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                                         Knowing thyself… a "Love of Wisdom"                          

          Knowing who You really are in a Balance of Science & Spirit: Part 4: 

 Note: This is the transcript of this Speech... on "Gaining Peals of Wisdom in a state of Analogical Awareness", based on the book, “Science of Spirit: Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth”.

 After 20 years of emotional experiences... this what I learned and  my friends had missed on the path of life... falling into the ditch of materialism and illusion. This is my analysis of and my life as an Analogical being... How do I know my friends missed these keys to wisdom on the path of life... they've dead... and I am still here... the sad thing is the "social odds" were always in their favor.

The book, “Science of Spirit, and these articles are a testament to them and their experiences showing me the way... Home. The flaw in our New Age Spiritual Thinking was that we took for granted and made suppositions about the "Rare and Sacred Wisdom" we received from ancient teachings. This was a gift to "spiritually immature children of a Science of Spirit"... a gift that modern society had forgotten about and did not use for 1000's of years.                                             PIC 1. "Peals of Wisdom in Life"..]

As personalities in society, we had to grow-up and and accept the responsibility for the wisdom but we thought that it was our right to demand from the "Spirit of life" for the universe to just give us what we wanted... because we deserve it and were focused on getting it... Well many of my friends got what they wanted  but died shortly after... I remain to put the pieces of the puzzle together.                   

”We start here understanding our altered ego… the image of who we think we are… is not us... and we learn to live our truth as Spiritual beings having a human experience.

Our first step is is "to know thyself" is not a program... we can see this in our Astrological Chart wheel and all the aspects it makes to all the people in our life. It is hoped here that these analogies may become a ladder for true seekers of a greater reality to climb out of the ditch and resume there path..                              

 Knowing thyself… starts with learning a noble philosophy and a "Love of Wisdom"

I learned early on, in my research that all my experiences that generated wisdom in life started out and came from a "Noble Philosophy' of life… the study of fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language… by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on a reasoned argument.

 Philosophy comes from the Greek [philosophia], which literally translates to a "Love of Wisdom". My Science of Spirit Philosophy is my research, my love of wisdom… an awareness and study of Wisdom gained from life's experiences that are repeated throughout history.

The 17th century philosopher, mathematician and writer, René Descartes… philosophical statement, "I think. Therefore, I am"… became a foundational element of conscious thought of 
Western philosophy. Self conscious thought is the essence of human evolution as a species… conscious awareness of our actions or reactions and the consequences of those reactions… propel us into higher or lower levels of a stream of consciousness depending on our level of awareness and wisdom gained from our experiences. René Descartes, "the Father of Modern Philosophy" knew who he was with a simple deduction… "I think. Therefore, I am"… that consciousness is the awareness of being aware of oneself and ones life in the moment. This idea helped me differentiate my consciousness in the moment of awareness from my personality program and the parasite that lived within it... that recorded these moments so they could be played back any time I... or more importantly it wanted. Only a Spiritual Warrior could deal with and battle the Parasite within the body.

I learned over time my personality program was a sophisticated play-back device… My subconscious mind was connected to and uses the personality and it is "an interactive programmable autopilot program" that can navigate the vehicle without the observation or awareness of the pilot… the conscious mind… it  is not a seat of reasoning or creative consciousness… it is strictly a stimulus-response device. The moment you lapse in your "Now moment of Consciousness", as the observer, the subconscious mind will automatically engage and play its previously recorded experience-based programs. The being that recognizes this is considered a Spiritual Warrior.

Taking responsibility for our choices in life is the New Age western philosophy of our time… However; deciphering the truth from the mythology and illusions of modern western society is what the Analogical mind set of Science of Spirit is really about showing different levels of consciousness... this required the mindset of a Spiritual Warrior.  

 Knowing thyself, Analogically

A Science of Spirit is a philosophy of life with its foundation in consciousness as the root of all existence in the universe. This requires a deeper understanding of our personality, as to what it is and how we master it.

“A Science of Spirit” is deep analysis of the spiritual essence of life from a science perspective of reason and faith… a philosophy of life with its foundation in consciousness… This philosophy is the study and understanding of spiritual essence of life outside of the box of the materialism of commerce and money in society.  The Science of Spirit is the real power of Now… the real Secret of manifesting your reality… the real secret of finding your way when you were locked in the program… blinded by life’s emotional problems… lost in a maze and are still able to find your way home. Our ultimate understanding of a very deep science of spirit starts with our understanding of ourselves as spiritual beings and learning about the personality program we are born with… how to use it in the now moment… and how to analyze our environment and still knowing who is really in control. This is the balance of science and god… reason and faith in the analogical now moment of life, actively looking for answers to immediate problems in our environment… in our society and in ourselves as a conscious evolving species. This is who we really are and this is the mindset of the Spiritual Warrior.

