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We as a species are like "Fish out of Water"

Posted by Robert Donald Tonelli on April 13, 2015 at 5:15 PM


      We, as a species, are “like fish in water” that never questions… “the medium that they swim in... is water”… or that there is anything else out there. Human beings rarely ever look into or at the medium they swim in… “Their stream of consciousness”… with their minds open… or that it even exists. We do not question “what we think” or “how we think…” what our memory stores… what our personality really is… we are using “a personality program’ to record and hold all the data of our lives in our big brains… up to the moment of death and we think we are the personality program... consumers human sheeple... listening to our corporate Sheppard’s telling us what to do... Maybe we are more like fish out of water... not able to swim in a sea of consciousness.

      “Man has built in himself images as a fence of security – religious, political, personal. These manifest as symbols, ideas, beliefs. The burden of these images dominates man’s thinking, his relationships, and his daily life.” “His perception of life is shaped by the concepts already established in his mind. The content of his consciousness is his entire existence. This content is common to all humanity. From Krishnamurti’s teaching on being human.


  David Bohm saw language as a device which tends more to imprison us than to set us free… it manipulates and attempts to excuse the thinker… deceiving us about the true nature of reality. These images are the causes of our problems for they divide man from woman.


      Up till now the average human being has no real education about life… except what she has been told about her external environment and she has no idea about its real history. The average human being does not even have an understanding of who or what they really are or what their minds are capable of achieving. “Truth be known”… we are all swimming in a whole “lot of communal poop in Society’… “In our unconscious… unprotected collective minds” and in our “Social Personality Program” [connected to Facebook… Instagram and twitter collecting data]…


      We are drowning in the illusions of our own delusions while someone named Bernie has hacked our system and “Made-off” with everyone’s money… Because no-One has been looking in on us to change the water in our polluted fish tank… in ages to give us a clean… clear… refreshing medium (consciousness) to swim in… in our convoluted, manipulated, illusions of society, till today. Creating Genius in a Future Society is a new answer to an age old problem… in a new society, a “Science of Spirit Alliance” teaching the average open minded human beings to become Spiritual Warriors protecting each other.


      Today, in our global society, the fastest growing Corporate industry in the world is the “global securities industry”… creating private police forces and private security companies [like black water] protecting everything [corporate structures] on the planet from “dangerous jihadist terrorists” that are killing millions of women and children every year, yet the human being herself is not protected or has any real personal protection or security of any sort. Each human being needs to develop their own specific security manual from our programs and philosophy.


      Our Vision A Radically new philosophy “Consciousness Research and Spiritual Development”… educating intelligent people on “Advanced Security Protocols”… securing and shielding the mind, body and Spirit of evolving human beings from physical viruses and mind parasites in an “Advanced Technological Society” and in a dangerous global environment.


      Now, think of the Brain as an extremely sophisticated computer system in the human body with no firewall, no data-incription, no virus or parasite protection… absolutely no safeguards. This body is you precious vehicle with a number of different hard-drives in it showing its genetic lineage and evolutionary history. With absolutely no safeguards, your main operating software in the brain… “the personality program” in one of the main hard-drives does not even have any self-diagnostic software to tell if it is functioning correctly in society. She has absolutely no form of security protecting her mind, body or spirit from malicious physical or psychic attack… Now this is unacceptable in our technologically advanced society where even the cheapest of smart phones have the latest security software available to it. The personality program has no basic survival mode prime-directives in its Ram memory that it needs to follow on a daily basis, to protect it.


      Our “Android Mind-Wareincorporates Light, Sound and healing music in our contemplation, meditation, and concentration exercises in our daily life creating an Analogical state of mind… as Spiritual Warriors heal a broken heart and “a broken connection to Spirit.” We learn from our fascination with computer technology how to duplicate the security protocols on our android smart-phone in our meditations… seeing the body as a biological machine and the mind as an android computer… just like your windows desktop. The mind learns to clean its frontal lobe {and ram memory] of all the mind parasites and emotional traumas we acquire… in the moment… not holding on to them by living in the past or fearing the future… We learn to live in the present moment in an Analogical state of mind… how to focus our energy and capture the parasite in our mind or body… and dumping him in our recycle bin on our virtual desk top in our minds and destroying him {the mind parasite… ex-boyfriends or other demons] a 1000 times with our focused energy… we learn many techniques like this with our “Android Mind-Ware” focus and mindset philosophy.


      At Neurotech Research and Development our consulting is Health Solution oriented… not Disease Management for a profit… Consulting and coaching provides security training, nutritional support and guidance using the latest in vitamins while understanding new advances in “Stem-cell Nutrition” for Anti-aging. Our goal is to become Spiritual Warriors living beyond 200 years, Healthy, Happy, and Feeling Forever Young in Mind, Body and Spirit.



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