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Neurotech Research: Investigating the Mechanics of Consciousness in Human Evolution with a “Unified Field Theory of Life”... Creating a Reality to live Beyond 200 years, Feeling Forever Young using our Consciousness & personal Energy to Evolve life.

                           Our Nutritional Stimulus Program for Perfect Health  

                New Science of Spirit Wellness: Electrical Nutrition and Vibrational Medicine.  

Providing our clients with excellent skills to handle any problem with effective results… Teaching them effective stress reduction and health management without the use of drugs in Workshops and Seminars… We are health based, solution oriented… not disease management… providing our clients with the best results. We provide the latest Biological age testing to reverse the aging process for middle class Canadians… so that they can  experience the feeling of being younger.  We are in the business of helping business people move from a limited materialistic path to an Anti-aging... life enhancing Spiritual Path.Our Intent is based on the awareness of humanity’s interconnectedness… that Unity is not fought for and won but is realized one person at a time… Evolving consciousness in society through Conscious Consulting with "Real Human Beings".


At A New Science of Spirit Wellness we have wealth of great information at our finger tips on how to free yourself from the clutches of the pharmaceutical industry…  We are creating an "Army of Nutritionally Aware Spiritual Warriors"... fighting for the right to heal their own bodies without the interference of the medical industry and live once more to over 200 years in in nature... with it’s infinite storehouse of nutrients available to consciously aware people.  We  are working on Stimulating an interest in healing our toxic bodies Ourselves... Holistically and Nutritionally, and creating  a new way of doing business... Our passion for life, our love of life and our business of life are is the same... to heal body, mind and Spirit of our family and our friends starting with ourselves... finding a renewed love of life... a deeper love of family and a wider group of friends.  We have the technology... the expertise and the research to show our clients the path less traveled in Business and Spiritual Circles... 

 The Video is on a nutrient called Stem-kine.


      Lets look a little deeper...

  We are looking for intelligent beings who want to learn about the mind... body ...and spirit. Learn of nutritional sources to take the human being from animal to a Spiritual Being... to a New Heaven on a New Earth.

Ø      By joining our organization… and with our help… you can become an expert in the field of rare nutritionals helping family and friends heal themselves…

Ø      You can learn how concentrated nutrients that are a part of whole foods can heal your body… You can learn what foods to take that will help you live 200 years in perfect health… with you making all the important decisions about your… and your family’s health…

Ø      With us you can earn an extra income by promoting some of the best… most extensively researched and rare nutrients on the market today… our partners offer you 10 ways to earn commissions. Each is carefully crafted to ensure you the opportunity to make money instantly and still receive residual income.

Ø      If you use the products we suggest you become an independent representative and an expert in the field of rare nutritional supplements…. The free Support from us is this...

Ø      For your business opportunity with us... we will provide for free to you 5 of our best e-books on all our research [150.00 value]…

Ø      5 hours of our professional coaching on our business [150/hr=750.00]

Ø       A year free questions and consultation from our website [$300.00].

Ø       This is a total value of $1200.00 of expert research… professional coaching and consultation all for using the most refined exclusive products on the planet for which you will be paid separately by our partners   10 ways to earn commissions… just for getting other sick people knowledgeable and healthy.

Ø       All you need to do is invest $600.00 US... in your own health… you consume the products… your body becomes healthier... leaner and younger...  within 30 days and you tell your children, family and friends to do the same... and everyone profits in ways they can not even imagine now... because they create a new heaven on earth with their new elevated consciousness.

Ø       The $600.00... for RBC Life nutrients from our website... your new level of awareness and your body becomes your best investment and the best selling feature of your business… you invest in your own biological age

Ø      The body heals itself of all the environmental and pharmaceutical damage that was caused and starts a long healing process over the next 6 months and you get younger… over the next few years...

Ø      [The body does not age if you put back all of the essential minerals and proteins that were stolen from it for the sake of business… restored with all our different anti aging formulas]specifically the Perfect science formula for total cleansing of the body and the Monoatomic Elements for total body healing... All 100 partners get to learn how to make it a Neurotech Research from the authors of it.

This video is an intro to White Powder Gold, Milk of the Gods, and Monoatomic Elements, M-3

Ø      People will be begging you to help them… and your business will grow by leaps and bounds because you are not trying to sell them a bill of toxic goods just for the money… your focus is your health and the health and welfare of all your friends [who are not customers but partners in welfare]… your motto is do unto others as you would have them do unto you… your focus is to help them heal themselves and spread the word of prosperity throughout the land working together… people use perfect nutrition for their body… our partners pays the people for using the product and advertising a new way of life for millions of sick people… this is the perfect win--win system where everyone is focused on health and rejuvenation sharing the wealth and joy.

