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18. A New Science of Spirit Handbook To an Evolution of Consciousness


Our Mission is : To raise the level of consciousness on Mother Earth... by helping Awaken people to their Spirit-within... Disengage the lies of Society… for money and power… open people to the unlimited potentials of their Spiritual profile... offer solutions to the modern day traps we find ourselves in... In a competitive Life… learning to tell the truth. This Book is used as a part of the teaching and Spiritual Coaching on how to live 200 years in Perfect Health... the research is there and the right information is isolated to learn the process in the right order to cure all disease in your body and live 200 years... this book is free along with the Book of You and How to live 200 years... freedom of the Spiritual warrior with the coaching sessions... on health and longevity...

The main purpose and intent of A New Science of Spirit Handbook and is to provide a place where like-minded people from all nationalities and cultures can come together in person or through the internet to learn about a New Science of Spirit and a new evolutionary mind. To learn the science behind the Evolution of Consciousness (which is Spirit), sets a new foundation upon which we can build a scientific understanding of the movement of spirit and apply this understanding in a non-religious, humanistic form. We research Science of Spirit by studying the essence of quantum physics as it applies to the mind and spiritual experiences. An important study of how the role of the observer applies in scientific experimentation and spiritual life. Developing an understanding of the role of the Observer in Quantum Physics and Experimentation will help marry the great truths of scientific and spiritual thinkers, devoid of political, monetary or religious dogmas. With thousands of years of great minds now at our finger tips we at New Science of Spirit think we as a collective (on a global scale through the internet) with a deep sense of Spiritual Ethics can resolve many of today’s problems by unifying our Global Mind into an evolutionary “Consciousness of Peace” through the understanding and experience of Analogical Mind.

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