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Investigating the Primary of Consciousness over Matter showing an Acceleration of Human Evolution moving from a Catapillar to a Butterfly  

finding the Spirit-within  in a state of Bioelectrical Wellness using High-Spin Monoatomic Trace Minerals .

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This Book, the Milk of the Gods... is an investigation into the Spiritual constitution… of life… of matter… and material existence through an application of the mysteries of birth, death and resurrection. The word, Alchemy derives its name from the Old French meaning "the art of transformation" and is both a philosophy and a practice… with an aim of achieving ultimate wisdom as well as its prize… immortality. “The Milk of the Gods” is really all about Energy… the frequency of the body…"the art of transformation" of a malnourished bio-chemical body into a Bio-electrical being living beyond 200 years, healthy, Forever Young… Raising the electromagnetic Frequency of the body with Bio-Electrical Nutrition and Vibrational Medicine.

Since our beginning at Neurotech Research, (1992), we have been at the forefront of energy medicine with Monoatomic elements in a high spin state. We have evolved our understanding of the “Spiritual Art & Science of Alchemy with ORMEs”{Orbitally rearranged Monoatomic Elements}. For the last 20 years, we have significantly advanced our investigation into the Spiritual constitution of life, matter and material existence. Now, In the 2nd decade of the 21st century we have created the “Science of Spirit Alliance” for conscious human beings to learn about "the art of transformation" applying what we have learned in 20 years studying the mysteries of birth, death & resurrection…

At Neurotech Research, our approach is to live 200 years, realizing the hazards, sifting through the lies… learning the ‘Art of the Magnetic Black Earth” extracting Rhodium, Iridium & Gold in their monoatomic state. With this Process, we are creating high–frequency alkaline, clustered, mineral water that accelerates the evolution of the conscious Human Being to the next level. We are using latest technology of high frequency Electromagnetic Fields working with Monoatomic Elements in the human body to enhance an ancient breath meditation to activate the 7seals (within Meisner energy fields) around the human body. Only when we realize the ability to live this long, will we have all the answers to Mind, Body & Spirit in understanding the “Science of Physical Ascension {of Christ}“ by rising the frequency of the physical body back to energy from dense physical mater creating immortality in a physical body that Spirit can use as a vehicle.

This alchemy of Milk of the Gods involves the making of several substances, a universal solvent, a universal cure for disease, and the research is used to discover a life-prolonging elixir. “The Milk of the Gods” is a liquid monoatomic trace mineral supplement in a chloride liquid base. It is done in “the M-3 Fire Process” of extracting Rhodium, Iridium & Gold from magnetic black sand & from the C-8, Seawater process extracting Rhodium, Iridium & Gold from the Great salt Lake which have these 3 primary elements in them {Larry had told me personally that the Seawater process was just like the fire process but not as intense, as the fire process put the metals in a higher (more intense, electron spin state) frequency because of the intensity of the burn}.

Our Mission is to teach using the research from “Milk of the Gods” and its liquid monoatomic trace minerals to show a new “Spiritual Essence of Life” outside of “the box of the materialism and the engines of commerce” in society. We are using an Analogical State of Mind developed from using the Milk and contemplating life through an active meditation to connect to the invisible Spirit. With this process we create “an alchemical reality,” connected to nature, redefining consumers from a 20th century, Corporate branded, genetically modified, consuming Sheeple back to “Bioelectrical Water-based Human Beings” with unlimited potential for experiencing greater health and wellness connected to all life…

As part of our Mission at Neurotech Research’s Science of Spirit: Now, In the 2nd decade of the 21st century we have created the “Science of Spirit Alliance” for conscious human beings to learn about "the art of transformation" applying what we have learned in 20 years studying the mysteries of birth, death & resurrection…

We are in the process of creating a new Decentralized [human] Company that uses cryptocurrency and tokens to fund its ICO [an Initial Coin Offering] business. This new form of Co-0perative business is only for individual Human beings to join and learn and “Not for Corporate entities or artificial persons to monopolize & control”..

This process will allow millions of people to own a part of this innovative technology & business {& have access to the research & the Water} where they learn to become their own Bankers and their encrypted smartphone becomes their Bank. You can learn more from the Book, “Robbing You Blind”- Learn How Banks Make Money Out of Nothing… Making You Poor! Become your own Banker using the Blockchain in a Decentralized Society & Use the Proven plan to Break-free of the Money Game. 

Book comes in two formats a PDF file Emailed for $29.00 or Handbound laser copied at $85.00 plus $15.00 shipping

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