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Flat Earth Society Fact or Fiction.

Posted by scienceofspirit on April 21, 2015 at 2:40 PM

“Flat Earth Society” Fact or Fiction.

To All my worried friends…

I contemplated the latest conspiracy theory… that we talked about, the resurgence of the “Flat Earth Society”. I watched to videos and checked out its history… and not for a moment can I believe… “The powers that Be”, “the secret government’ or “the scientists” are trying to pull the wool over our eyes and hide the truth from us. They all have better things to do… like control all the banks… the global food supply… the fresh water supply and provide All sides of the Wars they created with the latest weapons… to scare the ignorant masses into submission.

I am a Published Author…[The Book is called, “Science of Spirit”], researcher and philosopher… while writing about consciousness research and spiritual development exploring an Analogical state of mind… thoughts of people believing in the flat earth plagued me for days. This deep Analogical philosophy takes one deep into the psyche of mind and personality discovering what really makes us tick. The philosophy of my new book, “Creating Genius” is about educating people on this new awareness of life connected to Spirit… understanding the “Spiritual Essence of Life” outside of “the box of the materialism and the engines of commerce” in society. This research over the last 20 years deals with the foundation of life… based on ancient religious philosophy and Quantum Physics saying the same thing… that an intelligent mind… an infinite consciousness created this universe and holds it together finely tuned for life.

I get a strong sense that if seemingly intelligent people want to believe in the “Flat Earth Society” and form a movement against the Globalists – they would be very pleased and want to help by leaking “secret Vatican documents” proving that Galileo was wrong…the Sun revolves around the earth and the earth is flat. I say this… because I have heard a lot of talk on the internet about this topic lately.

Many of my seemingly very intelligent friends on Facebook, YouTube, and Gmail have joined the “Flat Earth Society” belief system thinking that the Government is fooling everyone… and get this some believe the Rapture is coming and it is Obama’s fault. Well I can understand the Republicans and the Tea party believing in such nonsense because they have that level of I.Q. to understand the flat earth concept and you cannot say anything bad about people who have not yet evolved to the next stage of evolution to conscious intelligent human beings living in the 21 century.

There are tens of 1000’s of independent scientists… researchers… astronomers and philosophers who will support the current cosmology and the Electric Universe Theory… which is a significant upgrade on the current cosmology… Science progresses to the next level with the death of every senior scientist in the major global universities. There are scientific theories hidden in university archives that would revolutionize technology today… but may not see the light of day for another 100 years because current theories reign supreme… and back international oil and pharmaceutical interests.

The only people who are fooled are the ones who steeped in tradition and dogma that believe the bible is correct and the earth is flat. Two thousand year old maps from the bible are just that… 2000 year old maps with a belief system and level of consciousness that has not been upgraded to even windows 3.1 since the time of clay tablets and hieroglyphic writing.

The flat earth society represents primitive two dimensional thinking and cannot even deal with outmoded Newtonian physics because it is too complicated. Quantum physics and 11 dimensional string theory requires a much greater level of mind to understand and describe… It requires an I.Q. of 160 to see these many higher dimensions… where it only requires an I.Q. of 80 to understand and believe in the “Flat Earth Society”. People have believed in the “Flat Earth Society” for tens of 1000’s of years and they did not need a lot of brains… just common sense among ignorant people to understand… to stand under and promote this philosophy. However, the 6000 year old Sumerian tablets that have been read showing the arrangements of all the Round planets and the asteroid belt and how it was formed 500,000 years ago… and NASA is just catching up to them today with data proving the Sumerian tablets. It took Zecharia Sitchin 30 years to get this research released from NASA.

A movement to bring back the “Flat Earth Society”… promoted correctly with a lot of Tea Party support and Daily Fox News updates could generate millions of dollars in revenue … from the 50 billion dollar republican presidential race… educating the millions of born-again religious right fundamentalists on the hidden truth about dinosaurs living 6000 years ago on a flat earth… This concept would… if promoted correctly… with Tea Party support would set science back 500 years… where no-one would be able to talk about Climate Change… Global Warming… or natural disasters because everyone “Just Knows the Truth” about that conspiracy theory.

If intelligent people want to go back in time 500 – to 3000 years and believe in a “Flat Earth Society” I find it very disturbing. When I wanted to know about out of body experiences I asked from within and I had a Conscious out of body experiences that have proved to me that the earth was round… when I left my body in Washington State and preceded to head home to Timmins, Ontario, Canada. I was high above Mount Rainier floating in the upper atmosphere and was headed to James Bay and Hudson Bay… when I got to Ontario looking at Hudson Bay I could see the curvature of the earth and the upper atmosphere and became very afraid of falling, at that moment I zeroed in on Timmins and my street, when I arrived I came back to my body instantly. The images are permanently etched in my mind.


If you want to rise above the ignorant masses and the rabble in the market place… Read the book, Creating Genius in a future Society… An Investigative Report on an Advanced Form of Consciousness & How to Attain It.



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