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Investigating the Primary of Consciousness over Matter showing an Acceleration of Human Evolution moving from a Catapillar to a Butterfly  

finding the Spirit-within  in a state of Bioelectrical Wellness using High-Spin Monoatomic Trace Minerals .

      Accelerating Cycles of Consciousness as seen in the Mayan Calendar 

The Mayan Calendars Nine Levels Of Consciousness showing nature's 

Evolution of Consciousness  as Exponential...  

A New View of the Galaxy and a New Understanding of the Universe.. 

This is A New and inspiring look at the exponential growth of life as seen in the 5125 year old Mayan Calendar... discovered by Ian Lungold and Dr. Carl Calleman...  This is an ancient philosophy of life... Spiritual Beings having human experiences that open the door to a great unknown history of the “Evolution of Consciousness… of all life on this planet and the hidden Evolution of Spirit in Human Form” …

This research goes back more than 10,000 years... It shows that all life on planet Earth and in the universe is based on an evolution of consciousness from the beginning of time… and the Universe. After studying this field of research since 1996, I now feel the true nature and reason for the Mayan Calendar, and its ending is provided in depth by both Carl J. Calleman and Ian Xel Lungold... [Look at how the 9 Levels of consciousness get 20 times shorter than the last step up the Pyramid... this is the exponential growth of life that is happening today. This is evolution of consciousness is not recorded in our advanced technological Society that is growing exponentially... because it is a surprise for the ignorant Sheeple that comprise 80% of the population ... They will be the new cyborgs of the 21 century as they fall into the technological trap of the exponential growth of technology... They are swallowed up by their fascination with their 101 toys that they wear and become the technology that they worship. 

 This is a graphic representation of the Mayan Calendar set in Stone... on the Nine Steps of the Pyramid of the Plumed Serpent in Chechen-Itza symbolizing Nine Levels or Dimensions of Consciousness... 5125 years ago. The Mayan Calendar is... Showing the exponential growth of life in "Accelerating Cycles of Consciousness" moving to an Omega Point in Time... or a singularity in time... to the "End of Time" as we know it to be... Not the End of the World.

An Omega Point in Time...

Teilhard de Chardin described the Omega Point as a time when light would blaze across the planet… not physical light but the light of consciousness. As if a mirror polished to give a perfect reflection of the Sun… all those apparently separate rays of consciousness would know themselves to be the same eternal light. While exploring the evolutionary trends towards greater complexity, connectivity, and consciousness, he noticed that humanity was moving towards an “Omega Point” which is the full descent of Spirit into Matter, the fulfillment of our evolution. In Teilhard’s eyes, the human species constitutes the thrust of cosmic evolution and is the key for understanding the universe.

Teilhard de Chardin was the first to describe the Omega Point in the 1940's… as the maximum level of complexity and consciousness to which the universe seems to be evolving. In this theory, the universe is constantly developing towards higher levels of material complexity and consciousness… a theory of evolution that Teilhard calls the Law of Complexity/ Consciousness. For Teilhard, the universe can only move in the direction of more complexity and consciousness… as if it is being drawn by a supreme point of complexity and consciousness. Thus, Teilhard postulates the "Omega Point" as the supreme point of complexity and consciousness, which is not only as the term of the evolutionary process… but the actual cause for the universe to move in the direction of complexity and consciousness. In other words, the Omega Point exists as supremely complex and conscious…  independent of the evolving universe. I.e. Omega Point is transcendent.

In this endeavor, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin became absolutely enthralled with the possibilities for humankind, which he saw as heading for an exciting convergence of systems… an “Omega point” where the coalescence of consciousness will lead us to a new state of peace and planetary unity. "Long before ecology was fashionable… he saw this unity… and he saw it as being based intrinsically upon the Spirit of the Earth… “The Age of Nations is past. The task before us now… if we would not perish… is to build the Earth.” [Gaia… spirit within] 

So From an Ancient Science of Spirit we realize that Consciousness is the very fabric that all form is made out of and is the ground of all Being of life. Birthing Spiritual beings in human bodies at the end of time an Omega Point towards higher levels of material complexity and consciousness. This is the full descent of spirit into matter the fulfillment of our Evolution... The human species forms the thrust of cosmic evolution and is the key for understanding the universe.

