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Mother - All Life begins with only the Female.

Posted by Robert Donald Tonelli on April 14, 2015 at 4:25 PM

Mother… "All Life begins with only the female” of All species…

For all of life on planet earth… life starts with our mothers. We are created in a sea of minerals… proteins and

hormones in sea water in our mother’s womb. We are made up of circulating water, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids that hold an electro-magnetic field around the body by creating an electrical field as we pump blood through the heart and blood stream. These elements create the proteins, carbohydrates and fats that make up the tissue of the human body. In life... we are really just electro-magnetic water beings made of seawater minerals, circulating throughout the cells of our body. They flow through our lymph and blood systems pumped by our heart and the physical movement of our emotional life creating life-force energy pumping through our veins… awakening our minds…. And connecting us to Spirit … all around us in life.

When we are born… we take our first breath of air and start our own cycle of life with hydrogen producing new cellular water in our bodies. Now... all life is dependent upon one element in nature… hydrogen and take it in from the sun in the form of energy food... Hydrogen makes up 90% of all matter in the known universe.... helium 9%... all the other known elements in the periodic table of elements… that make up the human body are in the last 1%.

What many do not know is that hydrogen is really the source of our energy in the human body in this life... We breathe in oxygen from the atmosphere and we burn the hydrogen stored in our bodies and create cellular clustered water (H20) re-creating the circle of life.

The plants take in hydrogen through photo synthesis and the animals eat the plants… storing the hydrogen energy in their bodies and we eat the animals... with protein broken down into amino acid chains… We take in the hydrogen energy in vast quantities... and storing the energy in our liver... intestines... kidneys… heart and lungs. We create pure water every day as a product of our metabolism. The carbon cycle could actually be renamed the "hydrogen cycle."

Sunlight is used by vegetation to break water down into hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen is exhaled into the atmosphere. The hydrogen is combined with carbon to make carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. Carbohydrates contain an equal amount of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. When we eat carbohydrates, enzymes known as dehydrogenases release the hydrogen so that it can be burned in the body as a source of energy. All the foods that nourish us are primary sources of hydrogen. We can see that the life cycle is really a hydrogen cycle.

The burning of the hydrogen is a secret of life. Voluminous research has proven the belief that our body is a magnificent electrical machine. Every muscle and organ, every minute cell is perfectly orchestrated electrically. The ionic, soluble minerals available through supplementation powerfully conduct this electrical activity. The minerals work like "Nature's Sparkplugs" to synergistically boost the effectiveness of our body's workings, much the same way a sparkplug works in an automobile engine.

These ionic trace minerals comprise the base for all life, plant and animal as well. Our body is a flesh and blood electrical storage battery. It is also an electrical power generator. Peak health is dependent on the bioelectric body's ability to generate and store electrical Energy! WE are dependent upon a source of fuel, a storage system, a transmission system to distribute the energy, and a method to control the ebb and flow of that energy.

Energy is our BRIDGE between youth and old age. Mitochondria Controls aging…The mitochondria are BOTH power generators and storage batteries. They convert food energy into metabolic electricity and are usually referred to as the "power house" of the cell.

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For 1000’s of years we have burned hydrogen that we take in… in our bodies … from eating plant life and meat of the animals… When we exercise and breathe oxygen in our environment we burn hydrogen and create more clustered electrified water. This cellular water is mixed with our hormones created from the many thousands of amino acids that are constantly mixing with positive and negative minerals circulating in our brain and our bodies…

We can see from this simplified view of science, biology and history that life has flourished on planet earth for over 5 billion years without the need for human pharmaceutical science. All we need to survive is oxygen to breathe... hydrogen consumed from our plants and animals... sea water minerals in a natural balance... and unpasteurized cow’s milk... Hunter-gatherers eat 65% red meat and 35% vegetables… like Homo erectus had been doing for 3,000,000 years and we as Homosapiens have been doing for 300,000 years…

As electrical energy systems… existing within and connected to a greater energetic reality our bodies require electrically available nutrients that can be converted by the body into energy… Electricity is essential to all of us and that each stage of refinement our food and water have to go through, the less electricity it supplies our bodies. By eliminating foods that are "electrically dead," we can rid the body of toxins that promote obesity and a host of illnesses, from chronic fatigue to heart disease, while boosting the body's natural energy and immune function.

Microhydrin Energy, Endurance, and Recovery

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 Microhydrin is a powerful antioxidant that supplies your body building blocks to help create energy, enhance endurance and speed recovery. Microhydrin can give you the life energy not provided by our modern diets. This uniquely powerful antioxidant provides your body with the building blocks to produce energy on a cellular level. You need an abundant supply of electrons to generate energy. Microhydrin provides the highest number of electrons of any antioxidant available. Everyone regardless of age can benefit from Microhydrin. If you need energy, endurance and an increased ability to recover quickly you need Microhydrin.

The problem is that pollution, and processing render most of what we eat and drink into electrically dead substances that are inert at best, and toxic at worst… grain products are terrible for us electrically and even our water is electrically dead.

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All life starts with only with our mothers on this planet so why do people around the world hate women so much and treat them so badly... when Mom is the only one there for 9 months to give us life.

The result is a total lack of consciousness on our part… Only when sheeple revert back to and become Conscious human Beings will we be who we really are… “Bioelectrical Water-based Human Beings” able to live well-beyond 200 years, healthy, happy feeling Forever Young.



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