To find solutions to all our problems, we need to use a greater level of consciousness and energy to solve the problems of life than it took to create the problems. This solution is provided for us in the dormant recesses of our brain in the form of an “Analogical function of mind” that uses a whole-brain awareness in the now moment of experience. Whole Brain consciousness and motivated energy actively looking for solutions… now in the moment of experience is the solution… not in the history of our past accomplishments, but in the present unknown moment where critical decisions are made.  It is from this uncontrolled lawless mind where the extra power comes from for new solutions in our environment, in our society and in our evolution as spiritual beings and Spiritual Warriors. This is a deep Science of Spirit, real magic, manifested by using the whole brain, both sides in a balance of male and female, right and left brain, awareness originating in the reptilian brain. As Spiritual Warriors, we have one mind, living in an Analogically, creative, now moment. This is a mind able to see all potentials simultaneously with the personality subservient to the observer outside of time, and the emotional body. This is an Analogically, creative, mind focusing on the essence of life itself… the magic of nature. Our brain contains the evolution of all life on this planet. We are born of “the evolution of all life” that preceded us on this planet… as we carry within us the essence of all life-forms that were created before us in our DNA and the cells of the reptilian brain. This center in the brain is called the “Mind of God”, because all life that has evolved from the invisible spirit {the spark of life from consciousness} is in this mind; Analogical awareness is this link to the mind of god, where all possibilities are available to us as Spiritual beings... Warriors living in the now moment [and only as Spiritual Warriors  and not as personalities]. In this mind, seek and you shall find, ask, and it shall be giving unto you, in the moment.  

To Become the Observer and access Spirit

To become the observer and access spirit… to create the many healings I have had required pure  knowingness in the moment and manifestations I have had… required total separation from the personality… to know from a feeling point of the heart center… which more importantly incorporates the energy field of the soul. There is no magic involved no hocus-pocus just a knowingness that comes from a feeling in the heart center… not the brain that provides the energy of the knowingness to create the impulse back to the collective sub-conscious [ a vast network of electrical forces, an electro-magnetic field to which we are all mentally connected, and, which may be termed the Matrix].

Total separation from the personality usually happened when the personality thought it was going to die...  being in the rain, wet, cold, hungry, tired and it surrenders totally… giving way to Spirit to command the body and the bridge of the brain… To connect the heart and soul to the brain… forcing the energy field around the body to rotate in a counter-clock-wise direction required a Spiritual Warrior awake in the body to follow the invisible spirit on it evolutionary journey. This causes the vast network of electro-magnetic forces from the collective sub-conscious to send pulses back and forth to the body… the connection to the void and the electro-magnetic forces is turned “On” by the switching in the brain from the personality to the Analogical function of knowingness that connects the heart and soul to the brain [not the other way around]. This is all controlled by the spirit-within when the “personality abdicates the throne” and the Spiritual Warrior take over on the bridge to take command of the vessel to navigate the void and the electro-magnetic forces of sub-space…

The knowingness… here is the Invisible Spirit... is the vessel, the void, and the electro-magnetic forces of sub-space… It is the connection and the source of all energy in all universes going up 7 levels of consciousness [Spirit is everything and nothing- the void... the IS]. The only thing it is not in the universe is “Your Personality” because it is set-up as a limited program designed to keep Spirit disconnected from the vessel and the flow of energy in the universe. The only being that can change this is the Spiritual Warrior wakened in the human body.

 Belief is virtually the Life Force… the key to believing in anything is knowing it will happen… with no doubt. From the excellent book, “The Golden Understanding by Roy Norvill,”: The Ancient Art of Positive thinking…   Roy Norvill says,” I have endeavored to emphasizes the fact that Belief is a potent force, and to draw attention to this eternally active power which governs and dictates all our attitudes in material life.  Norvill clarifies his point of view by stating:

“Visualize the collective sub-conscious[Mind] as a vast network of electrical forces, an electro-magnetic field to which we are all mentally connected, and, which 
may be termed the Matrix. From our limited point of view, we can only properly comprehend the Matrix as a blind force waiting to be activated by individual application of the power of Belief, by way of positive thinking, for the governing energy to which the Matrix responds is Certainty. From the Matrix emanates the impulses which impel every human being through his or her daily life:  the development of the feeling of “Knowing” within us is the only way in which we may consciously return impulses to it. If the individual does not master the art of positive thinking in its entirety, [belief=knowingness from an Analogical frame of mind, free of the personality] he will only ever be able to return impulses to it in an involuntary manner as is normally the case, and thus will not be able to mold its forces to his own will. This is a fact that Spiritual Warriors and philosophers of the past have tried to instill into us on more than one occasion.