 I used this research to understand this Evolution of Consciousness in depth. Dr. Calleman carefully lays out all the scientifically accurate facts used to prove this thesis. Calleman’s website is This research is showing a calendar counting down to 0… to a Quantum Singularity in timean omega point… the end of time… not the end of the world… but an Awakening… of true consciousness connected to Spirit…

When we talk about the Mayan Calendar something profoundly different is meant than just a system to mark off the passage of time. The Mayan Calendar is above all else a prophetic calendar that may help us understand the past and foresee the future. A calendar of the Ages describes how the progression of Heavens and Underworlds… “condition human consciousness” and thus provides the frame for our thoughts and actions within a given Age. Things do exist for a reason… they fit into the divine cosmic plan. The actual pattern of Creation described by the Mayan calendar looks like a pyramid with nine levels.

 Immensely long periods of time with shorter and shorter periods stacked on top,

    • Or as a set of nestled vessels, each of them 20 times smaller than the last.
    • Each of these nine Creation cycles is 20 times shorter than the previous cycle.
    • Each of these cycles is further divided into 13 equal sections of time and each of these sections has a purpose in Creation.
    • There are seven sections of day and six sections of night on each level.
    • The Sumerian and Mesopotamians wrote this same pattern in clay tablets as their understanding of Creation.
    • The Ancient Vedic texts, which are the basis of Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, and Taoism… have the same understanding of nine levels with 13 sections in each.
    • The Christian Bible, states that there were 7 days to Creation in the book of Genesis.

What makes this information so vital is many fold…

    • First, in general we have a road map of time and history.
    • A road map is not a crystal ball…
    • You do not know what will happen when you get to a destination.
    • However, knowing where you are going and seeing the landmarks along the way… is very reassuring.
    • If you have been to a place before you can prepare for the circumstances you will find there.  
    • This Creation pattern has been repeated 7 times before and so we haveor at least consciousness has… been through all of this before.

Levels of Creation: Accelerating Cycles: Timing an Evolution of Consciousness

 To this day we are still locked into the Tribal...  Cultural and National levels of Consciousness and their cycles... that started 2 million years ago... we are still focused on agriculture... religion... the sovereign nature of our nations and language's with each day still lasting 396 years to work through our ignorance of our divine connection to all life...

The Mayan Calendar is a gateway to “the worlds of consciousness” 

    • Majority of humanity has been blinded using false or delusional calendars.
    • Since everything that exists is an aspect of consciousness, 
    • The Mayan Calendar describes the evolution of consciousness in all of its aspects,
    • No stone is left unturned for the serious student of the Mayan Calendar.
    • All of science is affected,
    • All of religion is affected, 
    • All of life is affected as we are here for a reason.
    • Time is no longer equated with money… but with a spirit…
    • Time is an inspiration!!
    • Galactic Consciousness signifies a shift away from materialism and power
    • Into more spiritualistic, esoteric, and cooperative ways of Life. 

This information is generated from the Mayan Tun (tune) calendar that runs in 360 day long cycles… this is not the 365.25 day cycles of the Mayan Haab… or Gregorian calendar….

This is a very important point. This chart does… in no way conflict with either the Creationist or the Evolutionist points of view.
  • This schedule marries the two beliefs, in fact.
  • No matter how uncomfortable that concept may be at the outset, the fact that Creation has evolved is indisputable because evolution and a schedule of creation continues today.
  • The evolution of all consciousness has accelerated to such a degree that we can watch it unfold systematically as in time-lapse photography in the current Newspaper headlines.
  • If we take the News of just one day in the New York Times Newspaper…
  • it contain more information and News of World Events… than was contained in the whole Life of any person who could read living before 1755…
  • where one day in the National cycle of Consciousness lasted 396 years.
  • It took 396 years to incorporate wisdom gain in a life from “One main experience” [ like eating off of lead plates in Rome and wondering why people around you are going mad… Ah...ha  lead poisoning ..I see said the Rich Blind Man].
  • Now in our present Universal cycle of Consciousness someone reading the New York Times Newspaper has 20 days to digest one day of News of World Events… to understand what is happening… [like the bush administration knowing before hand of the taking down of the Twin Towers in New York] and turn it into wisdom.
  • This is a simple illustration of the primary importance of the Evolution of Consciousness in all people alive today.
  • AgainIt is hoped that each person will investigate these facts on the Mayan calendar for themselves
  • Do Not take any of this on “Faith” alone without reason… as that is what got us into this problem. 
A  new  view  of  the  Galaxy  &  a  new  understanding  of  the  Universe.

