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Thoughts of an slave - Epictetus

From the Book, Thoughts of an Emperor, a Slave, a Philosopher, and a Christ... Edited by Robert Donald Tonelli.
Thoughts Of An Emperor, A Slave, A Philosopher & A Christ:

An Analogically Now... The Golden Sayings of Epictetus  

The Golden Sayings of Epictetus - taken from the ENCHIRIDION By Epictetus

To Understand the ancient teaching on Spirit from the Book, Science of Spirit: Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth? We have to ask ourselves how old are these New age teachings everyone talks about in the power of now... "This mindset has been discussed in great depth for more than an 1800 years by great initiates in secret schools? one of the first philosophers to teach about ?The Power of the Now" moment was Epictetus, who wrote extensively on the nature of thought and the process of interpretation in the book "The Golden Sayings of Epictetus". Epictetus lived from around 55 A.D. until 135 A.D.; He was a Greek slave who emerged as a respected member of the Stoic school of philosophy in Rome. 

Epictetus would say:

You can have all the things you want right now, if you observe but one thing: You must give no thoughts to the past, trust the future to the spirit-within, and spend the present Moment in holiness and peace. In peace, that you may be content with the present moment. In holiness, that you may act in line with the harmony of the whole.

Why race after future fame, while the present "Now" moment is yours to enjoy? It is impossible for the future to escape the motion of the present. Each of us lives only in the present, 'this moment'. All the rest is either past or uncertain. For a man who is content in the present moment, even death? has lost its sting.

It is never the future or the past that troubles us, but the present moment. Moreover, we can train our minds to see the present in a new and peaceful light. 'You' have power over your mind? not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.  He who sees what exists 'right now' has seen everything? for all things are of one source and one substance. 

The Consciousness of Analogical Genius exists not in the brain? but in the Meisner energy fields of the human body and directs a whole brain consciousness from the base of the kundalini in the first seal to the center of the corpus callosum? the bridge between the two hemispheres in the brain?

The Now moment" is a safe haven for many millions of people in the world in a contemplative mediation? observing the paradox of modern life? in all her analogies?. This is the place to find your true self, real love, health, longevity, and spirit. This is where all the geniuses come from and go back to? the saints, gurus, and the masters of the ages, the Christs-- Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Ramah, and Jesus of Nazareth. This is also why many enlightened beings live in the mountains away from "the rabble in the market place" to be at peace at all moments. This is the only place you will find Spirit, in the perfect now moment? the "power over heaven and earth" is in Spirit in this moment? when you free yourself from the parasite [personality]? do miracles happen. 

 ENCHIRIDION  By Epictetus

Epictetus, who lived from around 55 A.D. until 135 A.D., was a Epictetus wrote extensively on the nature of thought and the process of interpretation.  He was quick to point out that we never respond directly to an event, but only to our opinions about that event.  

"If Socrates didn't fear death," he said by way of example, "then death itself must not be inherently frightening."  Epictetus postulated that it was our interpretations of events, rather than the events themselves, that affected us.                                 

Stoic school of philosophy 

One of the most famous of Epictetus's surviving works is the Enchiridion, or handbook.  The ideas in the Enchiridion are written as if to a young student or philosopher-in-training.

After being released from slavery, Epictetus settled in Rome and taught philosophy for several years.

Enchiridion Selections, Part One

Some things are in our control and others are not.

Things that are in our control are our decisions, desires, wishes ? basically, our own thoughts and actions. Things that aren?t in our control are the thoughts and actions of others.

If you remember what is in your control and what is not in your control, then no one will trouble or threaten you. In addition, you will never find fault with anyone, or accuse anyone. You will do nothing that brings you pain. No one will hurt you. You will have no enemies. You will never be able to be harmed.

Try, then, to say to every difficult event, "You are but an appearance, and not really the thing you appear to be." And then ask yourself, "Is this in my control, or isn?t it?" If it isn?t in your control, do not think about it any more.

Enchiridion Selections, Part Two

If you want to be happy, you must change your thinking. 

Don?t say, "I have to worry about my work, otherwise I?ll be poor." Or, "If I don?t yell at my servant, he?ll be lazy and bad." 

It is better to die with hunger, free of anger and fear, than to live with wealth and worry. It is better for your servant to be lazy than for you to be unhappy.

Begin with little things. Is a little oil spilled? A little wine stolen? Say to yourself, "This is the price I will pay for peace of mind, and it is not a large price to pay."

When you call your servant, he may not come ? or, if he does, he may not do what you want. However, this is in no way important enough to cause you any disturbance.

Enchiridion Selections, Part Three

Does someone bathe too quickly? Don?t say that he bathes incorrectly, just quickly. 

Does someone drink a great amount of wine? Don?t say that he drinks incorrectly, just that he drinks a great amount.

For unless you perfectly understand the motivations from which anyone acts, how do you know if he is wrong in his actions?

If you think this way, you won't run the risk of judging any appearances but those which you fully understand.

Never call yourself a philosopher, nor talk a great deal about theories ? simply act according to them. When, for example, you?re at a party ? don?t talk about how people ought to eat and drink, but simply eat and drink as you should.

Silence is a fine thing. Don?t toss philosophical theorems out for debate, for there is danger in throwing out what you have not digested. If anyone tells you that you know nothing, and you are not bothered by it, you can be sure that you have begun your inner work.

Sheep, for example, don?t throw up their grass to show the shepherds how much they have eaten. Rather, after inwardly digesting their food, they outwardly produce wool and milk. So should you not debate philosophy, but demonstrate the actions produced by the philosophy after it has been digested.

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