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Investigating the Primary of Consciousness over Matter showing an Acceleration of Human Evolution moving from a Catapillar to a Butterfly  

finding the Spirit-within  in a state of Bioelectrical Wellness using High-Spin Monoatomic Trace Minerals .

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St 210. The Book Of U - UnLocking your Personality: Your Spiritual Path:


The Book of U and only You… connecting to Spirit: This book is a Detailed Report on Your Life… using Your Birthdate And Personality Profile as a basis for Your Personal Evolution . We Have Five Specific Separate Programs … to look at your life by five different personality experts… 150- 200 pages of great potentials and vices to look at… evaluate and learn from… opportunities that we may never thought possible in our lifetime… but are clearly written into our program… Just no-one ever gave us a manual on our lives before and showed us how to use it… Now we have such a manual from a deeper spiritual perspective than has ever been developed before. This Book Is Written By A Professionally Published Author … Writer and Spiritual Coach on the true meaning of a Spiritual Path connecting the personality to the spirit-within… Excerpts are taken from his book to complete your journey on your path … to enlightenment. [Each program is over $300 dollars just for the program] Here you Have a Rare Opportunity … to experience a Deeper Spiritual Awareness in Life from a personal perspective… Your personality program.

This Book is the most unique one you will ever read… it uses your Birthdate, time and place of birth for it foundation of consciousness… no two books are alike. This Book expresses all of all the potential thoughts, attitudes and emotions of life that spring up from different opportunities of life’s challenges and joys… You have the potential to develop along psychic, intuitive & spiritual lines into the person that best suits Your natural gifts. When developed along the lines reflected by Your birth chart, the fu llest expression of Your natural Spiritual potential is possible.

Used as a Manual for Spiritual Coaching... Comes with a free Coaching Session... Available in PDF...  handbound Laser Copy from Author... added shipping and handling.

Our Missionis: To raise the level of consciousness on Mother Earth... by helpingAwaken people to their Spirit-within... Disengage the lies of Society… formoney and power… open people to the unlimited potentials of their Spiritualprofile... offer solutions to the modern day traps we find ourselves in... In acompetitive Life… learning to tell the truth.

This Book is used as a part of the teaching and Spiritual Coaching on how to live 200 years in Perfect Health... the research is there and the right information is isolated to learn the process in the right order to cure all disease in your body and live 200 years... this book is free along with  "The Neurotech Research- New Science of Spirit handbook to an Evolution of Consciousness" and "How to live 200 years... freedom of the Spiritual warrior" with the coaching sessions... on health and longevity...

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