I, Now understand that this Belief is the doorway to an expanded Mind… an awareness of life that is now Analogical in nature… this is important to understand because one of the most important observations that Roy Norvill makes is from The Testimony Of Helvetius, a 17th century Hermetic Fable… its central character is an alchemist who claimed to be able to make Gold … sandwiched in between the lines of this allegory is a clue to the reality of the mental process, given when the alchemist is made to say… "for unless thou knowest the thing from the head to the heel from the eggs to the apples"... that, "from the very beginning to the very end, thou knowest nothing: and though I have told thee enough, yet thou knowest not how the philosophers do make and break open the glassy seal of Hermes…  you must know before you can begin… you must learn to apply the power of certainty before you can succeed in the Hermetic process…" So what he is saying is this power of certainty… this belief… is a knowingness generated in an Analogical function of mind… [knowing- balanced in reason and faith].

The problem with Belief

The problem is semantics... [words in our language that we do not know the meaning of] with most research from different authors going back more than 2000 years is no-body separates belief from conjecture… the personality-[instructions, orders, superstition] from knowingness… The personality cannot know anything as it is a program… everything is only conjecture… a thinly veiled belief in things we are told are true when we are ignorant of the facts… like a belief in Santa Claus at Christmas time… When the truth is… "Masters in the Know… believe- pure knowingness in the real celebration at the same time of Christ-in-Mass".  The difference is this is about the ascension process for beings... "who master the ancient knowledge in the development of the feeling of Knowing”... these Spiritual Warriors separate from the personality in a state of observation... in the moment.

As Christ said to all his followers, "Whoever will drink from my mouth will become like me. I myself [my consciousness] will become he, and what is hidden will be revealed to him. The heavens will roll up before you, and the earth. And whoever is living from the living one will not see death." [Living in the same stream of consciousness as he is… in the frequency of love]. "Do not lie, and do not do what you hate… For everything is disclosed in view of the truth”. "Come to know what is in front of you, and that which is hidden from you will become clear to you.  For there is nothing hidden that will not become revealed. For there is Spiritual Warrior and the observer… and do not get involved with problems that are not of your making…].  Know… the kingdom (of heaven) is inside of you, and outside of you."  "When you come to know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will realize that you are the children of the living Father. But if you do not come to know yourselves, [ignorant Sheeple living in an imaginary materialist world for money] then you exist in poverty, and you are [Rich in] that poverty."

Not being a spiritual warrior able to separates belief from conjecture...  it does not matter... seemingly rich or poor all Sheeple die after 60 years if they are lucky… in this imaginary world... only to wake up out of the body as eternal beings...  realizing they just blew their only shot at the end of time... to get out of this cycle of reincarnation... To make their way back home back to the 7th heaven with Jesus... or the 4th level that Gaia and the new earth are moving... Instead they are being recycled back here in a hell on earth... to deal with their unresolved emotions or feed the Beings of the 3rd level... their unresolved emotional energy [feeding both angels and demons]. Consciousness and energy does create the nature of all reality for gods and Sheeple including angels and demons. It does determine where YOU go in every moment of your existence… Maybe before you make your final curtain call on the stage of life... you may want to re-read this and know what Christ was really saying when he said,” Whoever finds the meaning of these words will not taste death. [The key here again, is knowing… ‘over thinking from the personality’... believing- conjecture... what you are being told is true without understanding it yourself through experience and wisdom gained internally and knowing it]. 

Analogical Mind uses the new brain

There is a New Consciousness Dawning on the horizon and a New Order to the World... without them an evolutionary consciousness... happening in these now moment in a sequence of events allowing the awareness of the connectivity of all life in nature to expand the energy that makes up matter... into a new heaven on earth with mother nature. This was the prediction in the 1940's by Pierre Teillard de Chardan and his theories on the Omega Point in time.

