Fix or Repair Daily” Mechanical bodies in a materialist paradigm… of stone and metal. $10.95


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