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Neurotech Research: Investigating the Mechanics of Consciousness in Human Evolution with a “Unified Field Theory of Life”... Creating a Reality to live Beyond 200 years, Feeling Forever Young using our Consciousness & personal Energy to Evolve life.

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Book four in the series, Creating Genius... Analogical mind in a future Society... Picture a society in which there is no conflict, no jealousy, and no competition to be the person at the top, and no unkind words or actions. That describes the society of the future in which people all express the intent to think, say and do what is right—what is constructive and productive… Analogically. Here are… answers to the basic problems of life… showing the difference between our ability to manifest what we want at a higher frequency of consciousness [like moving from DC current to AC current] and “what our personality does” [running its MS-Dos programs] running on auto pilot 24 hours a day? Simply the difference is like night and day.


In writing the Book, “Creating Genius in a Future Society”, I remembered how much I learned in the past 25 years gaining experience and wisdom of my Spiritual development. This book helped me deepen my wisdom and retain the rich memories of the ancient philosophies I learned and practiced, so that I could live in the moment and experience them all over again and share them with others I love. This important research expanding the same basic philosophy of a Science of Spirit… just condensed. Now, the philosophy of “Creating Genius in a Future Society” is a life-long process of daily evolution outside of the illusions of modern materialistic society. It is a life-long journey of awareness of constant change spanning over 25 years...

This is Creating Genius in a Future Society and becomes a way of life that is not religious, political or monetary and only benefits conscious human beings. This is a very deep Book on breaking–free of the “programed personality of a materialistic society” manipulating reality. In this reality you are not free until you, stop the program, live in the moment, using your Consciousness and your Energy to create a new Reality from within.

This new book is refined on how to focus the mind in one area of life, on an advanced form of consciousness and how to attain it using an eclectic approach to Create Genius in one’s life… It is not an easy read deriving ideas, and philosophies from a broad and diverse range of sources showing that this is not just another New age philosophy but a way of life.

To understanding great knowledge from a deeper level of consciousness can be very complex and go very deep spreading out its web of ideas to the very source of consciousness. More importantly, it acts like a revolutionary new “multi-media website in book form” with a very specific intent in mind. Using the analogy of upgrading advanced computer systems and smart-phones we parallel the upgrading of the advancing human mind by upgrading the contents in the human brain by providing specialized security programs for it. It really is a way… “Out of the Matrix in Society”, we trapped ourselves in with Money, Religion and Politics.

This book is the equivalent of an advanced security firmware program for the Brain {a set of instructions, typically stored in the flash ROM of a hardware device – now your brain}, … to upgrade your firmware in your conscious Mind… the specific intent of the book, Creating Genius {the firmware program} is used to give you control back to your mind with special security protocols like the ones used in your tablet or computer.

This is to facilitate an Analogical state of awareness so we can deal effectively with living in an advanced, ever changing, technological society. Through analogy, novel situations and problems can be understood in terms of familiar ones. Analogical processing is the very core of cognition and has been the focus of extensive research in cognitive science over the past two decades. We now combine this new science with the understanding of security software use in computer technology and apply a new cognitive science in the form of an Analogical Mind. You can learn more here in only a few pages than you would learn in most New Age books {which are designed to sell you more books}.

To find real answers here… with it may take a focused mind, at least 1 year of focused study to unravel the abberated social mind of society and find a way out of the Matrix once you have read the book thoroughly in some cases it may take guidance or coaching which is available. You can use this new mindset, in the moment, to just know your way out of the matrix. All you need to read this book is a curiosity of life, to make known the unknown, developing an awareness for a new deeper level of common sense.


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Robert Donald Tonelli, Author Science of Spirit

Robert Donald Tonelli… Author of Science of Spirit… is Owner / Researcher / Consultant for Neurotech Research: Science of Bioelectrical Wellness and has been in business researching health…nutrition and spiritual matters since 1992. Neurotech has produced 10 research reports on health & wellness of Body, Mind, & Spirit... From this research and experience, he has published this book, Science of Spirit, Analogical Mind & the Evolution of Consciousness. A new mindset connecting human beings to the global evolution of consciousness that is responsible for the accelleration of life on this planet. He evolved Neurotech Research from an ongoing investigation of over the past 25 years… from studies of longevity… neuroscience… and alchemy. Rob has devoted most of his life to his research; from Science to Spirit from Reason to Faith... finding Truth along the way…