Analogical Mind uses the new brain and allows the creative right brain to open up and become one mind… whole brain dominant. This means that it overrides the left-brain dominance to create “one mind” with the ability to look at all possibilities. This is the opposite of a left brain dominant analytical mind that is logical, factual and scientific, but negates all other possibilities to define its predetermined conclusions. An Analytical state of mind represents two minds like the mind of a computer that is binary, one is positive, the other is negative both being dominated by the Old Brain that controls the decision making process. This new level of consciousness cannot be learned from reading books but must be learned and experienced over extended periods of time to develop the focused abilities of the brain to stay in the now moment of Analogical awareness without thinking. This new Mind feeling creates a subtle energy field around the brain and body… that gives you that dazed, stoned, feeling…that exceeds any drug to put you into an altered state of consciousness… that needs to be learned… can be sustained and grown.

Analogical Mind uses the new brain, where the seat of consciousness is in the frontal lobes, and the neocortex with a balance between the right and left hemispheres and an opened   corpus callosum [ the bridge of the brain].  This Mind exists not in the brain but in the energy, bands or Meisner fields of the human body and directs the whole brain consciousness from the base of the kundalini to the center of the corpus callosum in the brain, which opens up the seven seals to radiate their energy vortexes. This in turn causes the two bands or energy fields around the body to communicate with each other by a process identical to superconductivity. In this process the inside bands and the outside bands (around the body) spin in opposite directions like a wheel within a wheel which creates a powerful vortex. This allows the thoughts held in the frontal lobe of the brain to coagulate and manifest in your life. The inside bands have a left spin counter clockwise, the outside bands flow in a clockwise direction with “infinite unknown” flowing into the body. This takes you out of time and connects you to the universe and beyond, above the mundane to the “Void” where all creativity and genius comes from. This is the doorway to Spirit, and our true connection to the essence of this universe and all others.


 This practice of creating Analogical Mind is initiated and enhanced by a process of an active meditation  knowing that consciousness & energy creates the nature of all reality.  

Looking back on this specific process from the perspective of the City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 20 years later, I can say that there exists a different mindset with being in a group of like minded people with the same objectives to create their own reality using the same approach; in essence you create an energy field collectively suspending judgment of the potentials when you are “really” in the void. Each time I was in a group of people that could be in the now moment we created an energy field that would amplify our dreams and because each time I was committed to making this change things manifested effortlessly. If we have doubts about what we are doing or if the people are not in agreement on the process, or if we are still hardwired into the system, there is no energy field created to manifest our dreams.  The problem of manifestation cannot be attributed to the teachings or the teacher or to some supernatural being because we were bad and now have karma to live through. The problem is with us, "our superior attitudes and inferiority complex", we have to generate the focus from within to create the reality we truly want. 

This energy field we create while using the process is a higher frequency energy bubble (level of consciousness) outside of society’s collective illusion and agreement to play the money game… where 90% of all the money goes to 10% of the people.   Society’s collective agreement (its low frequency energy field bubble) is suspended and we are taken out of the Dream of the Matrix, to experience the natural laws of Mother Nature and Spirit to manifest the reality… for the greater evolution of the being “behind the veil of the personality”. In the movie Star Wars, our hero, Luke Sky-walker is told by his teacher to let go of his fear and to trust in the force, to use the force and “May the Force be with you”. This force is the force of nature (spiritual essence) and has been moving through the universe at an accelerated pace for over 16 billion years. This force is the divine spark of life that originated all life and is the Spirit within all life.

Now our personality is an "artificial program construct" of attitudes and emotions that keep us in a cycle of ignorance as cannon fodder for the Engines of Commerce, the money Game and for the beings that ultimately control evolution through the cycle of reincarnation. Suspending this program and manifesting by yourself in society without people, places, things, times or events is a much more difficult process and requires long-term focus on the dream… in face of everything that can possibly go wrong… to break free of society’s gravitational field and pull of your personality. You have to have enough “power of focus” (consciousness) to achieve escape velocity and orbit outside of our Global society’s emotional body to be "in the void" a place where all things are created. The Void is a Zero Point energy Field, a subatomic field of unimaginably large quantum energy in so-called “empty space” where packets of pulsating energy are constantly interacting with this vast energy sea. 