If you look at the pictures I have laid out here and in the photo gallery:  

You will see why things are happening as they are… It is not the End of another meaningless 26000 year cycle… or a meaningless end to an ignorant world… as all the religious people are hoping for… But it is an end to dogma, ignorance, and subservience in an evolution of consciousness with the Planet and the Solar system entering the Milky Way from the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy… that is being ripped apart by the Milky Way Galaxy as she has been doing for billions of years.
We have been in the cross-hairs of these two galaxies for a few hundred thousand years and we are being pulled into a higher energy stream of consciousness into the Milky Way at the End of this 5125 year old calendar… Because the stars the Mayans used for their calculations and their reference points will have changed…and they see a new beginning… the dawning of a new day… “A New Order To The World” [from ancient Latin]… one of Consciousness and evolution… for enlightened beings… as the prophecies are fulfilled… the end to ignorance… evil… Devil…[ things we have not lived]… Lucifer… falling Stars… falling angels… All relating to an evolution of consciousness… Spirit-within… Spirit-in-mass on Planet Earth…                                      


This is NASA's representation of what the Milky Way Galaxy looks like from deep-space... all the inhabitants of this Galaxy are centered on the same plane. 



 This is what the Milky

Way Galaxy looks like from

Earth and from our solar

system at about a 75 degree



Using new digital infrared telescopes and supercomputers we are now tracing in a type of galactic archeology where we actually may have come from. The 200 billion star Milky Way Whirlpool Disc is continually capturing and absorbing 'many' smaller galactic systems termed "dwarf galaxies".

 View the Rings around the Galaxy… at

 From the perspective of Researcher Matthew Perkins Erwin, - Invention - Research & Discovery Blog on… He states, “THE MYSTERY… Why the Milky Way is "sideways" in the night sky has never been answered...

 Matt Erwin’s research is from; Detailed Look at Milky Way Gobbling a Galaxy By Robert Roy Britt, Senior Science Writer for, September 2003. a LINK at: For further reading go to Matthew Perkins Erwin's blog This may be why as we are caught between the cross-hairs of 2 Galaxies coming  from the Sagittarius Galaxy and beginning to enter the Milky way Galaxy

  Does this mean we are at a unique moment in the life of our galaxy? Yes and no. No if we see it from the perspective of the galaxy and science… but if we see it from the perspective of the foundation of the universe… “as an Evolving Consciousness” and our perspective from 5000 year Mayan history as an "Evolution of Consciousness of Spiritual Beings"… awaking in this incredible universe then… Yes this is a unique moment in our life in the galaxy.

 As reported by Senior Science Writer Robert Roy Britt; University of Virginia professor of astronomy Steven Majewski states, “This first full-sky map of Sagittarius shows its extensive interaction with the Milky Way". "Both stars and star clusters now in the outer parts of the Milky Way have been 'stolen' from Sagittarius as the gravitational forces of the Milky Way nibbled away at its dwarf companion. This one vivid example shows that the Milky Way grows by eating its smaller neighbors." The study's map of M giants depicts 2 billion years of Sagittarius stripping by the Milky Way, and suggests that Sagittarius has reached a critical phase in what had been a slow dance of death. 2MASS Science Team member and study co-author Martin Weinberg of the University of Massachusetts states, "After slow, continuous gnawing by the Milky Way, Sagittarius has been whittled down to the point that it cannot hold itself together much longer". "We are seeing Sagittarius at the very end of its life as an intact system."… here's an animation of the "marriage".

