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Investigating the Primary of Consciousness over Matter showing an Acceleration of Human Evolution moving from a Catapillar to a Butterfly  

finding the Spirit-within  in a state of Bioelectrical Wellness using High-Spin Monoatomic Trace Minerals .

 Unlocking your Personality - Freeing Your Mind - With an Astrological Perspective.


Astrology & your Spiritual Path

When trying to understand "The Secrets of Life" and evolve to the next level of consciousness, we need to know everything we can about our personality program, & Astrological chart analysis can help to tell us what it is, what it does and how we can break free of it accessing greater Spiritual Development before it destroys us. The personality program can be interpreted astrologically just  as well as psychologically  for the masses? (we use Both) to describe the totality of their individual traits, interests, behavioural patterns, emotional responses, social roles, and attitudes that endure over long periods of time. We are more than the sum of our parts, the mask we wear in public, astrology can unmask the real being behind it to give us greater detail to two who we are and our programed responses.

Your Spiritual Path: The Book Of YOU: Unlocking your Personality - Freeing your Mind

Using Astrological Symbolism, we can easily see the inner workings of the personality program that gives us our external self-worth? It is called the Astrological Chart Wheel and what we are looking for is our spiritual profile that the chart can give us. This gives a very good approximation of the internal workings of the Analytical mind. This is a framework for interpreting and understanding a materialist paradigm over a lifetime? so that we could live a civilized life in society. 

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Author & Researcher Robert Donald Tonelli

Neurotech Research Science of Spirit Alliance

Now we have something truly Unique:

A very special book designed around You & You Alone. A one of a kind book. Detailed information about your life... your attitudes your habits... your personality... A 200 page diary about you & your future... your life.

The Book of U and only You? connecting to Spirit: This book is a Detailed Report on Your Life? using Your Birth-date And Personality Profile as a basis for Your Personal Evolution. You have the potential to develop along psychic, intuitive & spiritual lines into the person that best suits Your natural gifts. When developed along the lines reflected by Your birth chart, the fullest expression of Your natural Spiritual potential is possible.

Here you Have a Rare Opportunity? to experience a Deeper Spiritual Awareness in Life from a personal perspective? Your personality program. This Book is the most unique one you will ever read? it uses your Birth-date, time and place of birth for its foundation of consciousness? no two books are alike. This Book expresses all of all the potential thoughts, attitudes and emotions of life that spring up from different opportunities of life?s challenges and joys?

You Learn Of your Deeper Connection To Life? through understanding your Past Life report? the souls journey into this life and your spiritual path as it connects lifetimes to this one? you learn from your Birth Chart how you have all the tools necessary to make leaps and bounds into a greater life? Here and Now? letting go of the past unresolved emotions? From your present place and moment on the planet you learn what is affecting you today in where you live and how you can change your residence and maximize your lifestyle and your family. All this from the expertise of the best writers and Authors in their respected fields of spirituality and Astrological interpretation of your personality program?.

It Is Like Having in-depth Personal Readings By 5 Professional Astrologers? in five major areas of your life? and the information is compiled from these different Astrologers by one of the best astrologers and computer programmers in the world? Just for You? all the individual reports and your life path are copy-written and protected by Matrix Software and Neurotech Research a new science of Spirit? so you have the one and only ?Unique Book of U? that explains your personality profile and unravels your life for greater happiness? that can not be duplicated anywhere else in the World and not for tens of 1000?s of dollars.

We Have Five Specific Separate Programs? to look at your life by five different personality experts? 150- 200 pages of great potentials and vices to look at? evaluate and learn from? opportunities that we may never thought possible in our lifetime? but are clearly written into our program? Just no-one ever gave us a manual for our lives before and showed us how to use it? Now we have such a manual from a deeper spiritual perspective than has ever been developed before. [Each program is over $300 dollars just for the program]

This Book Is Written By A Professionally Published Author? Writer and Spiritual Coach on the true meaning of a Spiritual Path connecting the personality to the spirit-within? Excerpts are taken from his book to complete your journey on your path ? to enlightenment. It is recommended to read his book, Science of Spirit, lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth? to get the full understanding of this amazing journey through life to and Omega Point in time? and our spiritual fulfillment sometime after 2020?. E-mail me @

From A Personality to an Observer...  In Spirit

Man is made or unmade by himself? in the armory of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself? he also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace. By the right choice and true application of thought, man ascends to the Divine Perfection? by the abuse and wrong application of thought, he descends below the level of the beast. Between these two extremes are all the grades of character? and man is their maker and master. By James Allen, author of As A Man Thinketh.

