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2. Living 200 years... Freedom of the Spiritual Warrior PDF


Book two in this series updated 7/7/14... on the new mind will take you on an unusual holistic journey to health and longevity addressing aspects of the mind, body, and spirit in the desire to live 200 years. We are on the verge of a revolution so great in the medical and alternative health care industry that these industries will never be the same. Available are nutritional supplements that are the leading edge in neuroscience and technology and yet the oldest substances on the planet. They are structured or clustered water, ionic trace minerals and mineral salts, mono-atomic elements (Gold, Rhodium and Iridium- rare earth elements) amino acids, saponins and proteins all in their perfect balance in the body. When utilized correctly and in the proper amounts these nutrients will literally change the way people interact with their environment bringing the body back to its natural state of being. A New Research and Development Company called Perfect Science is Featured... with truly awesome products... Available in PDF format Emailed to your in box for $ 29.95 or handbound and laser copied for $85.00 shipping is 15.00 US ...

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