Implications in Global Warming?

It has been postulated on Dan Eden’s blog, that this is the real reason for global warming… since higher energy levels of the Milky Way are almost certain to cause our Sun to burn hotter and emit higher energies. Indeed, temperatures have been seen to rise on virtually all the planets in our system. This seems quite apart from any local phenomenon like greenhouse gases etc. This grand turning [into the stream of the Milky Way and her higher frequency] is possibly the root cause for the discontinuation of the Mayan calendar (the most accurate on the planet) because the 'read-point' of the Pleiades star cluster, which many believe the calendar was based upon, can no longer be a constant as we begin to steer away from the earlier predictable movements [ and join a new electromagnetically powerful galaxy]. We of the overarching Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy have finally come down next to, and even with the massively powerful spiral armed equatorial plane of the Milky Way Galaxy. In our movement through space, our Earth has now fully begun to respond to the more powerful galactic energies and electro-gravitational bias of the massive Milky Way. We have reached the higher energy equatorial disc region of the massive spiral arm. We have now been "adopted" by a new system, a stronger and more powerful system, and we can expect changes on almost every level of energy. Whatever these changes are, they are all part of the natural birth, death, rebirth and transformation of the cosmos. As our knowledge of the universe grows, we cannot but understand how much we do not understand. Such is life. 

From Matt Erwin’s research… "No matter how "settled" Science seems to be, new facts and evidence can still be discovered… Newtonian physics was modified by Relativity and then by Quantum Physics. … Even what we thought were basic astronomical facts can turn out to be wrong based on new evidence." "...remember that Science is never "settled." That's the very definition of Science."… M. Paladin

This new Dawning is “Not a New World Order”… controlled by Corporations… so they can feed the Sheeple toxic Food and Water at increasingly higher prices… and then prescribe toxic drugs to heal a dehydrated World. If you focus your fears on conspiracy theories that talk about the bringing in a “New world Order”… that is exactly what you will get as we reach the Omega point in Time... No...

This new Dawning is “Not a New World Order” ... but something much more powerful that it staggers the imagination of the most powerful and corrupt people. The stars the Mayans used for their calculations and their reference points will have changed… at the end of the 5125 year old Calendar and we are charting a new course...   a new beginning… the Dawning of a New Day… “A New Order To The World”… one of Consciousness and evolution… for enlightened beings… as the prophesies are fulfilled… the end to ignorance… evil… Devil[ things we have not lived]…   All relating to an evolution of consciousness… Spirit-within… Spirit-in-mass on Planet Earth…

 With Velikovsky’s work on the electric universe theories and a new understanding ofWe [our solar system] of the overarching Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy coming even with the massively powerful spiral armed equatorial plane of the Milky Way Galaxy… begins to make all the difference in the world when trying to understand what is really happening on this planet realizing everything is based in an evolution of consciousness.  So let’s begin our journey into space with many obvious signposts that humanity, the Earth, and Solar System at large, we are all undergoing tremendous, unprecedented changes…    here are the following ever-increasing trends possibly coming from the Milky Way Galaxy:

  • A 300% increase in the amount of “severe” solar activity than what was formally predicted for the year 1997 alone (NASA 1998). 
  • 400% or higher increases in the speed that solar particle emissions are capable of traveling through the energy of interplanetary space (NASA 1997-2001).
  • Significant physical, chemical, and optical changes on Venus, including a sharp decrease in sulfur-containing gases in its atmosphere and increasing brightness (Dmitriev 1997).
  • Significant melting of Martian polar icecaps in just one year, clearly seen in satellite photography (NASA 2001).
  • A 200% increase in the known density of Mars’ atmosphere encountered by the Mars Surveyor satellite in 1997 (NASA 1997).
  • Visible brightness increases now being detected on Saturn (Dmitriev 1997).
      A 200% increase in the intensity of Jupiter’s magnetic field from 1992-97 (Dmitriev 1997).
  • Recent magnetic pole shifts of Uranus and Neptune, as Voyager 2 observed their magnetic axes being significantly offset from their rotational axes (Dmitriev 1997).
  •  A 410% increase in the overall number of natural catastrophes on Earth between 1963 and 1993 (Dmitriev 1997).
  • A 400% increase in the number of earthquakes on Earth (over M2.5 on the Richter scale) since 1973 (Mandeville 1998).
  • A 500% increase in Earth’s volcanic activity between 1875 and 1993 (Mandeville 2000).
  • 9 out of the 21 most severe earthquakes from 856-1999 A.D. occurred in the 20th Century (Russian National Earthquake Information Center, 1999).
  • A 230% increase in the strength of the Sun’s magnetic field since 1901 (Lockwood, 1998).  