James Allen is speaking here about the battle between the interactive personality program and the observer... That attitude is everything. This personality program is ? the totality of somebody's attitudes, interests, behavioral patterns, emotional responses, social roles, and other individual traits that endure over long periods of time? Are we not more than the sum of our parts? the mask we would wear in public to show our best side? The personality is so effective in playing the role of the human being... Everybody forgets that it is just a mask? a program of previously stored behavioral responses? and that there is a real being behind the mask?

The real quest in life should be for a greater understanding of the personality? of the being behind the mask? of who we really are? why we are here? and how we rise above our lot in life. The real quest in life should be to unlock the personality program? and see who we really are? naked in the light of spirit? only then can we comprehend ourselves as an immortal consciousness in a holistic sense of an Analogical Awareness? as a continuous stream of consciousness connected to all life?

In the book, Science of Spirit... We learn that, Spirit is our divine link to God (how ever you define that divine Consciousness to be). It is our connection to the Source of All Life. It is not our soul; Our Soul is the recorder for spirit of every experience we?ve ever had in all of our lifetimes. It is who we really are? we are the sole expression of spirit colored with experiences in each lifetime ? making known the unknown in each life. When we align ourselves with Spirit... As the observer... With the personality subservient... Through trust and knowingness, Spirit guides us through the ultimate journey... An Evolution of Consciousness back to the Source of all life? the ground of all beings ... A Divine consciousness. [To clarify...From an Ancient philosophy and a modern one called Neural Monism? there is one common underling ?entity? that gives rise to matter, on the one hand, and mind on the other? Science calls ?quantum space time geometry?? Vedic traditions called it Brahman, the underlying ground of being? [a consciousness] You can call it? as Christ did? the invisible Spirit. From page 216]

Man and woman are made by themselves ? in the armory of their thoughts? in the moment or in the past? they do forge the weapons by which to destroy themselves? it is by their following the Spirit-within? being the observer that they fashions the tools with which they build heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace. It is also by living in an emotional body and the personality? living in the past that we descends below the level of the beast. Between these two extremes of an unconscious personality and one who is now awake who follows spirit.. Are all the grades of character? and man or woman is their maker and master because asleep or awake spirit is there like a cosmic glue holding it all together. The time is right to wake up? learn how to get an MS?Dos Upgrade of your Brain and your Emotional Personality Program? to an evolutionary Spiritual program? [A New You]. The Good News is... You Can... Learn to secure your Brain? debug? defrag? and get rid of the spyware? that has plagued you and society for a millennium? with worn-out programs, belief systems, religious dogma and political agendas.... Learn how to Down Load it to your Subconscious Mind and Frontal lobe? learn how to turn it Off & On? so that you may live as the observer... In the Now Moment of Analogical Awareness connected to Spirit? it is from here the subconscious mind... That's the great Architect? Spirit builds you your many Mansions in your fathers Kingdom. Spirit is Now in the driver?s seat and runs the body?

These are our first steps on the path the Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth... And it all starts inside you. Not the rich kid up the block... Or the really good looking people you know or the famous people you worship on television... It is inside you... They already have their exterior kingdoms and their False Gods of fame and commerce. The meek do inherit the earth because it is inside them... The safest place to hide the keys to the kingdom of heaven on earth... Where love kindness and mercy rain supreme and is the cosmic glue that hold the universe together...

Find Your Spiritual Path Within? you are not your personality but a forgotten god? Spirit-within

Discover the truth about you through unique personality reports, from many of the finest astrological programs ever written. Giving you a no-nonsense and easy-to-understand interpretation of your hard wired personality program, this report will guide you on an inward tour that will uncover the personal talents, skills, and potentials that are uniquely yours. It will also bring you face-to-face with your challenges and struggles, and even reveal some surprising discoveries that you may not readily acknowledge or even share with those closest to you. The revelations and confirmations that a personality program report will bring you can change your life ? for the better? authored by the best astrologers in the industry all in one place here . It can build confidence in who you are or who you can become. That confidence is the first step to achievement, its impact on your life can be transformed. Each of us has the potential to develop along psychic, intuitive and spiritual lines into the person who best suits our natural gifts.