 Life sucks and then you die", well "life really does suck in society"[for sheeple]… the life-force energy in all beings is sucked out of them through the personality in the normal course of living the illusion and playing the game. The life force energy is sucked out of all people in society… by everyone else's needs and desires sucked up by the stress and pain of living an illusion. And they are never taught how to put it back through the process of accessing Spirit through Analogical mind and an active meditation restoring the life-force energy. That is society's real currency for playing the money game, life-force energy and the reason you die. The harder you play, the faster you use up your life force energy to acquire money and power the faster you die. Only when you learn to use the force and disconnect the personality… do you live longer and begin to create what your soul needs to experience in this life for the purpose of evolution.   

It is this collective consciousness that creates an energy field from like minded [supportive] people that manifests reality quickly (in two weeks) in accordance with natural laws of the universe, the energy comes from within each individual to create the field, not the universe. This force is in all matter in the universe and that is how it communicates by resonating its electromagnetic field with all matter that has the same magnetic signature. The focus is from within - outward to the universe not the other way around.  The universe... as an externalized god will not give you anything you want [in competition… like a succubus siphoning energy off your competitors to win the game ]…  however, it is the universe... spirit from within you that manifests… and you have to create that reality for yourself. The only little problem is you have to wade through what seems like "miles of your own shit created by your personality program to get to it" and stay focused on your dreams while avoiding the smell.

This picture is of the Universe... a deeper look into an inch of sky with no Stars, from Hubble:                                                           these are Galaxies 10,000 Galaxies.

Society’s dream is a little different one from spirit... where we are trained to see all good things coming from outside of us and all bad things coming from within us. It is a mindset of discord, of competitive views, control and manipulation of the masses in favor of the few.

The good news is that a Spiritual Warrior who knows herself and is in a state of meditation and focus... activates her “human brain with a conscious being now, at the helm”. Originally designed by Mother Nature- Gaia, this  conscious being articulates light in the form of electrical energy.  This Spiritual Warrior in visualizing the thought [her dream] creates a 3 dimensional hologram of the etheric body of it in her focused mind and capture its electromagnetic signature in high band infra-red.  In creating what her heart desires, holding it in the frontal lobe of the brain through focus, visualizing it in the mind, then being it, captures its electromagnetic signature in the Void and the thought, her dream, begins to manifest in her realty over time, aligning it to the electromagnetic signature of the one who created it. The manifesting of the object of her dream takes time… about a fort-night... longer if you doubt what you are doing or change your mind[which generally happens every 30 minutes]. You do get what you ask for always… just look at all the shit that has been created in your life… you manifested all of it over a lifetime.  The Real Secret is what not to manifest... the 90% you did not really need in your life at that time... but because of the needs, wishes and secret desires of all the people, places, things, and events around you... You manifested it all and made a lot of people... happy, sad angry and Rich...[ basic human emotions]. This is why you learn to become a Spiritual Warrior to learn what the goddess needs to leave out of her life as a spiritual warrior... this one focused thought changes all of humanity for the better... Gaia has been patiently waiting for this transformation for 16 billion years. We become "Evolutions End what She was after... Her Summation": Read the book, "Evolution's End".

Now, to clarify the point here with an analogy… Luke Skywalker did not defeat Darth Vader in the star wars trilogy because someone gave him the book “the Secret”, saying the universe will give him anything he wants all he had to do was ask for it. He applied the Ancient knowledge given to him by Yoda, his Jedi Master and learned to use the force and guide it from within under extreme odds and great pain to free spirit from the confines of the personality program. That analogy to our loved fictional character applies here perfectly… as to the focus necessary to connect with spirit and become the Jedi Master…  you will not see that wisdom in any New Age, $1700.00 course teaching the Secret.. if life was that easy we would see Jedi Masters everywhere and not just pretend masters at Comic-Con and Si-Fi Conventions. 

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* A Paradox in society is "two doctors"  trying to "con-vince" dehydrated Sheeple that they would be better off if they were to buy toxic drugs from the doctors to cure their psycho-somatic cancer... instead of just living in the moment drinking... lots of clustered water. The real paradox in society is that the health care industry has turned into a death care business with disease.

                                         Video on Clustered Water- Hydra-Cell

 Our first step on our path to enlightenment is "to know thyself" is not a program... we can see we are not the program in our Astrological Chart wheel and all the aspects it makes to all the people in our life... The Good News is You can learn to secure your Brain…debug… defrag… and get rid of the spyware… that has plagued you and society for a millennium… with worn-out programs, belief systems, religious dogma and political agendas. 

By installing a Spiritual program... one that is subservient to Spirit... with you at the command center... You take control of your life in the now moment as an observer...

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