Now if that is not enough to blow your mind," Check this Out"

When we Now look... at a region of space that we thought had no stars and we directed Hubble to focus its infra-red and ultraviolet rays into an empty spot of deep space we see... these are not Stars...but Galaxies....  hundreds of thousands of galaxies taken from a few inches of space  with no stars...  

 We have to realize that there is a whole lot more going on in our universe and not just this universe than we ever believed possible... And that we must be something more than ignorant talking animals, that we are...  from a quantum - physical standpoint made up of Real Star dust... the essence of Spirit....   



                                               See the Video for yourself!

 The 3 Scientists that won the Nobel Prize for there research in this field in 2011... won it for their research of the expansion of the universe... the universe is not just expanding... it is speeding up...[accelerating] the billions of galaxies in this universe are moving away from each other... and they are accelerating in their speed away from each other... till one day they reach an Omega Point in their evolution... a "Scientific Quantum Singularity in Time"... and none of the smartest guys in the room at NASA know what this means... just that it is happening...

SO we may need another viewpoint to look at in a balance of Science and Religion...God or Invisible Spirit...


Read the Book, "Science of Spirit, Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth" and study your lost heritage as a spiritual beings having a human experience lost in an illusion of infinite possibilities... 

 Studying past records:  Reason for the Mayan Calendar

All of these predictions are subject to levels of consciousness if we are unconscious of our actions… using a religious dogmatic interpretation… and unconscious of our responsibility to our surroundings on a global level… these warnings of global economic and environmental catastrophes will happen.  We will reach an Omega Point in the evolution of consciousness at the end of the Mayan Calendar… and no-thing is set in stone as to what will take place on a Global Level as Gaia evolves to her next level of consciousness at this time. There still is time to create a new reality for those ready…

 Another reason for understanding the Mayan Calendar and its timing of the evolution of  consciousness throughout history was so that we could study its past records. So that we could evolve over 1000s of years at a progressive pace and change our destiny based on these past records of destruction of many of the civilizations… with the cyclic return of planet X.  Planet X, will and has always caused a ‘Great Evolution of Consciousness for Mother Earth’ and for all the human beings that were and are now ready to evolve and experience great change.  Evolution was always about great change, living in the moment, experiencing Chaos, rising to a new level of consciousness and then experiencing moments of order at a new level to advance a new society based on one of infinite possibilities that were presented at the time of greatest chaos and system breakdown to advance the system of conscious evolution to an Omega Point in Time. The return of planet X could be synonymous with and with an evolution of consciousness every 3600 years so that human beings have to evolve to new levels of consciousness or let the Chaos of the illusions of life created in all society’s… destroy them and their lack of consciousness[ their lack of connection to Spirit]. When will planet X,  return the exact date is not known? With its last return, it caused our planet to move away from the sun to make our 360 day solar return… into 365.24 day changing the return date… to a possible date… roughly 52 years into our future as Sitchin has stated in his latest books. 

As free thinking… experiential… wisdom loving Spiritual Warriors… beings on a very bumpy evolutionary path… this is the best time to be alive at the end of time as we know it… ready to meet other extraterrestrial beings… at the end of time… on a path into forever. We have to remain fearless and conscious of our path at all times knowing Our Mind is not our friend.

 If you like what you have read get the updated E-book, Science of Spirit: expanded to 675 pages.

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Robert Donald Tonelli, Author Science of Spirit


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