 There are essentially three possibilities for how that development may occur:

1. Along the lines dictated by our family, peers and social milieu: Most of us are taught a set of rules as children. Some of those rules prove to be very useful, and some lessons prove to be detrimental to our development, or at least not helpful.

2. Along the lines suggested by your own conscious mind: Each of us is born with the capacity to learn. The person inside us is the life and the light of the mind.

3. The inevitable path is a combination of these two possibilities. No one can develop precisely the way someone else dictates. And no one can develop to suit individual desires with no connection to the outer world.

When individuals develop along the lines reflected in their astrological chart, the fullest expression of natural potential is possible. The birth chart places you at the center of your world, and shows your personal relationship to the Sun, Moon and planets. This is the astrological approach to spiritual understanding. It is not limited to one religious sect or emotional expression. The birth chart presents the possibilities that vibrate within your soul, and indicates which will be easier or more difficult to manage.

Your goal or mission is indicated by your natal chart, but you fully understand it only if you are open to the inner spiritual voice that is always present, and is truly your devoted life companion. The best spiritual path is one that allows you to use your natural talents and skills. Sometimes your latent abilities will require training and practice to develop into spiritual tools.

In this report we will consider a number of possibilities to help you get a sense of your talents, and how to develop and use them. The key here is to look at your personality... As an interactive program there to help you make changes in your life... Seeing all the emotional difficulties as blessings... Allowing us at that moment to disconnect from the program... Be in the moment... Observe our path... Make changes as the programmer and re-enter the program to enjoy these physical moments with family, friends, lovers and children... For it is these moments of love... These occasions of experience that make it all worth while... And the universe whole...


In our years of research at Neurotech... We have found that... the person on this path needs a mentor to help monitor there progress? not allowing them to veer off course in any direction? which is always the case with everyone? this is where Spirit saves the day? picks us up dusts us off and gets us back on the path? this can take 2 weeks, 2 years or 20 years? it is called evolution? I started this journey back in 1976? spirit has picked me up a 100 times and put me back on course? If I had a mentor? like what we at Neurotech propose we should increase evolution from years to weeks when WE help one and other?


With the help of Matrix software?. And the original Matrix Oracle designed in the early 1980?s we will be able to help people with their personality programs? helping them chart there spiritual path overcome Past Life problems they still carry with them and show them where they are on there timeline and where they are going? we can tell the best places to live? find love? and the type of employment is best suited for them? all at the click of a button?

Then we can show them... how to download 100?s of pages of collected data about there lives and there new life path directly to there subconscious mind... with an open doorway to there frontal lobe? so they can understand and utilize there new path consciously?

Integration of the whole process requires at least two people? the integrator and the mentor? In some cases 3 or more people can help each other grow and learn in small groups integrating solutions to bigger problems? in themselves and each other? the real magic is when two or more get together in truth... in the name of Spirit... Spirit or Christ consciousness is there to fill in the missing peace's of life and love.

 Astrology was thought of in ancient times a one of the four arcane sciences as a: Prima Materia

?No one should start thoughtlessly down the path of this arcane sciences; for once she starts she must persevere to the goal. Otherwise, she will be lost. Once on the path, a single doubt will produce madness, a single stop will cause a fall, a single attempt to shrink back will plunge the luckless soul into a bottomless abyss. You who are beginning to read this book will be either a king or a madman; once you have finished you can do what you want with it; you will never hate or forget it. If your heart is pure, it will be a shining torch; if your heart is strong, it will be a weapon in your hand; if your heart is wise it will become wiser. But if your heart is base, this book will be hell fire to you; it will brand your soul and weigh your conscience with eternal sorrow and restlessness.? Eliphas Levi -? The Doctrine of Transcendental Magic...

The Prima Materia  [Prima Materia is a Latin term meaning "Primary Matter" or "First Source." According to the ancient art of Alchemy, it is the primitive, formless base of the material world, which is given particular expression through the influence of forms? the idea was to change ignorance and superstition into enlightenment.

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