  A Partner of Neurotech Research... An overview of RBC Life Sciences and a great second income

Ø      "This is  Our Nutritional Stimulus Program for Perfect Health... for 2012"... We are investing our time and money in you and not creating a get rich quick scheme pyramid here… we are presenting you with the facts… our bodies are the results… and our families are healthier and free of dis-ease… our investment in you... will cost us at Neurotech Research… $1200.00 for each new partner... for the first 100 people to join Neurotech Research... to get healthy and make money in their new business… helping others heal their mind... body... and spirit... This is our $120,000 investment for 2012... in the health and well-being of conscious spiritual beings having a human experience... unfortunately this offer is not available to any of the Sheeple out there in their 9 to 5 wage slavery as their Shepard's will not allow the flock to participate because of an apparent conflict of interest.   Income generator overview Part II

Ø      This  Nutritional Stimulus Program for Perfect Health... for 2012"  is to prove you with our philosophy of life… away from pharmaceutical heaven of profiting off of sick and dying people… We are not affiliated with any government... religion or corporation that takes care of or controls Sheeple... they are doing a great "Business with Disease" and we applaud their great work at controlling the world...  Our program is  part of Nature's evolutionary principle of life and is the "New Paradigm for Consciously Evolving Human Beings" that have freed themselves from this slavery of being Sheeple.. [sheeple: Consumers of cheap toxic goods and products that get them sick… then to reproduce… making more sheeple and deepen their ignorance then die Rich before 60 with all the money they focused on in their material reality].

This Video shows you how to make a great second income on your investment.

Ø      We have access to products that are not available anywhere else on the planet but through our partners and our affiliates. You can learn more about some of our products hereon our nutritional website.   

No Time in your Busy life... to change...

So you say that you do not have time in your day… in your life of 9 to 5 wage slavery to spend years to do all the research. Well fortunately for everyone…. Neurotech Research has spent the last 20 years doing independent research and has 10’s of 1000’s of documents that specify the problems… note the reactions… and see the solutions… for you to change...

Contact us a A New Science of Spirit Wellness for a Free personal consultation...

We can do all the hard work when it comes to preparing the client for change... they just have to step through the doorway when the time comes... We do Complete Life Coaching in all areas of Age-Reversal Health and Nutritional Research as it relates to your Spiritual Evolution... We are a reasonable alternative to the Billion dollar benevolent Nutriceutical or Pharmaceutical industries... We teach our clients how to become Spiritual Warriors... how to defend or extend their lives to as long as they want...This is where we focus our energy on showing them alternatives helping them decide how "...they heal themselves" with specific techno-solutions and Nutritional products that help them eliminate the need for 100's of drugs... vitamins... and foods sold to make their former drug-pusher... instructor or healer money.

Our service is so affordable... We save our clients money every month on products and drugs they will never need to buy again... we teach our clients many truths of life not needed in society and how to make some money to teach others the same process of self-consciousness. From this research we have produced a number of reports and books on How to Live 200 years in Perfect Health… How to make and consume “the Milk of the Gods”… and how to find the “Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth”… through a Science of Spirit… that shows our clients their place in the universe... most women will be shocked by the revelations... and how they have been abused.

From here… working with the guidance of A New Science of Spirit Wellness, it is easy for our Clients to learn to heal themselves of all their own diseases and cancers that they have acquired... as they break away from the “General processed Food industry” and the benevolent Pharmaceutical industry. These companies are always interested in helping people simulate healing with chemotherapy… radiation and surgery. No longer will our Clients be a return loyal customer in a “Fix Or Repair Daily industry” for financial growth.  

Spend a couple of days or weeks digesting this information for free or... Call us today for a free consultation @ 403-667-4748403-667-4748... or email us at

We have been in business researching healthnutrition and spiritual matters since 1992 and have produced 10 extensive research reports on Health… Toxicity… Rejuvenation and Life Extension. The most important aspect of Neurotech Research is to help educate people so that they might make intelligent, informed decisions as to their own “health care” and “stress management systems. This is not a competitive money-making Business but a Humanitarian venture to save a Disappearing Species... a Consciously evolving Spiritual being having a human experience... there is a subtle difference in this business.

Ø      We are looking forward to working with you soon... your friends at Neurotech Research.a New Science of Spirit Wellness consulting.

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Robert Donald Tonelli, Author Science of Spirit

Robert Donald Tonelli… Author of Science of Spirit… is Owner / Researcher / Consultant for Neurotech Research: Science of Bioelectrical Wellness and has been in business researching health…nutrition and spiritual matters since 1992. Neurotech has produced 10 research reports on health & wellness of Body, Mind, & Spirit... From this research and experience, he has published this book, Science of Spirit, Analogical Mind & the Evolution of Consciousness. A new mindset connecting human beings to the global evolution of consciousness that is responsible for the accelleration of life on this planet. He evolved Neurotech Research from an ongoing investigation of over the past 25 years… from studies of longevity… neuroscience… and alchemy. Rob has devoted most of his life to his research; from Science to Spirit from Reason to Faith... finding Truth along the way…  

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